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Blemished Love – Episode 33

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Adam drove to Grissel’s end and succeeded on convincing her to come over as that would be a perfect opportunity for her to see Tom. She knew that was her initial plan with Melisa but she had already given her word to Shirley who was angry at her and Adam when they were at the cabin.

After a long talk with her and Adam promising her a phone she had agreed to leave with them. Though Grissel thought her daughter shouldn’t always have to get something in return for good deeds, she also knew it was necessary for them to leave before Dane gets back.

She thought about Dane’s reaction when he gets back and the door has been locked but she knew where to keep the key for him to find.

Grissel hesitated for a while before beckoning on Adam to knock. Everyone jumped on her like children do.

‘Please don’t hurt my baby.’ Grissel pleaded.

‘Oh sorry.’ Paige muttered and they all withdrew their hugs.

Dani must have heard their voices in her sleep so she woke up.

‘Mommy, is Lisa’s wedding over?’ Dani asked in her sleep. She was resting on Adam’s shoulder.

‘No, I’m here princess.’ Melisa said walking closer to take her from Adam whose phone has been ringing since they left the cabin.

The sleep suddenly vanished from her face as she was staring at Melisa.

‘I don’t have a dress for the wedding.’

‘I got one for you and mommy.’ Melisa pointed at the dress hanging on the wardrobe.

‘That’s so pretty.’ She struggled to be put down and rushed towards the dress.

‘Don’t dirty anything there?’ Her mom said sternly.

‘Come with me.’ Stella said to her when she paused on Grissel’s stern warning.

‘Okay, that’s the tenth time. Your sister wants me home.’

‘Thank you Adam,’ she reached out for a hug.

‘I would see you guys in the morning.’

‘Sure, don’t forget to pray.’ He read out from his phone.

‘That’s from Jessy I guess.’ Paige chipped in. Everyone forgot she was in the room.

‘Hi, Paige. Thanks for agreeing to this crazy girl’s plan.’ Grissel smacked Melisa gently and they all laughed.

Adam left after a few minutes and the ladies proceeded in sorting out what was left for the next day.

‘Lisa, is Uncle Tom going to be here tomorrow?’ She suddenly asked leaving the whole room so quiet.

‘Yes, why did you ask Princess?’ Stella asked quickly when the rest were lost in their thoughts to even ask.

‘Because he wasn’t answering mommy’s call earlier today.’

‘Shirley, did you use my airtime again?’ Grissel knew that was the only way she could have known.

‘Just a little bit mommy. Sorry, I didn’t ask.’ She pleaded with her tiny hands on her forehead.

‘Move to the next room now?’ Grissel instructed and she got up lazily.

‘Wow, you were actually calling Tom.’ Stella enquired.

‘Yes, wanted to inform him about the baby before we leave for Dallas.’

‘I heard about Dallas, and it nearly broke me.’ Stella muttered uncomfortably.

‘I’ve hurt him Ella. How do I face him?’

‘You were calling him and I think that’s the same thing as facing him.’ Paige chipped in.

‘Facing him and his wrath is different than him yelling over the phone.’

‘But you’ve stayed with this man for close to eight months and you still think he is capable of hurting you.’

‘Yes,’ she muttered unclearly. ‘I don’t know Paige.’

‘Why did you marry him in the first place?’ Paige asked expecting from her to admit Tom wasn’t capable of hurting her.

‘Because he told me he would never hurt me.’

‘Good and has he ever laid his hands on you?’ Paige who didn’t know the other instances where she was raped and nearly strangled to death kept pushing.

‘Paige, the interrogation is over.’ Melisa feigned a smile.

‘Okay madam.’ Paige teased.

‘And oh Tom is just in the next room.’ Melisa said for fun.

Grissel gasped and that very moment a knock came on the door. She stood up abruptly from the bed where she laid with her legs on Stella.

‘Relax, Lisa was joking.’ Stella calmed her down while Melisa laughed walking towards the door.

She opened the door still laughing and teasing Grissel when the door hit her face and Julia entered.

‘I knew you three were hiding something.’ She said literally jumping up towards Grissel. Gina came through the door after the whole noise dragging their hand luggage.

‘Aunty, what are you two doing here?’ Melisa questioned while Gina walked towards Grissel, giving her a warm hug.

‘A sleep over.’

‘Huh!’ Paige exclaimed.

‘You three thought, you can outsmart two equally young women.’ Julia teased.

‘But aunty, this meeting is for ladies.’ Melisa frowned.

‘We are here to stay.’ She glanced at Gina and Grissel who were still in each other’s arms.

Their hug lasted for a while until Grissel sneezed.

‘Are you okay?’ Her mom asked.

‘Your perfume.’ She answered sitting back on the bed.

‘Yes, the same one I’ve been using since you started growing up.’

