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No More Room For Love – Episode 31

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No More Room For Love Episode 31
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‘Katie where is your Grams.’ Matts asked during breakfast.

‘Now someone is talking to me.’ She hissed and continued her meal while Nectar looked on.

‘I’m ready to talk after breakfast if you promise not to judge me Katie.’ Matts finally said which followed with flashes of smile between them.

Nectar sighed heavily. He was glad the tension between them was over. They ate in silence until Kate remembered she had to work.


‘Stacy can you bring the reports to the house as I asked yesterday.’ Katie said on the phone after breakfast.

When she hanged up, she felt a shadow on her and ignored until Nectar spoke up.

‘Kate, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on your conversation with Stacy.’ Nectar tried to make a conversation even though he was aware he might receive the cold attitude again.

‘And what exactly was it that you heard? I don’t eavesdrop on your calls to Pearl so why are you monitoring me.’ Kate finally said with a smile that confused Nectar again.

‘Kate let’s not keep fighting over this girl and as you said she’s just a bar attendant who you are much more valuable than.’

‘Really?’ She shook her head.

‘Yes. It was just a onetime thing even before I met you and the rest is business.’ Nectar opened up to his wife who just occupied the whole bed with her legs.

‘Oh now you admit you had something with her.’

‘Not really bu…….’ He couldn’t finish before she dropped her next question.

‘So you sleeping with her before we met, you think was right. I can’t imagine you in her arms.’

‘Kate, it’s just busin…..’

Nectar interrupted again.

‘What business do you have with a bar attendant that she keeps calling you every night.’ Kate muttered and was expecting an answer. ‘Answer me Nectar.’ She yelled now.

‘Bring your voice down.’

‘Why should I?’ She asked angrily.

‘Matts is used to our fights over unnecessary things but your Grams is still new here. We don’t want to give her the wrong impression Kate.’ Nectar said calmly.

‘You think you can hide behind the curtains to do whatever you feel like but incase you do make sure you use the guest room.’ Kate said loudly again.

‘What is wrong with your brain Kate and you just didn’t tell that to my face.’ Nectar was getting angry unnecessarily.

‘Oh yes i did. What are you going to do about it?’ Kate snarled.

‘I just told you Pearl is just a bar attendant. I know i’m married to you and can’t see other women. I have accepted that since I met you in that bar but what part of that obligation do you fulfil.’

‘What was that supposed to mean?’

‘You parade yourself in the kitchen and that is it. Give me a break here Kate because marriage is more than that. I was going to let go but you came back yourself wanting this so you must as well do it right Kate.’

‘Don’t insult me Nectar.’

He had swallowed his emotions for a while and thought it was time to bring it all out.

‘Probably nobody taught you what the duties of a wife is but you just don’t take over the kitchen, you take charge of your bedroom too. Besides I could get any girl I want out there, but i’m still glued to you because I’m hoping someday you would just wake up and give up this attitude.’ He muttered and regretted his choice of words.

Just then a knock came on the door.

They both looked from one corner of their eyes to another and Nectar strolled down to the door where Kate just sat on her bed as if reality just hit her so hard.

‘Matts what is it this time.’ Nectar asked angrily.

‘You couples were so loud earlier but i came to tell your wife her secretary is here.’

‘Matts, make her feel comfortable, I will join her soon.’ Kate finally found her voice shouting out to Matts outside the door.

She took herself from her bed feeling so heavy everywhere and walked pass her husband.

‘We are not done here yet. ‘ She murmured.

Nectar just jerked his neck to her direction and thought to himself the trouble he married.

“Stacy,” Kate called descending while she sprung up from her seat. “Take it easy Stacy, just have a seat.”

That same minute Jane strolled from her room down the stairs and lost her balance when their eyes met. She practically dropped the Mug in her hands on the floor.

Kate turned around to meet Nectars gaze fully on Stacy. She ignored him and rushed to her Grams. Kate wasn’t sure why he followed her downstairs.

‘Grams you should be careful when walking in flip-flops. I hope you are not hurt.’ Kate reached out to help Jane pick herself up, but it looks like she was out of her mind for a while.

‘Ouuch.’ Jane winced.

‘Grams are you okay? I thought you just lost your balance but now you look like you’ve just seen a ghost.’ Kate asked wondering why Nectar and Jane decided to just stare at Stacy.

‘Stacy where are you off to.’ Kate said when she saw Stacy running off to the door. ‘Grams have a seat here.’ Kate pointed to where Stacy vacated earlier.

‘Miss I have to get going. Mom just texted me that she’s back to the hospital again.’ Stacy stammered to convince.

