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Blemished Love – Episode 34

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Grissel paced around for a while when Melisa left.


‘Are you okay?’ Stella asked walking to her.’


‘How would I be okay in here when Lisa is out there facing embarrassment for me?’


‘Remember you wanted this and she feels like she owes you.’


‘I know that and I regret agreeing to her crazy ideas in the first place.’ Grissel lamented.


‘It’s alright, let’s look at the brighter side.’ Paige said signaling her to have a sit.’


She walked sadly to have a seat on the bed.


‘Mommy, are we going to talk now. I’m scared right now.’ Shirley announced drawing her attention to her.


‘Oh sweetheart, come let’s talk.’ Grissel beckoned on her to have a sit beside her.


Grissel took that opportunity to explain to Shirley what was actually going to happen in the next few minutes. Shirley understood her mom and gave her a thumbs up.


Melisa on getting there saw Bryan seated in his suit. She walked to him while everyone around looked on.


Julia and Gina figured out she was going to cause a problem due to how she was acting from yesterday night so they run after her but they were too late.


‘Hey, you are not dressed?’ Bryan asked naively.


‘Dressed? What for?’ Melisa answered rudely.


‘Lisa, what are you doing?’ Julia whispered quietly because she drew everyone’s attention to herself when she rushed to the event room in her morning dress.


‘I thought we are getting mar…ri..’ Bryan stammered at the end and paused when he saw the look on her face.


‘Married?’ Melisa laughed quietly.


Bryan’s face became pale all of a sudden because he noticed everyone was staring at him. ‘’ He stammered.


‘You think I want to marry a despicable you?’ She said and Julia came in front of her.


Bryan’s face was down at that moment as people gathered around.


‘What’s going on with you?’ Julia asked.


‘Come on, you should know by now I wasn’t going to marry him.’


‘Then why embarrass him when you didn’t plan on getting married.’


‘Aunty, he deserves it.’


‘I know that but he was a victim as well.’


‘A victim? How long has he known me and he couldn’t speak up.’


‘I understand you perfectly but don’t make a scene here.’ Julia said looking around.


‘I won’t marry him, that’s what I have been waiting all week to tell him.’


‘Do you feel good doing this?’ Julia who noticed she was pushing her tears back asked.


‘No, but at least I got it out of my system.’


‘What is all this?’ Morris said behind them. He must have been there all this while.


‘Talk to your daughter before we get laughed at.’ Julia cautioned him.


Morris turned to Bryan angrily. ‘What did you do to my daughter?’


‘Morris stop it.’ Julia yelled at him.


‘Stop what? I just asked a question.’


‘You should be talking to Lisa not Bryan.’ Julia cautioned.


‘I heard everything she said earlier and I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me Junior hurt her.’


‘Thank you Dad.’ Melisa said uncomfortably.


‘Shut it.’ Morris snarled at her and turned to Bryan whose face has been down all this while.


‘Addison what’s going on?’ Sculley appeared from within the crowd.


‘Your son hurt my daughter.’ He said childishly.


He swallowed the joy in his voice. ‘I thought that was cleared up when they decided to get married.’ Sculley said foolishly.


‘So you knew and still came here with me to marry my daughter.’


‘I found out this morning from one Henry on my way to pick you up.’ Sculley said uncomfortably.


Melisa’s face colored up. She was scared Henry could be there at the events but she brushed it off.


‘And you didn’t think it was necessary to tell me that.’


‘Junior said he cleared it up with Lisa.’ Sculley said without anger.


‘Cleared what up.  I’m sure if given a second chance he would watch his friends molest me again.’


‘What? Her dad moved towards Bryan while those gathered around murmured and dispersed.


Tom from nowhere stood in front of his dad preventing him from moving any further.


‘Lisa, what is this I heard about you cancelling the wedding.’ His brother asked with an unhappy grimace.


‘Yes, I wasn’t going to marry him anyway.’


‘I’m sorry Lisa.’ Bryan said faintly interrupting Tom’s thoughts.


Tom looked back at him. ‘Dude, just don’t sit down there like a lady.’


Everyone laughed at Tom utterances. Gina and Julia were nudging each other by the shoulder.


‘Save your breathe Tom.’ Melisa told him.


‘Are you sure this is not just a mistake.’


‘No, the wedding was initially yours.’ Melisa said bravely.


Tom laughed loud and glanced around. The guests had finally left them alone. But he didn’t like how Julia and Gina was quiet. Even his dad was giving him weird glances.


‘Addison, can we talk somewhere.’ Sculley said after a few seconds of silence.


‘Sure,’ he dragged Bryan by the hands and they left the rest of the family.


‘Lisa, what did you do?’ Tom asked with a sad tone.


‘You are getting married Tom.’ She repeated with joy.


‘This isn’t funny Lisa.’


‘No, you paid for your own wedding.’ Melisa with a smile.


Julia saw him boiling and she knew he had figured it out so she pulled Gina away.


‘Where’s she?’ He flared up while his friends calm him down.


‘Relax Tom.’ Melisa said with another smile.


‘Don’t tell me to relax when you naively brought back my worst nightmare.’


