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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 15

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No More Room For Love Episode 15

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Kate didn’t know what to do and kept wondering if that was what Matt’s was referring to. She put on the bedside light and then shook Nectar so hard. “Kate stop thinking about his shirtless body”, Kate rebuked her mind.

‘How could I be thinking of that now, when I should call for help.’

He was reluctant or probably couldn’t feel Kate’s hands all over him.

It took ten minutes for the seizure to stop while Kate was so scared in her thoughts.

Finally, she was jolted out of her worried mind when he made a hiss sound.

Kate sighed though Nectar didn’t open his eyes but checking his pulse, she was glad he could still breathe.

The next day, she wasn’t able to ask him about what happened. Nectar just kept to himself, as if he had no memories of what happened and the attack continued for the next three days.

Kate was beginning to get fed up with the noise, and couldn’t figure out how to help Nectar.

She picked up her phone and contemplated on calling her friend.

‘Matts, please can you help, it’s your brother. I think I’m tired of his mumbling. Can you come over?’ Kate found herself needing Matt’s help over the phone.


‘I need to get her back. She has to know that i learnt to fall in love with her. Though i was a flirt and a cheat around her, i also fell in love with her without knowing it.’

Mandela sat on his bed talking to himself and making his next plan.

‘It was all a game at first, but my heart beats for her anytime she was with me.’

Mandela admitted to himself he was a player and even though he had a lot of girls flocking on him back then Kate was still kind to him.

‘Despite the horrible way she was treated, her immense love changed me and i wanted to be a better person for her.’ Mandela muttered regrettably. ‘And just when I was about to tell her the truth and declare my true feelings, hoping she forgives me, Matt’s the devil in disguise whisked me away to jail.’

He checked the scar on his left arm which he got from fighting in jail. Mandela frowned for a minute.

‘Now I’m back. I have to claim my love. She has to listen to me. I have never for once forgotten her face while behind bars.’

He glanced at the tiny frame in his hands with an image in it.

‘This was what kept me going for all the treatments, I suffered for a crime I didn’t commit.’ Mandela kept pondering over his past life with Kate.
He held onto the frame firmly.


‘Sis what are you doing here this early.’ Nectar was surprised to see Matts over at his end. ‘Did mum send you.’

‘No sai…., Kate tried to get his name right. I called for her.’ Kate carefully replied.

‘Okay is there a problem.’ Nectar asked inquisitively.

‘Nectar, women’s stuffs.’ Matt’s glared at him.

‘Can you stay out of it please?’ Katie finally said getting worked out.

‘I’m going out then, you ladies have a nice day.’ Nectar finally walked out and they both heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Katie how serious was it? Does he have any memory of the previous nights.’

‘I’m not so sure.’

‘You didn’t ask him.’ Matt’s queried as if she was in court.

‘We don’t talk,’ Kate replied Matts question.

Matts expression changed as she tried to mouth something but kept her mouth shut, which Kate was grateful for.

‘Look I’m not about to discuss my marriage with you, I called you here to attend to your sick brother. You are welcome to stay as long as you can.’

Kate said trying to sound plain and angry.

‘Kate, why are you so bitter? What happened to you.’ Matts found herself asking Kate questions again.

‘You broke me.’ Kate muttered.

‘I can’t begin to say I know how to fix what was broken and I’m not asking you to start loving again, but the way I see it, you both are perfect for each other; you need to heal each other in your own small way.’

‘Don’t ask me to do that.’ Kate expressed her displeasure.

‘Try to accommodate him then. He is sick but you can make it work.’

‘Why do you think i can do that?’

‘I know you so well Kate and I’m glad you married him.’

Matts tried advising her friend while trying to escape her full gaze.

‘You are glad I married the sickness in your family right.’ Kate said sarcastically.

‘Come off it, Katie.
Yes, we are glad he finally wants to settle down again but i was the happiest when I found out it was you.’

Kate re adjusted herself in the couch after Matt’s comment which shows she was restless.

Matt’s waited for her to say something but it seemed Kate’s mind was already made up.

‘We had our own issues, which didn’t stop me from approving of you Katie.
Cut me some slack here, you both need each other.
He is a good man Katie; just give him the benefit of the doubt.’ Matts kept playing the good sister trick with her.

‘Why should I do that?’ Kate retorted back to Matts, whose gaze was fully on her.

