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Blemished Love – Episode 28

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It turned out Grissel arranged with Melisa to bring Shirley over which Tom was not aware of. When she changed her mind of leaving that afternoon it was because her daughter was visiting.

Tom was furious as he felt left out and Grissel seemed much happier with Shirley around.

‘She’s just a kid.’ He mumbled softly and sat back in his car.

He came home earlier and Grissel hadn’t noticed as she has kept herself locked up in the guest room with Shirley for the past few days that she arrived.


‘Mommy, I want you to come and live with me in daddy’s house.’

‘Sweetheart we talked about this.’

‘Yes, but Uncle Tom doesn’t like me.’

‘Really, why do you say that?’

‘He hardly talks to me and always not around.’

‘I’m sorry but Tom is very busy these days and you know mommy has hurt him a lot.’

‘Okay, just apologize to him so we can leave to daddy’s house.’

Grissel was getting frustrated and just reached out to her. She cuddled her and watched her sleepy eyes closed. She realized her daughter was probably sleep talking but she was also right about Tom distancing himself from them.


Gina walked up to Grissel’s room and found her cuddling Shirley to bed. She peeped and signaled her to come out.

‘Mom, don’t leave.’ Shirley muttered as sleep was almost taking over.

‘Shirley, I will be back.’

She nodded and closed her eyes.

‘Mom, are you okay.’ Grissel asked when she got to Gina’s end.

‘Yes, but Tom isn’t.’

‘Tom?’ Grissel repeated.

‘Yes, I’ve been watching you two lately and it seemed you don’t really care about him anymore.’

‘Don’t say that mom. I’m trying and right now I’m out of ideas.’

‘No, you are being selfish and insensitive.’

Grissel felt embarrassed but that was her mom and anything she says always make sense.

‘I’m sorry. Is he back?’

‘Over five hours ago and you probably didn’t notice because you feel comfortable with whatever primitive ideas you have going through your mind.’

‘I don’t know how to talk to him.’ She revealed coyly.

‘Trust me you do.’

‘I will see him tomorrow.’ She announced and turned her back Gina.

‘Will you get out of here now?’ Tom has laid his life down for you, yet still you treat him like he doesn’t matter to you.’ Gina raised her voice at her.

‘But Shirley i….’

‘I would watch Shirley. Just attend to Tom.’

‘Alright mom.’ She dragged her feet and hesitated for a while before moving away.

‘He’s outside in his car and he hasn’t eaten for quite some days now.’

‘Really?’ Grissel asked obviously surprised.

‘Yes, if you were paying attention to him, you would have known.’

She made an angry face and walked away.

She got there and Tom was trying to catch some sleep. Grissel reached out for the door and quickly sat inside.

‘So I heard, I’ve been mean towards you.’

Tom raised up his head and looked at her for a while. ‘You’ve been awful and I’m not sure where I went wrong.’

‘It’s Shirley.’ She mumbled quietly.

‘Shirley? What about her?’

‘She thinks you don’t like her.

‘Wow, I’m sure you gave her that idea.’

‘Really? I guess you haven’t realized your own problem yet.’

‘My problem?’

‘Yes, you want to be with me yet you haven’t accepted my daughter.’

‘I allowed her stay here with you, isn’t that enough.’

‘No, that is not what I want from you Tom.’

He stared at her and shook his head. ‘What do you want then?’

‘I want you to be part of her life.’

‘But I haven’t done anything contrary to that Grissel.’

‘Yes you did. I didn’t even realize until she mentioned it.’

‘You want me to cuddle her to bed or feed her.’ He asked rather rudely.

‘Really? You are not up for this conversation.’ She was making her way out of the car when he called her back.

‘Grissel, just say the word.’ He held on to her hands.

‘I can’t tell you what to do Tom. Just figure it out.’

‘Alright, I’ll ask Melisa during the day.’

Grissel scoffed. ‘You want to ask Melisa for parenting advice.’

‘Yeah, she bonded with your daughter quickly.’

‘That was because, Lisa is likeable.’

‘And I’m not? Look I have lots of muscle.’ He was showing off his forearm.

‘Shirley doesn’t want to see your muscle Tom.’

