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No More Room For Love – Episode 8

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No More Room For Love Episode 8

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‘I want to marry a man of my choice.’

‘Okay I give you two weeks to bring that man of your choice, if you don’t your wedding with Nectar will push through.’

‘What if i needed more time to find a man.’

‘You know I still have the pictures and you don’t want to see your face all over the internet right?’

For once, her dad spoke to her without venom in his voice. Her Mom was standing behind the door when she came out.

‘I’m sure you heard everything. Mom leave with me and there are men out there that would adore you, unlike my dad.’

‘Baby, you will never understand, I can’t leave.’

‘Mom I don’t want to get married.’ Kate said amidst tears.

‘Then don’t!’ She said cuddling her daughter.

‘But he will maltreat you.’

‘Kate your dad, I can handle. I have stayed with this man long before you came to this world.’

‘So you mean you can’t do this for your baby girl right.’

‘Kate, you are everything I have. I love you but don’t you think I have already done enough digging on Nectar?’ Catherine shoved her an ugly look.

‘Well, i don’t know mom.’ She sounded confused.

‘If I thought he was a bad man I would gladly leave with you, but my dear, I met the man over a long talk during the weekend; he has genuine intentions for you.’

Kate hissed. ‘I’m sure he lied to you.’

‘He loves you and of course, you don’t but you may want to consider marrying him.’

‘I don’t see what’s so important about marrying Nectar.’

‘No man would agree to marry a woman carrying another man’s child unless he thinks that child is his or he probably love you too much.’

‘Mum I can’t believe you are also siding with dad on this.’

‘I’m not my dear. If you don’t want to fine but don’t stay in this house because you think I’m being treated unfairly.’

‘But you are being treated unfairly mom.’

‘You can’t waste your time here with me. I’m already old, and I want seven grandchildren.’

That part cracked Kate up and she smiled. ‘Seven is too much mom.’

‘Okay but your child needs a father, you of all people should understand that. If your Dad were different, I’m sure your child would have a better home and father here. Every child needs a father in their lives especially girls.’

‘Mom I don’t know the gender yet.’

‘Yes, I know but that child needs a father. You don’t want him or her growing up asking you too much questions as you do all the time. Give him a good home my dear.’

Just then, Jane walked in on them. ‘For once this step mom of yours made a little sense.’

‘Grams you also want me to marry that man.’ Kate stressed.

‘Yes, or any other man you want raising your child. Unfortunately, my sons disrespect towards my suggestions are irritating me so I could not convince him further.’

‘Dad is just mean to everyone.’ Kate retorted.

‘As it stands now, you can’t keep holding on to your past, bring another man home if you so don’t like the other guy.’ Jane advised and Kate raised an eyebrow confusedly.


The next day, Kate visited Drake and luckily, her two other friends were there. ‘James, will you marry me as soon as possible?’ Kate asked after a long silence and he nearly choked on his drink.

‘What Kate?’ He asked with a weird tone.

She narrated everything to them. Just then Anthon opened his mouth wide as if he had a better suggestion. ‘Drake won’t you marry her since you always wanted to.’

Kate was lost as to what they were talking about. Drake just smiled and gave a cheeky answer.

‘Kate are you for real. I can marry you.’ He blushed and smiled. ‘I mean we could pretend to be married. Drake finally said.

‘Drake you think my dad isn’t smart enough to know we would be pretending?’

‘It’s worth the try.’ Drake grinned annoyingly.

‘Besides I don’t want to destroy your love life with your girlfriend, she won’t understand.’

‘What if you marry the man on contract basis.’ Anthon said?

‘How?’ She asked curiously. ‘You can talk to him, I’m sure if he loves you, he wouldn’t want to lose you for a year.’

‘Anthon this your suggestion doesn’t make sense and i don’t want to end up tied down.’

‘He is right Kate.’ Drake finally spoke up, in a weird way. ‘Call him up and discuss that with him.’

Kate and James stared at the two guys as they hurried up to leave their joint.


She called him up through her secretary the next day for lunch, which he claimed he had a life to save so they should reschedule.

Kate was home a few weeks later, when her mom announced he was waiting for her downstairs. Kate rushed down in her pajamas, just to meet her dad sitting there chatting with Nectar.

‘Young girl, will you go back and put on something appropriate.’

‘Yes, Kate. You should besides we are going out to have that talk now.’ Nectar said affectionately.

She rolled her eyes and went up to change. Kate didn’t understand why she rushed down in her pajamas in the first place.

She finally came down after what looked like hours.

‘So put on a proper dress and you dress as if you are standing by the roadside waiting for your clients as usual. Was that what kept you in there that long?’ Her Dad angrily asked sizing her up.


‘Dad I’m tired of you calling me names all the time.’

Kate couldn’t tell what was on Nectar’s mind because she saw him smiling earlier.

‘Go up and change that dress.’

Kate just adjusted her purse and walked pass him. She looked back and saw Nectar staring at Wilson.

‘If you are done gossiping with my dad, then you come out.’

She said and saw them shaking hands hurriedly, while Wilson nodded his head.

Nobody spoke a word for a while in the car until Nectar spoke up.

‘For what it’s worth, I had no problem with the pajamas which I would pay anything to see you in every evening and I totally love your outfit right now.’ He flirted.

Kate just glanced at him and then looked back on the road.

‘Where are you taking me to? You have been driving like ages and I’m tired already.’

‘Sorry, we will be there in the next five minutes.’

Soon they arrived at one of her favorite joints.

‘I love the seafood here.’ She exclaimed happily while he stared. Kate then realized she was happy Nectar did something right.

‘I like your smile.’

‘Okay can we go in now.’

‘Yeah sure? Wait let me get the door.’ he said.

They finally found themselves in one corner. ‘Serve my lady anything she wants and i will take whatever she takes.’ Nectar instructed.

‘Noted.’ The waitress said calmly.

‘And no alcohol please.’

Then Kate remembered she was now double. She murmured a thank you to the waitress.

‘Whiles we wait on our food, let me hear why you wanted to meet. And I’m sorry, I had a surgery so couldn’t make it earlier.’

He made to say something again but Kate interrupted. ‘You know I don’t like you right and my family seem to think you are good for me.’

‘I know all that.’

‘Good!’ She exclaimed. ‘I’m too young to get married, and certainly not ready to bear a burden of another.’

‘What do you need me to do Kate.’ Nectar asked and Kate stared for a while.

‘I will agree to a contract marriage, for a year, until I figure out how to help my mom out of that house.’

‘Contract?’ Nectar asked with a confused tone.

‘We both can pretend we have a love triangle or whatever you want to call it, but I don’t want to be tied down to you.’

‘Kate why don’t you like me because aside sleeping with you when I know I shouldn’t have; I’ve not done anything wrong.’ He stated bluntly.

To be continued



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