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No More Room For Love – Episode 27

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No More Room For Love Episode 27

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‘Are you just going to stare at me, at least get me something to eat Drake.’ Kate asked Drake who was standing in one corner watching her since she came in.

He regained his composure. ‘I would get you something just wait here.’ Drake finally found his voice and told Kate who just changed her position from sitting to lying on the couch.

She smiled and heaved a sigh of relief.

Drake looked back at her then brought out his phone while rushing into his kitchen. He contemplated on calling Matt’s but finally did.

‘Hello Matts, Sorry for bothering you by this time.’ Drake said on the other side of the phone to Matts when he excused himself earlier from Kate.

‘That’s okay, i was going to call you earlier in the morning myself.’ Matt’s revealed.

‘Look I don’t want trouble, come for your sister in law because I don’t know what kind of trouble she’s in but she is tempting me already.’ Drake said with worry.

‘Katie?’ Matt’s asked surprised.

‘Yes, she’s on my couch.’

‘Drake, thank you for informing me, I would come over to pick her up.’ Matts said still on the call.

‘Wait, tell me what her problem is because if she came here probably she wants me to advise her.’ Drake said.

After Matts narrated everything to Drake, he only sighed and offered to drive her over to the house. He served her with rice and vegetables while he went upstairs to get himself changed.

When he came back, she was whispering quietly to herself unawares.

‘Hey, do you need anything else?’ Drake asked Kate who had finished eating and went back to her lying position.

‘I’m okay. Thanks.’

Drake walked closer and sat down.

‘You haven’t told me anything and I don’t want to end up in jail for harboring a pregnant married woman. So talk to me.’

‘Why?’ She frowned.

‘You definitely came here because you know I can help. Should I call someone for you please?’ He asked scratching his jaw.

‘No don’t, and if you don’t want me here, I can go.’ Kate said instantly standing up.

‘Look Kate, i’m not asking you to leave, but you are married. How would you feel if Nectar had left home without a call over an argument? At least call the poor dude. He must be worried sick by now.’

‘Nectar?’ She murmured.

‘You know I love you, but whatever reason you came here for I cant do that.’ Drake said with calmness.

Kate found herself smiling now.

‘Chill Drake, I didn’t come here for you to sleep with me, I just wanted a place to cool down.’ Kate said.

‘That’s fine, but whatever it is, you need to go home to your husband. If I were in his shoes, I would be so worried by now. So please let me drive you home.’

‘I don’t want to go back now.’ She crossed her arms like a small girl.

‘Do this for me, I think whatever love I have for you I want to kill that now.’ Drake advised with emotions.

His statement struck Kate so hard and she wondered why he was reacting that way because most men would have taken her situation as their golden opportunity but there he was trying to get her back to her husband. Kate kept thinking for a while.

Her husband quickly flashed her mind and she immediately felt sorry for her actions earlier. Kate admitted to herself Nectar has been helpful the past few weeks and she was beginning to like him especially the sad look on his face when she told him not to stop her.

She smiled again with the thought of admitting she liked him now.

‘Kate are you with me.’ Drake tapped Kate on her shoulder.

‘Yes i’m here, we can go now. I think you are right and thank you so much.’ Kate finally came to her senses.

The drive back to her house with Drake behind the steering was very silent.

‘Drake i’m sorry, if I can’t love you back. I hope you understand but thank you for not taking advantage of me.’

‘Don’t worry Kate, its fine. I didn’t do this for you. I did it for Matts.’ Drake said without even knowing it.

‘Oh really! What’s that about?’ Kate asked smiling.

‘Nothing, she just threatened me not to touch you because she could throw me in jail.’ Drake said.

‘That’s not the Matts I know and it doesn’t sound like her but all the same, I hope we can still be friends somehow.’ Kate asked and Drake just nodded and drove on in silence again until they got to her house.

‘You want me to go in there with you Kate.’ Drake asked when she dropped Kate in front of her house.

‘No I think I just have to do this by myself.’ Kate said wisely.

‘Okay all the best, just apologize to your husband and don’t run your mouth wild. You are at fault here you know.’ Drake advised.

‘Yeah, i would be quiet Drake.’

‘Okay go on, I will wait here till you close the door behind you.’ Drake said and Kate gave him a smile.

She hesitated a while before opening the door.

‘Where do you think you are coming from by this time?’ Nectar sprung up from his sitting position towards Kate who was still hanging on to the door she came through earlier.

Nectar allow her settle down first.’ Matts said from where she stood since Drake texted they were on their way.

‘Matilda stay out of this because this friend of yours need to learn to give me some respect as her husband.’ Nectar said with anger.

Matt’s just smiled because she felt her earlier advise has worked.

‘I’m…….’ Kate tried to say and kept quiet.

‘Now I’m asking you for the last time, tell me where you went. You want me to be hard on you in this house right?’

She shook her head and Nectar wasn’t paying attention.

‘I have tried the softness, what haven’t I done but you can’t just think for yourself.’ Nectar said with anger. ‘What if something had happened to you and my children out there.’ Nectar asked this time moving towards Kate’s direction.

‘Please don’t hit me,’ Kate said covering her head with her hands, when Nectar wasn’t even close yet. ‘And i’m sorry, I left to Drake’s thinking I could just calm down before getting home. Please I know it’s wrong but i’m home now.’ Kate said almost in tears.

‘You see why your Mom had to intervene in every aspect of your life. You cant take care of yourself and she had to do that for you all the time.’