‘Tom, that’s not fair.’ Melisa retorted.


‘Not fair? Was it fair when she left me broken?’


‘I kno……’


‘What were you thinking Lisa?’ He snarled towards her.


‘I was thinking about you.’


‘By bringing all these people together just to embarrass them.’


‘No, they would get over it.’ She said moving back slowly as Tom walked closer raging.


Melisa moved away finally and headed towards the room which Tom followed still boiling with rage. Tom saw Paige, Stella and the rest of the family waiting in front of a room obviously nervous.


Julia and Gina who went in earlier scolded Grissel for her stunts and left Shirley crying. They had to apologize to her before she stopped crying which made Grissel uncomfortable. Grissel was uncomfortable knowing Tom could just come in any minute. She trembled and asked the rest to stay but they told her it was her mess to clean.


Shirley offered to stay and she was so grateful but unfortunately Grissel didn’t want her to see what might happen so she sent her into the inner room with instructions.


When Melisa rushed off after Julia left, Grissel had to tell her daughter it was her wedding and luckily for her Shirley made her understood she made the best decision when she said it was okay if her mom didn’t love her dad anymore. Grissel pondered over her daughters soothing words and wondered what she knew about love then it hit her she’s growing and has seen a lot.


Austin rushed up to him and held him back.


‘Let me go. Your friend needs to leave this premises immediately.’ Tom said angrily and snugged out of his grasp.


Mike tried to reach out in order to pull him back but he was not going to stop struggling.


‘Let him go Mike. They both need to talk.’ Gina announced calmly.


Everyone standing there glanced at Gina and back to Tom who had hit his leg on the door.




Tom barged in after telling everyone who followed him earlier to stay out of his way. Grissel was pacing in the room when he entered.


‘What do you take me for? To think I paid this huge amounts of money on you again.’


‘Tom, it w….’


‘It wasn’t your idea? Do you want to tell me you had no hand in this sham of a wedding plan?’ His voice was going up than usual.


‘Yes I wanted to get married to you again bu……’ Grissel paused and stared at the angry man standing in front of him.


‘But what?’ You think I want to have you back in my house so you could just walk in and out as if my life is a brothel.’ Tom knew he was being rude but he couldn’t help it.


‘’ She thought that would work.


‘Don’t call me that? You irritate me right now.’


‘I kno..w but I did for us.’ She stammered while Tom kept boiling inside.,


Tom was filled with unexplainable anger, their memories together flashed his mind and he hit his hand on the door so hard that Grissel had to move back quickly giving him space.


‘Us? You tell me your ex-husband is heartless but you are the most heartless person I’ve ever met.


Tom kept raising his voice while she on the other hand was calm.


Tom, I’m s…..


‘Sorry?’ You are so selfish.’


Grissel knew she deserved his anger and the fact that he wasn’t throwing things at her which she was expecting kept her calm.


‘I deserve your outburst.’ She muttered with her arms crossed barely able to contain her emotions.


‘Of course you deserve it, were you thinking you would come in here with your little stunts and I just pull you into my arms.’


No, I was we co..uld talk and you have ev..ery to cancel the we..dding.’ She stuttered and was holding herself back from crying.


‘Talk you say. About what exactly.’ He said walking closer to her now. ‘Oh maybe you want to talk about how fulfilled you felt running off with him.’


‘Tom, its okay if you don’t want me, there’s no need to make me cry.’ She said moving back from him with so much courage.


‘You think things would go back to normal between us when you ruin everything I felt for you?’


‘I know I hurt you Tom.’ She said calmly and seemed hurt by his outburst now.


Grissel could feel her heart pumping and she wondered if her baby was okay.


Her wavering hands moved unconsciously to her belly. She knelt on the floor slowly with her head touching the floor.


Tom just looked at her for a long while and took his gaze off trying to catch his breath from his earlier outburst.


Dani was hiding behind the curtains where Tom faced but it seemed he didn’t notice Shirley was there all that time until she came out.


She noticed spots of blood on the bottom of Grissel’s white blouse and she knew something had to be done that was why she came out. Dani pulled her mom off the floor gently while Tom looked on probably embarrassed.


‘Uncle Tom you’ve hurt mommy.’ She said and wiped her face while dragging her mom to the room where she was listening to everything. Grissel didn’t hesitate to follow her daughter because she felt unwell.


Grissel had told her to close the door behind her earlier and she had no idea Shirley would disobey her. Tom had no idea why Shirley mentioned he hurt her mom when he barely touched her.


He however choked on his final words and swallowed hard. He sat on the floor in deep thoughts. He didn’t want to cry but his tears were more than the last time she betrayed him.


The door opened from the outside and as if on cue they pushed Stella into the room like a kid who had wrong her parents and needed to ask for forgiveness. Julia signaled her to go in when she hesitated at the door looking scared. It seemed at that moment they were all scared of what Tom could do to them and they thought leaving Dani in the room with Grissel might help Tom put away his anger but they were wrong.


Stella walked towards Tom reaching out to him on the floor but he pushed her to the floor so hard and stormed out of the room while his family watched him with embarrassment written on their faces.


