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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 1

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No More Room For Love Episode 1

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I’m sorry Katie, Matt’s enveloped me in her arms while i cried on her shoulders soiling her top. He is gone, Andy has finally killed me. Matt’s do not say that; you are going nowhere.

You will be fine, just give it time. I was just not in the mood for Matt’s soothing words at the moment. Why do i always end up with this kind of bad luck.

None of my relationship has ever lasted. One tragedy and broken heart after the other. I wailed and sat on the floor while onlookers watched vigorously but with a sad tone while murmuring their sorry’s.


Andy was my whole life, after all my previous relationships failed. We had a lot of plans in our relationship. There were times we had our fights but we always patch up.

This time it is forever goodbye. His health became a problem. I stood by him. We got the best doctors for chemo and surgery’s but the last one snatched him off planet earth. When will i recover from this tragedy.

He is the only man that has accepted me for who I am. He gives me the affection I never got from my Dad.


I instantly stood up with so much energy and no regrets for what i just did to obviously a good woman. Then i peeped through the theater window.

The light in the room was too bright, hence distracting me. I saw my now ex girlfriend walking blurry far away with her friend consoling her.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Gentle man, it is Andy Sir! Andy, why treat a good woman that way. From where i stand that woman loves you. But i do not get why you should fake your own death.

Doctor you would not understand. I keep playing the events of the past year in my head. Help me understand, I know you only paid me to fake your brain tumor and death but you nearly killed her.

She spent one hour on drip from the news. Am sorry, but she is just too much attached to me. I love her but not in the way she wants me to.

There is nothing wrong with her, I have found someone else i love more than her Doctor. She has been through a lot in the past and this is the best way i could help her recover early.

I must admit you are heartless. Our deal is over Mr. Andy; I will send you back what you payed me. I refuse to be a part of this torture. He said and walked out on me.



You have been through enough doesn’t mean you should hold up your happiness. You deserve to be happy, my three best friends told me in a serious tone over one of our coffee mornings.

I just shrugged and continued sipping my coffee, because I had already made up my mind not to listen to Anthon, James and not even drake the closest among the three friends.

My parents Mr. and Mrs. Santa are beginning to think am into women. It has been 4years since my last break up with my seventh boyfriend.

Each of my relationships thought me enough to put a barricade over my heart, especially the last one. I kept playing the drama that unfolded in Mandela’s house when I went over to drop some of my belongings unannounced since we planned to move in together.

Then I heard Drakes voice and James shaking me, Kate are you with us, I came out of my reverie and gave them a fake smile. You have been out like 5mins, said drake.

I met drake who was already friends with those two, the day I rushed out of Mandela’s house confused. I bumped into him by the roadside, after I left my car over at Mandela’s house and rushed out of the building like a freak, with no particular place in mind.

Since then he had been there throughout the healing process, and introduced his other two friends. I must admit am yet to heal after 4years, but am almost there since I do not cry about it that much.


I just got home late, after those three decided to cheer me up after coffee morning. As I entered, I greeted my mum, who just sighed “Thank God”. Probably because I came home safe, I took a step up the stairs, when I heard his husky voice.

Where do you think you are coming from by this time of the night? I just froze at one point, and managed to look back and my mum beckoned me to be quiet.

She knew we were at the verge of exchanging words again, since that has become our routine. Then he spoke up again, am I not asking you a question, “young girl” . I hate it when he calls me young girl, for crying aloud I blurted out.

Dad am 27years old, in case you forgot. Then he flared up again, I could not describe the fury in his eyes at that moment. I was not sure if his eyes were that red because I told him not to call me young girl or because I said something else.

He always become so angry like a lion, when it comes to my age or birthdays. Nevertheless, I just regarded it as if the man does not like me that much.

Then he spoke up again, i told you if you want to be sleeping with every man in trousers; you had better leave my house. I will not come home and my house is not complete, I just looked straight ahead and trying so hard to control my anger.

Though I was fuming inside, I cannot stand mum being in the center of everything again. I hate to see her cry because my Dad decided to be so cold towards his family.

Sometimes I wonder if he gave birth to me and if he ever loved the woman he married. After several noises from him, I walked straight to my room, and laid down.

