JODA – Episode 2

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JODA Episode 2.
By Amah

After getting everything we drove home, and i put everything in place expecting Denis, I was happy that evening, Binta was just looking at me and smiling

“you look so happy…hmmm, is it because your Denis is coming over…

“I’m always happy Binta, but yes I’m extra happy because of you have any problem with that…and before you start lecturing me on my relationship…go and fix something for yourself in the kitchen…

“aah, Joda, what of all the things we bought, I’m already salivating waiting for mine…

“they are all for Denis, you never said you wanted shawama, all you asked for was Vanilla ice cream…all the shawama is for my love..

“lover girl… Anyway i thought you included my mouth in the…anyway i will even like to do some fruit salad for myself…but wait o Joda…I’m not lecturing…please… How do you even cope with Denis, on a serious note Denis is way too annoying whenever he is around, you are never yourself, all you do is try and please him which he never gets satisfied…i..

“Binta..stop it…leave me and Denis alone if you don’t want to have issue with me…stay far off our business…we don’t need your opinion in our lifes…stay off Binta.. I don’t like it…

As i was still scolding Binta my phone started ringing, I rushed to my hand bag knowing it will be Denis and he won’t be happy if i miss his call again, as i try to get the phone out, he cut the call i try calling him back..

“my love, are you on your way…sorry i try bringing out my phone from my hand bag before you cut off…

“Joda..why are you getting me pissed…how many times does it take you to get your phone from wherever it is…the phone rang severally again and you didn’t pick up giving me another excuse just like in the morning…anyway I’m at the gate and i horn three times before the stupid security man opened the gate, I asked you to tell him to open up on my first horn but i horned three good times, Joda I need him sack immediately, if you don’t do it i will sack him myself…let him be replaced quickly to somebody who listens to instruction…

“is not his fault, the securities does their work well…i was the one that forgot to tell him…I’m sorry

He ended the call, and came inside

On seeing him i apologised again and he said he was tired of my constant “I’m sorry” I should stop pissing him off,

Binta stayed in her room, she didn’t even come out after Denis arrived, probably she just wanted to stay in her lane like i warned her earlier,

After Denis freshened up i served him all he wanted, he was having a disgusting face as he unwrapped the shawama

“what is this…i never said i wanted shawama or is this for you…?

“but…but you called and said you wanted shawama, chocolate vanilla ice cream and Chapman…and i got everything..

What are you saying Joda..

He threw the tray of food to the ground, the whole ice cream that i bought and shawama spilled on the floor, he stood

“just simple instruction you can’t follow…i said i wanted pizza and a chocolate bar not ice cream…i don’t like ice cream, and worst of all vanilla flavor, where was your mind when i was passing the instructions…I’m freaking tired of this…i don’t know if you just woke up today to deliberately spoil my day…now what I’m i suppose to eat.. And do not suggest making something….you know how much i hate your cooking…


“you want to say you are sorry again….please don’t go there…is not too late…go or send someone to get me pizza that’s the only thing i want right now and call those your maids to come and clean up this mess on the floor…i hate to see rubbish…..

“i wasn’t going to say “sorry” I wanted to say that i heard you clearly on the phone mention shawama…. Denis, how do you always expect me to feel, most especially when you suddenly start hating my cooking, I remember my cooking use to be your favorite, what has gotten into you of recent, I do whatever you wanted, you wanted a brand new car and i make sure you have it, you wanted your name to be on this property, i decided to call my lawyer who processed the papers….what exactly is the problem…i do everything to show you how i much love you, yet you aren’t satisfied….wha

“not everything Joda…your fathers company is still in your name, the other houses that are occupied by tenant is still in your name, many of his assets are all in your name…not mine.. The only one you managed to change my name to is this house, if you love me enough you will do more for me, prove it…

“I love you Denis does not mean that I’m stupid, come to think of it, all you care about is properties and my dad assets, do you love the properties or me, or is it the assets you only cared about…answer me Denis…because you are beginning to stress me out…

“ can you say that Joda…you know how much i love you, is only work stress that is driving me nut this days… You should know me better…i appreciate everything you have done for me…I’m sorry for being over demanding….maybe you can bring the home made food if there’s any available…i will eat it like that…but you should know I’m mostly stressed up this days… How can you even compare my love for you with your fathers assets he left for you….I’m not getting married to you because of that but for the love i have for you my darling wife…

“I Know is not stress from office work maybe some other work because you are the general manager of the company and I’m the managing director…we only go to the office twice in a week to foresee things, the staffs and managers there are doing great and reports to us if is beyond their control…but is fine I hate to argue with you…

“work stress with the upcoming wedding too , I can’t wait to be officially husband to a beautiful lady, but when we get married you promise to make me the managing director, being a general manager is a small title to me. Remember I’m your husband…

We settled our differences that night, through out the time the argument was still hot Binta did not show face unlike her, she’s probably angry with me,

I love Denis, yes I really do but sometimes he can be so annoying but I’m willing to overlook only if he will stop making unnecessary demands

I always tell him my money is equally his but he should quit acting like a spoilt brat, I won’t take that from him..i want a fairytale wedding and a happy life after with Denis.

To be continued



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7 Replies to “JODA – Episode 2

  1. And i hope you get that happy ever after u seek u stupid and uncensored baboon, has love made you blind that u cant see he is only after your inheritance, wake-up girl!

  2. Joda I just pray true love finds u, and I hope u don’t part with all ur inheritance to Denny boy. Perhaps u will see his real distasteful colours real soon

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