At this point Jane raised her head for the first time after she sat down and tried to look in Stacy’s direction but she was already out of the door.

“What is going on with this girl?” Kate hissed.

Just then her Phone rang. She glanced at the caller I.D for a while and handed it over to her Grams.

‘Grams it’s Dad, I think he might be trying to reach you through me. Talk to him.’ Kate said, handed the phone over to Jane and left.


‘Matts, can we have that talk now?’ Kate said while barging in on her.

‘Katie you just woke me up for one stupid gist.’ Matts said trying to get the sleep off her face.

‘Stupid gist but i still want to know wh…..’

‘Before you say anything, I was going to tell you immediately it happened but I realized I messed up so I kept it to myself.’ Matts said and Kate reached out for a hug.

‘What was that for?’ Matts asked.

‘Drake told me everything.’ Kate finally confessed.

Matt’s closed her eyes for a second.

‘Oh really, what exactly did he tell you now?’ Matt’s asked bluntly.

‘How he treated you after the sex. I hope he came over to your office because i told him to make things right.’ Kate revealed.

‘So that was you Katie, I thought he did that himself. You know what tell him to stay out of my reach.’

‘Wait, i thought you would be happy now that i know.’

‘Katie, If a grown up should be asked to apologize to a lady he wronged then i think he is really dumb.’ Matts flared up.

‘Calm down, you are angry. Yes! Drake I know has always been a jerk when it comes to women. I could have warned you if you had told me how you felt about him but I will talk to him again.’ Kate said feeling sorry for her friend.

‘What’s the point, he is still hang up on a love that you would never return. Don’t worry I’m fine.’ Matts said wiping her eyes.

‘Wow!’ Kate reached out with the pillow to wipe her face.

‘Really, a pillow?’ Matt’s laughed.

‘It’s been years since you cared about a guy this way. Should i be worried?’ Katie muttered rubbing her belly.

‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me.’ She cried and Kate found it funny.

‘Just laugh so loud right now.’

‘That won’t solve my problems Katie.’

‘Okay, what do you need now.’

‘Lots of food.’

‘Great, i’m off to the kitchen.’ Kate announced and tapped her gently. She flashed her a smile and Kate rushed out.


Catherine has been giving her husband a lot of pressures lately. She wanted him to tell Kate the truth. Though he was always the angry type, that day he was calm which surprised Catherine so she decided to raise the topic again.

‘Wilson, I’ve been trying to get you to have that talk with your daughter but you still haven’t though i’ve tried my best to stop her from coming here and you know she is finally trying to remember past which would make her hate you more unless you talk to her before she does.’

‘I know I messed up that day but I have paid for it. Let’s handle the other issue first.’ Wilson replied to Catherine’s ranting.

‘Now you know how to soften up to me right. I’m not going to take care of this one for you when she decides to hang you to die.’ Catherine said mischievously.

‘Mind your business woman.’ He flared up. ‘I’m warning you and you don’t have the right to talk to me anyhow because of a simple mistake. I was drunk after Claudia’s ten years demise.’

‘It was a memory I tried to push away and I drank too much. I’m sure I wouldn’t have tried to rape my ten year old daughter if I was sober. You know me Catherine, I’m a lot of things with you but I couldn’t do that to an innocent child.’

‘But you still raped me Wilson, not only that day I had to drag you off Kate but several times. I still have the video from the house help.’ Catherine chipped in with tears.

‘And I’m paying for it now.’

‘With what exactly?’ Catherine seemed not to understand her husband anymore.

‘You think i’m hard on Kate? No, I’ve been hard on myself rather because I can’t look her in the eyes knowing I nearly destroyed her. I did my best to give her the best marriage and i’ve protected her in so many ways I thought was best to make the past right.’ He pushed his emotions aside.

‘But she still needs to know, it’s messing her mind up. I had to just tell someone.’ Nectar suggests you tell her yourself Wilson.’

‘You told Nectar about this? Catherine how dare you do that to me.’ Wilson said angrily.

‘Someone has to know, she would need her husband when she finally remembers and goes off again. You know what happened after that ordeal, seventeen years ago. This is a burden I’ve carried for so long so lift it up my shoulders.’ Catherine said now running into Wilson’s arms crying.

‘Catherine, she keeps hanging up on me. Should I chase her around? Let it go!’ Wilson fumed, pushed Catherine onto the King size bed and stormed out.


She glared at his body in the duvet, it wasn’t as if she could see him through but she slowly pushed herself inside the duvet and closer. Kate made to touch him for two times before she gathered the courage and held him signaling him to turn around.

