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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 10

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No More Room For Love Episode 10

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‘Our house,’ Nectar said calmly.

‘Guy you can see she is not in the mood now. You go and come back another time.’ Drake said trying to make fun of him.

‘Okay, Kate I will see you tomorrow.’

He said and walked out. Kate glanced at Drake after Nectar walked out and they laughed hilariously.

‘Is this man stupid or what.’
Kate you are in for a lot of trouble in your marriage.’

‘That’s even better; I can have my peace of mind.’

‘I think you should listen to Matts, whatever she has to say.’ He changed the topic.

‘Not you too Drake, I just can’t stand the girl.’

They were still talking when her parents came in.

‘Young girl, what are you still doing here, you should be in your husband’s house?’

‘Dad, please not now, I’m not in the mood for your taunting’s.’

‘Wilson leave her alone for once, Nectar said he would pick her up tomorrow.’ Catherine muttered. Wilson gave them a scornful look and went away.
She saw her mom seated by her bedside. Kate didn’t even realize she slept off and Drake had left.
‘Mum, is everyone gone.’

‘Yes, including your grams. She said to tell you she would visit when you settle in.’

‘Are you taking this dress along.’ Kate saw her mom holding the red top she got her for Christmas.

‘Mum what are you doing?’

‘Packing your things for your matrimonial home?’

‘Really, and who told you I would be going there.’

‘Come on Kate, don’t treat the poor boy like that. He really adores you and would do anything for you.’

‘I don’t know what to do again mom.’

‘Just give him a chance, will you? For my sake.’

‘Mom, please don’t ask me to do the impossible, just promise you will call if you run into trouble with dad.’

‘My dear, don’t worry I will be fine here.’

‘I don’t believe you.’

‘Enjoy your marriage and sorry I was out of money this month so I haven’t been able to get you anything for your wedding night. Will do that once I get my allowance for housekeeping next month.’ Catherine was trying to ignore her daughter’s suspicions.

Kate grabbed her cheque book on the table beside her and quickly signed it.

‘Mom, you don’t have to get me anything besides I doubt if a wedding night is ever going to happen, but here take this cheque.’ She handed her mom the cheque. ‘I always told you to let me know when you don’t have money.’

‘I didn’t want to worry you.’

‘I hope dad wouldn’t starve you for me.’

‘Kate don’t starve the poor boy please. Marriage, is not consummated without the wedding night. Do i have to give you guidelines?’

‘At the look of things mom, I have to give you guidelines!’ She said and they both laughed!


Early the next day, nectar was in her house. Her mom quickly dragged her stuffs to his booth and her dad was walking aimlessly in the room.

She gave her mom a long hug, and told her Dad to remember their deal.

He just looked at her daughter in a way that he has never done before. Kate thought he was sad she was leaving home.

The drive home was rather awkward as he kept stealing glances.

‘I hope you wouldn’t mind if we stopped here because i want to get us something for lunch.’ He said and Kate ignored him. Nectar figured she wouldn’t reply him.

‘What would you prefer?’ Kate stared at him and was mute for some seconds.

‘Gentle man, do whatever you want to and you always don’t have to ask my permission.’

‘Okay, I will be right back.’ he pulled over and rushed out to what seemed like a restaurant.

Kate sat in the car thinking what was in store for her and how she was going to handle Nectars childish attitude.

She was out for about 5mins when he spoke up.

‘I got your favorite for you.’

Oh, you are already back,’ She managed to say weakly to Nectar. He nodded and they drove on.

Nectar drove to the building with giant gates. Kate recognized the place and then she saw Nectar’s mom and Dad coming out.

‘You are welcome my daughter.’
She was like really, ‘this guy still stays with his parents.’ Kate was at their house the other day but figured he stayed their temporarily.

She thought to herself quietly before replying their greetings.
‘Thank you mommy.’ She smiled sheepishly. They got inside and was ushered into her matrimonial room.

‘He does have taste for good decor,’ Kate found herself whispering and smiling.

‘What is funny?’ Nectar asked.
‘And who is laughing,’ she replied.
‘Sorry, you can use the other side of the wardrobe.’

‘Ahuh.’ Kate shrugged.

‘Kate.’ he called.
She raised her head and saw Nectar throwing to her direction the keys. ‘I handed your lunch over to my mum. Maybe you can come down after you settle in.’
‘Gentle man, I’m not hungry.’
‘But you need not starve yourself. You know you are still pregnant.’ Nectar said calmly.

‘And what part of that concerns you.’ She said rudely.

Kate realized she was getting irritated already and if she doesn’t get any sleep soon she might just explode.

‘Look I’m just concerned as a doctor not a father.’ He walked out and Kate felt like he was angry. She couldn’t tell when she slept off, but woke up feeling really hungry.

Nectar was nowhere around the house. Kate walked out with no particular place in mind. She met Mrs Glover on the couch and the whole place was silent.

‘You are awake; do you care for your lunch now? I came in earlier, but you were fast asleep.’ Her mother in-law said.

‘Yes mom, besides I want to know the way to the kitchen just in case.’

She got her food reheated and for what seemed like several hours she was finally done.

‘Don’t worry about food for some time whiles you are here. Just take your time and get acquainted with the place first, I will be doing the cooking myself.’

‘Thanks mommy.’ She replied gently and the thought of her friend crossed her mind.

‘How did this woman end up giving birth to a spoilt child like Matts? I’m sure it was her stepmom that spoilt her.’ Kate was thinking aloud and whispering gently.

Kate knew Matt’s stayed back with her dad and stepmom when her mom remarried her ex Mr Glover. Kate haven’t met her mom before but Matts showed her a picture of her once. It was a complicated family which was the main reason why she had a connection with Matts because they both lived with their step parents.

‘But this woman right here, is so different from Matt,’ She murmured so her mother in- law who was seated with her at the dinning table wouldn’t hear her.

Just then, she felt someone was standing on her. Kate turned and their eyes met.

‘Welcome, Katie!’

Kate just looked on and back to her phone, which she was glued to earlier giving her friends information on how to find Nectars house.

‘Let me leave you two.’
Nectars mom finally said after sensing the tension around.
Kate saw Matts pulling a chair beside her.

‘Can we talk please? Katie!’ She made to touch her and Kate withdrew her hands.

‘Matts stay in your lane; I don’t want to do anything I would regret later.’

Kate hissed and went upstairs.

To be continued


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