Kate frowned at the mention of her mom and Nectar noticed.

‘This should be your last time running off as if your ass is on fire.’

Matt’s frowned as she felt he was overreacting now. ‘Saint.’ She called softly and got ignored.

‘What happened to this house that you couldn’t calm down here and you run off to another man’s house when you knew his history with you. Kate, you are messed up, get yourself together then we can continue this marriage.’

Just then Matts interrupted again. ‘Saint that’s enough, let her be. You are the one ranting now, cant you see she is just quiet and apologizing with her whole being. Give her a break.’

‘I told you to stay out of it.’ Her brother looked back at her.

‘Katie come here,’ Matts offered dragging her from where she stood.

‘Matts stop pampering her because that’s what is getting into her head.’ Nectar said following them towards Matts bedroom.

‘I won’t let you keep disrespecting her either.’ Matt’s paused at a point and heard a heavy sigh from her brother.

‘If you enter that room, don’t bother coming back to your matrimonial bed because we are not done here yet.’ Nectar said when they got to the door.

Kate tried to retract her steps but Matts pushed her in, leaving Nectar out there.

He hit his leg on the door and went upstairs.


‘Here, you must be thirsty now!’ Matts said handing the glass of water to Kate who seem to be worried. ‘Katie, you know you were wrong.’ Matts said further!

‘But Matts nothing happened.’ Kate tried to clarify.

‘Katie, I know because I spoke with Drake but that hasn’t changed the fact that you were still wrong, you can’t keep running off all the time when an issue pops up.’

‘Okay, but what do i do now.’ Kate asked weakly.

‘For now relax and talk to Nectar tomorrow or maybe you can just go in there once he is asleep.’ Matts advised.

‘I think I will go in there when he has gone to bed.’

‘Okay but how do you plan to handle your mom? I need to know because Mandy can decide to take legal action against her. She is the reason he went to jail in the first place over false witnesses and evidence.’ Matts narrated using legal terms.

‘Look, whatever punishment she deserves, make it double.’

‘Huh!’ Matt’s exclaimed.

‘Yes, I don’t care anymore because she has caused me enough pain already. Her betrayal is more than been cheated on.’ Kate said sadly.

‘Katie that’s your Mom, she had genuine reasons for what she did to every man that came your way but she went about it wrongly.’ Matts advised.

‘So I should jump to her rescue again? Not this time Matts. Among all those men, do you want to tell me none of them were innocent? At least there should be one, who genuinely loved me and my mom just had to brainwash them all.’ Kate analyzed.

‘Maybe Andy, because so far he had no red flags as to whatever game the rest were playing with you.’ Matts said trying to make Kate see the bigger picture.

‘Yeah right.’ Katie muttered.

‘Catherine keeps calling, worried about you. Here she has left a lot of messages.’ Matts handed over Kate’s phone.

Kate hesitated before taking her phone, then she turned it off.

‘Thank you Matts, I will see you tomorrow.’

‘But i thought you would sleep here.’ Matt’s said tapping her side of the bed.

‘Let me try and talk to Nectar. Goodnight.’ Kate said and headed back to her room. She seemed to know what was right for her at that moment.

Matt’s smiled and seemed impressed.

Kate opened the door gently when she got upstairs and entered trying not to disturb her sleeping husband. She tiptoed to the washroom for a while then to her bedside. She was about to cover herself when Nectar spoke up.

‘When you are done sneaking around you can turn off the lights.’ Nectar said and she froze upon hearing his voice. There was silence after a while, then Kate spoke up.

‘I know I was wrong and i won’t try to justify what I did but I promise it wont happen again. Besides what do you expect me to do when everyone else in my life seems to be fake. I wont be surprised if my Personal assistant wakes up the next day and tells me he slept with my husband or my father.’

‘There you go again Kate.’

‘Nectar everything around me is just going the wrong way. Betrayals and secrets everywhere, I don’t know who to trust.’ Kate said crying now.

‘Come here.’ Nectar pulled her into his arms instantly. ‘You can trust me, Matts is there too. What else do you need?’ Nectar consoled.

‘I want the secrets to end; I want a normal life Nectar. God knows what else my parents are hiding from me and I can’t take another blow because it will destroy me.’ Kate said with emotions.

‘Then you have to prepare for it because life is such that you can’t always get it right. You need to understand that so you can move on.’ Nectar still had his hands all over Kate.

‘What are you saying?’ She asked wiping her face dry.

‘Nobody will do the moving on for you; you have to teach yourself how to be tough when troubles come your way. Your mom pampered you too much and that has clouded your actions but learn not to depend on others too much.’ Nectar paused while caressing her face.

Kate looked up and tried not to smile. She felt so comfortable in his arms.

‘Thank you.’ Kate sniffed. But does this mean you forgive me.’

Kate said and Nectar replied frowning. “No.”

‘You said some mean things out there this evening and I have forgiven you so you should forgive me or I take my forgiveness back.’ Kate said trying to make a joke. They kept talking till she drifted to sleep.

Nectar laid her back and watched her sleep for a while. He grabbed his phone and placed a call out to one of his contacts.

‘How is the investigation going, I need answers because this is taking too long and you know it.’

As if he didn’t like the answer he got, Nectar hanged up quickly when Kate rolled over to his sleeping space hence covering the whole bed. He smiled, kissed her forehead and then took over the couch.

To be continued

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