She managed to pick up herself slowly and went to the room where Grissel and Dani was.


Melisa who was dragged away by his furious dad from the door when Stella was going in called after him but he went out of the building and drove off.


His friends just stood in the midst of the guest and looked on as the event room and where he stormed out of earlier wasn’t that far. So it was possible the guest knew what was going on.


Julia tried to call him but Gina told her to let him be.


‘Aren’t you guys going to do anything?’


Bryan who was standing behind them asked.


‘Dude, I thought this was supposed to be your wedding.’ Clive asked embarrassing him.


Austin and Mike smacked him on the shoulder and he turned around. Clive who had to do a lot of apologizing with Mike had been left off the hook. Tom apologized for making him land in the hospital the next day and even paid his bills.


‘On a more serious note, what’s the plan?’ Mike asked.


‘Tom would be back.’ Austin said scrolling through his contacts.


‘And you know that how?’ Clive asked.


‘He left me here knowing I came in his car.’


‘Come on, Tom knew you got us to drop you off in the middle of nowhere.’ Clive joked.


‘Clive be serious here. This is our embarrassment as well.’ Mike chipped in.


‘Alright, on our way here, he soiled his shirt so we parked at a boutique about ten minutes’ drive from here.’ He smiled.


‘A boutique. Is that it? Clive enquired.


‘No, you know how Tom barely buys gifts.’ Austin asked.


‘Yes, unless forced.’ Mike replied Austin.


‘He saw this white dress and bought it without hesitating. When I asked him who it was for, he sent it back to the sales person.’


‘You shouldn’t have asked. Maybe he got it for Grissel.’ Clive with his big mouth said.


‘Yeah, my question brought him back to himself.’ Austin confirmed.


‘But were you aware Grissel was going to be here?’ Mike asked suspiciously.


‘No, I’m angry with her too but then I’m sure Tom went back for that dress.’


‘He was acting on his intuition I guess.’ Mike added.


‘What has a dress got to do with anything here?’ Clive was being insensitive.


‘Don’t ask silly questions. Austin was just trying to say Tom loves Grissel he wouldn’t just leave her at this moment.’ Mike replied him.


‘Those two were meant for each other. I can’t wait for all this to be over soon.’ Austin muttered.


After about ten minutes of the news spreading among everyone that Tom had abandoned Grissel, he came out through the door with a sad grimace.


‘Hey guys, he’s here.’ Bryan said behind them again.


Bryan looked perfectly fine for someone was just embarrassed at the altar.


They all turned to the direction of the door and realized almost everyone was watching him pass by with his shopping bag. Tom went over to the officiating minister, spoke with him for two minutes and then walked away shamefully.


Julia wanted to go after him but Gina told her not to interfere.


Tom walked briskly from the event room to avoid further embarrassment. He couldn’t tell if they were looking at him because they heard him yelling at Grissel or because he stormed out of there when he found out it was his wedding.


He got to the door of the room where he left mother and daughter earlier and contemplated for a while.


Jessy walked up to him from the room opposite where he dragged Adam earlier for God knows what.


‘I’m proud of you Tom.’ She pulled him into her arms for a while and let go after some seconds.


‘Would she ever stop hurting me every time things become so difficult?’


‘Honestly, No but she always come back to you for a reason.’


‘I know she’s comfortable with me but how do I stop her from doing this to us again.’


‘You set boundaries.’ Adam peeped through the door Jessy came out of earlier. Tom noticed he was struggling with his flap and he smiled.


‘Boundaries, I get it.’ Tom smiled again glancing at Jessy’s face.


Jessy smiled back. ‘Good, I guess I would see you back out in about ten minutes.’


‘I won’t take much time and sorry about the yelling earlier.’


‘What yelling?’ Jessy asked glancing at Adam who also had no idea what he was talking about.


‘Never mind.’ He scratched his head discreetly and it dawned on him no one heard his yells apart from those inside the room but the expression on the guests faces when he came in might be due to how he stormed out.


Tom knocked on the door and held on to the knob while Jessy and Adam looked on. His heart skipped but he knew it was a necessary step so he entered the room looking around nervously.


To be continued



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  1. Hmmmm love things on point take ur wife tom and move on but those ur FRIENDs are evil they can do anything just to sleep with ur wife so knw how to handle them andur wife must tell u everything that happpend when u were not around
    Thanks oyin interesting next pls

    1. Hello Miss,
      If you check from the beginning Mr Oyin has been frequent with this particular story. Until up to a point.! So please be kind with your comments.

      He’s kind of busy these days and someone would take over for him soon.

      Besides, I think everyone wants me to rush the story, so would make the last few episodes quick and let him have it today.

  2. this episode is too short..why too much getting tired already just finish d whole thing once and for all and stop d unnecesaary suspense and delaying..

    1. Dear Sir or Madam, don’t you think you are being too harsh on the writer(Me).

      What is a story without suspense?

      I initially didn’t want to reply this your comment but I feel like you should know most of us write not for the money but for the fun of it and these kind of comments hurts and pushes us back into our shells.

      However, I take no offence, will make the last few episodes short and I’m out of here.

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