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The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 35 (Finale)

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© Alabede Jude Oluwabamise


“Hello! Dave, do you copy?”, Cole shouted repeatedly into the intercom but the signal was off. He let out a sigh of frustration as he placed his hands on the waist. He couldn’t find any reason whatsoever for the signal to be turned off, even when he had warned him sternly to keep the communication chip on and running, yet he still turned it off.


Sirens of police vehicles started blaring loudly from a distance as the noise hit his eardrum. Then, it occurred to him. Dave could have called for backup but it still doesn’t clarify why the signal was turned off.


Soon, the police vehicles pulled over the building and officers began trooping out with gun in hand along side some DSS agents. The DG hopped out of a black SUV that was parked behind a police van. He waved an agent over, and the agent came running to receive orders.


“Get me the megaphone”, he said to the agent who immediately ran out of sight to carry out his order.


“Here sir”, the agent said, stretching out the megaphone which the DG collected and turned on.


“This is Department of state services. We have you surrounded, surrender now immediately”, he said into the megaphone.


“I repeat, surrender now immediately”, he repeated.



Cole was looking everywhere for Dave when he heard a megaphone crackle and then the voice of the DG. He immediately started off towards the gigantic gate with rays of light flashing all around. He stepped out slowly, putting his gun in the waist hostler.


“Cole”, the DG called, running towards him with other agents who steadied theirselves for any surprises.


“What are you doing here? And what’s happening over there?”, the DG attacked with questions.


“Sir, it’s a long story, but right now we need to find Agent Dave, he’s missing”, Cole replied hastily.


“You both came here without calling for backup?”, the DG asked surprised.


“Sir, we had no option. We realized Agent Amidu is dirty and we need to take him down.”


“Agent Amidu?”, the DG asked surprised.


“Yes sir, he knocked me out and almost killed me”


“Why would he do that?”


“I spied on Agent Matt thinking he was dirty but he wasn’t, because he was also spying on SA Amidu.”


“So that made you think Amidu is the killer?”, the DG asked.


“I didn’t only think but also confirmed it. Sadly, i have no concrete evidence to back my assumption”


“No, Amidu isn’t the killer”, the DG said.




“It’s Agent Matt. He came to transfer the suspects in our custody with authorization from the deputy Governor. I didn’t trust him so I followed him up undetected but i was taken off guard when he threw a grenade at the escort van following behind him and got away with the suspects”


“Holly molly!”, Cole exclaimed in disbelief.


“So we should be on the lookout for Agent Matt and not Amidu”.


“But SA Amidu ran me over and almost killed me when he found out I was trailing him”, Cole protested.


“Well, we’re not totally sure of who the killer really is, they might probably be working together”, the DG suggested. “But for the records, Amidu was a good and patriotic agent”


“Yeah he was but not anymore, he has been compromised”


  • •••••••••••

Location: Rainbow Town

(Amidu’s residence)



Agent Matt honked at the gate continuously until he heard the chain of the gate rattle and then, the gate opened slowly by the gate keeper. The gate keeper began walking towards him, shielding his eyes from the headlights of the van.

Agent Matt quickly brought out his gun and shot him in the head even before he could get a glimpse of him. He quickly drove into the compound and parked the hilux van in the park. He turned off the ignition with the keys and hopped out, closing the door behind him.

Then, he began walking stealthily towards the entrance of the storey building, having only one mission in mind to accomplish; to eliminate all evidences which might implicate him through Amidu.



Dave was behind the wheels, driving at a high speed. Soon, he got to Amidu’s house and quickly grounded the car to a halt when he saw the gate widely opened which means Amidu is probably trying to get away or has already gotten away. He hurriedly alighted from the car and walked into the building brandishing his gun. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the body of a man sprawled on the floor. He bent down to examine the body and dropped his gun in the process; the blood trickling down from the body was still fresh which made him believe that whoever made the attack is still lurking around and could probably be laying siege for him. He quickly stood up but a cold metal was placed to his skull.


“Don’t move or am gonna blow off ya skull”, a feminine voice said from behind. It was Riggs Alexandra.


