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No More Room For Love – Episode 20

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No More Room For Love Episode 20

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Kate didn’t see Matt’s until morning but her mom was around throughout.

‘Mom have you heard anything yet about Nectar.’

‘I heard he is out of danger.’

Kate flung a sigh of relief.

‘Thank you mom.’ She muttered with a slight grin.

‘And i’m glad to know you are worried about him for once.’

Mom please, I have a headache don’t start please.’ Mother and daughter kept talking.

‘How is my favorite patient doing today?’ Doctor Sylvester peeped in interrupting them.

‘I think I will be fine once I get to know my children are fine.’

‘That’s good. Will send someone in to get some test done. If everything is okay, you can go home today.’

‘That means, I don’t need the procedure you talked about right?’ Kate asked with much concern.

‘Yeah, probably!’ Doctor Sylvester smiled and Kate saw his dimple for the first time.

Sylvester shook his head with a smile appearing on his face while he walked out.

‘Mom has Matts arrived yet?’ Kate asked when the Doctor left.

‘No i haven’t seen her yet my dear.’ Catherine replied.

Kate did some few tests later and also heard Nectar was feeling better already and they were just waiting for him to wake up from his sleep.

After a day and a half, they discharged her and her mom took her home. She got home and learnt he woke up after two more days. Kate just said a silent prayer. Whatever that means, she wasn’t sure.

Catherine realized her daughter wasn’t so eager to go and see Nectar. Kate was of the opinion that she has her own health to take care of and besides she wasn’t sure what to tell Nectar when she meets him.

She was lying on the couch with her mind hovering around.

‘Mom! I can do that myself.’

‘Don’t stress yourself.’ Her mom said trying to serve her lunch. Your husband said I should take good care of you.’

‘When did he say that?’ Kate retorted!

‘I visited him today.’

‘Okay, I want to get some rest mom.’ Kate has been avoiding the topic for five good days when Nectar was still at the hospital receiving treatment.

‘Kate, you haven’t asked how he is doing.’

‘Mom you just said that yourself, when you said he asked of me.’

‘So?’ Her mom cautioned with her eyes.

‘It means he is better mom.’ Kate explained and wondered where Matt’s went to.

‘You are insensitive. Just treat him with care when he gets home.’

‘Okay, can I sleep now?’ She said sarcastically.

Kate was sleeping on the couch after her mom fed her with vegetables, when the door opened.

‘How did they drive in and I didn’t hear a thing?’ She said quietly and quickly tried standing up to adjust herself.

No one bothered to tell her he was coming home. She gave her mom an accusing face and greeted Nectar’s parents standing in the middle of the room. They probably ignored because Kate didn’t hear a word from them.

She tried to look in Nectar’s direction but she couldn’t. Kate smelt his perfume a few inches away from where she stood and knew he was closer.

‘Dad you and mom can leave.’ He smiled without looking in Kate’s direction.

‘But you need so…..’

‘You two don’t need to stay. Already Matilda is suffocating me in this house, if I need anything, I will call.’ Nectar said finally looking in her direction and his smile disappeared.

Kate was standing in one corner looking straight ahead, stealing glances at the drama unfolding in their house. Looks as if they were ignoring her presence on purpose. His mum finally asked how she was doing.

Then Matts came in with some few things from outside. With all their noises, they finally left. Soon after Catherine left and Kate felt lonely.

Matts was upstairs with nectar when she entered. Kate was really feeling guilty as if she was the one who poisoned him. She couldn’t look him in their eyes so she went to sit on the couch with her hands supporting her jaws trying hard not to pay attention.

She could see from one corner of her eyes, whiles Nectar continued giving his sister the what’s going on look and Matts kept trying not to pay attention to her presence.

Kate finally gave up because the one person she could talk to in the whole house is ignoring her now.

‘Matts can I talk to you,’ She finally asked relunctantly.

She looked up at her with a frown. ‘If it is about your ex-boyfriend again, then i’m not ready to hear that.’ Matts responded.

Nectar glared at Kate and sent his eyes back to what he was doing earlier.

‘Matts.” She called again.

‘As you can see, i’m busy. Someone needs to take care of your husband so he doesn’t end up under the knife on the theatre table again.

Kate flared up without a reason because Matt’s was behaving as if she was still a child.

‘Really and what is that supposed to mean? Did I poison him and then waste my time worrying about him to the extent of nearly losing my children? Who does that?’

Matt’s hissed. ‘I don’t want to talk to you.’

‘Fine. If you are done, you can get out of my room. I have things to do.’ Kate said and walked out while banging the door so hard.

She held on to the pillar outside for a while.

‘How did I get that strength?’ She questioned herself. Kate knew Matts was just trying to avoid the topic.

Kate went back to the couch and didn’t even know when she dozed off but woke up due to her tommy making noise.

She got something fixed up from the kitchen and went back to her room, hoping Nectar would be asleep. Thankfully he found him asleep. She sighed a silent, ‘Thank Goodness.’

She was about fixing her pajamas while sitting on the edge of the bed when she caught his gaze on her. Covering herself with the duvet quickly, Kate felt that action shyed him a little and he turned to the other side of the bed.

