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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 37

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No More Room For Love Episode 37
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‘Kate you are already getting angry when you promise not to judge me but it seems I don’t need to continue.’ Nectar said sitting beside his wife who had her back against the bed post.

‘Do you really expect me to be okay with you cheating on me Nectar?’

‘But i thought you wanted to help me.’

‘Yes, I know I said I will support you but I would be pretending if I don’t complain.’ Kate said with both hands on her head.

I think we shouldn’t continue anymore.’ Nectar said looking away.

‘No you don’t get to hang me up again. Was it after marriage or before?’ Kate asked confused.

‘Oh come on!’ Nectar exclaimed.

‘I would be quiet now while you talk.’ Kate said after a while of silence when Nectar was neither looking in her direction or ready to open up. She could have ignored but she has to know. She encouraged herself, feeling her belly.

Since Pearl popped up, Kate figured she needed to step up because she haven’t been fair to Nectar which probably pushed him out but at that moment she was ready to commit her all.

Kate blamed herself on the way back home and figured it was too late to turn back the hands of time. She couldn’t bear loosing him but she thought of salvaging what was left of her marriage.

She was yet to understand why she felt like Nectar had hurt her when she was the one doing that through out her seven months with him but Kate with her whole heart doesn’t want to loose him not because of her kids but for herself.

Nectar contemplated for a while before opening up again.

‘I knew pearl from my previous work station. Keisha actually introduced us during one of our visits to the Hamptons. We wanted to get away for the vacation and i don’t know what happened but she got attracted to me somehow. I wasn’t interested at first but after our second visit to the Hamptons I just fell for her against my wish.’ Nectar’s words barely came out properly.

Kate couldn’t help but stare at this point. ‘Are you saying you can’t resist her?’ She asked in a hurry for an answer.

‘It wasn’t like that, at first i thought I couldn’t get what I needed from Keisha and since Pearl was willing to give out I just jumped to that opportunity. It doesn’t mean I loved my wife any less.’

‘Then what does it mean.’

‘I think being with Keisha all my life, I just got fed up. Kate I don’t know what happened but I wasn’t sure of what I was doing then.’

‘There he goes again.’

‘Don’t be like that. I wanted to end it with Pearl so I sat Keisha down that evening and telling her the truth got her mad, we quarreled with her doing all the talking.’

‘Though i recently found out Pearl had told her about our affair before i told her’.

‘Wow, you have done Keisha a lot of wrong. What happened next?’

‘I knew I was wrong but then I couldn’t risk her leaving that late into the darkness. Trying to stop her was not an option as I know how she gets when angry. I waited for her downstairs and I followed later when she was taking long just to find her in her own pool of blood.’

He paused for a while.


‘You already know the rest of that story Kate.’ Nectar said finally pausing with regrets and a drop of tear on the bed sheet.

For close to five minutes Kate didn’t utter a word again.

‘Kate say something please.’ Nectar said pushing himself closer to his wife with his hands wavering.

Kate who was in deep thoughts now sitting with her hands across her chest could only sigh and wipe her tears.

‘Why is Pearl here then? I mean you claimed you ended everything with her.’ Kate finally said.

‘I must admit she was helpful when I had to go in and out of the police station concerning the way I handled Keisha on the theatre table since I was family and shouldn’t have involved myself.’

‘So she came here for you.’

‘She moved in a while when I couldn’t handle the loss for a whole year. Then she left her job and followed me here. We were an item for a while until I met you at the reunion.’

‘What reunion?’ Kate asked instantly with a raised tone and confused face.

‘Your last two years’ reunion, I went with Matts who couldn’t find a date. I saw you sitting alone far from everyone drinking your life away as if it would end soon.’

‘Wait, you knew who i was at that party?’

‘No, that day I had no idea you were sitting alone because you had a thing going on with my sister. I liked you then and had to ask around who you were but only had luck with your name. Your sad face and the passion you put in gulping all that wine was fascinating.’ Nectar said with almost a smile.

‘And Pearl.’ Kate asked as if that was all she was interested in.

‘Pearl decided to help with checking up on you, since she was a detective. It was easy to locate your favorite bar. In the quest to locate you after the reunion I had to do her bidding.’

