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By Amah

“hello journal is me, well this is my first writing with you, my most loving and supportive journal filled up so I have to resume today with you, let me introduce little of myself, I am ZAVIVA, a confused soul and strange being…hahahaha…

can’t believe I just wrote that, but..yes that’s who I am, I am also thorn between two men. Well that’s a story I will tell you later, I have a good news though, although I’m sad but my sister, Karen will be getting married next tomorrow, today is Thursday,

so by Saturday.. She will be walking down the aisle, she will be getting married to jack, so that’s the good news, and then the bad news and the reasons why I am sad follow,

1. I don’t want to go alone but I will be going alone because there’s nobody to go with me, what a lonely world despite I’m surrounded with people, 2. Ken is still not picking my calls after the last incident, he doesn’t want to see me, a story I will still tell you later, 3. I warned and threatened Dan who supposed to be my ex but showed up and caused trouble between me and Ken, I told him I don’t want to see him ever again, but deep down,

I don’t really mean that, I still want to see him every day… but is not up to a month he appeared and already causing trouble… well, I have a lot of reason to be sad but I will not let my problem affect me, I will be bright and smile at Karen’s wedding like I got no worry, she is all I got, she and Jack visited last week, I was so happy to see them, he wasn’t the type of guy that will sweep me off my feet, but he was for Karen, he’s cool, and they love each other which is the most important thing.

Journal, let me tell you the whole gist, about Ken, Dan and i… you will see is not my fault, when Dan visited for the second time and was leaving, we shared a nice hug which lead to a kiss, I tried to pull out but that kiss was too sweet to let go, so I relax and enjoyed the moment, I have being wanting Ken to act that way but he won’t oblige, he kept acting like a father, kissing me on the cheek and fore head like a child,

I hated it but I couldn’t tell him, so when me and Dan were still on the kissing spree, we didn’t notice when he came and was just stood watching us..i was carried away not until he made a sound,

all I wanted to do was to enter a hole, but after all it was only a kiss nothing else, he just stood there without altering a word,

I try to say something but words won’t come, it was Dan that apologized and try to explain to him that nothing else happened.. I asked him to shut up because he was confusing himself,

even the person he was try to explain to was just standing there looking at me like a criminal,

journal, I didn’t say anything, I just ask Dan to leave, he try to insist on staying but later left when he saw I was not playing. So it was me and Ken, I try to say something to him again but he just turned back and walked away to his car,

I went after him but he entered his car and walked away, that was the last time I saw him and his being 5 days now his not picking my call, me, that don’t know how to beg a man, but I was begging him to hear me out, he just walked away from me, I was surprise because he hasn’t done such before,

even when I insulted him over reading my journal, he apologized instead, just because of that small kiss, that didn’t even last long made him angry like that, what if he caught me in bed with another man…

that means the earth will stand still because his angry, I called the sister Gina and told her that I had misunderstanding with her brother and he wasn’t picking my call ,

I didn’t go into details about what caused it all, she will not understand anyway…so she said she will call him… his place is very far I would have gone over, even if he doesn’t want us to continue which is obvious but he should hear me out first, I just wanted to tell him it was only a kiss and nothing else happened.

Journal, I don’t know what to do maybe I will create time and go over, I love him, yes I do, I love Dan too…but not as Ken, journal you are only a book so I don’t expect you to understand, immediately Dan showed up here it becomes complicated…I was focus on Ken but Dan distracted me…now I don’t even know what I want, Dan hurt me so much back then, but he is a changed man now… and I have forgiven him but Ken, he is a good man and is not the type that can hurt me, except now that he is not picking my call and I am hurting,

Ken also makes me smile a lot despite that he treat me like his child, I hate that part about him though, i just want to focused on Karen’s wedding when I’m done with all that will plan my next movement, I hate to compare the two of them but in this situation I have to, I feel something for Dan,

I can’t believe I still have feeling for him after all this while, and all that he made go through, it was hell.. but I do love him, it wasn’t just his money it was more… or maybe I’m actually confuse, I love Ken too, Ken is real love, which start from the first day I saw him, he is a good person, he even bought you for me, after we had a fighter about him reading my old journal, he used you to beg me, he came with a gift and you were among the gift packs..

I love him yes and maybe more than I feel for Dan…anyway, I’m hungry, let me get something to eat first.. I will not allow love matter to starve me.. Food first then maybe I can think straight. I will be right back.