‘What does she want then?’

‘To see you around her more often. She feels you haven’t accepted her yet.’

‘I have and you know it, I’m just giving you two enough space to make up for lost time.’

‘But I want you around her.’

‘Sure but tell me about court. I don’t want you keeping me in the dark anymore.’

“Tom, there’s nothing to tell except that I may be going to jail if I don’t find any evidence to back up my case.”

‘You mean not faking his signature.’

‘Yes, and giving Stella up isn’t a solution.’

‘But she did this Grissel.’ He hit his hand on the dashboard angrily.

‘Go easy with the anger Tom. Giving Stella up isn’t an issue but who benefited from the forged signature.’

Tom was deep in thoughts and sighed. ‘It would still look as if you asked her to do that on your behalf so you could get married.’

‘Great, you should be a lawyer Tom.’ She teased.

‘Why are you so calm right now?’

‘Life happened doesn’t mean I should give up on myself.’

‘Who is the Judge on that case? Can’t we just bribe him?’

‘Judge Sculley. And please no bribes.’

‘Wait, Stanley Sculley.’

‘Yes, you know him?’

‘Not really.’ He smiled sheepishly.

‘Tom, don’t do anything stupid. It would just come back to hit us.’


‘Yes, we are in this together right?’

‘Of course we are.’ He grinned once more.

‘And I know you have feelings for Stella.’

‘Let’s not go there this evening.’

‘Incase I don’t make it, I w…..’

‘Are you high on something right now? Why would you even ask me to be with her?’ He muttered angrily.

Grissel laughed so hard. ‘Tom I meant I wouldn’t want you to be with her.’

‘Aaahh okay,’ He scratched his head.

‘I have to go in now before the Queen starts looking for me. Are you coming?’

‘I would be there soon. I want to make a few calls.’

‘Sure,’ she rushed out before Tom could steal a Kiss.

Tom located his phone on the back seat and dialed Julia’s number.

‘Aunty do you know if Morris is still friends with Sculley?’

‘Good evening to you too Tom.’ Julia answered.

‘Forgive my manners. I know you are fine.’

‘Mr. know it all, I heard Shirley is around.”

‘You heard right.’ Tom quietly said.

And how are things going.’ Julia asked.

‘It turned out I need parenting skills.’ He scratched his head. ‘Can you help?’

“Tom there’s nothing like parenting lessons. You learn yourself as time goes on.”

‘But this is not my daughter.’ He replied naively.

‘Grow up son, if I had said that thirty years ago would you have called me now for parenting advice?’

‘I know all that but they look so happy together that I get jealous sometimes.’

‘Tom, suck it up and do your best.’ Julia encouraged.

“Alright, what about Sculley.”

‘Call your dad.” Julia quickly said and hanged up before Tom could say another word.

He hissed and shrugged for some minutes before dialing his dad’s number.

‘Are you still friends with Sculley?’ He asked immediately Morris answered.

Morris looked at the caller ID and smiled. ‘Yeah, why?’

‘I need help with Grissel’s case.’

‘Lisa told me about your wife. I’m sorry.’

‘I need help not sorry.’

‘Okay, and I’m assuming that kind of help involves money.’

‘If it comes to it, why not?’ Tom replied his dad.

‘Sculley won’t take a bribe. I know him that much.’

‘Dad, I’m desperate here.’

‘Dad?’ Morris repeated.

‘Can you talk to him for me?’ Tom pleaded with his sad tone ignoring his excitement.

Morris smiled when he heard Tom call him dad. ‘I would try my best but this may come with a price that you wouldn’t like.’

‘I would do anything at this point.’ Tom quickly responded.

‘Well Sculley always wanted Lisa to marry his son.’

‘Is that all?’ He asked happily.

‘Yes but Lisa doesn’t even want to hear his name on my lips.’

‘Leave that to me, I would arrange for Lisa to meet up with the guy.’

Morris paused for a while. ‘I’m glad you reached out to me son.’

‘I didn’t do it for you but tell me, is Sculley’s son a responsible man.’

‘Yeah, Stanley Jnr is better than his dad.’ Morris clarified.