I heard a knock on my door, and mum entered.


Kate, I told you not to talk back at him when he is fuming at you. However, you disobeyed me out there again. Mum, I can’t stand Dad treating me that way, am not a kid anymore. I just want him to recognize me as his own.

On the other hand, am I not his daughter? Had the table been turned to the other side, I would understand. However, with him, I do not seem to get it.

Mum just stood up at once and scared the hell out of me. That is supposed to mean, Mum asked. Your food is in the microwave in case you get hungry. Then she walked out. I slapped my mouth, asking myself in deep thought what I said wrong.

Mum avoided me the whole week, Dad just hiss anytime he bumped into me in the house. I just wanted to be daddy’s girl, why won’t he give me that chance, was it my fault I am his only child. I was in deep thought, when she walked into my office.

Stacy buzzed in; informing me Eve was looking for me. I raised up my face and my gaze fell on the figure walking towards my direction.

I just dropped what I was doing and stared, can I sit down; I nodded my head to her question. She took her sit, and there was silence for a while. Then she stood up, look Kate, I don’t know why am even here in the first place.

I guess to kill me finally, I retorted. Common Kate, we both know I wasn’t at fault, if you were in my shoes would you have said anything.


Remember the girl’s code; see and do not tell, she hissed with a pathetic face. I also remember the code, which said no snatching of another’s partner. I answered her. I guess you could have made an exception for this one, at least I told you I was going to the house that day, and you could have dropped a hint.

I was so surprised I was so calmed, talking to this betrayal of a friend. How was I going to do that when you really want to move in with him?

I told you several times to take your time that was a hint enough Kate.

Therefore, you just came to my office to apportion blames on our failed friendship or my failed love. In fact get out of my office, she just sat there staring at me.

Then she finally spoke up, to think I just came here to invite a very good friend to my wedding, It seemed like she is still holding a grudge against the wrong person.

Annette was right; I should not have come here in the first place. She dropped what seemed like an invitation card on my desk and walked out.

I slumped in my chair, thinking if I did the right thing, throwing her out of my office. I had lunch with drake, where we discussed Eve’s presence in my office the previous week. He could not help but just stare at me throughout the lunch.

He did not say much and I was wondering if he was even listening to me at all. I decided to talk to mum, about Eve’s wedding, I had a soft spot for my friends.

Until the three decided to betray me, but we had plans, we took a whole vacation to plan how our weddings were going to be the talk of town, because it was going to be us three at the same time.

Nevertheless, what do I get now; they are moving on without me, should I cry over this again. Mum wiped my face with the back of her hand telling me to find a way and forgive them including the b**** herself; Matilda.

I told her that would not be possible, and then my dad walked in.


Obviously in a good mood. Mum quickly stood up, as if she was afraid of him. He just walked pass us to his room, I looked at his shadow then back at my mum.

Mum are you sure you both are okay, has he been beating you. No my daughter, your father isn’t like that, he has anger issues but has never laid a hand on me.

How do you even cope with him in this house, I can’t cope but am still here because I want to be sure you are fine, that is why I haven’t moved out yet mum, because am so sure you aren’t telling me the truth here, I have eyes you know.

I see what you are going through; I mean dad has never been nice to you ever since I started growing up. Moreover, how could you love a man like that? Come here my daughter, she took me in her arms like am still a kid; there are things you will never understand.

I ended up taking her out for a movie that evening which she kept saying she is too old for. I was determined however to find out what those two are hiding from me.

We got home with dad furious why mum was not home early, i was surprised she just said sorry and went inside. I feel the hurt burning inside her and I could do little to make everything go away.

I mean I have a job of my own, which my mum made sure I inherited. I was deep in thought when my phone rang in my bedside drawer; I had no idea when I kept it there.

I picked up and it was drake. Sweetheart, longtime! What do you say about boys hang out Saturday 7:00pm, the usual joint. We talked for a while and I drifted to bed, thinking about having a long chat with my dad soon.

He cannot keep shutting us all out for 22years, since I was five he was never around that much. Mum keeps running tiredly every day until she got house cleaners.

To be continued



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