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No More Room For Love – Episode 30

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No More Room For Love Episode 30
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Matt’s woke up in Drakes arm fully spent. She was so sure whatever happened a few hours ago was one feeling she never had with anyone.

This was one great love making. She wants him all to herself. He was going to be her last bus stop. Matt’s told herself she is willing to give up sleeping around for him, though he isn’t his taste and she isnt one who could stick to one man but she liked what she felt earlier.

Matt’s was in her thoughts while dressing up when he spoke up.

‘Look into the side drawer, I think we spent three hours.’ Drake said checking his bedside clock. I have a cheque written for you.’

‘Cheque?’ She muttered unsure of what he was driving at.

‘Would have given you cash but then how much do you take for an hour?’ Drake was about to say something else when Matt’s interrupted.

Her smile disappeared, she was smiling earlier and probably was going to go for another round but she just felt embarrassed.

‘Don’t insult my dignity Drake, I don’t need you to pay me for sleeping with you. Yes this is what I do and you just slept with me so how different are you from me.’

‘Bu….’ Drake tried to talk but Matt’s was furious.

‘And if I ever needed money, I must as well work for it. I agreed to this because I wanted to satisfy my curiosity. Now I know whatever I felt for you was just a onetime thing.’

Drake tried standing up to hold her back, but she would have none of it.

“You know what, I think I should pay you rather. You look like you need it”.

She opened her handbag, and emptied all the contents on the bed she graced earlier. Took her empty bag and left not minding what else she might have left behind.


Matt’s has been moody and lost since that incident with Drake a week ago and Drake on the other hand hasn’t been the same since then. He wanted to explain himself but Matt’s had turned off her phone since that morning.

He had to talk to someone so he chose Kate, though he was aware she might be angry but he needed to see her and hopefully get to see Matt’s too so he gave her a call to arrange his intention to visit.

‘Nectar are you coming home anytime soon?’ Kate asked her husband over the phone.

‘I have a few sessions to run but I could postpone if you need me.’ Nectar said with a smiling tone.

‘I can see you smiling, Nectar!’

‘Oh really? But i’m not Love.’ He slapped his face slightly and laughed.

‘Don’t get any silly ideas. I just wants to ask if you would be mad incase Drake comes over.’ Kate said rather with a shaky voice.

‘Is Drake coming over Kate?’ Nectar thought of asking the questions rather.

‘Yes, he called earlier and i don’t know if you would have a problem with that.’ Kate asked shyly.

‘Kate don’t worry, that’s fine so far as he doesn’t try anything funny with my wife.’ Nectar said teasingly.

‘Thank you, I would call him right away. I love you.’ She said and hanged up before Nectar could respond. Her hands flew to her mouth when she realized what had happened with their conversation earlier.

‘Did I just say that?’ Kate thought and smiled but hoped Nectar didn’t hear that.


‘Hey, Hey!’ Both friends greeted at the door. Kate hasn’t seen him in a while and his presence was weird.

‘Kate I hope you are not planning on holding onto the door whiles I freeze out here.’

‘My bad! Come in Drake.’ Kate finally said to end the weirdness between them.

After some few minutes of juice and what’s the latest news in town, Drake starts to look around.

‘Drake you have been looking around for like some minutes now.’

‘Ahuh!’ He exclaimed.

‘Are you looking for something or someone?’

‘Nothing.’ He lied and obviously changed her mind about discussing what happened between him and her friend.

‘Matt’s!!’ Kate blurted out and his composure changed for a second.

‘No Kate, just wondering why your husband isn’t out yet.’ He tried to cover up the main reason he came there.

‘Nectar is still at work and he’s aware you are here so don’t go all righteous on me right now Drake.’

‘Good! So i’m still looking into the emails for you, I have some few leads but I just want to be sure first.’ Drake was saying, just then the door flung open.

“Matt’s is that you. Do you need help?” Kate shouted to her when she heard her struggling and making noise at the door. Drake’s face colored up.

‘Katie thanks, I just need to pull this luggage through the door. I’m not sure I want to run this errand for your husband again. When he comes tell him he owes me a spa treat.’

‘Will you come in already.’ Kate shouted out again.

‘You have no idea how heavy this bag is.’ Matt’s said and came in dragging the bag.

She froze at a point when their eyes finally met. She tried to hide either her excitement or displeasure.

