Dangerous Liaison


by Elton Nana & Davina

dangerous liaison


The story is about a lady called Franca who happened to be the daughter of a wealthy renowned minister in the country. The separation of her parents was caused by the superfluous care showered on her by her father for being the only biological child of the family, and this started when her father got to know that Francas elder sister, Yvonne was not his own daughter but a result of the rape that occurred three months before he met his wife.


Franca falls in love with Ray in the University but Ray has a different intention for her, a terrible one. He executes his dangerous plan which almost led to the death of Franca.

The bas***d child of the family, Yvonne saves her from death but Franca discovers something after her recovery and she is about to deal viciously with her savior, Yvonne.

Follow as the writer takes you through a suspense filled and intriguing journey.

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