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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 4

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No More Room For Love Episode 4

© Loudest Thoughts 2018
All Rights Reserved

‘Oh grams, you startled us.’

‘Come here my dear.’

‘How are you here now?’ Kate asked.

‘When my only daughter calls, I had to rush here.’

‘I miss you so much.’ Kate announced and saw her mom trying so hard to either stand up or sit down.

Finally, Catherine stood up, “Good day mummy.”

“How was your trip? Let me help you,” she made to take her luggage but her mother in law declined. Kate just faked a smile.

‘Grams let mom help you, so you can rest.’ Kate took her bag and gave it to her mom. Which she rushed towards the guest room, to the detest of her grams.

Her Grams settled for a while and Kate just had so much to talk to her about especially why she doesn’t visit anymore. They were talking until dinner was ready. At dinner Kate realized the whole table was quiet and her Grams was staring at her.

She could not fathom why until she finally decided to talk to her grams about what was going on with her dad whiles they sat on her oversized bed. Then her grams blurted out something which at first Kate thought she was in a trance.

‘Kate, did you hear what I said, Are you pregnant? Is that why you called me here so I talk to your Dad?’ Her Grams said while staring her in the eyes with both of her hands on Kate’s shoulders.

“Ermm,” She managed to find her voice, “Grams, I’m not pregnant? Besides, it has been four years since i slept with a man.”

‘Are you saying you got pregnant by a woman?’

‘Grams, I can’t be pregnant.’

‘Are you sure because your body is saying something else.’

Then Kate remembered she slept with Nectar 4 weeks ago.

“What.” She shouted and quickly rushed out of her room. She met her mom and dad sitting downstairs. Kate shoved them an eye and rushed out in her car.

She kept buzzing to the security; ‘Will you open this gate now?’

He came out trying to get the sleep out of his eyes and ten minutes later, Kate saw herself in front of the pharmacist.

“Tell me I’m I pregnant?”

‘Miss I believe you have to take a test for me to know that.’

‘Then let us get the damn test done,’ She yelled.

What looks like about five minutes, I was ushered in a room, where she handed me some kits.


The pharmacist instructed her on what to do. Few minutes after, she told Kate the worse news she has heard in years.

‘You are pregnant Miss, though I can’t tell how far long you are already, but you are pretty much going to have a baby soon. Congratulations!’

Kate never knew she was that strong. How she carried herself from the pharmacy to her house she wasn’t able to tell. Kate was in deep thoughts, when she entered the house and then she heard her dad yelled.

‘Who is the father of that b****** you are carrying.’

That was the last thing she heard, until the next day.

Kate woke up to her worried mom, and grams sitting by her bedside. They both sighed, ‘finally she is back.’

Then the events of yesterday came rushing in. The pregnancy, her dad’s annoying voice. Then the quiverings in her legs, her mind and body shutting down. Kate figured she might have collapsed, that was the only reason they were staring at her, so she did not even ask.

‘Kate are you okay.’ Her mom was examining her whole body and her grams was smiling at her. Her Dad walked in few minutes later and thundered. ‘Has she said anything about the b****** she’s carrying.’

Grams shoved her an ugly face, Come on Wilson Santa, this is your daughter lying here. If she is carrying a b******, then you have a b****** grandchild too, so mind your words.’

‘Mom stay out of this, how many times have I warned this b****** of a daughter to stop sleeping with everything in clothes? Am sure she doesn’t even know who the father of that b****** is.’

‘So?’ Jane queried.

‘She should get ready to leave my house with that thing she is carrying. Like mother like daughter,’ he hissed!

Then Catherine flared up, ‘Wilson, I won’t stand you insulting my daughter that way, i’m sure you are trying to tell me I conceived after been raped. If you know, you were not responsible for Kate why then are you still keeping us here.’

Grandmom Jane just exclaimed, ‘Oh please! have you ever seen a labor ward because what you are to Kate is just a step mom.’


‘I don’t even know why my son insists on keeping you in here in the first place.’ Jane ranted.

Kate was not sure what her mom and dad was talking about earlier, but she knew her grams will jump at every opportunity to rub it in Catherine’s face who she really was to her.

