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Updates On Tarasha to continue…

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NJUpdates on Tarasha to continue on 4th of August.

First, I must apologize for the inconsistency in updates. I’m sorry if you are disappointed. I also promised to make an update last week but didn’t. I couldn’t post what I wrote(it was under much pressure and didn’t even make sense to me).

I know this may make more people lose interest but I beg you to be patient with me. I’ve weighed the options and doing this is obviously the best for me. By 4th of August, I would have been through with my final exams and possibly project work too. The story would come to an end before the year runs out.

Other stories would continue to run on the blog as someone else is in charge for this period.


PS: Except for the latest five comments I see on my admin dashboard when I log in, I’ve not been going through comments, so you might have dropped a question or query somewhere that wasn’t attended to. You can drop your comments or questions here and an admin would attend to it if necessary. Thanks.

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52 Replies to “Updates On Tarasha to continue…

  1. My advice don’t end the story early and when you start updating at least give us two episodes a week#kenya branch

  2. It’s good u inform your readers about the updates. I personality finds it insulting for the lack of feedbacks. Pls work on that and and make it official on days of updates. Thank u.

    1. Are you insane ❓

      Somebody say d story will be finished before dis year runs out
      And you are here typing team season 3

  3. Admin please which interesting story can I read to keep myself busy till 4th of August… story wey dey interesting like that of Tarasha

  4. thanks for informed us when the next chapter would be updated. You shall come out in fly colour in your examination so that you can be happily updating like before.

  5. thank you for telling us in time . success in your exams and projects. can you recommend a story for us to be reading before that time ?

  6. You’re just toying with our intelligence, always coming up with stories… You’re making this thing sick n boring

  7. Mxcheeew.

    Just say it once and for all that u are out of Inspiration and save us all this.
    Stop fooling us around, Those the age of ur dad are reading this story for God sake!

  8. I give up 100%
    Let me finish the story for myself rex and co died in a ghastly accident when trying to escape
    Vice president died of heart attack
    That cole girlfriend got killed
    Tomi and cole got married
    Henry impregnated tara
    Stephanie started working with the Government as regards her NGO stuff
    I wrote everything up there just to give myself piece of mind….
    August my foot
    As if I came to this life to read story
    Why start what you can’t finish???
    You dey sing abi rap, Write and studying as well why multitasking when you know you ain’t capable of delivering
    School this school that as if someone dis not go to school
    Any school doing convocation any moment from now and I no see any oyin for best graduating student alaye na curse oooooo
    To hell with you a****le

    1. How I wish u av a little sense, dis is very bad of u. I don’t even think u av ever been to sch and u are even planning to attend one. Cos if u ever plan of going to sch u won’t curse him. So u tink higher institution is like secondary sch. Nice one jare Oyin, I wish u success in ur exams. Just don’t mind dis imbecile.

      1. The dude who spilled trash;
        Uniben class 14 and I studied Microbiology
        Msc in public health in University of Birmingham
        So sad I can’t post pictures
        Back to the matter;
        The comment was never directed at you and to the best of my knowledge my opinion remains mine and I see no reason why my comment should turn to a case study for you.
        All what you typed up there is nothing but stupidity of the highest hierarchy
        The thing is the day you step your foot outta this country am damn sure you won’t be able to cope with people who doesn’t keep to time
        #Peace BUT it’s annoying for you to pick on me plainly cos I had to pour out my mind.

    2. haahahaha I can’t fit laugh, the story tire person.. all the same school is not easy especially when you are doing project.

  9. LOL!!..
    Can’t jjst stop laughing,0 heei my pipul no b smalu tin oo.. See as una dey trow tramps pls let peace reign oo.
    @oga_oyin i pray that you shall come out in flying colors in jesus name. We that have been following up this story right from day one ‘we shall live to see the end, non of us wil go missing, non of us wil be turned into agent of death and evil thing’.



  10. Dis is rubbish writing a story for more den two year is bad for a writer I swear if dis is wot u do for a living u go no far my dear sit up n do wot is right and stop giving unnecessary excuses

  11. Hmmmm… Truth is non of us here is pleased with the way this story is going(even the writer). But hey, story writing is not easy oh! You’ve to do plenty thinking, calculation and investigations. Did you think Oyin have been to half of the places he’ve mentioned in the story? Its not his fault jari. Wallahi its not easy combining exams/projects and this story together. Na only him the write am oh nobody the epp! @Oyin, pls don’t feel bad with these insults, its part of the thing. Wish you success in your exams!

  12. Oooh, are we gonna be patient for a whole month?
    Surely am going to miss this part. Ok then, till you come back… Ciao for now 👌

  13. Those people surporting oyin are new readers. I cant even count how many times oyin has been doing exams and project. Me i’m use to all this and i wasnt surprised wen i saw what he wrote there. Oyin i guess u dont have any prob with ur traffic. There was a time oyin was asking questions on Tarasha and he promised to give the full story to the winner then, i think Kingsley was the name of the winner then. I taught oyin has finished writing Tarasha. But now i no understand the guy

  14. I’ve been reading Tarasha since August 2015 and it doesnt seems to end soon, and this part2 doesnt even be like a revenge, now tell me how wont i get tired? Those insulting him i dont blame them, i know most of them are nairalanders

  15. Ok. Just came back to read comments. As for the idiot who insulted me on my comment above, if I say let thunder disfigure you now, they will say am wicked. If I crave for Tarasha season 10, is it business? I forgive u.

  16. Since excuses have been the habit of OYIN, I used to come online quarterly,after December, march then June. I was less busy today and i login just to see another excuse.
    I will be coming back by December to read all the episodes (if there is any)


  17. #LOL , but oyin u fuc up o, we suppose to know when u are busy n when u are not by the way u update ,because when you were not busy(as u said) u were giving us one or two short updates in a week,try n change.
    Wish success in ur exam

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