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No More Room For Love – Episode 19

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No More Room For Love Episode 19

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Kate was still in deep thoughts, when she heard a loud scream. She tried rushing upstairs, stumbling a few times.

The scene that greeted her was one she didn’t expect to see in her condition. Nectar was convulsing and then tucked under the duvet. With his eyes swelling as if, he was taking his last breath.

Kate was in no condition to carry him. She looked through the window and luckily saw the security seated munching on something.

“Jones, she shouted. Hurry upstairs.”

Kate has always been a slow driver. That was one of her weakness Matt’s and Mandy never liked about her. They always prefer their own rides which made Kate sad sometimes. That evening she wasn’t sure how she managed a top speed. Luckily she met a good nurse at his hospital who seemed to know Nectar when they arrived. She calmed Kate and assured her Nectar would be fine.

Kate was restless walking through the whole hospital floor. She really cared about this dude. She thought. ‘God save him for me,’ Kate prayed silently.

She had no idea how she just managed to pray but she could barely control her emotions at that crucial moment.

Since Matts was out of town, Kate had to call his mum. She saw them walking closer hurriedly. Kate walked up to meet them barely able to keep up with her breathe.

‘What happened?’ They asked when they fnally walked to her.

‘Mom, I don’t know. I just saw him convulsing.’

Mr. Glover was staring at Kate as if he didn’t believe her.

Kate recognized the man coming out as the doctor Nectar recommended for her antenatal. She quickly rushed to him before her in-laws could even ask further questions. They followed instantly.

‘How is he?’ Kate managed to ask through her emotions

‘Mrs. Glover, can we talk in private please.’ Kate gave way to her mother in-law and saw her walking weakly behind her to meet up the Doctor.

‘No I mean, your sons wife. If i’m right, you are his mom.’ Doctor Sylvester asked.

‘, i a..m.’ She stuterred.

‘Follow me,’ The doctor said glaring at Kate.

Kate looked around and saw her father in law staring as if he was out of the world.

‘Can we come too,’ Mr. Glover finally broke his silence asking as he hasn’t spoken a word since he came to the hospital.

‘If you don’t mind, I would like to speak to his wife alone.’

‘Huh! What’s that?’ Kate forgot she was the wife the doctor was referring to.

The doctor signaled her again and she followed him to his office which wasn’t far from where they stood.

‘Doctor, what is it?’ Kate sat down trying to calm herself.

‘He ate some aggressive poison.’

‘I beg your pardon. Poison! How? I mean I eat the same food he eats so how is that possible.’ Kate inquired almost in tears.

‘What was the last food he ate?’ Slyvester inquired.

‘Emm…m,’ Kate stuttered and remembered he cooks his own meals and she instantly felt guilty.

‘Mrs. Glover.’

‘Yes, Doctor.’ That name brought her out of her reverie.

‘What was his last meal?’ He stressed again.

‘I’m not sure but when he came back, he wasn’t in the mood for food but went straight to bed.’ Kate lied panting.

‘Meaning he might have eaten from outside.’

‘So what does that mean for him.’ She asked curiously.

‘The poison did just about five hours’ damage. Where ever he might have been to after work is the problem then.’ He said and slumped into his chair.

Kate saw fear in his eyes.

‘Is it bad Doctor?’ Kate found herself fidgeting with her hands and asking in a worried tone.

‘We did our best in there, but he is still in critical condition.’

‘When can we see him?’ Kate asked nervously.

‘He’s still in the ICU but i would do my best as a doctor.’

‘And you are sure he would make it.’

‘I know Glover he will pull through. You brought him here on time.’

‘Okay great.’ She winced in pain and quickly regained her composure.

‘And how are the little ones doing in there.’ Slyvester asked when he noticed the painful look on her face.

‘They are fine but can I ask a question? Are you his friend?’ Kate managed to say and feigned a smile.

‘Why do you ask?’

‘I don’t really know any of his friends?’

‘Are you sure, that is all Mrs. Glover.’

‘Yes, but you don’t need to be formal with me. Just call me Kate.

‘Okay Kate.’ He called.

‘So are you his friend.’ Kate asked once more.

‘And are you asking because you are worried about him.’

‘No Doctor i’m not.’ Kate said without any emotions.

The words came out quickly before she realized it came out the wrong way. ‘I meant I want to be sure he is in very capable hands.’

‘Emmm….’ He was going to talk when Kate interrupted.

‘Who wouldn’t be worried after meeting a sight as such in their early stages which could even cause a miscarriage.’ She replied again with a worried tone.

‘You just said you are not worried.’ Sylvester was trying to get her to talk a little bit more since she hardly talks during their check ups.

‘Come on Doctor, i’m not heartless but just scared he might not survive it.’

He nodded and examined Kate closely. Slyvester noticed she only wanted to know if Nectar had already told him anything about her.

He sighed heavily staring at her. ‘I understand you but your husband since he joined us in this hospital has rather been a reserved and workaholic type. Never goes on hospital breaks and appears to be a strong man.’

‘Okay but you hav…….’

‘So to answer your question, we are not really friends. He hardly meets the rest of our colleagues for drink ups. However, I was very glad when he called on me a few weeks ago to be your doctor. Though i was in the midst of requesting for some breaks, he made me understand you are very important to him.’

Sylvester stared at her for a long while as if expecting Kate to say something.

‘Was i supposed to say something here?’ She asked avoiding his gaze.

‘Not really but you should know we all assuemd Nectar wasn’t capable of loving someone but he proved to us he is a good man.’

Kate popped up her eyes.

‘Doc why are you telling me everything I already know. Did he complain about me in anyway?’

There came a push at the door and they all turned to that direction.

