The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 34

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Alexandra flipped out throwing stars as some men came out of hiding, almost pulling the trigger. The throwing star immediately embedded itself in their head and they all fell down in a thud.

Alexandra whistled and her guards with Agent Matt all came out of their hiding and began following Alexandra’s lead. They walked out of the warehouse which was used for smuggling drugs and weapons by the faceless.

“That is the tunnel lid”, Agent Matt pointed out to Alexandra as they approached a round cover behind the boy’s quarter. Agent Matt opened the lid and head in first, followed by Alexandra and her guards. They descended the ladder and began walking down the tunnel to the underground facility.

“Welcome Agent Matt”, a Caucasian female voice said immediately Agent Matt placed his palm against the metal door.

“Kure yo desu hilto”, Alexandra said which means “get ready for a shootout” as the door slowly slid open.

  • •••••�����••••

“She is here”, Riggs Alexandra announced to the Famous leader who sat on a couch facing her.

The famous leader, Mohammed Salisu immediately stood up in utmost surprise.

“How is she here? I thought you said you have taken care of it”, he said alarmed. It was evident in his voice that he was scared.

“Oh yeah, I said that and I mean I have Agent Amidu on my side. He’s gonna pay his allegiance to me.”

“Shut the f*** up!”, He yelled in annoyance. “What s*** are you spitting out of your mouth?”

Riggs Alexandra repulsed with anger as she cast him a deadly look and he respected his old self.

“Don’t f*** with me old man or ama burst out one of ya f****** eyes. I got everything in control and I already prepared for her coming here.”

He swallowed hard thanking his stars that his other members weren’t there with him to witness the repugnant behavior from her.

“So what do we do?”, he asked.

“You gonna do nothing. You’re just gonna watch as I finish her off”

He nodded and smiled. “That’s fair enough”.

  • •••••••••••

Huge number of men began trooping out of all corners as Alexandra and her guards walked into the large hall used by the Faceless for briefing their men of any mission.

Alexandra’s eyes darted around as more men rappel down from the rooftop. She gritted her teeth in annoyance as they were surrounded in a twinkle of an eye and were clearly outnumbered by the faceless men who held heavy duty guns and assault rifles, holding the trigger in readiness to shoot if there’s any foul play. Riggs Alexandra suddenly came out of one of the rooms with Amidu walking by her side and holding a gun. Together, they walked towards Alexandra.

Alexandra was about to give an order to her guards, to engage them in a shootout but inadvertently stopped when she saw her long time enemy, Riggs Alexandra with Adam (Amidu) pointing a gun at her.

“Oh finally we meet again”, Riggs Alexandra said removing the mask from her face.

“Do you remember me?”, she asked with a smirk.

Alexandra stared in shock but quickly regained herself to avoid further surprises. She remembered her, she was her long time enemy, a betrayal and a revolt to the clan they worked for which they were both trained by the same Master.

Floods of memory began to play in her head but she quickly snapped away from the memories. It will deteriorate her plans and would weaken her emotionally.

“B****!”, she smiled regaining her composure. “You still won’t learn lessons, would you?”

Riggs Alexandra laughed, laughing heartily.

“Oh! My bad. I’m so sorry to have hurt you this much”, she laughed again. “Do you remember the favorite stealth book of Commander Chan? Yeah, I stole the f*****g book and hid it in your goddamn room. You know, Commander Chan was very furious when he realized the book was stolen from him and he ordered all his trainees to be searched. Well, guess what? They searched everyone except you and when they couldn’t find it, they had no option than to search your room also even when they knew you wouldn’t do such and alas, they found the book in your bag. You know what Commander Chan hated most? Yeah, he detest lies. He was very angry with you even when it was clear that he liked you the most. You know what he did to you? Or you don’t remember? No worries, am gonna remind you. He deprived you of your rank and never allowed you to be trained by any master. Well, it seemed Commander Chan couldn’t contain his rage because he threw you into the dark room and neglected you for months with little or no food.”

