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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 36

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No More Room For Love Episode 36
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Kate watched nectar in the darkness who sneaked in quietly and tiptoed into the shower. She thought he almost succeeded in his act, when he gave himself up with scratching his head nosily, an act Kate always finds funny when he is out of luck with his wears.

‘I missed you the whole of today.’ Kate said opening her eyes while Nectar froze staring at the wardrobe without luck.

“Huh!!” He managed to say. Kate switched on the bed side lamp, giving the room a brighter view.

‘Top right corner, I sent your favorites for laundry, you can use the pink pajamas for tonight, though i know you don’t like it and I hope you grabbed your meal in the microwave.’

Nectar finally nodded his head to her question.

‘Goodnight then.’ She said and coiled back to bed leaving the light on. After what seemed like an hour she saw the light flip and the duvet raised up. She knew he finally left his phone which he kept pressing after locating that pajamas earlier.

She sighed and closed her eyes backing him. She just prayed sleep would take over soon.


‘Who is in the kitchen?’ Kate asked frightened. ‘Matts come out already.’ Kate further muttered spying her leg.

Matts came from behind the kitchen door.

‘Katie what are you doing up this early.’ She asked smiling childishly.

Kate ignored her and kept looking in the direction of the curtain joining the dinning and the Kitchen which kept moving.

‘Drake you can also come out now.’ Kate finally figured and blurted out rolling her eyes towards Matts who couldn’t help but smile.

‘Katie it’s no……..’ Matt’s was saying quickly and paused when Drake came out.

‘Seriously, you couples don’t need to hide because I’m fine with you two rubbing your happy moments in my face.’ Kate said almost scaring them. ‘Matts cheer up I’m just joking.’ Kate said giving Drake a flirtiest smile.

‘By the way what’s with the pan in your hands, your first time though.’ Matts said teasing Kate in return.

‘Nectar has to go to work and I have antenatal early. Need to get his breakfast ready before I leave.’

‘Katie since when did you start doing breakfast not that i’m complaining but are you sure you are okay.’

‘Matts since when has trying to impress my husband and make my marriage work became a topic.’

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. I just didn’t want you stressing yourself when I’m around.’

‘Yeah I know Matts, I just need to do this today besides with the shouts and yells, I know you must be tired.’

“Huh!” Matts lost her voice at that moment.

‘Oh come on Matts, I’m sure everyone in this house might have heard you last night. You are just too loud.’ Kate said walking towards Drake.

‘Omg!’ Matt’s said silently.

‘And you gentle man keep her on silence mode.’ Kate laughed hilariously. Drake let me see you off, Matts walked to his end pulling him away. Wait Matts! Drake almost yelled.

‘Kate it might just be a coincidence but I came down for water earlier this dawn when Matts decided to starve me.’

Drake announced and received a shoulder slap from Matts who couldn’t stop grinning.

‘Drake i’m not sure I want to go into details with you concerning your sex life please, already I’m getting on somebody’s nerves.’

‘Oh so you realized, thank you!’ Matts said and tried pushing her boyfriend away when he rushed back.

‘I think Jane and Stacy are planning something against you.’

‘What did you say Drake. My grand mom. No way?’ Kate didn’t want to believe but then Mandy’s letter mentioned Jane. She stared at Drake’s face trying to read his expression.

‘Kate believe me, when I came down for the water, I overheard her in the kitchen talking to Stacy.’

‘Stacy?’ Kate repeated.

‘Unless she has a daughter called Stacy, which we both know isn’t possible. Your P.A is the only Stacy we all have in common.’

‘Katie he’s not pulling your legs.’ Matt’s chipped in.

‘To tell you for a moment I thought she was joking but her angry tone gave me goose bumps. Besides she regretting choosing Stacy over you, bothers me Kate.’

‘Something is not right.’ Matt’s interrupted again. She knew Drake was right but she didn’t want to go ahead of Nectar.

‘It could be another Stacy but why would she refer to her as her daughter when she obviously had no other children apart from your Dad.’ He flung his hands in her face to grab her attention. Kate are you with me?’ Drake spoke up again.