‘Okay thank you.’ Tom hurriedly hanged up in order to call Lisa.


‘Lisa you have to marry Stanley for my sake.’ Tom said instantly. It seemed like that evening he wasn’t in the mood to greet any one.

‘Tom, is that you?’

‘Yes, this is your only brother. Did you delete my number or you went blind?’

‘No, I mean you actually called me to marry some guy.’

‘Stanley, your dad said you know him.’ He said in a hurry.

‘No, I’ve never met him.’

‘I can arrange for you to meet him. Please do this for me.’ Tom was talking hurriedly.

‘Tom, are you okay?’ Did dad put you up to this?

‘I’m fine and no he didn’t. Lisa I would lose Grissel if you don’t marry this guy.’

‘Is this about that judge Aunty asked me about a while ago?’

‘Yes, please help me. You know you owe right?’ He pleaded.

She sighed. ‘But how do you expect me to marry someone I have no connection with?’

‘I don’t know Lisa. You are good with these sort of things.’ He mumbled with a sad tone. Maybe you can pretend to like him.’

‘This is different, if you say a one night stand maybe I might consider.’

‘But you were willing to throw your family away for your sister-in laws ex-husband. Why can’t you do this for me?’

‘Dane and I are on a break.’ She informed him.

‘It means you two are no more besides i told you I don’t want him for you Lisa.’ He hissed. ‘Just go along with Stanley until all this is over.’ He pleaded again.

Melisa felt he was hurting and really needed help and besides she wasn’t so sure she would end up with Dane at the end of all this. At the same time she was scared of being alone.

She swallowed so hard. ‘Okay Tom but before you start jubilating I hope Grissel is in support of this.’

‘Emmmm, yes.’ He lied.

‘Alright, call dad and set up the meeting. I’m free tomorrow.’

‘Thank you my love.’

‘Really, your love.’ Melisa laughed.

‘Yes, okay I have to go now. I love you.’ He quickly hanged up and rushed inside with a smile on his face just to meet Grissel waiting for him in his room.

‘Sorry, I had a few calls to make. I would take her out tomorrow.’

‘That’s fine but you are smiling.’

‘Yes, probably because my wife is in my room after several weeks of staying off.’

‘Do you want me to leave?’ She asked as she wasn’t so sure spending the night with him was the best.

‘No, your timing is perfect.’ He rushed to hug her still excited.


Lisa and Tom were at the restaurant waiting for Stanley to arrive with his Dad and Morris. It took them hours before they got there by then Melisa had gone to use the washroom.

She came back and saw a familiar face sitting with her Dad and Tom.

‘Bryan, what are you doing here?’ She asked surprised grabbing a seat.

‘You two know each other?’ Bryan’s dad asked while the others looked on.

‘Yes, but I don’t know what he’s doing here.’ Melisa said not so sure of herself.

‘That’s Stanley, I told you about him several times.’ Morris chipped in.

‘Stanley huh.’ Melisa said and rolled her eyes. She felt lied to.

‘I can explain Lisa.’ Bryan finally found her voice.

Tom kept watching the two of them for a while and smiled sheepishly. ‘Was he one of your clients?’

‘What clients?’

He laughed and his dad smiled. ‘You know what I mean.’ He raised his eyebrows.

Melisa got his message. ‘No, I didn’t sleep with him.’ She said before realizing she was too loud.

‘Morris can we leave this two to work out their differences. And Tom, we have a deal.’ He shook hands with Tom and stood up.

Tom stood up and walked over to Melisa who had her finger in her mouth like an eight year old.

‘He’s a fine guy, just do what you do best.’

She smiled while her dad looked on. ‘Get a life Tom.’ She smacked him.

‘Would you be okay here?’ Morris asked.

‘Yes but make sure Tom gets what he wants.’ Melisa cautioned and Morris nodded.

‘I love you sis.’ Tom said and shook Bryan by the shoulder who was just staring at her all that while.

Melisa has never seen Tom so happy with any of her decisions so helping him out by marrying Bryan and seeing him so excited made her heart rejoice.

They left and Bryan hasn’t stopped staring.

‘So how do we go about this because I don’t really want to marry you?’ She asked after a few seconds of silence.