“So did that make you feel good?”, Alexandra cut in with anger surging through her.

“Oh yeah! It made me feel better. You thought you own the world? Feeling so high, getting all the good things and being a favourite trainee to all Masters? Oh no! I’m not gonna allow that. I was jealous, i was f****** jealous! And had to do something. I framed you up, killed your f****** friends and betrayed you but because you trusted me so much, you believed in me and even went as far as killing for me. You never saw all that coming”, she paused and giggled.

“Even when you realize my father killed your goddamn parents with his men f****** ya momma’s stinking p****, you still couldn’t do anything. You couldn’t do s***! You know what you are? You’re a coward”, she said laughing out loud.

Alexandra eyes grew dark and red as her anger soared high reaching its peak. She gritted her teeth in agitation as fury blazed her eyes. The words kept ringing in her head. ‘You’re a coward’
Without warning, she charged at her with a super speed of a ninja with her clenched fist pushed forward. Riggs Alexandra saw her right on time as she swiftly dodged the hefty blow which was meant for her face, side stepping her and turned around with a kick which Alexandra also dodged effortlessly, sending back a blow which slightly missed her ribs. They both turned to each other, snarling while a smirk was still evident on Riggs Alexandra’s face.

“Come get me b****”, Riggs Alexandra said with a mischievous smile while Alexandra snarled at her.

Amidu who had been listening to the conversation turned to Riggs Alexandra, pointing the gun at her with his hand on the trigger.

All eyes focused on him as the Faceless men pointed their gun at him, waiting for the go ahead order from their boss.

“You wouldn’t want to do that boy”, Riggs said, turning to face him. “She is the threat here and not me. Remember she killed the governor and wiped out his whole family. She killed people, innocent people and you wanna shoot me?”, she laughed.

“Go ahead, c’mon shoot me. Pull the f****** trigger”, she began walking towards him with tentative steps.

Amidu changed the direction of the gun and pointed it at Alexandra.

“You lied to me, Cassandra. Oh! Are you even Cassandra? No you are not, you’re Alexandra the daughter of Desmond Elliot. So you’re the killer, killing innocent people. You’re out freely walking around the city whereas, you’re a threat. You’re a threat to humanity. You must be stopped and apprehended for all the atrocities you’ve committed. For all the innocent souls you’ve taken. You must meet your waterloo and the blood of those innocent people you killed will be on you. You don’t deserve to be among humans. You should be locked behind bars. That’s your place, that’s where you ought to be”

“Yes, that’s where she belongs”, The famous leader said with a smile as he came into view.

Amidu stared at him in shock. What is the senate president doing there? How did he know her?


“Oh Amidu. You’re surprised? You …”, he couldn’t finish his statement as Alexandra rushed him, holding his neck and lifting him off his feet, chocking him as he wriggled to get free of her hold.

“You b******!”, she cussed. “You ordered for my parents to be killed so you could control the government. You…”

“Leave him now! or am gonna kill him”, Riggs shouted interrupting her, pointing her gun at Amidu who stared at her in shock.

Alexandra looked back whilst still holding the Senate president who was gasping for breath. She saw Riggs pointing the gun at Amidu with her hands on the trigger. Alexandra released the senate president as he fell on his knees, coughing hard. She started walking towards her, pointing the twin silverballers at her.

“Don’t come any closer or am gonna blow off his damn brain”, Riggs Alexandra warned.

“Leave him now or you gonna regret it later”, Alexandra said, inching closer to her while Riggs cocked the gun.

Amidu pointed the gun which she had given him at her, also clutching the trigger.

Riggs laughed.
“I fooled you, there’s no bullet in there”

Amidu pulled the trigger but it only made a click sound. Truly, there was no bullet.

Suddenly, Riggs Alexandra launched at him, knocking the gun out of his hand and grabbed him at the neck, swirling to face Alexandra.

“Should I make you watch as he screams for mercy?”, She said with a sly smile, squeezing Amidu’s neck.

