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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 9

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No More Room For Love Episode 9

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‘Dad? I have agreed to marry the man; allow me do things my way.’

‘You will do no such thing. You think you are smarter than I am.’ He burst out angrily and banged the door in her face.

Kate quickly rushed to where she dumped her phone earlier.

‘Look talk to your gossip partner; I don’t want him planning my wedding.’

‘You mean your Dad.’
‘Who else?’

‘I will talk to him.’ He replied swiftly.

‘Great, I would have the contract sent to you early. My family lawyer is still on it.’ Kate replied and quickly hanged up before he could say another word.

Later that evening, She came back from work and met Nectar talking with her dad.
‘I see you reported me, this should be your last, and you may have your way now.’ Her Dad cautioned.

Kate just shoved an eye at him and then Nectar. She saw her dad walking pass her gently to his room.

‘I received the document and I’ve already signed.’ Said Nectar quietly.

‘Hope you read it through, because I won’t be happy if you violate any of it.’

‘I don’t need to read it, whatever makes you happy i’m fine with it.’

‘Good night,’ She said without even knowing it.’
Kate quickly rushed up to avoid the embarrasment because Nectar was staring at her.

‘Drake, can you handle the rest of the wedding. No guests, just my family, you guys and probably his family.’
‘Where’s this happening again?’ Anthon curiously asked.
‘In my dad’s house.’

‘Kate do you really need to do this?’ Drake finally expressed his displeasure.

‘Drake, I asked you to marry me remember and you seemed not interested. Besides It’s just for a year and I would be out sooner than you know it.’

‘A year is still long Kate.’ James added.

‘You three can always come and visit though I will miss you all.’

‘So when is the wedding.’ Drake asked with so much sadness showing in his voice.
‘It’s in a month Drake! I just want it done with already.’ Kate responded sadly too.
Though they were all sad, Anthon made a joke and they all made a good laugh out of it.
Kate buried herself into work, for the rest of the following weeks. She kept ignoring Matt’s calls though she tried seeing her at the office severally. Kate just concluded Matt’s doesn’t give up easily.

That morning Kate saw herself in the midst of unfamiliar faces.
‘Of course he is entitled to bring his family members to his wedding, but not this much. Is this even a wedding?’ She asked herself hoping for an answer she already knew.


‘Yeah, I can sue you for rape you know.’ She glared.

‘Come on, you are a big girl. You actually consented to it before you even got tipsy.’

‘You don’t have to lie even after the harm had already been done.’ Kate preached calmly.

‘I had you saying yes on tape and i bet you enjoyed every bit of it. You could not stop moaning one person’s name though.’ Nectar teased.

At this point she was fuming inside and wondering why he was so cool about sleeping with a total stranger.

‘Who is Mandela?’ He asked!

‘What the hell?’ She retorted. Just then their order came in.

Kate stared at the food for a while and she was already feeling nauseous at the mention of Mandela’s name.

‘Kate are you okay, you don’t like the food so we change it.’

‘Take me home right now.’ Kate said angrily.

‘But wait, you haven’t touched your food.’

‘Will you shut up and take me home or I find my way back.’ She snarled.

‘I’m sorry.’ He muttered silently.
Kate was sure people might be staring but she just wanted to get out of there fast.

The drive home was so silence that he only spoke after dropping her home.

‘I agree.’ He muttered with a smile appearing across his face.’
‘Huh!’ Kate exclaimed lost.

‘To your contract thingy. Draw it down on your own terms. How you want it and let me know.’

Kate just tried to look back which she wasn’t able to until she walked straight ahead inside.

This time her dad wasn’t waiting for her on the couch. She sighed and went straight to bed. Playing the events of the evening in her head.

She actually woke up late the next day with a message popping up on her phone.

‘I don’t know where to start, but I ruined our dinner, sorry can I make it up to you anytime soon.’
Love, Nectar.

She tossed the phone in her laundry bag and went straight inside to take a shower. She needed to clear her mind.

Just then her dad came in when she was not even done with dressing herself up.
‘Gosh Dad, Can’t you knock?’ She murmured and got ignored. ‘I hope you start treating mom right since I’ve agreed to marry your protégé.’

‘Young girl, give me the list of people you want to invite for the wedding so I get the cards printed out.’


Drake was going up and down, within the crowd. Kate thought she saw Matts, but she brushed it aside because in her state she knew her mind was just playing tricks on her.

‘I guess I wished she was here with me.’ She quickly shrugged off that thought.

Finally, everything came to an end.

She was rushing upstairs to throw up. The morning sickness has been tough on her lately and then she saw them.

Her face turned red instantly and she felt fine at that moment.

‘What are you three doing here? Who even invited you ladies here?’

‘I did.’ She heard behind her and looked back just to see Nectar smiling.

‘How dare you invite these betrayers to my wedding, they are the last people I ever want to see.’
Kate was really trying to control her anger because she didn’t want to ruin her own sham of a wedding.

‘Katie, this is not the place or the time to talk about this. I only came here to support my brother even after knowing he is marrying you and you might not want to see me. I tried to see you about coming over but you refused to see me. Please can you let him enjoy his day; you can hate me all you want later.’ Matt’s pleaded.

‘Nectar is your brother. What the hell?’ That was all she managed to say.

‘Yes, Saint. The doctor I told you about.’

‘Oh my God,’ she quickly rushed upstairs and closed her door.

‘Katie’ She called after her.

‘What have I gotten myself in this time?’ She murmured to herself.

Kate thought avoiding Matt’s and the girls would take away the pains but it seemed as if it was now about to start.

Then she heard Drakes voice.
‘Are you okay in there? At least let me in.’ She dragged herself aimlessly from the bed and ushered him in.

‘What is it again?’ he made to hold her face when Nectar came in.

‘Can’t you knock gentleman? Are you even real? Saint or Nectar.’ Kate threw all her anger at him.

‘Sorry,’ he went back to knock.
‘Really?’ Drake cautioned. Are you always this dumb?’ Drake asked sarcastically.

‘What do you want now gentle man?’
Kate asked suddenly feeling her temperature rising.
‘Can we go now please?’ Nectar asked in a week tone.
‘To where exactly?’ She asked after his request.

To be continued



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