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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 7

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No More Room For Love Episode 7

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‘Hello Katie.’

Kate knew only one person calls her that name. Her best friend among her three girlfriends. She haven’t heard that name in four years. ‘What the hell does she want?’ Kate was ranting silently.

‘Katie are you there. I just want us to talk please.’

She quickly hanged up after hearing her voice. “I mean what is there to talk about”. Kate asked herself severally.

Matilda was the closest of her three friends, every little of Kate’s secrets; she gets to hear about them before the other two girls. Kate was broken when she betrayed her.

Getting to work, Kate learnt from her secretary, one Mr. Glover has been calling to make an appointment. Kate asked herself what Nectar wanted this time. Just then, her intercom rang and her secretary buzzed her in.

‘Mr. Glover is on line two for you Miss.’

Kate took a deep breath and answered.

‘Hello,’ before she could burst out with her insults, Nectars father spoke up.

‘I don’t know what my son sees in you but he is so sure he wants this marriage to happen. Can you meet me at 12pm for lunch at my house? I’m sure you can find your way.’

Kate was not able to object or say a word before he went off the line. She thought it was best to meet him and tell the family her mind.

Kate thought since he doesn’t agree to the wedding, he might help convince her dad. The problem now is how she would get his location. Kate knew she just have to call her dad who would definitely insult her.

Her Mom also has no idea where the Glovers live and her Dad wasn’t answering either.

‘I can’t call the devil himself.’ She said to herself. ‘Stacy, call Nectar Glover on this number.’ After calling out his number to her secretary she told her to let him know it was urgent so she needed the direction to his house.

Though Kate still haven’t been able to figure out how Nectar got her number the last time but she was glad now he did, which would help her sort out the cancellation of the marriage deal.

Kate didn’t know what happened but she got herself to the Glover residence after she got the direction from Stacy.


‘Hello sir, I want to apologize for my behavior the last time, I was in a bad place with my dad then.’ Kate said after she had settled down in the Glover house.

‘Well I still don’t agree to my son marrying you!’

‘That is what I want too!’ Kate quickly chipped in.

‘However, my son won’t back down even after knowing he might be raising somebody else’s baby.’ Kate was embarrassed but she didn’t want to show her stubbornness again.

‘Moreover, he keeps ranting about the fact that you are carrying his baby.’

‘No sir, this child is mine alone.’ Kate quickly replied. ‘I’m sure he’s just paranoid.’

‘Maybe you are right.’ Mr Glover admitted.

‘Please speak to my dad so he cancels this wedding plan.’

‘I’m sorry Miss, I love my son, in as much as I don’t want him marrying you. I can’t decide for him, what makes him happy. He has been through a lot already so if he says you are the one, who am I to reject you?’

‘What about my own happiness then.’ Kate asked when she obviously wasn’t making any heads way with him.

‘Well work out your own salvation? Wedding is in a month, take it or leave it. Your dad wants it done soon.’

Kate just got so angry, confused and stormed out of there without a word. She drove straight home, walked in on her parents sitting on separate beds.

‘ Dad can we talk?’

He just looked sadly at her for a second. Kate was sure he saw the tears in her eyes.

‘Mom, can you please excuse us?’

Her mom made to say something but she closed her mouth and walked out.

‘Dad I know you would have wished mommy was alive but I understand I killed her.’

‘You have no idea what you are talking about.’ He responded.

Kate just ignored and continued.

‘It was a tough decision to make back then, the love of your life, or your child and I believe you loved me when you chose me. Why then are you so angry with me?’

‘Just stop talking.’ Wilson managed to say again.

‘You always forget I lost a mother too, so you are not the only one who lost someone.’

‘So? Would that bring her back?’ He asked angrily.

‘But I’m the innocent one here, I could just leave this house and never see you again, but I’m still here hoping you would change soon.’

‘You should leave. I don’t need you around here.’

‘I can’t leave mom behind, she wouldn’t leave with me because she loves you too much and can’t leave you attending to your own needs.’

‘Good for her.’ He hissed.

‘Cancel this wedding and I would do whatever you want.’

‘Get married rather, and I would treat that murderer of a mother right.’

‘Okay I will get married, but not to that man, I mean I do not even like the man.’ Kate finally gave up with a condition.

To be continued



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  1. Kate is taking dis too high d reason best known to her but she can just accept d man for d sake of her child or she want her child to grow up without d father… Tanks To D Writter $ Happy Weekend

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