‘I’m fine but probably it’s just a coincidence.’ She frowned and Matt’s decided to give her a clue.

‘Katie are you thinking what I’m thinking.’

‘Matts let’s not go there now. See Drake off first then we talk about it later.

Kate postponed their talk and got ready for antenatal when Matt’s got back. Nectar was still asleep when she left that early.


‘Your husband didn’t come with you today especially when he is off duty for a while.’ Doctor Sly asked after he was done checking Kate up for their session that morning.

Kate surprised face grabbed his attention. ‘You didn’t know Mrs. Glover?’ Sly retorted.

She decided to mask her surprise and embarrassment.

‘He mentioned it, but what about the other thing I asked you to check on for me earlier.’ Kate quickly asked to avoid Sly asking too much questions.

‘Funny enough everyone seems to be looking into the same case recently.’ Doctor Sly said confusedly.

‘You mean someone else was here already.’ Kate asked surprised.

‘Stacy Menz!’ He blurted out.

‘Did you say Stacy?’ Kate asked not surprised.

‘Yeah I did Mrs. Glover. She was kind of confused about her birth so she called in for the same thing you called about this morning. What is going on Mrs. Glover?’

‘It’s just a family past i was investigating.’ She replied confused.

‘Seventh month is also another crucial stage for your type of pregnancy, if I would advise let your husband handle all these issues.’

‘Unfortunately, i’m alone in all these.’

‘If your case was a normal pregnancy I wouldn’t be bothered but anyway per the old archives you were born here alone on that date. I don’t know what you want to achieve with this but you are not a twin.’ Doctor Sly said plainly.

‘Okay thank you, I have to get going.’

‘Don’t forget the medications and take it easy so your body would be prepared for the last phase.’

‘I’m always on time and i hope you haven’t told your friend about our discussion yet.’

‘No, patient confidentiality Mrs. Glover but i really hope you talk to him soon.’

‘I will when the time is right. Have a nice day Doctor.’ She said and walked out rubbing her protruding belly. Sly just nodded like a lizard in astonishment how weak she is within but seems to be tough outside.

Kate drove straight home as she wanted to get home before her husband wakes up. It was already ten past nine in the morning. When she was leaving, he was now stretching his body lazily on the bed.


“Where did you go?” Nectar asked Kate who entered the room lost in thoughts.

“Good morning Nectar! How was your night?” Kate replied to his question. “I can see you forgot we had an appointment with Sly. He extends his greetings.”

‘Oops….’ He paused when he realized Kate wasn’t done talking.

‘And I would really appreciate it if you call when running late from work though I know you were not at work yesterday.’

‘Is that you asking where I was last night?’ Nectar asked staring. ‘But if you should know I was with Pearl yesterday trying to get her to stop bothering you that was why I missed lunch and dinner.’

‘Okay Nectar, that’s fine. Just do call if you can’t make it so I wouldn’t worry.’ Kate answered rather calmly.

‘Kate you are behaving weirdly. Is everything fine?’

‘Of course, i’m okay.’

‘Okay, I happen to notice you fixed my breakfast and attire for work. You don’t do that but whatever reason you have I appreciate it.’

‘Nectar you say that as if it’s a bad thing or you married a lazy woman. Remember you asked me not to do those stuff anymore until I put to bed.’

‘I never said it’s a bad thing Kate, I’m just trying to make a conversation as you are obviously worried about something.’

‘To be sincere i’m fine Nectar. I left you an envelope by the bedpost. Did you take a look at it?’ She asked.

‘What’s in there Kate?’ Nectar asked reaching out for the envelope.

‘Just open it and find out Nectar. I want to do this with you not alone anymore.’ Kate said taking a seat on the couch.

‘Where did you get this from, I mean the letter.’ He asked after opening it.

‘A mail man delivered it yesterday.’

‘And you are now telling me about this?’ Nectar asked obviously raising his voice.

‘Nectar you don’t need to raise your voice, it’s just a letter. Why are you so worked up?’

‘Because you didn’t tell me the minute it arrived.’

