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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 28

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No More Room For Love Episode 28

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Kate and Nectar seemed to have resolved all their issues. Though Nectar wished she could respond back when he tells her he loves her, he was also aware she needed time.

He drives her to work and Matt’s picks her up. Kate seemed to be enjoying herself with the pampering.

Before she left that morning to work, she hanged up on her mom several times when she called on Nectar’s phone.

They nearly fought over that and she drove to work angry while trying to avoid Nectar’s call all day.

Kate was still staring at her ringing phone on her table when her office door opened.

‘Miss Santa.’ Stacy called.

Kate flared up. “Stacy I told you just yesterday I’m married now. You still call me by that name again and you are fired.”

‘Emmm, i’m sorry.’

”Now what is that important thing you rushed all the way here instead of just buzzing me.’ Kate asked in a rather unfriendly tone.

“Your mom is at the reception.” Stacy managed to say.

“Tell her I’m not around.’ Kate said.

‘Mrs. Glover I did but she wouldn’t leave.’ Stacy replied with fear.

Kate looked up at her thinking she had left when there was silence.

‘What are you still standing there for; ask the securities to handle that.’ Kate said without a smile and Stacy rushed out crying.

She couldn’t even relay the information to the securities but quickly rushed out. Catherine on the other hand got tired and left.


‘Can we proceed now! I have changed my mind mom. I think tomorrow morning is the perfect time to hit as she will be going for antenatal.’ Stacy called her mom up after that small argument earlier with Kate.

‘Are you sure, she will be there this time around?’ Mom trust me.

‘I handle the b****’s schedule.’ Stacy replied.

“What changed your mind my dear”. Stacy’s mom asked.

‘She just made me look incompetent for the first time.’

‘She’s really a b****.’ Her mom muttered over the phone.

‘But please, don’t let her suffer too much. I do care about her final breathe. I just wish we don’t have to carry on with this.’ Stacy said regretting whatever she had planned for Kate.


‘Hello Mr. Glover,’ the deep voice from the other side of the phone mentioned with respect.

‘I’m listening.’

‘Sir I followed her as you asked! She is the one as you suspected, but there is no connection with you from the past. But there is something else you need to know.’ The detective mentioned to Nectar.

‘Yes detective!’ Nectar replied to announce his attention to the caller.

‘But Mr Glover, there is something else,’ the detective said again forgetting he had said that earlier.

‘What is it? Talk already.’ Nectar asked in a hurry because he just opened the door for his mother in law.

‘I thought you said Kate’s grand mom doesn’t stay in George town but I saw her during one of my stalking times.’ The detective said in a shocking manner.

‘Lets talk about this later, I have a guest, Nectar hanged up quickly to avoid his mother in law who came in earlier during the call to suspect anything at the mention of Jane.

Kate left her office earlier due to her mind struggling to accept many things. Besides she needed to talk to Nectar about the their argument in the morning. She walked into her house and met her mom happily chatting with Nectar.

Kate walked briskly and passed by rudely. Knowing very well all eyes were on her.

‘Kate don’t pretend you didn’t notice your mom sitting right here on your favorite couch.’ Nectar cautioned.

“So?” Kate asked rudely.

‘Don’t start another drama young woman.’ Nectar tried to put Kate in her place. He has been doing that a lot lately.

‘Sorry.’ She said and walked a step forward.

‘Please get back here and greet your mom. Whatever feud it is, you sort it out before you step upstairs.’ Nectar said.

‘Nectar that is not necessary, I just don’t want to face her now.’ Kate said shying away from her mom.

‘But she is here and can hear you so you must as well start the toughing up now.’ Nectar said reminding Kate of their other night talk.

Kate stood there indecisive for a few moments and walked closer. “Good afternoon, Catherine.” Kate said without a smile.

Her mom nodded and Nectar dragged her to sit beside him.

For what looks like no one was ready to talk, Nectar interrupted.

‘You ladies really need to drop your ego. It doesn’t look like any of you here was right.’ Nectar had to set the ball rolling.

He gestured Catherine to talk when Kate coiled herself back on the couch.

‘Kate I’m sorry but you should know I would do more than that over again until you come to your senses when choosing your men. Your stubbornness breaks my heart every second, and I just had to do something so you don’t waste your life.’ Catherine said without remorse.

‘Gosh, this woman i……’ Nectar quickly covered her mouth and she rolled her eyes.

Catherine found it funny so she smiled and continued.

‘Now I don’t have to do all that because you have finally found that special man and so far I like what I see here. Your submissiveness that is all I ever wanted.’

‘Nectar, i have to go.’ Kate said interrupting her mom.


‘I don’t feel well.’ She said honestly but Nectar thought she was acting up again.

‘We talked about this Kate.’ He whispered and Catherine kept looking at them.

‘Okay, i’m doing this for you and not her.’ Kate stressed.

‘Good.’ He sighed.

‘Thank you Kate but trust me you would have had a tough one with each one of those men. I know what I did was wrong but paying them off and they gladly accepted, wass enough to tell me, they never loved you.’