‘Me neither.’ He finally found his voice.

‘Really?’ She asked as if she was expecting a different answer.

‘Yes, I mean I do like you but I can’t take advantage of you like Henry does.

Melisa’s heart skipped. She stared at him while Bryan’s hands moved to cover his mouth like a kid.

Melisa knew he obviously made a mistake when he mentioned his name.

‘You know Henry?’ She asked with a serious tone.

‘Emmmm, yes. He’s a friend.’

‘But I’ve never seen you around him, anyway can we agree on something quickly so I can go.’ Melisa was not comfortable.

‘Melisa, I like you and want to help you with your brother’s issue but I also need to come clean.’

‘Bryan, I don’t really have time for parables.’

‘I sabotaged your car several times on Henry’s request.’ He didn’t waste any more minutes on that.

Melisa relaxed back on the seat and her head was spinning. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘You know your car always seemed not to work every time you get drunk with him.’

‘Yes, I remember. I end up at his place.’

‘Emm you don’t end up there alone.’ He swallowed hard and buried his face in his palms.

‘What? Bryan, stop scaring me and talk clearly.’

‘I don’t know why I did all that for him but Henry and the rest of his friend’s call me a weakling. I had to change my name to Bryan to fit in because they claimed Stanley sounds like a college boy’s name.’ He narrated.

‘So what does that have to do with me?’

‘What I meant was, I sabotaged your car so Henry and his friends could sleep with you.’

Melisa was quivering and her eyes were red. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Her face was on the table for a whole five minutes before she spoke. ‘How many guys?’

‘Five, sometimes four but it mostly depends on how drunk you were and the dosage of the sleeping tablet.’

She looked at him in a disgusting manner and hit her fist on the table. ‘Did you sleep with me too?’

‘No, I would never do that to you. I admired you a lot, Henry knew that so he kept me as his errands boy.’

‘So meeting you was not a coincidence.’ She asked holding her tears back.

‘It was but I knew our parents intention before I met you with Henry the first night he asked me to temper with your brakes.’

‘You two are sick. I can’t believe you came here expecting me to marry you when you have actually wronged me.’

‘I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you the last time I called but you said you would call back but never did.’

‘You disgust me right now.’ She stood up rudely.

‘Lisa, wait.’

‘Wait for what? The deal is off and you dare not tell your dad that because I would make sure you pay for your crimes.’

‘I have no intentions of doing that. Your brother can have whatever favor he needs from Sculley.’

‘Good, I will leave now but make sure you delete my number.’

‘Okay.’ He responded stupidly.

Melisa laughed in her head and picked up her car keys.

She got to her car and called Paige. After narrating everything to her, she hanged up and called Dane who was very furious Henry was that cruel.

‘Dane, there’s something else.’

‘Are you okay?’

‘No, you need to check your status for any STI’s.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Just do it and stop asking question.’ She sobbed.

‘Wait, I w..ith you onl..y on..ce.’ He stuttered.

‘You think I don’t know that.’ She said and hanged up.

Melisa turned off her phone and wiped her tears. She drove off and packed at the Seattle Hospital car park. It took her a while to get out of the car.

The nurse in the reception took her through the lab process on her request and gave her a card to wait for her results.

‘Doctor Addison.’ She heard a voice calling her from behind.

When she turned around it was a cute slim lady doctor. Melisa walked closer as she wasn’t sure who she is.

The lady walked closer and kept smiling. ‘Hello, it’s an honor to meet you.’ She reached out for a hug which confused Melisa because she was so sure she doesn’t know the lady from anywhere.

‘I’m sorry but I think you got me confused with someone else. I’m Melisa.’ She reached out for a handshake.

‘Yes, Doctor Lisa.’ We know you around here and have been expecting you.’

‘Wait, you know I have STI’s?’ She asked still confused. Probably Bryan’s story was making her delusional.

‘STI’s?’ The doctor asked confused as she only came to her because she knew who Melisa was.

‘Yes, I came here to check my status and have been waiting for my result.’

‘Oh that’s what you meant.’ The lady grinned as she understood her fears.