“If you hurt him, I’ll snap your bone into shreds”, Alexandra threatened.

“Well, my greatest joy is to listen to the screams of my victims just before I end them”

“We shall see about that”, Alexandra said and charged at her with her fist pushed forward as she threw the silver ballers on the floor.

Riggs Alexandra immediately flanked Amidu away who landed with a bone jarring thud with his back on the floor.

“Stop her now!”, Riggs ordered.

Alexandra’s eyes darted to the guards who came running and back to the gun on the floor. She did a front barrel roll picking the gun and knocking out one of the guards. One guard ran to her left and she shot him right in the head, blood flying as he fell. Another made way to her right as the other ran to her middle. She allowed the guard on her right get closer and she whacked him with the butt of her gun, his eyes rolling to the back as he fell. The guard on her middle shot at her but missed and she shot him in the kneecap.
“ah F–k!”, the guard screamed, falling to the ground, clutching his knee. The other guards seeing what was happening fired sporadically at her and Alexandra flipped up in the air, rolling as the bullets whizzed past her.
She landed on one of the guards neck, twisted her thighs around the neck while the guard wriggled gasping for breath. She snapped off the guard’s neck and the guard fell in a loud thud.

Alexandra back flipped and landed on another’s neck shooting as she landed, two more guards instantly fell down.

Alexandra guards also returned fire but they were shot dead in a matter of minutes and that aggravated Alexandra’s anger as she squeezed her thighs together, blocking his airway. The guard dug his nails into her thighs and she cartwheeled slamming his body onto the ground.
She then snapped his neck and a bone crunched.

“Bomb detected. Evacuation initiated. Ten minutes to self destruct”, a computerized voice said as an alarm rang all over the place.

Alexandra looked up surprised and realized Riggs Alexandra was nowhere to be found. She had it all planned out. She had planted C-4 in the facility and escaped with the senate president while she left her men behind to get her stucked.

Alexandra looked around, all the faceless men and her guards were dead. She scanned the bodies lifelessly sprawled on the floor but Agent Matt wasn’t among, he had escaped right from when they entered the hall. She spun around when she heard a groan, looking at the direction of where the sound was emitting from. It was Amidu, he had been shot as he clutched his arm, groaning in pains. Alexandra walked towards him and helped him up on his feet.

“Leave me alone”, Amidu managed to say through gritted teeth.

“You’re bleeding and I can’t leave you like this. We need to get out of here”, Alexandra said in a soft tone.

“No, I can’t follow you. You’re a murderer.”

“I’m sorry, I know this is all because of me but you have to follow me right now. Being with me is the safest haven for you. The bomb might explode anytime now”

Amidu shrugged. “Okay, let’s go”

  • •••••••••••••••

“What’s going on?”, Dave asked as they heard an alarm go off in the building.

“I can’t tell for sure”, Cole replied. They had been walking around the building for three consecutive times but didn’t see or hear any sign of any person but was surprised seeing fresh dead bodies.

“We’ve been walking for so long but there’s no sign of anyone. Are we in the right place?”, Dave asked frustrated.

“Yes, we are. The dead bodies here have given us the benefit of the doubt, but something is amiss. I think there’s an underground here but we don’t know where the entrance is”

“Maybe we keep moving and stop walking in circles”, Dave suggested as they began walking towards a warehouse with a boy’s quarter situated adjacent to it.


“We need to split up”, Cole said as they approached two narrow route. “Just keep the intercom running”


“If anything goes wrong?”


“Just radio in or call for backup”, Cole replied and they split, going different ways.


Cole walked stealthily with gun in hand, looking forth and back as he walked on. He mistakenly hit his leg against a round lid cover.


“F***!”, he winced. Then he inched closer to have a clear view of what his leg hit as he bent down to open it. It was the tunnel entrance.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the ground shook, throwing him away as he fell to the ground in a thud. The bomb had went off from the underground and the reverberation shook him off his feet.

“Its a bomb. We have to go now”, Cole shouted into the intercom but it was already disconnected.






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