She was surprised her mom finally defended herself that way.

Catherine may not be her biological mom, but she has been there from the very beginning.

Kate remembered when she was 18, she overheard her mum and dad quarrelling about telling her, Catherine wasn’t her mom. Catherine insisted it was time Kate knew the truth at that moment when Kate walked in on them admiting to her Mom she really didn’t mind if she wasn’t her biological mom.

She asked her to stop fighting with her dad while Catherine just looked on and gave her a tight hug. Since then, nothing has changed between mother and daughter.

Kate finally yelled after she was done reminiscing that memory she kept locked up.

‘Could you all get out of my room and find a place to throw your blows.’ All three looked at her surprised and walked out. Catherine tried coming back but Kate told her she wanted to be alone.

She was surprised to see Drake peeping in her room later in the evening.

‘Come in already, you gossip.’ She managed to say with a smile.

‘I’m not a gossip.’ He replied walking closer.

‘Who let you in? What are you doing here and are you not supposed to be at work?’

‘Come on Kate, too many questions at a time.’

‘I wasn’t expecting you Drake.’

‘I will go straight to the point then.’

‘What point?’ Kate muttered sarcastically.

‘Is it true?’

‘Is what true?’ She asked him.

‘Don’t play dumb with me girl, your mum called, so I know everything.’

He was talking like a jealous boyfriend and the smile she saw on his face earlier when she hadn’t yet told him she was pregnant for the guy from the bar suddenly vanished.

He just retorted,’ this was all my fault, we shouldn’t have gone to that bar.’

Kate wondered why he was reacting that way and could not figure out why he kept blaming himself.

‘Drake,’ She called with tears in her eyes. ‘It’s fine.’

‘What is fine?’

‘I meant to say I would be fine.’

‘So are you going to keep it.’ he said hugging her so she could be calm.


She released herself from him. ‘What else do you want me to do.’

‘Kate you don’t even know the dude you slept with, how are you going to explain to your child who his dad is?’

Then it dawned on her, she haven’t even told her friends, the same person from the bar was to be her supposed husband. She wondered why she kept that little detail away from them, when it wasn’t as if she wanted to marry the dude.

‘Drake look, there is no way i’m going to abort this baby, at least, I had no plans for men again so this should be my legacy.’ Kate thought and found herself smiling. ‘What is so funny?’ He asked sadly.

‘I think I want to keep this baby.’

He fumed for a while, and then he finally said Catherine wanted her to eat.

‘She is so worried about you.’

Then Kate remembered she asked them out earlier. She knew her mom might be worried by now.

Kate called her from her phone.

‘Mom can I eat now.’ She whispered remorsefully.

Within some few minutes she rushed up with her food.

‘I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier mom.

‘I have forgiven you my dear; you are your father’s daughter, so I understand it runs in the genes.’

‘Talking of your husband. Is he around?’

‘You mean, your father.’

Her mom said sarcastically.

‘I overheard him talking to Nectar earlier.’

‘What?’ Kate shouted. ‘I hope he is not about telling that fool, i’m pregnant.’

Then Drake whom Kate completely forgot was in the room, asked who nectar was. Catherine quickly told him the man her daughter was supposed to marry.

‘He already knows that mom.’ Kate carefully said.

‘But I didn’t know he had a name of a plant.’ They all laughed at his joke.

‘Oww Kate, that’s a good thing, at least that will make him back off from marrying you.’

Drake said again as if trying to remember something.

They all agreed especially Catherine who has been so supportive. Drake left later on after several chit chats.

Kate had a talk with her granny, and pleaded to know the reason her dad behaves the way he does towards her.

‘Your dad is just angry he had to choose between you and the love of his life when the accident happened.’

‘I don’t understand Grams.’

‘The doctors made him understand it’s either you or your mom and In as much as he wanted to choose life for your mom, he had to let you live after several pleas from Claudia who wanted you alive.’

‘So that means he is angry he had to choose me over his wife.’

‘Exactly. Wilson and your late mom shared something unbreakable.’

‘Grams, you should have stopped him from choosing me.’

To be continued



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