‘Yes, do you have my results?’ She asked worriedly.

‘No, I don’t but come with me to my office so we can talk about it.’

She looked around and realized she was still in the hospital. Melisa followed the Doctor to her office. She put a call through to the lab for her tests to be brought to her office.

‘When is the result coming?’ Melisa asked after a few minutes of silence as the doctor seemed to be looking for some files.

‘Relax Lisa.’ She said and smiled while she continued looking for the files.

‘Okay, obviously you know who I am but i…….’

‘I’m Michelle.’

‘Michelle?’ Melisa repeated.

‘We haven’t met yet but I know you far back from Seattle news.’

Melisa relaxed back on the seat. ‘Oh the 3D printing miracle.’ Melisa remembered she was once all over the news for the lady’s Kidney she saved by using a 3D technology.

‘Yep, you handled that case pretty well and you were all over the news.’

‘I just did my job.’ She found herself calming down.

A job you were good at. Why did you quit?’ Doctor Michele asked.

She stared at the Doctor and a smile suddenly appeared on her cheeks.

‘Emmm, I don’t really know.’

‘Great, we needed extra hands and your brother just knew the right person for the job.’

‘You know Tom?’ She asked quickly.

‘He knows my brother Clive.’

‘Oh I get it now, he asked you to get me a job here.’

‘Is that a bad thing?’ Michelle asked.

‘Not really, but right now I came to ch……’

‘Check your status. Is there an outbreak somewhere?’ Michelle concluded for her and further asked.

‘No, I made some bad choices and I think it’s just about to blow in my face.’

Michelle looked at her and called the lab again. She listened for a while and sighed. ‘Will be waiting for you in my office.’

‘Is that about my test?’

‘Yes the technician is on his way. Just breathe in.’

They were still talking about work and life in general when the Lab technician came in with the results. Michelle quickly opened it and glanced through.

‘Am I clean?’ She asked slowly.

‘Of course Lisa, you just need more fluid.’ She handed Melisa the result.

She sighed and smiled broadly. ‘Thank you so much and about that job offer, I could start month.’

‘Great, I would have the probation paper work done and we have good start up classes.’

‘Thanks once again.’

‘I’m happy to help and ooh your brother wanted me to tell you congratulations and obviously this was his wedding gift to you.’

Melisa suddenly laughed hilariously. ‘Tom is just being funny. I’m not planning any marriage but I would accept his congratulations.’

They had a few more chats before she left the hospital. She was so happy to have accepted that offer.

‘Why did I even quit in the first place?’ She was still talking to herself while she walked inside the room when Julia rushed to her hugging her and doing her normal body check.

‘Aunty, what’s going on?’

‘Your brother said you tested positive for HIV.’ Julia mentioned still checking her out as if HIV was written on her body.

‘Tom, told you that?’

‘Yes, he said Dane called Grissel and he called Paige too.’

‘Dane. Grissel.’ She now understood how Tom knew she was going to that hospital and called Michelle to look out for her.

‘Yes, I’ve been worried.’

‘I’m sorry, it’s negative Aunty.’ She walked away from her towards the couch. Julia followed a little bit relaxed.

‘So you are fine Lisa?’

‘Of course and by the way I may just go back to being a Doctor soon.’

‘Really?’ She shouted excitedly.

Her phone rang at that moment and she picked up.

‘Don’t do that to me again? Why did you go off in the middle of our conversation?’ Dane complained angrily.

‘Relax, I just needed some time to myself an…….’ She answered.

He cut her off. ‘I love you Lisa and its okay because we have effective drugs these days.’

Melisa kept quiet and smiled. ‘Emmmm, I’……’

‘Are you crying right now? I can be on the next plane to Seattle.’

‘D, I’m negative.’ She muttered quietly.

He paused for a while. ‘Good news but I miss you.’

‘I don’t want you here right now.’ Melisa bluntly told him.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah, your presence would just distract me as I took on a job at the Seattle hospital.’

‘You did? Congratulations.’

‘Thanks and I heard you called Grissel so I’m guessing our small issue is sorted out.’

‘No and have a good day.’ He quickly hanged up before Melisa could tease him.

To be continued



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