‘Her bidding, you mean sex?’

‘Yes but as time went on I kept observing you anytime you came around to the bar, your dance makes me laugh and that thing you do with your eyes when you are angry at your friends. I always watch from a distance.’

‘And you call stalking, love.’

‘Pearl called it infatuation but I came to accept its love at first sight. I was always so close but thought you were dating Drake who seems so impossible to read around you though I found out you hated men because you were betrayed, I was still determined.’

Nectar confessed and got a frown from Kate.

‘And how did she end up at the bar.’

‘Pearl always took advantage of my weakness, that’s the love burning in me anytime I had to watch you go. She got a job there temporarily since the only way she could get me is helping me end with you and she gets what she needs.’

‘Couldn’t you have walked away?’

‘She is a sex freak, Kate! That was when I started sleeping with her again when I managed to stop after I recovered from my loss.

‘Gosh Glover!’ Kate called him Glover for the first time.

‘But I stopped sleeping with her when I met you again and this time luck shined on me and you l..eft yo..ur’ Nectar stammered and kept watching his wife who was now lying on the bed facing the ceiling, then he continued realizing her face was almost dry from the tears.

‘And you think you have achieved something big.’

‘I have even your dad said it when I contacted him with the help of Pearl and luckily for me he was tired of your rude attitude and wants you ending up with me since we later found out, he was friends with my Dad.’

Kate forcefully closed her eyes for a while.

‘Nectar, what does she have that I don’t. Did you sleep with her in this house?’ Kate suddenly asked.

‘No Kate, it was just twice, I was angry then. I felt you used me when I overheard you telling Matts you slept with me because you could barely escape Mandy’s touch when you met him that night.’

She sniffed, then used the back of her hand to wipe her face. ‘When was the second time?’ She asked so broken. Was it when we had that argument over the divorce and you left home?’

‘Kate I wasn’t myself all those times besides I was at the point of losing you and Pearl had a way of making all my problems go away. I just figured I could run back to her, probably you might want to leave as you have mentioned it so many times already. I’m sorry.’

Nectar said again and there was silence for a long while. He raised his head which was down all this while and realized Kate was in closed eyes. He was about to stand up when she spoke up.

‘Were you ever going to tell me all these Nectar? Supposing I never found out about Pearl when were you going to tell me?’

‘But Kate you were not really talking to me then, how was I going to talk to you about what was bothering me.’

‘Nectar that is not an excuse to sleep with another woman while we are still married. I may be a loud mouth and rude but I certainly couldn’t bear hurting you even when I could barely stand the idea of getting stuck in this loveless marriage. The difference between us is, I have a conscience!’

‘You think I don’t have a conscience, I see you rant all the time with a broken heart, I kept quiet because I know my own past was worse.’

‘Maybe you thought I don’t need a man’s warmth, or the sex. What do you think I am Nectar?’

‘You still had Mandy.’

‘Are you even listening to yourself? Okay, I was just dumb thinking I could get that from only one man hence I locked out my feelings. To think I didn’t want to sleep with Mandy back then even though my whole being wanted to. I respected you as my husband, I might not show it more often but you should know I was always grateful you accepted me.’

‘Grateful?’ He hissed.

Kate ignored him. ‘Now answer me Nectar, were you ever going to tell me all these. Think about the question first before you answer because your life might just depend on it.’ She said now raising herself to meet his gaze.

He glared at her for a long while.

‘You don’t want to talk right?’ Kate said raising her voice now. ‘It’s a simple question, Yes or No. If you can’t then take the other guest room.’

Kate said struggling with her flip flops and walking out on him when he faintly and honestly said, “NO.”

She turned around and rolled her eyes.

‘At least you are honest with me for once.’ She said. ‘I should get lunch ready then, we have been in here for quite a while now.’

Kate further said and walked out while Nectar watched her in bewilderment and slumped back on to the bed with his own tears flowing now.

To be continued



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  1. Hmmmm
    Since their marriage is at peace now Nectar should try by all means to put an end to that his mistress. the past shall put behind. Thanks Loudest the story is getting more interesting.

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