Drake on the other hand all along was looking back constantly to set eyes on Matts and now that he has, he wasn’t sure he felt what he wanted to.

Matt’s quickly regained her composure. What they both didn’t know was Kate had already figured out they slept together.

‘Katie, you should have told me you had a visitor so I could stay a little longer at Mom’s.’

‘Uhmmm.’ Kate teased.

‘Drake welcome, enjoy your stay.’ Matt’s said and walked away briskly.

Drake was surprised she spoke to him rather nicely.

Matt’s tried to come out so many times but she decided against it until Drake left.


The next few weeks, Kate decided to call Jane as Nectar kept insisting he needed her around. That same week Drake had explained everything to Kate who promised not to say a word of it to Matt’s.

She was still contemplating on how long she would be able to keep all that from her while dialing Janes number.

‘Grams, when are you coming over again! I miss you.’ Kate said at the other end of the phone.

‘I thought you have all ignored me. Neither your dad nor you call me anymore.’

‘Oh Grams.’

‘That mother of yours has brainwashed you all.’ Grand ma Jane spoke angrily over the phone.

Kate was wondering why she was reacting that way, when she sends her enough money every month, more than she even gives to her mom.

‘Grams, i’m sorry but i’ve been sick lately. The pregnancy has been very difficult for me to handle.’


‘Yes, so why don’t you come over for a few weeks. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind so don’t say no.’

‘Don’t bribe me Kate.’ She laughed.

‘I’m not but i will book your flight and let someone pick you up at the airport.’ Kate offered.

‘Kate that’s not necessary, I will handle that. Besides I don’t want a classy flight or drive home. I prefer my low class life.’

‘Grams you are hurting me with your words. Is there a problem?’ Kate asked confused.

‘No my dear, I’m just stressed lately. See you soon.’ Jane said and hurriedly hanged up.

Kate turned to Nectar with a weird grimace.

‘Nectar that was my Grams, I invited her as you asked me to but she is sounding weird. I have a bad feeling about her visit.’

‘Don’t worry, you would be fine.’ Nectar encouraged.

‘Why do you insist on her coming Nectar?’ Kate asked finally.

‘Come here.’ Nectar carried her from the couch where she was laying earlier and dropped her on the bed gently.

‘Nectar, I know you! If you are up to something, you become all mushy. Now tell me why you want my Grams here or I … ‘ She was about to say when nectar interrupted.

‘You will run off again or beat me up. Why do you always have to be so smart in reading meaning into simple things.’

‘But you are hiding things from me.’ Kate mentioned.

‘I just thought whiles you figure out how to handle your mom at least you should have someone around. Since you have decided not to pursue the search for your sister as I asked, why don’t you let your Grams be here for you. Your Dad obviously isn’t a good choice now.’

‘Okay righteous husband, always trying to fix everything. Thank you but can I have my face back now.’ Kate said and Nectar realizing he was still holding her face in his palms gave her a deep Kiss which she broke off after some few minutes.

‘Goodnight!’ She covered herself up and Nectar got off the bed to check his phone.


‘Matts this food is tasteless.’ Kate blurted out over breakfast a few days after.

Nectar just watched Kate rant out but gave out the don’t stress her out gesture to Matt’s.

But when Kate had no plans of giving up he had to come in before Matt’s would run out of patience.

‘Kate, i’m not sure the food is that bad but then it could be your hormones so now what is this really about. You know you can talk to me.’ Nectar asked still laughing at her funny attitude earlier.

Matts was just staring at her food all this time while Kate rants about the taste trying to get her attention.

‘Nectar your sister is avoiding me for some weird reason.’ She finally confessed.

‘Oh that is the real issue here.’ Nectar asked not surprised. He also noticed Matts has been distant lately.

‘Uhmmm.’ Kate hummed softly for a second.

‘Matts, I think Kate is right so is there a problem. Boys issue? I could be of much help.’ Nectar said in a teasing manner.

‘When you two are done reading my mind, then you can clear the table.’ Matts said and just walked out on them.

Kate looked Nectar in the eyes and they both nodded their heads.


After breakfast Kate decided to talk to her because Nectar told her it was best that way.

‘Matts, can I come in please?’ Kate said knocking faintly on her door.