‘Because you are carrying his children, If anything you help the father of your children recover and he will be there for the kids.
Your children will equally need him someday. Matts said with her eyes reassuring Kate to trust her.

‘Why do you even care?’

‘I believe you wanted the same experience yourself from your dad, but you never had that. Don’t deny your children that privilege to have a sane father.’

‘Don’t bring my father into this Matts.’

‘But Katie you know I’m right.’

She glared at Matt’s for a while.

“Yes Matts is right,” she told herself inwardly.

‘If you were carrying another man’s children, I would gladly help with the divorce.’

‘Since nectar told me you didn’t want to marry him, i only thought of him getting a woman who will father his children.
Then you agreed and I thought of divorce incase things didn’t work out but he wouldn’t agree to it now.’


‘Because he claimed he could endure your attitudes.’ Matt’s narrated.

She kept talking too much already and Kate tried signaling her with her eyes to keep quiet.

‘Find a way to get me out Matt’s.’ She said in a sad tone.

‘Now it’s different Katie, children are involved.’ Matt’s spoke her final words.

‘So the best way you can help is, I stuck myself in this marriage.’ Kate asked her.

‘I don……’ Matt’s was saying when she cut her off.

‘Besides my heart was shattered in pieces by my best friend. Nothing compared to what he is suffering from besides If you have been dealing with this for 7years and he hasn’t recovered what makes you think, he will now.’ Kate was now in control of asking Matts her own questions.

‘Katie I believe he just needs someone to be there for him, someone to hold, someone probably to share his fears with and at the look of things you equally need that someone too.’
Matts said sensibly. And Kate agreed she was right.

“However, am i ready to move on, when somehow my heart still yearns for he who broke it in the first place.”

‘See! it’s time to get over Mandy, I don’t want to keep bringing his name up, but its high time you mention his name and not feel like you want to droll all over him again as you are trying to do right now.’

‘You think it’s that easy?’ Kate queried.

‘You have to kill whatever force of attraction it is Katie.’

‘Matts you have no idea how i feel about him.’ She muttered angrily!

‘I did you a favor because by now, you would have married or be carrying that b******’s children and you would have really regretted it.’ Matts said vehemently and now pissing Kate off.
‘Emmmm….’ Words failed Kate when she opened her mouth to talk.

‘Is that what you wish for yourself? Visiting him in county?’ She asked.

‘What do you mean by county?’

‘Mandy is in Jail?’


‘I didn’t tell you every part of that woman’s story.’ Matt’s continued.

‘I’m listening Matt’s.’

‘The point is he got jail time after that innocent girl died when Mandy took her for an abortion of his child.’

‘Poor girl.’ Kate lamented.

‘I helped in the process because i couldn’t stand watching him go scot free, and leaving the mother of that girl childless was not an option. She works for me in my office canteen. That’s the best I could do.’

Kate watched Matt’s narrate the missing part of why she betrayed her and she couldn’t help but was amazed in tears how far Matt’s would go for her.

She is one damn good lawyer who owns her own practice and does know what she wants.

As if she regretted being angry with her for that long years, Kate wiped her face lightly without Matt’s watching.

Just then, Nectar walked in.

‘Are you women gossiping about me.’ She just eyed him to the right; he was irritating her now with that smile on his face.

‘You know that how,’ Matts asked!

‘My wife is in a good mood for once.’ Nectar pointed out with a grin on his face. Kate pretended she didn’t hear that and rolled her eyes at him.

“So this gentle man didn’t see me rolling my eyes earlier”. Kate thought!

He was drawing his hands to touch her when Kate frowned.

“He can still see the good in me after all these attitudes, what kind of a man is he.” She murmured slowly and quietly.”Has the death of his wife screwed up his brain, because a man should flare up sometimes and give corrections when necessary”.

‘Did you say something?’ Nectar asked Kate curiously.

She just kept staring at him.

‘Nectar obviously you haven’t been doing your work well, so I’m here to make sure you do that.’ Matts teased his brother.

‘Oh really? Kate tell her I’m the best husband.’

Kate looked at Matts and she was beckoning on her to respond. Fighting the urge to just give in or hold on, Kate took a deep breath and all that came from her mouth was, ‘I’m hungry. Who cares for lunch.’

‘Tell me how I can help Katie,’ Matt’s aksed knowing to get her friend to give up her ego would take time.

Matt’s followed her up to the kitchen.

To be continued



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