No Room for love
No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 11 (Corrected)

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When she got upstairs, she took her shower and tucked herself in bed. Not long after Nectar came back from wherever he went to.

‘Sorry I woke you up.’

‘I wasn’t sleeping.’ Kate found herself answering Nectar in a rather calm tone.

‘You are okay right?’ He asked.

‘Does your sister live here as well?’ Kate ignored his question.

‘Yes, is there a problem?’ He examined her face closely.

‘Yes, there is gentle man. Tell her to avoid me.’

‘I have been meaning to ask what the problem was between you two but she refused to talk about it.’

‘Just tell her not to come near me,’

Kate said again, but this time with a loud tone.
‘Alright.’ He responded and stopped talking.

‘I don’t even know why you can’t get your own place after getting married. I’m not sure how long I can stand her in this house, but warn her.’

‘Kate you haven’t even been here for a day yet and you already have problems with someone.’

‘And what’s that supposed to mean?’ She queried.

‘I understand you girls have your feud before I met you but please kindly bear with me for now.’ He scratched his face. ‘I will get a place soon,’ he finally said.

‘You had better do so.’ She retorted back!

Nectar just nodded his head in detest and went to clean himself up. For what looked like, two hours he came back to the room.

Kate figured he went to get something fixed for himself because he was childishly wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

He just said goodnight after Kate saw him with his toothbrush earlier going into the washroom. Then he jumped onto the couch, after picking up a pillow beside her.

Kate was surprised when she asked why he was sleeping there because it wasn’t like she expects anything to happen or she cared that much.

Nectar replied he thought that was part of the contract, as he hasn’t gotten time to read yet.

‘Gentle man make time and read the contract, you can have the bed if you want to.’ She said to nectar and pulled herself to face the dressing mirror and that was it. Kate was gone within minutes.

She woke up realizing Nectar actually came over to bed. She figured the pregnancy was doing wonders on her lately.
She quickly rushed herself through her bath and was dressing up when he woke up.

“Good morning.”

‘I’m off to work, maybe I might end up at my mums because I need to pick up my car.’ Kate said instead of replying his greeting.

“Oh that! Can you give me five minutes to wash down so I can drop you off since your car isn’t here!”

‘Don’t bother Drake is picking me up. Do you have a problem with that?’
Kate enquired calmly.

‘No, no, have a nice day.’
Nectar immediately replied.

She smiled and walked out meeting mommy and daughter on the dining table.

She wondered where Mr. Glover has been since yesterday. Her mother inlaw tried pushing breakfast on her earlier but she declined, and Matt’s with her pathetic face kept staring.

Kate greeted and walked out.

‘Gosh, I can’t stand her.’ She murmured on her way out. Kate felt she saw Nectar hiding behind the curtains.

‘Was he checking up on me?’ She asked herself again and got into the car.

Drake drove off in silence, until he finally asked a weird question.

‘Did you sleep with him?’

Kate gave him a scornful look.

‘It’s none of my business, you are married to the dude so you are entitled but I was just curious.’

She looked at him weirdly again and shook him with her shoulder.

‘Oh come on! You know all this is on paper right?’

He nodded. ‘Just forget i asked.’

Besides you knew I’m only attracted to one man.’ She stated sadly.

Drake smiled briefly and drove on. He didn’t want to pursue that topic anymore.
There was too much loads of work that Kate just had to leave it for Stacy and see her mother quickly.

When she entered, the whole place looked so different though she left just yesterday but it seemed to her like forever.

Just then her mum, quickly pulled her over into her arms and checking her up.

‘How have you been?’

That was the genesis of their chat and tears for a while.

‘Mom, I think I have to go. I want to stay but knowing Dad he wouldn’t want me back here. By the way, where is he.’ Kate asked suspiciously.

‘Ermm maybe work?’

‘Mom, you are lying.’

‘Okay, He hasn’t been home since you left yesterday.’


‘He left you alone in here? What a jerk! Mom I’m staying and that is final!’

‘No, you are married now; get yourself out to your house.’

‘Why don’t you want my help.’ She frowned.

‘Kate I’m not an invalid.’

‘But mom i……’

‘No buts Kate. You have wifely duties.’

‘Wifely duties can wait.’ Kate tried to convince her mom.

‘No it can’t wait.’ Her mom kept pushing her away.

‘Is that why you insist on staying in this house like a slave?’

‘I’m no ones slave here Kate.’

‘You think I haven’t noticed; you sleep on two separate beds in your room.’ Kate finally queried her mom.

‘You were probably dreaming.’ Catherine didn’t want to admit to her daughter the truth.

‘I see you walk out all night in the garden crying. Mom I see it all, whatever it is tell me. Let us leave here before he comes back.’

‘I’m staying right here Kate.’

‘Do you owe him anything mom? We can find a way to pay back.’

Just then, they heard a knock on the door.
Kate went to open up and Nectar was standing by the door smiling.
Catherine had earlier on called Nectar when she went to the kitchen to get some juice for her daughter.

‘What are you doing here? Am i not allowed visit to my home anymore just because I’m married?’

‘Kate don’t blame him, I called him up, knowing fully well you might not want to leave.’ Her Mom interrupted.


‘Don’t mom me; just go with your husband.’

‘What husband? You have no idea what a child I married.?’ She blurted out and heard her name in a loud tone.

‘Kate!! Watch your mouth, who brought you up this way.’

‘But mom, he’s st…..’

‘He’s what?’ Her mom cut her off. ‘Apologize to your husband now. You think everything will always be white. You learn to endure and like the blacks as well.’

‘Mom I’m sorry, but don’t ask me to apologize to him.’

‘Yes, am asking you to. Be fast about it.’

Catherine worry too much over these stuffs. She sniffed! ‘Okay sorry,’

Not good enough Kate.

“I said I’m sorry”.

“That’s better.” Her mom replied.

‘Geez mom, I have to go now since you are driving me out. Please kindly send my car through the driver tomorrow or I would be tempted to come back and never go back.’

‘You would get your car tomorrow. Now come here.’ Her Mom gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheeks.

‘I love you mom.’

‘I love you too, now be good!’ Her mom said sternly, ‘Nectar kindly take her away before she changes her mind.’

Catherine told Nectar without looking in Kate’s direction.

To be continued



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