‘So?’ Kate hissed silently.

‘I’ve carried that entire burden with your dad rubbing it in my face all the time when he wants something from me. Your silence right now is enough punishment for me and I’m sorry, can we start all over.’ Catherine said and paused.

There was a long silence suddenly and everyone was looking weirdly at each other.

Kate was deep in thoughts; she wasn’t touched by what her mom said at all.

Just then, Nectar whispered in her ears. “Say something, and then you can think about it later.” Nectar advised.

‘Okay Catherine, I will think about it. So you can go now because i have to rest.’ Kate said and watched her mom raise herself up sadly. Catherine was about to walk out when Kate stopped her.

‘Wait Catherine do you have any other secrets you think I should know about.’ Kate said avoiding her mom’s gaze while she was almost out of the door.

‘No baby, that is all!’ Catherine said almost choking on the rest of her words.

“For your sake I just hope so.” Kate cautioned her mom. Catherine walked out and for a moment her daughter thought she saw her wiping her eyes.

‘Kate hold on let me drop her home. She came with a cab.’ Nectar said.

‘Just give her some money she will find her way.’ Kate said still with anger.

Nectar shook his head. Kissed her bump and rushed out after Catherine.

Kate hissed and went straight to her room.


Kate couldn’t rest as she was still feeling unwell. She tossed on the bed and the thoughts of her mom was making matters worse. She picked up her phone and dialed her assistant’s number. She answered on the first beep.

‘Stacy you were not answering your call earlier. And you left the office without my knowledge, why is that?’ Kate asked her assistant in a rather worried tone.

‘Sorry Miss, I mean Mrs Glover, I had an emergency at home. Do you need me for anything?’ Stacy asked.

‘That’s fine Stacy, I just wanted us to talk about this morning.  Sorry I lashed out on you. I had some personal problems and I took it out on you, forgive me!’ Kate pleaded with emotions in her voice.

‘Emmmm Mrs……’ Stacy was surprised her boss was apologising to her.

‘You know what take the rest of the week off and sort out that issue bothering you, you can return back to work when you are fine.’ Kate offered.

‘Mrs Glover, i’m fine so I can come to work, that’s not a problem.’ Stacy wanted to refuse for reasons known to her.

‘No Stacy, you have worked your whole life with me without an appreciation from me. Take it as an order from your boss. And I will send you some money once I finish with you here.’ Kate tried to be bossy.

‘Miss can I ask a question.’

‘Go ahead Stacy.’ Kate instantly replied to Stacy’s request.  She couldn’t fathom why she’s so attached to that girl. Her investigations on her still was in the dark.

‘Why are you so good to me, I mean all I do is plan your schedules, fetch your coffee and you still pay me more than an ordinary PA should earn.’

‘What’s the question here Stacy?’

‘I know I don’t deserve it but why do you treat me different from the other workers.’ Stacy asked.

‘Well Stacy let’s just take it as I took a liking to you during that interview and I did some digging on you.’

‘And?’ Stacy’s heart skipped.

‘Stacy you just happen to be quite naive and sincere. That’s all.’ Kate finally paused and sighed.

‘But Miss hope whatever you found out is nothing bad.’ Stacy asked with an already heavy beating heart.

‘Stacy, that’s a story for another day. My husband is in now let me attend to him.’ Kate announced Nectar’s presence.

“Nice talking to you Mrs Glover”.

Stacy said and Kate hanged up while turning to Nectar who didn’t hesitate to draw her into his arms for a few minutes before releasing her.

‘How was she when you left?’ Kate managed to ask Nectar when he pulled a chair beside her in the dinning.

‘Stressed out Kate.’ Nectar replied sounding he was displeased with Kate’s actions earlier.

‘What else Nectar?’

“I’m hungry”, Nectar suddenly said to avoid the topic at hand.

‘Did you just ditch the topic at hand?’ Kate asked nectar.

‘Seriously I’m hungry.’ Nectar said again with a raised brows.

‘Okay, fine.’ Kate replied harshly! She hates it when things are not going her way.

They both went into the Kitchen so Nectar could help her fix his meal. Though Kate was giving him attitude in the Kitchen he finally got his meal while she left him and went upstairs.


An hour later, Kate came back to the dinning. ‘You are still not done eating, so we discuss what my mom told you?’ Kate sounded concerned.

‘Kate, what makes you think your mom told me anything.’ Nectar asked.

‘Nectar, you came in looking so funny and withdrawn as if I contracted some disease.’ Kate said.

‘Really Kate, you are so funny, you know that! Why do you always have to read meaning into my expressions all the time?’ Nectar asked.

‘Because you are unpredictable.’

‘This time around you are wrong my dear. Your mom on the other hand didn’t utter a word until we got home.’ Nectar said with pretense.

‘I don’t believe you Nectar but that’s fine, don’t let me find out.’ Kate stressed.

Nectar just managed a smile and shook his head while Kate retracted her steps upstairs.

To be continued

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