‘You were not here Nectar and you knew my grand mom had a hand in all these and you still brought her here.’ Kate said rather calmly.

‘I had no other choice.’ He replied.

‘This makes me wonder what else you are keeping form me Nectar. I don’t know what to do anymore but I just want a peaceful life. I had that before I met you, aside my dad’s drama all the time but I wasn’t married then hence never had to worry when my husband goes to God knows where when he is actually on leave.’

‘Kate i’m sorry!’ She didn’t realize Nectar was now standing in front of her.

‘Always i’m sorry, and it never solves the problem.’

‘What would you have done?’

‘Nectar, communicate with me, that is all I ask. I’m already trying my best here and i’m getting fed up already. I started this from the start but now it’s different with all these weird feelings I can’t figure out yet.’ Kate said with tears.

‘Did you just say you have feelings for me.’ He asked and quickly sat beside Kate.

Kate with her teary eyes couldn’t help but allowed herself into his arms.

‘Crying isn’t good for you now, though I wish I could tell you everything. Sometimes I just feel like I can’t risk it.’ Nectar said wiping her tears.

‘I know you need help, if you don’t talk to me who else would you talk to. I can handle it, I have handled worse.’ Kate sniffed.

‘Yes you have because you were not pregnant and married to a jerk like me who can’t do away with his past and focus on his wife.’

‘Does this have anything to do with your mistress or the fact that you lied about how Keisha died.’

Nectar stood up immediately, releasing her from his arms.

‘What are you talking about Kate, I told you everything that happened.’

‘You mean the lie you told me but according to Pearl’s message this morning that wasn’t what happened.’

‘Message?’ He enquired.

‘Though I’m not going to judge you for whatever happened to your ex-wife, I think talking about it will free your conscience and who knows your episodes might stop. I can’t keep waking up all night staring at you suffer and pretend the next day nothing happened.’

Nectar who stood up earlier kept strolling in circles. ‘Keisha….’ He muttered silently.

‘Please talk to me, did you kill Keisha because Pearl insinuated you did.’

Nectar glanced at her sadly. ‘I can see you’ve already judged me without listening to my side of the story.’

‘I’m not judging you but rather I want to help you.’

‘You? Help?’ Nectar flashed her a frown.

‘I know I’m not able to fulfil my obligations in the bedroom but at least I could be useful with something else.’ Kate said standing up and pulling him to the couch. ‘Take a deep breath. Can you start from the beginning?’ She asked!

‘Where the beginning means?’ He asked after a minute of silence.

‘You can skip the affairs with Pearl after our marriage, i’m fine with that because I opened the door for it to happen. We only need to start afresh.’ Kate said almost not sure of herself.

‘Are you sure about this Kate?’

‘Ahuh! I’m all in.’ She feigned a smile.

‘Let’s be sure first. How was your blood pressure today?’ Nectar asked.

Kate nodded to confirm everything was alright.

‘Kate don’t lie to me, allow me to check first. I can’t start explaining myself to the police all over again.’

After few minutes of checkups, Nectar was certain she still can’t handle the truth but he also wants this to be over already.

‘Just take a deep breath.’ Kate instructed.

‘So I’m sorry it’s true I slept with Pearl.’ He stammered with his words. ‘And i won’t entirely blame you but I was weak then but hear me out.’

‘Okay.’ She replied faintly.

‘I stopped when I realized I was treading the same path I took with Keisha. I couldn’t bear doing that to you.’ Nectar confessed and Kate surprisingly was calm but with her tears filling the couch.

‘How many times Nectar and where was i?’ Kate asked managing her temper.

‘Kate it’s not necessary.’ He tried to convince.

‘I thought we agreed no more secrets, though I should be angry now and the next thing you know I’m on my way back to my parents but i’m here Nectar, I want to start afresh so open up and let’s do it right.’

‘Okay Kate, let me help you to the bed so you can rest your head while we talk. The sitting position would stress you.’ Nectar tried to carry his wife, who obviously wasn’t fine but had to pretend she was.

‘I can move myself, I will follow your lead.’ She said whiles Nectar shook his head and walked to the bed.

To be continued



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