Gina called the brother after Zavi called her and complained

“hello Ken,

Gina, how are you and everyone over there?

We are good, how are you too?


“Zavi called, she said you haven’t being picking her call, after she had a misunderstanding with you, what happen?

“Gina, I don’t want to talk about it.

“C’mon Ken, what could have made you so angry, was she cheating? Because I know that’s one of the things that can get you so upset, I know your ex, Cynthia cheated and you broke up with her and didn’t want to talk to her again, and mom cheated on Dad and you stopped talking to her.. Ken, you forgot that humans are imperfect, Zavi, loves you and I know you love her too… we sometime make mistake Ken, to air is human and to forgive is divine… you should..

“Gina, enough, stop, don’t preach to me… I don’t want to hear, and I don’t want to talk about it too. Will talk to her when I am ready, you have a family, love and focus on them… I love you always.. a kiss for little angel, going back to what I was doing before you called. Bye.

The line died off.

Gina decided to call Zavi, after the third ring Zavi picked up,

“hi Zavi, how are you doing

I’m doing well Gina, sorry, I was eating… how are you and the family

“very well dear, I called Ken, he is still angry, I know him when he is angry like that he doesn’t listen to anybody, I don’t know what happen between two of you, just guess is one of those misunderstanding that occurs one in a while, I know you are preparing for your sister’s wedding but can you create time and go over to Ken’s place, maybe seeing you will calm him down, and he may even want to go with you to the wedding, If you can spare sometime out of your busy schedule try and go over and see him.. Zavi, are you there

Yeah, I’m here Gina, Karen’s wedding is on Saturday, don’t really have time, I try to call him, severally, but he won’t pick

‘zavi, I am sorry to say, both of you can’t be stubborn at the same time.. Please,, you Know Ken loves you… right? Whatever happened must have hurt him so much.

“and what really happened was just a small thing I didn’t expect him to get angry over, maybe I don’t really understand him at all… I thought I did though,

Zav.. I use to have misunderstanding with my husband, Bobby, but we still settle, is a normal thing in a real relationship…my brother use to have a girlfriend he wanted to settle with is being like 3years now, her name is Cynthia, Ken caught her cheating and break up with her, and he hasn’t dated anyone until he met you.. and he fell deeply in love, Ken, hardly give 2nd chance to… I have try to talk to him but he won’t listen, you were angry the last time, over something and he ask me to beg you and I did, you listened, but my brother can be stubborn if he is hurt, please two of you should try and make up, is my joy to see you both happy.

“Gina, I don’t know about his ex, and we hardly talk about our past, when he offended me and you begged on his behalf, I let it go, so why can’t he, you say he hardly give a 2nd chance, is he human at all, or was he born perfect, is he perfect or he doesn’t offend people.. who still chose to forgive him, Gina, I’m even tired of calling him, going over to his place just to plead is what I’m not sure of doing, I have things to focus on right now… if he doesn’t want us back together, is all good.. can’t kill my self

“don’t talk like that Zav, please, two of you should please stop.. Can you at least do something for me, I know I am not worthy to ask you anything but please.. just this favor..

Anything for you Gina, except going over to his place..

Please do not give up on him so soon… try more.. as much as he is very stubborn he is also fragile.. I know you love him… please don’t give up on him yet

“hmmm, alright Gina, I will try. Don’t know how to do that…but I will try

“thank you. I will speak with you tomorrow.. and tell Karen I wish her a happy married life, I will call her though… wish I can go but my baby is down…please be good

Alright” You too!

The line went dead. Zavi sat at the kitchen holding a cup of apple juice, not knowing what to do or say, she walk round the room, an Idea just hit her, she will go over to Ken’s place first thing tomorrow morning, she will leave very early so that she can beat the traffic and will still come back tomorrow for Karen’s wedding.

As early as 5am Zavi was on the road the following day, she got to Ken’s place by 9am. She greeted the security who was surprise to see her so early, she asked about Ken and he said he was inside and have not left the house for some days “maybe he is not feeling fine. The security man said.

She went straight to the main house and rang the bell, which rang for some time, she knew that Ken has probably seeing her from inside, she rang the bell again before the door swung open, Ken stood there in his pjamas with a buggy eye, meaning he was just waking up looking at her like a ghost without a word, she force a smile and greeted him, as if realizing himself, that he wasn’t actually seeing a ghost, he left the door and walked inside leaving Zavi standing, she closed the door and followed him..he crossed the sitting room and went to his room and Zavi followed him.

