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By Jon Doe
Twitter: @Just2days

Rain fell heavily on a parked Mercedes. Its headlamps twin swords piercing the darkness, illuminating every tear falling from the heavens. Smoke rose from the exhaust, evidence of a silently purring engine. Inside was a single man, face buried in his hands. As the heavens cried, so did he. Freely his tears fell, pooling in his rough palms only to be absorbed by the cuffs of his work shirt already stained red.

Seconds ticked on, the tears coming to an end. Lifting up his head, the mans gaze fell on the I.D. card hanging from the rear view mirror. He could barely remember the man in the picture. Still, the name Namdi printed under the photograph was his. Lightning lit up the sky, driving away the darkness for a moment, revealing an extravagant two story home less than a mile away. Putting the car in gear, Namdi drove up to the front door.

Stepping out of the car Namdi couldn’t help but watch the rain falling a few feet away from him. With a heavy heart he turned away walking slowly to the mahogany door. They had picked it together. It was meant to be a surprise. He never expected it to be the gateway to more than a home. Looking at the door Namdi’s heart grew heavier as he fished for his house keys. He stood there about to lose himself to the bittersweet memories of the past when the door swung open.

There was no surprise on Namdi’s face when the door revealed a beautiful ebony woman. Even now in an empty house she wore heels, giving her 5ft5 frame an extra 5 inches. Still, he would need to tilt her chin up to kiss her. Her lips – painted blood red – slowly curved into a slight smile as she saw Namdi. They parted slightly, a lovely voice floating to his ears dripping with honey.

“I see her blood on your shirt, very good. Dinner is ready.”

Turning around, she disappeared into the house a violet fragrance in her wake. Namdi’s knees buckled and he crashed to the floor clutching his heart. Pain flooded his mind. A single word nearly escaped his mouth.


Gritting his teeth he stopped. With great resolve he pushed himself to his feet following her into the house that was once a home.

“Excuse me sir can I help you?”
Namdi looked away from a mahogany door on display, his gaze falling on a bright eyed sales lady whose smile strangely seemed both innocent and seductive. For a split second he forgot what he was there for. Snapping back to his senses, he softly coughed.
“Yes, I’m looking for a… em… door.”
As these words came out of Namdi’s mouth he wanted to kick himself. He had zero need for a door. He had only ducked into this furniture store to while away time. But her eyes just seemed to slow down his brain functions.
She turned, walking to the door in question. Namdi couldn’t help but watch her every movement; entranced. The uniform she wore accentuating her every devilish delight.
“Do you mean this door, sir?”
She asked, waiting for confirmation, hand easily resting on her shapely hip.
At a loss for words, Namdi could only nod his head; all his energy spent on keeping his tongue in his mouth.
“This is a good choice sir. It is one of our new models coming with a satisfied or your money back guarantee.”
She smiled coquettishly as she said satisfied.
Her smile was a warm ray of sunshine, calming Namdi’s flustered self. He couldn’t help but smile back at her.
“How much for this door that comes with satisfaction guaranteed?”
A child like play fullness could be heard in Namdi’s voice as he lobbed her word back at her.
“For you sir, a trifling 500,000 naira.”
Namdi laughed when he heard this.
“Does this door come with you as an accessory?”
The sales lady giggled. To Namdi’s ears it was a sound of pure delight.
“I’m sorry sir, but that is against company policies. I can talk to the manager about bringing down the price but he isn’t here at the moment.”
There was a twinkle of mischief in her eyes betraying the words from her lips.
“When will he be back? Maybe I come back then.”
Namdi asked.
She didn’t speak, merely gesturing Namdi to follow her. They walked, Namdi a step behind her trying hard not to watch the sway of her waist. Reaching the back of the store, she stopped in front of a door seeming to lead to a small room of some kind. Before Namdi could say anything more she grabbed the door handle and slipped her free hand into his.
“Can someone help me!”
A loud shout came from the front of the store. Namdi felt the hand in his stiffen then suddenly pull away.
“I have to go. Here, take this, see yourself out.”
Stunned at the rapid changes Namdi was left speechless as a piece of paper was thrust into his hand. He walked towards the exit of the store unsure of what to make of all that happened. In a fog he walked to his Mercedes, getting in and closing the door. Enveloped in his familiar space his thoughts stabilized, the memory containing the paper she had slipped into his hand coming to the forefront.

Looking at that innocent piece of folded white paper a silent struggle went on in his mind if he should open it.

“It is just a piece of paper.”
Namdi said out loud to no one in particular.

He opened the folded piece of paper; 2 bold words jumping right out at him.

Below it was a phone number.

Namdi’s breath quickened.

“She just wants to talk to me about the mahogany door, there’s no harm in calling.”

His reflection on the driver window nodded subtly in agreement. Throwing caution to the wind he began to dial.
“I’m doing nothing wrong”
Namdi muttered over and over as he punched in numbers into his I-phone.

“Two numbers left”

He thought, a seed of anticipation growing inside of him as he imagined hearing that voice again. Punching in the last digit, his hand hesitated over the call button.

“It’s about the door.”

With that firmly in his head, his thumb reached for the call button only for the phone to flash with an incoming call, a single word displayed on the screen


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