‘Katie if it’s about earlier, I don’t want to hear it.’ Matts said walking to open the door.

She glanced at her weirdly at the door.

‘Matts, What is it?’ Kate asked once she was ushered in.

‘Katie I thought I just told you I have no problems, stop bothering me.’ Matts said rather harshly.

Kate stood there for a while hoping Matt’s would just give up and talk like she usually does. She got fed up and just walked to the door and paused.

‘Is this about Drake? You don’t know how to tell me about the fact that you are interested in him or he has probably slept with you and dumped you.’ Kate said grabbing Matt’s attention now.

She raised her head slowly and shyly to meet Kate’s gaze and then back to her pillow.

Matts buried her face in the pillow to avoid answering Kate.

‘You know what I don’t really mind, so far as you know what you are getting yourself into that’s fine with me.’ Kate said and Matt’s expression confirmed what she needed to know so she just walked out.


The rest of the day was boring as Kate kept planning on how to help Matt’s while ignoring Nectar. After dinner that evening she decided to go in to her room as she had already spent her whole day on the couch.

When she came in, Nectar was trying to get his internet working. She threw herself on the bed angrily.

‘Hey, easy so you don’t hurt yourself and the babies.’

‘Ouuch, i forgot i’m pregnant.’ She frowned and Nectar knew exactly why.

‘You know whatever it is bothering her, has something to do with a man.’

‘I know it’s Drake but i don’t really mind Nectar. So tell her that for me.’

‘Bribe me first.’ He smiled and poked her nose.

‘What do you need?’ Kate asked with a serious face on.

‘Wait, you are really worried about her?’

‘Of course, i want her to stop sleeping around so if it would take Drake to do that why not.’ Kate muttered.

‘Okay, i would talk to her but i’m sure she’s just worried about breaking one of your girls code.’

‘Girls code?’

‘Yes, i overheard you girls the last time.’

‘Gossip.’ She hit him playfully.

‘Just give her time to open up to you but i would speak to her.’

‘Thank you Gentleman.’ She said and suddenly started rubbing her hands in his hair without even realizing it.

Their gaze met and after a few minutes. Nectar tried to kiss her and she obliged. Things seemed heated among them for a few minutes and Nectar thought that was his reward for agreeing to talk to Matt’s so he planned to make that moment work for them before Kate spoke up.

‘Wait.’ She muttered slowly, pulling her blouse down since Nectar had tried pulling it up earlier.

‘Ahuh!’ He exclaimed staring her in the face.

‘Matt’s might be watching.’


‘Yes, she’s probably behind the door.’

Nectar smiled and glanced at the door for a while.

‘Kate, there’s no one there.’ He pulled her nose.

‘That hurts.’ She threw the pillow by her side at him and he did same.

Soon their earlier mood was back with them both throwing their things around.

‘I l…ove you.’ Nectar muttered looking her in the eyes while Kate shyed away.

He was about to kiss her lips when Kate covered her face with her hands.

‘I’m sorry Nectar.’

She struggled to get out of his grasp still in closed eyes.

‘This won’t happen tonight too right?’ He let her go and located his shirt and pants on the floor.

Nectar grabbed it and was going away when she called.

‘Are you angry right now?’

He turned around angrily but the smile on Kate’s face made him laugh.

‘I know you need time so i’m all good till you are ready.’ He walked closer and kissed her forehead.

Kate smiled and he walked away from her a little.

‘But where are you going?’

He pointed to his waist and laughed. ‘I’m warm so i need a cold shower.’

‘Okay.’ She responded and grabbed her phone by the bedside.

‘Can you work on my internet for me. I’ve been trying all morning.’ He asked smiling.

‘Sure if you stop smiling.’

‘Mmmhhh.’ He hummed and disappeared into the washroom.

She grabbed the phone from the other side of the drawer while Nectar walked away shaking his head.


For close to ten minutes, Nectar was still under the shower and Kate was beginning to feel bad then his phone rang for the fourth time. She didn’t want to distract him the first, second and third time but it seemed the caller had an important information because she kept calling continuously.

‘Nectar, Pearl keeps calling you.’ Kate who paused on getting her husband’s internet up and running said loudly when Nectar quickly rushed out of the shower and snatched the phone form Kate bringing her attention to the image saved with the name.

That single call ruined their whole evening as it wasn’t dark yet.