“Ken…Ken, I know you are angry and you don’t want to see me but we really need to talk..

“if you are really coming from your place…you shouldn’t have risked coming here this early, the road is bad, and a young lady like you shouldn’t be up so early coming down here all by yourself..

Zavi was feeling happy within her hearing him talk about her risking herself, she thought to herself, “at least he still cares”

“when you wouldn’t pick my call, didn’t know what to do but to risk it and come over, please we need to talk..

Well, I guess that’s why you are here, “to talk” go ahead

Ken, I’m sorry, please..

Sorry for what in particular, for cheating, lying or what exactly…be specific

I did not come all the way down here to batter words with you..i am sorry for everything…but I didn’t cheat on you…it was only a kiss…

Are you serious at all “it was only a kiss” you shouldn’t have even risk coming down here at first, because there’s no point, just wasting your time

Really, I’m wasting my time? Maybe you are right, I just wanted to see you face to face and tell you boldly that I never cheated on you… I love you Ken…

Please…don’t talk about love… because you are not capable of loving anyone except yourself…

“ken, don’t talk like that, which other reason will make me enter road so early to come see you, I am really sorry if I hurt wasn’t intentional.. That’s the truth

“don’t even know when you are saying the truth, you lie too much that it become part of you, probably you were in a hotel with him around here and decided to stop by this morning, acting all innocent..

“whaaat? I was in a hotel with who,

With your whatever, don’t know where to place him, because he was supposed to be looking for a flat mate that use to live there or what was that you said again.. Whatever.. You are just good at what you do. Which is lying

“you are very stupid for saying that Ken.

Well, I am..maybe too stupid not to have known you were playing with my feelings.. I am too stupid to have even loved you the way I did, too stupid to believe every dame thing you say, just too stupid to think you actually love me…

“Ken, for Christ sake, stop doing this… i am sorry, but I didn’t mean to lie.. I know I didn’t tell you about Dan, he is just my ex and nothing else, and we are not getting back he force the kiss on me..

Your ex, well well! Guess he was the guy I read in your journal that hurt you, I see now you went back to your vomit…you sound so confused

We have nothing together, it has being over for almost 2years, he forced the kiss on me and he was too strong for me to get away… by the way, you are always petty with me you never really kiss me Ken,

“ oh my God, what in the world are you saying?, is that a good excuse, because it sound stupid in my ear, I kiss you… every time I see you. What exactly do you want?

No, you don’t, you only brush your lips with mine and peck my fore head and cheek like a child…I wanted more than that..

“you never asked or said anything or even showed it… me kissing you might not be deep because I don’t want to enforce myself on you… i thought you were cool with it…

I try to pass the message.. I tried but you just won’t get it…

And you decided to do it with somebody that will get… because you probably thought I wasn’t man enough right?

“I said he forced the kiss on me… it wasn’t like I wanted it…

What I saw was a mutual stuff, two adult enjoying themselves, it doesn’t look like somebody forcing you to do what you don’t want to do, it looks you enjoying it, that you clung to him as if your life depend on it… you still love him and you were leading me along all this while”

“I don’t Ken, I don’t love him…I love you..i am so real on this”

“When it comes to you I don’t know what to believe anymore..i don’t know when you are saying the truth and when you are not” “You didn’t mean to lie about having a “recipe journal that turn out to be a personal journal, where you write God knows what, and insulted every inch of me for touching it… or was ur “ ex-boyfriend” you obviously love but said he was whatever…

It was my personal journal, is meant for only me…I didn’t want you to take it serious or be curious to open it that was why I have to lie that it was a recipe book…an…

I thought we are in a “relationship’ nothing was “personal, I open everything about myself up to you, Well even if you are to take the journal from me… was your manner of approach okay to you?… it even make me more curious to know what you are hiding…even at that I pleaded with you until you listened… it was just a mere journal. Maybe your intention was to get back at me for what my family did to yours, that’s why you kept that journal for years… I saw my saw name there and I read the details of what Jane did to you… maybe I’m right… you never really love me, What if you caught me doing exactly what you were doing… no…just try and be in my shoe..