‘Are you okay?’ Nectar asked and Kate nodded.

‘I’m sorry about earlier this morning. I just want you to know you are not been fair. We are in this together, not the other way round.’ Nectar said remorsefully.

‘Okay, i’m sorry too. So what now?’ She asked.

‘So trust me I don’t have any feelings for Pearl. She was just a girl from my past but happen to have some information’s on the happenings at the bar we met at and the hotel..’ Nectar was trying to explain himself when Kate interrupted.

‘Can we try tonight rather.’ Kate said with an obvious shaking voice.

Before Nectar could ask try what she held his face up and gave him a slight kiss and coiled in the duvet like a small kid.

She let go and Nectar kept staring for a while before he interrupted his own thoughts.

‘Try that you mean.’ He pointed to his waist. Kate nodded again.

‘I don’t want to stress you if you are not up for it.’ Nectar tried to pretend when in his mind he was smiling.

‘Nectar don’t do this again, I admit I said i wasn’t attracted to you yet but I don’t want you running off into Pearls arms. Would it bother you if I just lay down like a piece of log?’ Kate said shyly.

He ignored her questioned, laughed and kissed her. Nectar was gentle with squeezing the juice out of her.

They kissed passionately for a few more minutes before he positioned himself beside her. He sure knew what to do in her state, he was so careful about her fat belly.

After some few minutes, she felt him quivering beside her. She just let out a quick moan and gave him a fake smile.

Her greatest fear just presented itself and Nectar wasn’t bothered at all.

‘Don’t look that way. I know it was too quick but please bear with me. We will get there Kate. Nectar said with closed eyes. Then she knew he was bothered about the turn out.

Kate said goodnight and sorted herself out and slept off. She woke up and Nectar’s gaze was on her.

‘Did you get any sleep at all?’ Kate asked taking her face away from his gaze.

‘How can I sleep when I have an angel right here beside me to take care of?’ Nectar replied with a smile.

‘Thank you but you look sad to me though you are trying to mask it so well.’

‘Can we talk about last night?’ Nectar finally asked trying to remember the failure of the previous night.

‘No Nectar let’s leave it for tomorrow to take care of.’ Kate said to avoid the topic.

‘Kate we need to talk about this now because it won’t solve itself. There is a difference between what we had the last time in the bathroom than last night. What triggered it?’ Nectar was saying then Matts barged in crying.

‘Matts can’t you knock.’ They both chorused and shifted their attention to her when they realized she was sobbing.

Nectar jumped from the bed, pulling the duvet off Kate who didn’t mind she was unclad.

Kate rushed to cover herself with the duvet Nectar left on the floor in order to attend to her crying friend who was now launching herself on the floor.

“Katie, Mandela is dead.” Matts blurted out.

At first, Kate thought she was dreaming but then she felt Nectar taping her and she came out of her trance.

‘Say that again Matts. How?’

‘Katie come downstairs, the police are here to speak with you.’


‘Kate take it easy, you don’t need to stress yourself.’ Nectar said while attending to Kate who collapsed earlier over the death of Mandy.

‘How do i stay calm?’

‘Everyone is shaken and I know you loved the guy but should that be enough reason to starve your children.’ Nectar asked bringing Kate out of her trance.

‘Nectar sorry you feel that way, I know it’s a total disrespect to our marriage so I will eat now.’ Kate said raising herself up from the bed.

‘Great, let me tell Matt’s.’ He was walking away when she called him back.

‘So something is bothering me Nectar.’

‘What is it?’

‘Why did the detective keep saying you were the last person to see Mandy alive because I know you saw him some weeks ago when he was here but not recently.’ Kate asked and Nectar’s face colored up. Kate noticed he was nervous.

‘Nectar look at me, what are you not telling me?’ Kate focusing on his colored face.

‘Yes I saw him two days ago, Kate. But it’s not what you think.’ Nectar confessed’.

“Start talking because i’m listening.” Kate said now adjusting herself.

‘Mandy contacted me a week ago.’ Nectar said while Kate’s face was covered with confusion.

‘Nectar you have killed me, to think you didn’t want me contacting him. I respected your decision and we parted ways. What exactly do you have to discuss with him to the extent of seeing him behind my back.’ Kate said calmly.

‘Please it’s not what you think and I hope you are not thinking I had something to do with his murder.’ Nectar said moving towards Kate’s direction.

‘Nectar I trust you, I know you are capable of silly mistakes just to get Mandy out of my life but not murder.’ Kate said now holding his hands.