Nectar had left early the next day to pick up Jane from the airport leaving Kate behind.

Matt’s couldn’t concentrate at home because Kate came down whining about Pearl. She left home earlier than she had planned to leaving Kate to deal with her problems.

She was still in her thoughts about how Kate was left alone at home when her heart skipped.

“Matilda.” A familiar voice called behind. Matts recognizing the voice decided to ignore and walk on to the court room.

‘How dare Drake stalk me at work.’ She muttered quietly and walked quickly thinking she lost him. Matt’s quickly got into her work elevator waiting for the next one to open up.

She was already late for a case so she hurriedly entered into the next elevator and was about to press the next number when he stopped her hands.

She felt the surge running through her veins and his perfume the last time they were together she still recognized.

She managed to raise her head meeting his gaze, as if someone announced silence hour, they both were staring at each other hungrily and lustfully. Matt’s quickly took off her gaze on him.

‘Can we talk Matts?’ He finally spoke up. A lot of crazy ideas were running through Drake’s mind at that juncture but he needs to respect the lady standing before him.

She tried to look up at him but she knew better not to.

‘Matts I asked a question. Can we talk somewhere because you have been avoiding me since our last meeting.’

She felt like slapping him in the face and at the same time just kissing him.

‘You changed your line too or you just decided to turn it off because you probably knew I would be calling you.’ Drake asked trying to hide the fact that if he had the opportunity he would just sleep with her again.

Matts finally mastered courage and spoke up.

‘I have a meeting, just let me go.’ She said with a shaky voice and with lots of emotions, though she didn’t want him to go. Somehow matts knew Drake had a good heart, he might want to fall in love with her rather than brooding over Katie.

‘Matilda I’m sorry for my behavior the last time, probably I misread our agreement.’ Drake said without any remorse at all.

‘Drake that’s fine, I’m over it already. Now can I go? I have an important case to win and it looks like that’s the only thing I have left not to lose.’ Matts said sadly.

‘Am i forgiven?’ Drake asked.

She eyed him. ‘I keep losing friendships and love these days but what’s the big deal anyway since we are both adults and consented to what happened. I enjoyed it, if you haven’t, that’s your own loss Drake.’

Just then the door to the elevator opened and the security interrupted. Matts grabbed that opportunity to walk away without looking back hence leaving Drake to find his way out.


‘Grams welcome.’ Kate rushed to hug her granny who just came in with Nectar.

‘You look bloated already, what has your husband been feeding you with.’ Jane asked her granddaughter.

They both laughed and Nectar tried to smile when Kate gave him a frown. His smile disappeared immediately.

‘Let me show you to your room.’ Kate walked Jane to her room. They spoke for a while and Kate realized all her doubts earlier has been cleared.

‘Thank you my dear.’ Jane replied with a smile.

‘Grams if you need anything let myself or Nectar know but for the meantime, get ready we will be going out soon.’

Jane gave her a high five and she walked out only to meet Nectar waiting for her standing.

‘Is she comfortable?’ Nectar asked his wife descending from the stairs.

‘Why don’t you ask her that yourself? She can speak for herself.’ Kate said and retracted back to their bedroom.

Nectar followed and saw her dressing up.

‘Kate, is this about last night? I can explain.’ Nectar said confusedly.

‘I’ m glad you know something happened last night. And that explanation better be good enough or I will pull this house down.’ Kate tried to lower her voice not to draw her granny’s attention.

‘Kate, stop over reacting! It was just a friendly call.’ Nectar tried to defend.

Really, a friendly call and you could rush out of the shower unclad to just talk to her. A bar attendant for that matter. That’s the most annoying part about this whole issue.’

‘Huh!’ Nectar was surprised she knew Pearl.

‘You think I wouldn’t recognize her from the day we met at the bar. I do Nectar and i may have a messed up mind but I do have a photographic memory.’ Kate hissed.

‘Kate don’t blow this up already, I knew this girl before I met you that day in the bar.’ Nectar managed to say.

‘So why is she calling you at ungodly times. You think I don’t know you wake up when you think I was asleep just to whisper into the night.’

‘Oh come on Kate.’

‘I see and hear it all but I just decided not to react, but your action from the shower last night gave me the impression you are hiding something from me. Don’t let me find out Nectar.’