‘Come in please,’ Mr. Glover interrupted their conversation so Sylvester beckoned on him to enter.

‘Doctor, i’m his Dad. I should be here as well.’

He was still standing at the door which was widely opened when Kate saw the sad face of Mrs. Glover.

‘Sorry, i kept you waiting Mr Glover.’

‘Looks like you have been in here for a while and a poor mother is out there scared out of her mind.’ He didn’t hesitate to express his displeasure.

Kate was about to apologize when they heard footsteps outside.

“Cold blue.” They saw nurses rushing on the floor dragging along medical gadgets. Then Sylvester rushed out without another word.

‘Nurse what is going on.’

‘Code blue, room three. Your patient priority number one.’

‘Oh geez,’ he doctor yelled and rushed away without looking back.

As if Kate didn’t know what cold blue was, she quickly rushed after him but he disappeared into one of the buildings.

‘Nurse, what’s the chaos all about? I see everyone rushing in and out.’ Kate asked already trembling.

‘One Doctor Glover is …, ‘ She didn’t finish before collapsing in her mother in laws arms.

Kate didn’t know when she followed her. She woke up for what looked like hours because her doctor was attending to her.

It seemed to her Nectar had been resuscicated.

‘Tell me, is he okay.’ She managed to ask weakly after examining her surrounding.

‘Don’t stress yourself.’ She heard Matts say.

‘Matts you are here. Is he okay?’

‘Katie, relax. The babies are not doing well. Let the doctor check you up first.’

‘Why is no one talking? Mom, Dad.’ She called out to her in-laws. They just looked on with so much sadness on their faces.

‘Easy Katie.’ Her friend consoled again.

‘Someone talk to me,’ she yelled.

‘Come down Kate. Let me just check this wonderful twins.’ The doctor said with concern.

‘But Nect…….’

Slyvester cut her off. ‘They are important and your husband won’t forgive me if I let anything happen to you.’

‘He’s my husband so i think i have the right to know what’s going on.’

Sylvester smiled and stared at her for a while.

‘We will talk when i’m done. What’s the point of risking these children’s life.’

Kate gave up asking the questions when it seemed whatever they were keeping from her was for the best.

‘Okay.’ She breathed heavily and gave permission to proceed.

With Matts holding her hands, she watched on while Doctor Sylvester did his checkups and finally sighed.

‘One of the twins developed a poor heartbeat. You’ll be on a few medications and we monitor you for this evening.’

‘And tomorrow?’ Matt’s asked worriedly.

‘If tomorrow morning she’s still not okay, then we operate immediately.’

‘Is that necessary because i’m just a few months.’ Kate chipped in.

‘It’s a simple proceedure and you need to take it slow from now on. Can you do that for me?’ The Doctor smiled widely at Kate.

‘I can’t lose both husband and wife under my care.’ He tried walking away, and Kate held on to his white robe.

‘Will he make it?’ He nodded. Kate sighed and rested her head gently on the pillow.

‘Kate you have to stop worrying.

‘Yes,’ Nectar’s mom chorused.

‘Okay mom,’ Kate said faintly.

‘We need to get home now; I will bring you some food later. Matts will stay here with you until your mom arrives.’ Mrs Glover said and Kate realized she totally forgot about her mom.

‘Thank God, she is coming over.’ Kate sighed.

They left quickly and Kate turned to her friend.

‘Matts, have you seen your brother yet. Kate managed to say. Are you sure he will make it?’

‘Not again Katie.’ Matts snapped.

“Matts, is it a crime to know how the father of my children is faring. Don’t forget he is my husband.” Kate said and rested her head gently.

‘Yes, I know, you don’t need to remind me.’ Matts said.

‘Then start talking, you know I have the right.’ Kate said inquisitively.

‘Katie, he is out of danger now, however they will let us see him tomorrow. His surgery was successful, take it easy.’ Matts sighed and said.

‘Thank you,’ Kate replied with emotions written over her face.

The door to the hospital opened and Catherine came in.

‘Hey, baby! I’m so sorry I was not here. Hi matts.’ Kate’s mom said when she made her way towards Kate’s bed.

Kate nearly cried on her but she was trying to be strong. She couldn’t explain what she was feeling at that very moment, and since the happenings of the last nine hours.

‘Mom, what should I do?’

‘Baby, you need to get some rest, so we talk later.’

‘Okay but where are you rushing off to again.’ Kate asked when her mom stood up from the bed.

‘I need to let your Dad know you are not well, he has travelled.’

‘As if, he cares.’ Kate said frowning.

‘Silly girl, get some rest.’ Catherine said with humor.

She walked out and Kate decided to sleep for a while but she couldn’t.

After some few minutes Kate’s eyes caught Matts dozing off on a chair in a corner. She figured she was tired but Kate needed her to do explain certain things to her.

“Matts,” She called silently for close to a minute. Matts jumped to her feet.

‘Katie are you all right.’ She asked instantly.

‘Yes, I just want us to talk about Mandy. Kate announced while checking her forehead with the back of her palm, probably to check her temperature.

‘Really, you want to talk about that now Katie.’ Matts popped up her eyes in tremor.

‘Yes, i believe you have something to tell me.’

‘How can you be thinking about Mandy right now? I thought that few hours ago you were the same wife worried about her husband.’ Matt’s Were you acting out there earlier? If you were, then you should quit your job already and join Hollywood.’ Matts kept blowing out of proportion.

‘Sorry, asking about Mandy doesn’t mean, I don’t care about what happens to Nectar. I just thought this is the right place to talk about what else you have been hiding from me, as Mandy was in my office few days ago, swearing you have been keeping some secrets.’ Kate tried to explain herself.

“Katie you are unbelievable,” She yelled and walked out.

To be continued



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