Kate quickly rushed the PaJamas over her legs and the shirt over her head, and then lied down facing his back. As if he knew she was facing that side, he quickly turned before she could switch back. She was about to when he managed to say “DON’T”.


“Huh,” she replied.

‘I know you are tired or probably not in the mood, but I owe you a thank you. You could have just left me here to die considering the fact that I married you when you don’t want to but you took care of me.’ he paused and sighed ‘I hope to repay that gesture someday. Are the babies fine?’ Nectar said with all sincerity.

Kate realized she was getting emotional so she quickly pushed herself away facing the other end. But only her heart knew she so much wanted to say something but sleep suddenly took over.

Nectar turned away and switch off the lights.


For five days Matts has been avoiding her and Nectar hardly talked. Kate couldn’t figure out what Matt’s doesn’t want her to find out.

In and out of the hospital, Nectar was recovering faster than she thought. And Kate was also glad she doesn’t need an operation anymore.

She had to hand over her work to Stacy and increase her income plus some holiday treat once she resumed because she felt when she put to bed she has to handle a lot. Kate was thinking to herself so loud.

You may think Kate was running mad since everyone practically ignores her.

She was walking pass siblings over dinner and hissed ‘they should marry each other and leave her alone.’ Kate knew there was no way they would hear what she said from afar.

As she was about to climb the stairs, she realized Nectar whispered to his sister. ‘Won’t you join us?’ Matts asked relunctantly.

Kate paused in her track because she was already tired of the feud between them.

‘I thought it’s a family affair.’ Kate said rather loudly.

She knew it wasn’t funny, but both brother and sister smiled.

‘Can we have that talk afterwards?’ Kate quickly replied before Matt’s could change her mind.

Kate waited for them to finish their meal before she dragged Matt’s along into her room.

After a minute or two of silence Matt’s smiled. ‘Katie i’m sorry for the last few days.’

‘That’s fine, i’m sure I also have a lot to apologize for so let’s talk about that later.’

‘I don’t know what secrets Mandy talked to you about.’

‘It has something to do with my Dad,’ Kate quickly said.

‘Emmm okay. I know your Dad visited county a few times and I have no idea what he does there.’

‘You have no idea or you won’t tell me.’ Kate asked curiously.

‘Read my lips Katie.’ She raised her hands to her upper lips. ‘I didn’t want to get involved in your dad’s mess.’

‘Okay, is that all?’ Kate said in a shocking tone.

‘Yes!’ Matts replied sincerely.

Kate studied her face for a while and realized she wasn’t lying.

‘Where have you been lately?’ Kate further asked.

‘Was investigating how nectar consumed that poison.’

‘Did you find anything?’

‘Not yet Kate!’

‘Keep me updated then.’

‘Oh really, I didn’t know you would be interested,’ Matts muttered surprised.

‘Why would you even think that Matts?’

‘Because it’s you Kate, you always have some silly ideas.’

‘I’m trying here, you know!’

‘Trying? I don’t see that.’ Matt’s responded.

‘At least I’ve softened up to Nectar or you haven’t noticed.’

‘Assume your wifely duties and I will believe you,’ Matts said with Kate grinning with that look of it will take time.

‘Emmm… i’m not s…..

‘Katie,’ Matt’s called out cutting her off while startling her.

‘I’m listening Matt’s.’

‘Who recommended Stacy to you,’ Matt’s asked with a look Kate wasn’t able to read.

‘Why did you ask Matts, is there a problem?’

‘No Katie, I was just wondering what happened to the last one.’

‘She quit.’

‘Okay, thanks but you need to eat so i would leave you now.’ Matt’s whispered. Kate glanced at her smiling.

They were sitting on her bed and Kate was hoping to hear something she haven’t heard yet but was disappointed. She stood up and held on to the bed then stopped in her track while on her way out.

‘Matt’s i can feel your gaze on me. What is it?’

‘I don’t know if you should know but Mandy might be innocent of the murder charge.’

‘Ho…..’ She was about to ask when Matt’s interrupted.

‘Please don’t ask how? Because I don’t have answers yet. Whoever let him out might have found some new evidence.’

“Which is?” Kate asked obviously nervous.

“Katie, I don’t know.”

‘What exactly do you know because i’m tired of you telling me you have no idea.’

‘What I know is, he is out there and i’m here with you.’ Matts said sarcastically.

‘Do you love Mandy?’ Kate found herself asking Matts hysterically.

“Seriously, Katie! You shouldn’t be asking that, because he disgusts me.”

‘Goodnight then.’ Kate said and walked out wondering where Nectar has gone to by that time of the night. ‘We really need to talk,’ Kate kept playing that in her head when she went out of the room.


Kate finally resumed work after a whole two weeks. Everything just seemed out of place in her life right. She found solace in Stacy, who was staring at her with a weird look she had never seen before.

“Kate you are not about making her problems yours! You have enough already.” She rubuked her mind.

The previous weeks were hectic from one tension to another at home and the worse of it was Drake kept bothering her with messages and she was fed up with their friendship.