Dave froze and remained static as instructed by Riggs. His mind went numb and couldn’t think of anything else aside for the fact that he heard a feminine voice instead of a baritone voice which ought to be Amidu.


“Move”, Riggs ordered hoarsely as she motioned him forward aggressively.


Dave began walking slowly raising up his hands while Riggs followed behind with the gun still positioned at the back of his head.


  • •••••••


Agent Matt was burning paper work evidence that could possibly implicate him or rather be figured out as a culprit when he heard the front door of the house creak open. He immediately brandished his gun and hid behind the door but was taken by surprise when he saw Riggs Alexandra holding Dave as a hostage. He slowly came out of his hiding and tucked back his gun in the waist hostler.


Riggs pointed her gun at Matt while he raised his hands high above his head in a surrender demeanor.


“Why did you do it?”, Riggs asked Matt clutching the trigger.


“I’m sorry. I had no choice”, Matt replied remorsefully.


“There’s always a choice”


“My wife’s life is at stake. She threatened to kill her if I don’t help her out”, he said.


Riggs lowered the gun and shrugged.


“Is your wife safe now?”


“No, she’s still at her base”


Dave stood static on a spot with his brain multitasking thinking of how he could possibly activate the intercom and call for back up but that seemed impossible as he was in the middle of the duo. He had suspected Agent Matt from the onset he took over the case but never knew it would get to this. He knew his end is near except a miracle happens but, then his mind drifted to the tracker he had on his body before they had set off for the mission. He knew Cole would track him down with it if he realizes that he is missing but the question is; how fast can it be?


Riggs raised her gun, aiming at Dave while he cringed ferociously.


“I clear my tracks and i don’t leave any witness alive. So any last words?”


Dave was sweating all over and his heart beating faster than normal. He remained mute as he stared at the gun pointed at him and then, Riggs cocked the gun and Dave slowly closed his eyes anticipating his death.


Suddenly, there was a loud bang and Dave slowly fell in a thud; he had been shot in the head.


“Let’s go”, Riggs said and began walking out of the building with Matt trudging along when they heard sirens blaring loudly in a distance.


“They are here, follow my lead”, Riggs shouted as they ran out of the house to the car she brought. They hopped in and Riggs hastily turned on the ignition and sped off at top speed, taking another route away from the siren blaring in a distance.


Cole was behind the wheels driving at top speed with the siren blaring loudly with some other police vans behind. He grounded the car to a halt at the entrance of the gate waiting for other agents to catch up with him. Sooner rather than expected, the other agents halted beside Cole which the DG was among. Cole alighted first, seconded by the DG before other junior agents also alighted and assembled in front of the DG.


“We need to split up”, the DG began. “Four to the right and four to the left, while I and Cole would take the main gate. Now, move!”, he ordered and they dispersed, running into formation while he and Cole began walking stealthily towards the main gate which was wide opened.

Cole looked at the DG for advice as they stopped by the gate. The DG nodded his head in approval to move in, brandishing their guns.

Slowly and steadily, they passed through the gate and saw a corpse lying face flat on the floor. Cole immediately waved the DG over and they both examined the body. There was a gun beside the body and fresh trails of blood on the floor.


“This happened not quite long ago”, Cole said after much observation.


“The killer might still be lurking around”, the DG said as he looked around.



“No, I think the killer escaped already”, Cole said as he stood up.


The DG looked up at him in surprise.


“How did you know?”, the DG asked.


“It is evident because there has not been an attack ever since we have bombarded the house”



“But, we can’t be so sure until we see for ourselves. Now, let’s go”, the DG said and they began walking towards the entrance of the house which was also wide open agape. They both casted each other a glance and nodded at the same time as they quickly part ways, with one going to the right and the other to the left.


“We enter at the count of three”, the DG mumbled to Cole who nodded in response.


“One”, the DG counted.


“Two”, they pointed out their guns in readiness to attack anyone who might be lurking around in wait for them.


“Three”, they ran into the house in one swift movement but stopped in their tracks when they saw a body lying on the floor in a blood bath.