Why are you bringing up the journal issue, and what exactly do you mean by getting back at you…I am not so unforgiving like you, what happened was in the past, and if you saw your name, it was only because you were part… wait why am I even explaining myself to you over what I write, this journal issue, I thought we settled that…or you were storing it up for me for such a time like this, only wicked people do that…and you are showing me just that right now, is my personal journal and I can still say you have no right to it, you are not my husband, if giving you the journal will make you happy and forgive me…please keep the forgiveness.. let me hold my journal. After all I am not the only one with issue here… you say you open up everything to me but you never mentioned “Cynthia” your ex.. Because you were good at hiding things too… what is the difference between you and me, so we both got secrets, when you are pointing a finger the remaining 4 are pointing right back at you”

Ooh’ I guess you have being talking to Gina, I never mentioned my ex because she aren’t important, you were everything that mattered to me, I don’t want to bring in my past to spoil it, yes Cynthia cheated, she complained that I was all over her, the kissing was deep she wanted it light…she don’t like love making because I was rough, that was me trying to express myself, thinking she will love me more that way…she complained I was rough on her that’s why she has to cheat, can you imagine that… I was broken, I got myself together and continued my life, relationship wasn’t really in plan until Gina called and said she has finally found you and you are coming over…I couldn’t wait to meet you… I loved you Zavi… I wanted to be gentle, I don’t want you to have reason to leave me to another man, I didn’t want to enforce myself on you, and I wanted to start it all over on an innocent ground, but you hurt me so bad.. I hate it when I am hurt…I will just go into my shell, not coming out until am healed and ready to face the world again… you said I was too petty with you that’s why you cheat with your ex and Cynthia complained I was rough that’s why she cheated on me…which brings me to the question “what do women really want? You love them so much and they complained of you not giving them a breathing space and also complained of being love too much and when you try to be light.. they still complain… telling you to your face that their ex is better off than you… I don’t understand at all…

Zavi stood there listening to him, she noticed that he only mentioned her name ones, and wonder the kind of man he really is…when she was tired of listening to him she left the room and went to the kitchen and get something together for breakfast, when Ken came to the kitchen he met her eating, he was surprise…

“you are eating, you came to talk not to eat, you should be sorry for what you did, but you are here eating.. not even feeling remorse

I am sorry…that’s why I left my early morning sweet sleep, skip breakfast and came here… is passed 11am and we have being talking… I am hungry…I can’t kill myself because you don’t want to forgive me for just what I did unintentional, Don’t you hurt people or are you Mr. perfect? Do you want to tell me you have not wronged or offended anyone since you were born, and I will like to ask what is that men want, especially men like you, Cynthia, your ex, spoke up and complained that she like “gentle touch” you were giving her “rough touch” and you still broke up with her after she cheat instead of you to step up your game and try to be better, since she want it in a cool way that’s what you could have improve on but no, you just walk out and never looked back, you started with me, Zavi, whom you are probably thinking to still “ex, again just like Cynthia, because she wanted it hot and you were serving it cold, someone gave it to her just a“little kiss, and you want to move on as usual, your mum cheated on your Dad, not you and yet you won’t forgive her even though she has done everything possible to aim your forgiveness but you won’t because you are “Mr. perfect” you have never wrong anyone before, you are so heartless Ken, because if you got a heart a real heart you won’t ever be deaf ear to people’s plead, If you don’t mind allow me to eat in peace and leave your house.. I don’t play with my stomach, I remain small for you in the microwave.. I’m not a wicked person like you, when you are ready to eat you come get it.

‘I don’t even understand you Zavi, maybe you are not capable of love. You are just self centered… my ex and my mum is none of your business because you won’t understand. you called what you were obviously enjoying, what I saw with my own eyes that left me dumb founded “little kiss” you are just unbelievable..

I have hard you… I am the one that looked for your trouble and carry my k legs to your place, just leave me in peace let me eat because the more you talk the more the food disappears from my stomach, just little time and I will be going, I’m almost done eating.. Will soon be leaving, thanks for breakfast anyway even though you would have love to have me starved..