Though she felt the void of Drake not in her life anymore she couldn’t but feel weird about. Even Anthon and James couldn’t advise Drake out of his persistent to be with her.

She made herself busy with some paper works when her phone rang. She picked it up without checking the caller.

“I just want to hear your voice.” His deep masculine tone melted her anger. He always sounds polite when he needs to have his way with something he knew Kate would be against.

Kate wanted to hang up but she always loved the way he goes about talking to her on phone.

‘What are you doing?’ She quickly asked herself. ‘It’s not as if I still love him.’ She tried convincing her mind while so quiet on the call.

Kate decided to hang up when her thoughts strayed to Nectar. Mandela called several times which she didn’t answer. Then a message came in.

Jerry’s bar. Six pm. I will really love to see you.

If you need explanations, please come alone.

Bradley, sorry Mandela.

She kept staring at the message every minute for close to thirty minutes and contemplated on going or calling Matts.

Kate fidgeted with her phone until time went by quickly.

It was six already but she still haven’t made up her mind yet. She got into her car adjusting her seat belt to prevent her stomach from suffering. Kate waved to Stacy and was driving the other way home when his message came in again.

‘I will be waiting patiently for you because i know you want to see me but i promise not to hurt you.’ After reading that aloud Kate turned back and took the other route to Jerry’s bar.

Mandela knew that was their favorite hangout.

‘How could he invite me there again?’ She was restless on her way to the bar and memories also started hitting her head so hard. Within some few more minutes on the road, she got to the bar and quickly rushed inside.

Kate spotted him in his usual attire for their kind of hang outs. He smiled when she walked closer nervously. Mandela made to hug her which she refused, though she so much wanted to.

‘Now start talking.’ She snarled though still nervous.

‘You look gorgeous with your pregnancy. I wished that child is mine. That is what I always dreamt of all the time in jail.’

‘Could you just say what you called me here for or I walk out?’ Kate finally stopped thinking about what she could enjoy with him and rather want to concentrate on finding answers.

‘No, don’t leave,’ he said.

‘Then go straight to the point.

‘As I told you the last time, I didn’t sleep with any girl. Moreover, nobody died. Let me first say, my real name is Bradley and someone planted me in your life.’

Kate could feel the energy and fire radiating through her body. She was just imagining herself in his arms and wasn’t listening to him.

‘Kate are you with me?’

‘Talk i’m listening,’ She managed to control that part of her mind.

He made to touch her hands a few times and succeeded most times but she just wished they were already unclad in the bars washroom.

That thought brought her memories of their encounter in that washroom.

‘This gentle man here is igniting a fire I just can’t quench. He always does.’ She muttered carefully while Mandela’s attention was on the waiter who just came to their table.

They most at times end up having sex several times a day. Those days, she couldn’t keep her hands off him. Kate thought for a while watching him make his order for Baileys.

Kate thought she was addicted to sex until the break up. Though she had been celibate for 4years she couldn’t stop thinking her addiction was back.

She was deep in thoughts when she felt his hand smooching her palm and before he knew it, Kate gave him a hard push.


Bitterness filled her throat as she suddenly realized she had to leave. Kate was about going when he held her hands but she knew so well she wasn’t ready for any love game. He kept searching her eyes and Kate had refused to blink.

‘If you are not ready for this, I can still walk out.’ Kate managed to say.

He kept staring, struggling to make a decision, while she looked elsewhere. There was silence for close to a minute, Kate knew he wanted her to make that decision for him.

Kate threw caution and shyness to the air, at that point she didn’t care whether he wanted to or not. But she knew she really wanted to have a mind-blowing sex at that moment.

Putting her feelings aside and his gaze still on her, Kate slowly brought her gaze on him. The weakness in her legs and her body was increasing and then her legs started wobbling.

She thought she needed to do something quick because she was never a one-minute kind of woman.

Kate drew him closer, wherever that strength was coming from, she encouraged herself to deal with it later.

She even thought he wouldn’t respond to her touches and kisses but she just smiled knowing he wanted her as well.

After a few seconds Kate wasn’t completely sure what she was doing but she knew Mandy had ignited something in her which needed to be quenched.

They kept eating each other’s lips and body for close to ten minutes.

He held her up, turning off the water switch and pulling her blouse off. He kept kissing everything on her body until he brought her down to his level and making Kate hold on to the edges of the metal liner on the wall while he kept going at her for a while.

Then stylishly he turned her back to the wall and that lasted for as long as he wanted. His moans were consistent and Kate’s on the other hand was full of picturing herself in wonderland.

Whatever he was doing, he was careful with the pregnancy. Kate quivered under his breath and felt the pleasure running through her veins. She saw herself accepting all his strokes.

Whether what she was doing was right or wrong Kate just wanted to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

She just needed to satisfy her desires, then before she knew it they both collapsed in each other’s arm after letting out a loud moan and groan.

As if he came back to his senses, he turned on the shower and washed himself up. Kate thought he was going to lift her up, but he just left her on the bathroom floor.

‘So much of a nightstand. You couldn’t even give me a good memory of this night.’ He stormed out quickly.

Kate heard him murmuring but didn’t pay much attention to his words.

To be continued



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