Nectar just stood there staring in to space.

‘And where are you going to dressed like that?’ Nectar suddenly found his voice to ask Kate who was putting on an oversized blouse.

She hissed. ‘I’m dressed this way because you haven’t noticed my dresses are way too tight these days and I’m taking my granny out for a treat.’ Kate said rather smiling.

‘You are going out with Mummy Jane? Wait for me, i’m coming too.’ Nectar said rushing to get changed.

‘You are coming nowhere Nectar. I thought you brought my Granny so I could have some alone time with her, why are you interrupting now?’ Kate asked knowing very well she just wanted to taunt the poor guy over yesterday’s misunderstanding.

The truth is she doesn’t want to think about Pearl in the picture. She would give him the benefit of the doubt. Jumping into conclusions might just put another strain on her marriage.

Kate thought for a while and walked pass Nectar. She went downstairs to where Mummy Jane was waiting.

She waved Nectar who followed her downstairs with a smile, which confused him the most.


Matts came out of the court room, so pissed off to the extent she was walking into her colleague’s office instead of hers.

‘Matilda you will win the other one. To be honest you were off your game today. That was unlike you.’ Matilda’s colleague announced when Matts mistakenly walked into her office.

‘Let me get going. I will throw an appeal next week.’ Matts told her colleague and went off to her office.

‘You did well in there today.’ Drake said when Matts opened her office door.

‘Drake you startled me,’ She practically had a heart ache seeing him.

‘Come on, you should always close your office door because someone might just steal your precious stuff in here.’ Drake said pointing to one of Matt’s awards she won as the best lawyer in her firm.

“Get your hands off that.” Matts flared up.

‘Take it easy Matilda.’ Drake said smiling annoyingly.

Surprisingly Matts saw herself calming down, she wondered how long she could hold her breath.

‘You look pretty when you are angry.’ Drake managed to say after several minutes of weird silent between them.

‘Don’t flatter me Drake, I’m that same loose girl you embarrassed.’ Matts couldn’t help keeping calm anymore but just had to rub it in.

‘Okay Matts, I can’t exactly say I understand what strange feelings you have for me but I’m really sorry I treated you that way.’ Drake managed his emotions without remorse.

‘Drake you think I’m stupid not to read how you really feel. I maybe a spoilt brat but don’t make me feel more stupid. Now get out before I throw you out.’ Matts said not so sure she wanted him out.

‘Matts it hasn’t come to that besides I’m apologizing here. Can you relax and hear me out please.’ Drake said looking Matts in the eye now.

‘uhm….’ She was saying and paused with her focus elsewhere.

‘Please look at me Matt’s.’ Drake said raising her head up which was down all along probably because of the weirdness between them.

‘What for?’ She finally asked.

‘Matts, I can’t do this.’ Drake finally said choosing his words carefully.

‘You can’t do what?’ Matts asked softly though she knew what he was talking about.

‘I mean whatever you feel for me, I can’t reciprocate that. I might just use you over again.’ Drake said watching her sternly.

‘Okay, is this still about your Katie.’ Matts asked hoping for an answer she doesn’t already know.

‘No, I understand Katie is already taken and holding on to her would just do me a lot harm than good.’ Drake said feigning a smile.

‘Thanks for being honest at least, but can you please get out of here now. I have lots of work to do.’ Matts said barely getting it together.

‘Alright but can we be friends, I would really love to meet you over a drink anytime you want to.’ Drake said almost standing up.

‘That won’t happen Drake, just get going so I focus.’ Matts said hiding her tears.

Drake walked out, paused for a while and looked back at Matts who was near to tears and left.


‘Nectar we are on our way back home already, so can you relax! It’s just my Grams and I.’ Kate said over the phone and Jane feigned a smile.

“Why is your husband so over protective?” Jane asked her Granddaughter when she hanged up.

‘Grams, I guess he is doing what my Dad has never done for me.’ Kate said trying not to break down at the thought of a father’s love.

Jane just smiled and taped her on the shoulder which almost threw Kate off the steering but she was quick to get her balance in check.

‘Grams what was that, we nearly hit that gentleman.’ Kate said looking on the road.

‘Sorry dear, I was just carried away by what you said.’ Jane said with a smile.

Kate shook her head though she knew that was no ordinary mistake. She drove on in silence.

To be continued



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