Ken stood there watching her, he was angry he wanted her to be really sorry, to show remorse but she was busy enjoying her breakfast, he wanted her to come to him and hold him, he was happy she came, exactly what he has wanted, he had plan to call her after today… but wanted to show that he was really angry, he loved her and it has hurt him so much to watch her kiss another man the way she did, he wish she can come to him and probably kiss him the same way, he wanted to hold her so tight to tell her how she missed her this few days, or probably get breakfast ready for two and sit with her while they eat and talk. maybe she was right she has allow hurt to rule him, his dad’s death left an empty patch in him that he has never stop hurting and remembering his mum caused it make him suffer more in silent… he wish he can call the mum and hear her voice for the first time in a long while, or go to her and run into her arm, he has really missed his mum despite he didn’t want to admit that to himself..Zavi just hit him hard with the truth he has being shielding from, he which Zavi could just come to him, but she was walking out of the kitchen to her handbag,

he wanted to stop her from leaving but his pride won’t let him, he just stood there watching her without a word, she turned and looked at him, he wanted to call her name and beg her not to go,

tears clouded his eyes he blinked it back and turn his back to her and walk back to the room hoping she will follow but she walked out and left, as he walk back to the living room and watch her cross the gate the tears finally flowed down he wipe it off, he wanted to drive her back to her place, it was risk enough coming down, he wanted to run after her, he wanted to pick up his phone and call her but his pride won’t give way for him, he sat down on the cushion and wept, for not forgiving his mum long time ago, and not being the good person he claim to be, he wept more as he sat on the floor and held his head in his hand.

Zavi left and went back to her place, she wasn’t happy that Ken was heart hardened, she thought her going over will make a difference but it made it worst, she wish she has stayed back, she got to her place around 4pm and was so tired and hungry, she freshened up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat when she hard a knock, not expecting anybody she sluggishly went to the door. When she opened the door she just sighed and stood there without a word looking at him..

Hi Zavi, I checked you earlier found out you aren’t around and decided to check back,

“ I warned you not to come to my house again Dan, and you should call before showing up here, you have done much harm already, what do you want now

I’m sorry about what happened the last time, i called you severally but you won’t pick your call… I was worried and decided to come and check up on you…was here in the morning and also afternoon but guess you were not around, just decided to check this evening again… i

“is fine… just come in

Dan was surprise, he was expecting war from her as usual but when she ask him to come in he was happy and afraid at the same time, not knowing what she has in mind. Zavi went back to the kitchen and prepare something to eat after asking Dan and he said he was fine, he was not hungry, she offered him drink and he declined, he just sat there in the living not knowing what to expect from her , he thought probably Zavi want to poison him maybe because he has become a pest to her or maybe to get back at him for hurting her in the past, he was still wondering why she ask him to come in so easily after he caused trouble for her and her man, he sat there quietly not having much to say, Zavi was kind of surprise because he always have something to say, she just wonder why even Dan is acting strange, she told him she was going to bed that he can leave,

Dan thanked her for letting him in, she asked him if he is free tomorrow to go with her to her sister’s wedding, he quickly agreed, Zavi told him to be out early to pick her, if possible 5am, so she can get there on time and watch Karen get dress. He left while Zavi went back to bed and silent her phone, she needed to really sleep.

A loud knock woke her up, she check the time she couldn’t believe is already morning, she quickly check her phone, so many miss calls, she check and saw her sister called severally, Ken also called and Dan too… she yawned lazily, it was 5:38am, she rushed to the door and found out it was Dan, he waited for her while she quickly dress and they drove off.

When she got to the place, her sister was still dressing up, they hugged, and they were both happy to see each other, Karen wasn’t surprise to see her and Dan, because Zavi have told her already she will be coming with him, Karen was so happy to see her sister, she was all the family she got in the world, she prayed silently she will also get married soon, as Zavi watch her get ready, she held her hand as she walk her down to the venue, the ceremony kick off, and Zavi did drop more than a few tears,

it was what she would her love her parents to witness, Karen was so beautiful in her wedding dress, and she was really getting married, Dan noticed her tears, and quickly stood up and get a tissue for her, he held her hand all through the ceremony, after everything, they took pictures and exchange hugs.

Zavi later bid them farewell as they proceed to their honey moon,

she left with Dan, it was late like 9pm…but she was happy to have somebody with her, on their way back as Dan drove he wanted to cheer her up ask her if she will like to take something, maybe drink, or food… she said she was hungry and will eat when she get home Dan said he can fix her something in his place, so that she can relax… because she looks very tired after sometime she agreed,

Dan drove her to his place and ask her to relax while he fix her something, she was really tired and already dozed off when Dan woke her up to eat, she quickly stood up and took few bite, the food was salty, Dan wasn’t a good cook like Ken, she wish it was Ken that she went with to Karen’s wedding, she was sad, just thinking of Ken and how he was so hard on her made her more angry…

probably the missed calls she got from him today was to continue his word battering with her or he was calling her to insult her for eating his food or for being so selfish, she waved it off and focus on Karen, she pray and wish God will help her to make a good wife, tears poured from her eyes as she remembered everything,

