Childless – Episode 3

CHILDLESS Episode 3 He stands up, tall and foreboding, and then he begins to walk purposefully towards the podium. All eyes are fixed on him. There is something about him that arrests attention, a strange magnetic charisma that has a most powerful allure. It is not the unreal aura around him, nor the unveiled sense […]



Choice Episode 26. ®18+SNVL © IRETI ADEDIPE ************   Gabriel sits quietly awaiting the arrival of the man, he took different glances at the tactical angles some officers had positioned themselves and the angles at which the cameras were placed. He never stop to admire the security around the commissioner, he was glad to finally see […]

Baby And Me

Baby And Me – Episode 20

BABY AND ME Episode 20 Yoona “your daddy is staring” she was talking to Reign, I smiled awkwardly Me “I didnt make breakfast” Yoona “Kinchana, I can grab something at the hospital” (Kinchana means its okay) Me “want me to take you?” Yoona “work?” Me “the hospital is on the way” she smiled Yoona “cool […]