‘Thank you Kate for trusting me. He claimed he had some information on who took the pictures at the hotel and the attack on your life and we were going to work together as he promised to send me some evidence.’ Nectar finally said confused.

‘Work together?’ Kate didn’t understand what he meant by that.

‘Yes, to unravel the truth behind your ordeals recently.’

‘Wait! When was he to send you that?’ Kate asked curiously.

‘That was yesterday.’ Nectar replied.

‘Nectar I have a bad feeling about this, whoever killed Mandy did that because he knew something so you need to be careful.’ Kate said with fear.

Nectar sighed heavily when Kate didn’t make a big issue out of everything that just happened.

He saw his wife going through her phone angrily and decided to give her space so he walked out to get her the food.


‘Mom, where was Dad yesterday!’ Kate asked her Mom who came to visit upon hearing the news.

‘He was home throughout my dear. Don’t tell me you are suspecting him.’ Catherine muttered.

‘Since he has refused to treat anyone right, why won’t I suspect him?’ Kate said with hatred breeding in her voice.

‘Kate, your Dad is a lot of things but not a murderer and I hope you would forgive him someday when he open up to you.’ She told her daughter plainly.

‘Mom you are talking like you are hiding something from me. Don’t let me find out you are protecting Dad again, I only forgave you for your betrayal the last time because I realized you were only a victim and has suffered enough.’ Kate warned.

‘Alright but I thought you said Jane is with you. Haven’t seen her since I came.’ Catherine asked Kate while looking around.

‘I know you just changed the topic but Granny went out, she should be on her way soon. And mom she is behaving strangely these days. Most at times out of her mind.’ Kate confided in her mom.

‘Really, I know when she feels lonely, she starts to be paranoid.’ Catherine confessed.

‘How bad is that paranoia mom because I need healthy children! They can’t inherit any strange illness.’

Catherine laughed at Kate’s naïve comment.

‘How is that going, you feel fine right.’ She laughed. ‘And are you happy you would soon become a mother?’ Catherine asked.

‘Of course mom and I’m married to a doctor so I’m fine. Thank you mom for talking me into marrying Nectar.’ Kate said and rested her head on her mom’s shoulders.

‘Don’t thank me yet, when you become a mother then you will understand the sacrifices you need to make for your children. But i’m glad you are giving the gentle man a chance. Catherine said and smiled.

‘He is so understanding, not perfect but I understand you haven’t thought me anything about marriage yet, so mom can you tell me how I can fall in love with my husband and give out myself without feeling I have betrayed my body.’ Kate asked her mom shyly.

‘Where is that coming from dear?’

‘Mom, I still haven’t been able to give myself out freely and nectar seems to have a tough time handling that though it worries me, but I’m trying my best and it feels like I might lose him soon if I don’t do anything about it.’ Kate complained.

‘Kate this is between you and your husband, you should sit down and discuss it but I must say you just need to open up your mind, your heart and the rest will follow. And stop behaving like a baby already.’ Catherine advised.

‘Was that what you did with Dad when my mom died?

‘I’ve always loved your dad even before your mom passed on so i guess i didn’t have much work to do.’ She frowned when Kate wasn’t watching.

‘Okay mom, but i miss you.’

‘And i’m here, silly girl.’

They both ended up laughing.


Stacy pulled up at Kate’s favorite coffee bar, where she normally fetches her bosses’ morning coffee. She was startled by a shadow. Stacy looked up then Jane shoved her an eye.

‘Mom what are you doing here. You came to finish what you started right?’


‘How did you even know I came to this coffee shop?’ Stacy asked Jane.

‘Look young girl, you better respect me. Had it not been me, you wouldn’t be here now. So you better buckle up and let’s finish this. I’m closer to Kate now so it’s easier to take her out.’ Jane cautioned Stacy.

‘Mom, I don’t want to do this again and I don’t feel like you are my mummy anymore.’

‘Where did you get that rubbish from?’

Mother’s don’t push their children to the wall. I want out and i’m telling Kate everything tomorrow.’ Stacy told Jane angrily.

‘You had better not do that or I will skin you alive because i should have left you to die in that incubator but no I rescued you.’ Jane said forgetting Stacy had no idea she wasn’t her real mom.

‘What did you say mom. Which incubator! Who am I Mummy Jane.’ Stacy said almost crying.

Jane stood up with her bag, regretting what she just told the innocent girl.

‘You know where to find me, if you change your mind. And you better not try anything funny because Kate won’t believe a lunatic like you.’

She stormed out of there leaving Stacy in tears.

To be continued



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