Dan wasn’t talking he just held her… she don’t even know what she is doing in his place but she was happy to have him around, and he has being awfully quiet, and has not said much since today…

Dan ask her if she want a drink and she said yes, it will help her stay calm… she drank so deeply, not listening to Dan asking her to take it easy because it was alcohol, she was high and tipsy, she couldn’t stand on her own, Dan drank also but not much, Dan escorted her to the room where she will sleep while he was about going to his own room she called him back to come and join her in the bed, she said she needed someone to hold her,

he wanted to walk away at first knowing that she was drunk but he couldn’t resist it, he gently lay down beside her and held her close, after sometime they started smooching and kissing which later lead to them having sex…

by morning her eyes was cleared…she felt so stupid while Dan kept on apologizing, he wanted to go and make her breakfast but he wasn’t a good cook, Zavi declined, she rushed to the shower, after which she got dressed and ask Dan to go drop her,

they quietly got into the car, he tried to hold her but she told him not to. she sat quietly as Dan drove her down to her place… on getting to her place she recognized Ken’s car parked outside, she came down ask Dan to go as she walked in and saw Ken sitting at her door step, on seeing her he stood up while she walk towards him. She did not say anything as she got her house key from her hand bag and open the door,

he didn’t say anything either just looking at her as she opened the door and went inside, he followed her in and lock the door, he called her name but no reply as she quietly went inside her room he followed her, and as she turned to ask him what he want from her he drew her close and hugged her the hugging lead to a kiss and he kissed her like he hasn’t done before, he drank her like water,

this is what she has always wanted from him, but she kept remembering the scene with Dan, she actually had sex with Dan last night, and Ken is here this morning and trying to do exactly what she has always wanted…

her head was spinning… she felt like throwing up as she broke free from Ken and ran to the bathroom and vomited everything in her stomach, the alcohol she took at Dan’s place was hard, a bad effect on her, all she wanted was to lie down, probably she will feel better,

Ken helped her to the bed as she lie down, she shot her eyes, forcing sleep, and she finally slept off,

and was awoken by Ken, he prepared something that smell so good, a delicious meal for her, it was already late evening, she stood up, went to the bathroom, the headache has gone, she was feeling better, as she sat down and watch Ken feed her the delicious food he prepared,

after which he tried to apologies for the way he treated her, and even surprise her further by saying he finally called the mum, and he was so happy to hear from her and she can’t wait to see him, he said he will like her to go with him to visit his mum, she was happy and wish he has gone with her to Karen’s wedding, she thought of the love making with Dan and wave it off.. is one of her secret, he doesn’t have to know, it will destroy the beautiful moment they are both enjoying..

Ken stayed that night and did not allow her to pick a pin, after her night bath she retired to bed and Ken cuddle her to himself which later lead to love making again,

she felt guilty after the whole thing was over and watch as Ken slept off, he deserve better, she wish she has not taken alcohol, Dan didn’t force her, she asked for it… she and Ken love making was what she wanted, she was confuse at that moment as she lay awake watching him sleep, she stood up to go and write in her journal as she went to the living room and write everything that has happened to her, include the love making with Dan and Ken. After writing for some time she went back to the room and hide her journal as she joined Ken in bed.

Zavi followed Ken and Gina as they visit their mom, everyone was so happy, the woman after they introduce Zavi, hugged her and begged her to forgive her for bringing sadness to her family, she was really sorry, Zavi, hugged her to show her that she has forgiven long time ago, the woman thanked Zavi for bringing his son to her after several years.

after the whole reunion, Ken ask Zavi to marry him in front of everyone present and she shyly accepted.

Is being over a month after then, Zavi missed her period and bought a pregnancy test kit, she found out she was pregnant, her world broke into two,

she was confuse of who’s baby she is carrying, she don’t know if is for Dan or Ken,

she went to the hospital and doctor confirm that she was six weeks pregnant. She went back home and wept so bitterly not knowing what to do next,

she picked up her journal and started writing, she told the journal she doesn’t know who owns the pregnancy because she made love to the two men in her live almost the same weekend.

She wept as she write down her pain in the book,

Ken was coming to pick her to a wedding gown shop as they are planning to get married soon..



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