‘Mommy, should I come out.’ Shirley hid herself behind the curtain waiting for Grissel’s approval.

‘I forgot you were still in there.’ She beckoned on her to come.

Shirley run to Gina first then to Julia. She was all over the place.

They all got talking about the wedding and how Tom was going to react when he meets Grissel.

‘Are you pregnant?’ Gina suddenly asked staring at her daughter.

‘Me?’ Grissel pointed to herself awkwardly.

‘Who else?’ Julia chipped in.

‘Emm, no.’

‘Mommy you lied.’ Shirley laughed.

‘Thank you Shirley for that honest answer.’ Melisa cheered her on.

Gina sat beside her on the bed and Grissel shifted uncomfortably. ‘You don’t want me to know you are going to have a baby or what is going through your mind right now?’ Gina asked with a raised tone and everyone looked away.

‘Sorry mom, I was just embarrassed.’

‘Embarrassed you have a blessing growing inside you?’

‘No, this is not how I planned to have another baby.’ She responded with her face down the whole time.

‘Tom would obviously make a scene tomorrow but he would never throw you out.

‘I know I deserve every bit of what might happen tomorrow.’

‘So just keep quiet and let him rant, he’s human just like any of us here.’

‘Yes mom.’ Grissel replied calmly.

‘Good, you can stop shying away from me now because I could just smack you.’

Grissel raised up her head and noticed everyone was looking at her.

‘I’m sorry mom. You told me lying is wrong.’ Shirley covered her mom’s face with her palms.

Stella noticed the tension in the room and scoffed while everyone tensed up.

‘It’s okay Shirley, it’s bed time.’ Melisa finally stood up dragging her away.

‘Congratulations Grissel,’ Julia came over checking her out.

‘Thank you Aunty.’ She tried to smile but it kept disappearing.

Her mom just gave her a scare so she was in no mood to chat. They all retired to bed late waiting for the next day.


The next day was too long for them throughout the night but they all fell asleep later on. Gina noticed her daughter was avoiding her throughout that night so before they went to sleep she explained to her why she has always been strict on her. Grissel admitted that was the reason she never told her any of her problems.

They both apologized to each other and she slept off in her mom’s arms. Julia who came inside told Gina she did the right thing by raising her with strict values but she should try to be close to her so Grissel could open up to her a lot more.

Soon enough morning came and Dani was the first to wake up watching over everyone. She glanced at them all and her eyes fell on Stella’s phone.

Dani picked it up and tiptoed into the washroom. Stella gave her the password to her phone the last time so it was easier for her to call her dad.

‘Daddy, it’s Lisa’s today.’ She stammered without waiting for a Hello.

‘Princess, I’m on my way back.’  Dane obviously didn’t hear the last part of her daughter’s words.

‘Dad, did you hear me? I would send you address and time to Lisa’s wedding.’ She said quickly and hanged up. She sent a message then switched off the phone.

Dane probably heard the last part as he was still in thoughts when Dani’s text message came in. He rushed to the reception to check what the delay in the flight was.

Shirley went inside just then Stella woke up. She hid the phone and walked closer putting it under a stack of bags.

‘Are you okay Shirley?’

‘Yes, I just miss my mom.’ She made a weird sound.

‘Your mom is still asleep but can we start sorting ourselves out before they wake up.’ Stella led her out of the room

Soon enough everyone was awake and everything was in place as people started coming in so early.

‘You invited all these people?’ Grissel asked Melisa nervously glancing through the wedding invitation list.

‘Yes, it’s a big day for us.’ She said throwing herself back on the bed.

‘And why is everyone dressed and the bride is yet to take her bath?’ Julia came in from outside where she left with Gina earlier to receive the guests.

The ladies glanced at each other and focused back on what they were all doing.

‘You are all acting weird.’ Shirley said buckling her shoe.

‘You are right, they are hiding something again.’

‘Don’t worry aunty we would find out.’ Shirley said cheekily.

‘Emm is Tom in yet?’ Grissel asked.

‘No, he mentioned he soiled his suit so he’s getting a new one just around the corner.’ Julia announced.

Grissel’s heart skipped for a second and she held on to the bed, then sat quietly.

‘It’s time Lisa, get up before I get back here.’ Julia cautioned.

‘Has Bryan arrived yet?’ Melisa asked reluctantly.

‘Yes, over an hour ago with his dad and yours.’

‘Great, give me just a minute.’ Melisa responded as her friends looked on weirdly.

Julia shook her head and left them.

‘Lisa are you sure about this?’ Grissel asked.

‘Uhmmm, it’s totally fine.’ Melisa replied.

‘Mommy what is going on?’ Shirley asked from where she sat.

‘Princess, I would have to explain latter.’ Grissel told her.

After a few minutes, she rushed after her in her morning coat. Julia and the others who were closer to the event room wondered where Melisa was going undressed.


To be continued


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