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My Journal – Episode 11

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By Amah

So it’s being 7month after the whole drama at Sam’s place, Zavi walked up to the veranda and held the rails, she looked down at her stomach, and gently robbed her petruded belly. Is just a matter of few months she and Ken will have another addition to the family, she shakes as someone tickled her from behind, she knew it was Ken, she smiled thanking God for blessing her with such a man, she never deserved him and yet God gave her to him, he has not failed in his duty as a father, kind husband and a loving friend to her.

Ken held her gently from behind as they enjoyed the cool fresh breeze gracing their skin, he whispered “I love you” to her and kissed her cheek, she smiled and replied him. “I love you more”

Zavi closed her eyes as she relaxed in the arm of the man that is God sent to her, she tried to remember how he has shocked her at Dan ‘s place, she will never forget that day, and further surprise came when Dan told her Kris is not his, she wanted to ask him how he got to know what was going on but was too shocked to even make a sound.

She thought she have seeing it all when she became pregnant with her baby girl, Ken was fine, finally, the doctor said is probably the power bike accident he had a month to their wedding which he never bother to do a thorough checkup that affected him, Eliz, my good friend, my sweet Eliz, who thought me a lot about smile, who told me about her life challenges she faced before meeting Dan, she said she have never allowed those things to define her, her smile is a weapon against the enemy, she was so use to it that her face is shaped with a smile, she gave birth to her cute baby boy, I don’t see Dan as my ex but as a friend, they visit ones in a while and we return the favor, Eliz, thought me more about forgiveness and tolerance in marriage, her word still rings in my head, “Zavi, the devil can use anything to wedge war against us, it can be from that thing we attach our self to, it can be from our spouse or anything, but be strong, let go of whatever you think that makes you unhappy, scared or makes you feel safe pity for yourself, let it go, deep down we are very strong that we can ever imagine, is only in the face of challenges our true strength comes out, you see Zavi, I loved myself before I was able to love another and through safe love I was able to overcome a whole lot of things and was able to render helping hand to others, is time to lock the enemy outside, no more room in my house for the devil, because when you give a room to the devil, it comes in and take over everywhere and send you outside where they supposed to be, you will be confuse, sad and feel lonely even when people are around you, you try to find comfort in doing something thereby getting addicted, which will be hard to break, don’t let it in, keep the devil out where it belong and enjoy your space, Dan was able to love himself when I showed him what unconditional love is like, I’m so proud of the man he has become”

Zavi breathed deeply as Ken still held her, they stayed that way without a word, she still wonder how God was able to even love someone like her and gave her chances upon chances to be better off than she was before.

She burnt all her journal and watch the books burn to ashes surprising Ken, she was ready to start a fresh chapter, this time around, the past will remain in the past, she will enjoy the present with the people God has place in her care.

Yes, she still has a journal, a brown new journal that Eliz gave her and told her never to write her fears or negative things in it, so that the enemy will not have a tool to use against her but beautiful things like construct a poem, write down how awesome her husband is, and write inspirational things in it, and she has being doing that, and leaves it on top of their room table, where her husband can see it, Ken sometimes read and laugh at her poems, she love seeing him happy.

Life is beautiful especially when we pretend to forget the sad things happening everyday, the toxic people that hate to see us happy, our bitter past stories and view it like a farmer, who plant a seed and patiently wait for harvest time, The rain pour, the sun shine but he just patiently wait knowing in due season he will harvest his crops.

The end.



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  1. Wow what a lovely story let to forgive and get cus if ken has not forgiven her even before she left the house he will not allow her into his life again thanks

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