The uniform worn on the body was that of their agent’s uniform and that was what caught his attention as he ran towards the body and squatted down beside it. The body was lying face flat on the ground which denied him access to see the face, so he turned the body over. His look immediately turned to horror as he stared at the face in shock. He gulped down the lump that came to his throat as he continued to stare in disbelief and couldn’t make sense out of the scene as everything seemed to revolve around him. He was petrified and shaken to the core that his mouth went wide agape but no word could be uttered.


The DG who had been watching Cole’s reaction from a distance knew something was amiss and he quickly walked up to him. He stopped in his tracks as he also saw it; it was Agent Dave lying in a blood bath. He bent down to check his pulse out of curiosity but there was no pulse to be felt as he lay still motionless.


“He’s dead”, the DG silently said as a tear slid down his face.


“Noooooooo!”, Cole shouted vigorously that the ground shook.


“This can’t be possible”, he said breathing heavily with tears rolling down his cheek.


“You have to take heart, Cole and act like a man”, the DG continued saying in whispers amidst sobs.


“Amidu will pay for this! He will pay with his life and everyone he loves will die before his eyes”, Cole ranted agitatedly.


“No, don’t take judgment into your own hands. You can’t be so sure if he’s the killer”, the DG said.


Cole casted the DG a deadly mean look with eyes blazing in fury.


“It is evident! He’s the killer! He killed him to cover his tracks!”, Cole shouted and broke down.


“Do not worry, we will get justice and whoever is behind this would be brought to book”, the DG said, patting Cole at the shoulder as he sobbed.



  • ••••••••••••



“Do you have to kill innocent people?”, Amidu asked Alexandra who was behind the wheels, driving at top speed.

Alexandra glanced at him. “The people I killed deserved to die. I never killed innocent people except for one which am sorry for”

“Truly, they deserved to die but not by your own hands”, Amidu angrily retorted.

“What would you do if you were in my shoes from the onset? I guess, you would do same and if not worst”

“No, I’m not like you. I wouldn’t have done what you did. You killed people all in the name of revenge.”

“Yes, I have to get Justice..”

“Revenge is not justice!”, Amidu angrily cut in. “Let’s karma take its cause”

“No! Karma is for the weak and an excuse for the cowards. I’m neither any of both!”, She snapped.



‘But, killing is not the only way to get justice. The culprits could have been legally brought to book”



“No, that’s the way you’re trained but I’m trained to be a fighter. I believe in the eye-for-an-eye business. I’m no cheek turner. I got no respect for a man who won’t hit back. You kill my dog, you better hide your cat”


“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind!”, Amidu retorted.


“I don’t care, provided I have my revenge”, she snapped back.


“Weak people revenge, strong people forgive and Intelligent people ignore, don’t you get it?”



“No! That’s bulls***!”, she screamed and slammed hard at the brakes, making the car to suddenly screech to a halt.


“Revenge is not worthy of you. If you concentrate on revenge, you will keep those wounds fresh that would otherwise have healed.”



“But, death is the great leveller. It is the best leverage”, She protested as she stepped on the accelerator and sped off.


“Do you read bible at all? Coz, if you do, you’ll know what Romans 12:19 says.”



“I don’t bloody care! I’m not a f****** believer!”, she snapped without looking at him.


“I see your mind is made up already but, I’m never going to be a friend to a murderer. Maybe, you’ll change your mind when I’m no more”, he said and opened the door while the car was on high speed as he fell to the ground rolling before he gained momentum and stood up.


Alexandra quickly hit the brakes and reversed the car but Amidu had ran to the cliff of the bridge which they were and was standing at the edge after climbing over the railing.



“No, don’t do that!”, Alexandra shouted walking slowly towards him.



“Back off you murderer! There’s no joy being alive when it is clear that have lost everything. My friends are out there looking for me. They now believe am the one behind everything, they believed I killed those people and they want justice but I can’t be tried and imprisoned for an atrocity I didn’t commit. It’s better I die honourably”, he said and closed his eyes. He breathed heavily and winced as he felt the pain of the bullet in his arm surge through him. He sighed and slid off the cliff as he fell into the river, making the water splash on the surface.


Alexandra ran towards him but it was too late. She stopped in her tracks and placed her hands on the waist as his words began to re-echo in her ears.




The end.


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