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Blemished Love – Episode 27

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‘Are you sure it’s okay, having dinner with me?’

‘It’s fine besides I’m not married anymore.’

‘How’s that going?’ Stella dropped her cutlery in an attempt to listen to him.

‘Your friend is stubborn and won’t listen to anyone’s advice either.’

‘But she’s right you know.’

‘I know that but the court appearance is still weeks away I don’t see why we shouldn’t be together now.’

‘She’s keeping herself from more trouble especially when you guys are actually not married you don’t expect her to be a wife to you.’ She examined his face before her lips went apart again. ‘Knowing Grissel and her principles don’t expect her to come home when things are not sorted out.’ Stella smiled at him.

Tom was silent for a few seconds staring at his plate of fries. ‘Why ask for sex then?’

‘Huh!’ She exclaimed.

‘Oops did I say that out loud.’ His hands practically flew to cover his mouth.

She laughed lightly alongside blushing. ‘Yeah you pretty much just told me she’s not the only one that wants it.’

‘I admit but there’s no way I’m going to her house.’

‘Sex is okay anywhere these days.’

‘I know you would take her side.’

‘Definitely, hotels and guest houses are appropriate.’

‘It’s so weird talking to you about this and besides I’m not a fun of all those places you mentioned and she knows that.’

‘You are not a fun but she is.’

‘She is? Tom’s eyes lit with surprise. ‘Well, I can’t waste my money on all those places.’

She nodded. ‘I don’t mind paying for it neither would Grissel.’

‘I can’t have my boss paying for that.’

‘At this point I’m a friend but when it comes to paying your boss can pay for weekend getaways which are normal in every company.’

‘You and Grissel can be manipulative.’

‘That hurts my ego Tom.’ She smiled all of a sudden.

‘Sorry but it’s true, Grissel is something else and I love that side of her.’ He smiled unawares.

‘Talking about Grissel, did you tell her about this place?’ Stella waved her hand slowly.

‘No, do you want her to have my head.’

‘You know Grissel wasn’t jealous because you were always with me.’

‘She trusts you too much.’ Tom said rubbing his hands against each other probably feeling cold.

‘No, she knows my limit but then she trusts you a whole lot.’ She smiled confusing Tom. ‘She only gets angry when you don’t call or at least answer her calls to tell her you would be keeping late nights.’

‘That’s more like she’s monitoring me and it’s the same as jealousy.’

‘She loves you despite the fact that you are stubborn sometimes.’

‘Did she put you up to this?’

‘You of all people should know Grissel hates me now.’

‘Yeah I’m sorry.’

I’m okay.’ She stylishly waved her hands again when he wasn’t watching. ‘You know this restaurant’s washroom is neat right.’

‘Yeah, always clean. You want to use the washroom?’ Tom responded ignorantly.

‘No, Grissel doesn’t want to come back to the house so you should know she will follow you anywhere.’ Stella smiled sheepishly.

‘She dare not.’ He picked up his juice and sipped then dropped it. The smile on Stella’s face brought him back to his senses. ‘She is here right?’

‘Uhmmm.’ Stella nodded.

He sighed heavily, dropped the lap napkin and stood up abruptly.

‘Where’s she?’

‘Take it easy.’ She waved Grissel once more.

Tom turned around and his eyes caught her on a far row.

‘Stay here.’ He muttered to Stella.

‘Remember to use the washroom.’ She whispered to him while he shook his head and walked away.


He stood in front of her while she pretended not to notice him.

‘Grissel, what are you doing here?’

She raised up her head. ‘This is a restaurant Tom and everyone is allowed here.’

‘Not when I’m in the same restaurant.’

‘You mean when you are with another woman.’ She bluntly said to annoy him.

‘Really, at this point I think I’m allowed to see other people.’ Tom shot back.

He thought that would put some sense into her. Grissel didn’t budge but just focused on her food.

‘Waiter.’ She muttered to the guy standing at his position.

She raised her head when he came over.

‘Can I have the second plate of food?’

‘But Miss, you said w…..’

‘Yeah I know what I said, my guest is almost here.’ She saw Tom glaring at her and she smiled. ‘I would prefer it gets ready and served once he gets to my table.’

‘Alright, the same food and accompaniment.’

‘That’s right.’ She confirmed while he wrote on a note.

‘I’ll get going now.’ The waiter announced and headed back.

‘And put my bills on his tab.’ She pointed to Tom still standing in front of her.

The waiter glanced at Tom waiting for approval but he just frowned.

‘Just go and do as I said please.’ She told the waiter and he left.

‘What was that?’ He asked angrily.

‘That was you paying for my meals and his.’

‘You bought food for a guy and expect me to pay.’

‘Is there something wrong with that?’

‘Yes everything is wrong with it Grissel.’ He didn’t want to cause a scene so he grabbed the seat in front of him.

‘When was the last time you took me out for a meal?’ She asked sternly.

‘But we are not together anymore.’

‘Okay, enjoy buying for someone else then.’

He searched her eyes for a while and when Grissel took off her gaze he sighed heavily.

‘Grissel this is childish.’

‘What is childish?’ She retorted.


‘You mean having someone over for dinner is childish or paying for his meals.’ She stared and didn’t get an answer.

‘Both are childish besides shouldn’t you be eating at home. Women cook at home.’

‘What do you call what you came here to do with Ella.’

‘You know it’s a friendly dinner.’

‘Okay mime is a romantic dinner.’ She twisted his own words against him with a straight face on.

Tom just relaxed back on the seat and watched her eat as if she hasn’t eaten in a while. Then it occurred to him, her appetite comes up when he’s around and eating with her.

He picked up the sanitizer and used it on his hands.

Grissel was wondering what he was doing when he dipped his hands in her food.

She drew back and stared while checking to see if others had noticed.

‘What are you doing?’ She said out quietly.

‘What does it look like?’ He gave her one of those his flirtatious smiles. ‘I’m eating with my wife.’

‘I’m not your wife Tom.’ He smiled instead of frowning. ‘Ohh my illegal wife.’

Grissel though wasn’t finding it funny and easy hearing all that kept a straight face on and ignored him while he continued to eat. She followed him there to spite him but his presence was having so much effect on her.

‘Are you seeing someone else?’ He tried not to sound jealous.

She scoffed. ‘Are you jealous?’

‘I’m not but I just don’t understand you anymore. Usually, ladies treat men this way when they were at fault but in my case I’ve been supportive even after you hurt me so bad.’ He said painfully. ‘I’m still here hoping our vows and time together wasn’t in vain.’

She dropped her cutlery and sat against the chair.

They both stared at each other for close to two minutes without uttering a word. Grissel knew he was right earlier but she also has the responsibility to stay out of his way for some time. Dane is cunning and would do anything to see her unhappy.

‘What do you want?’ She finally asked.

‘Move back home with me.’

‘Okay, finish eating and we can talk about it.’

Tom’s hand practically fell off his mouth with the food.

‘For real?’ He asked still surprised.

‘Yeah, and you were right earlier.’


‘You’ve done nothing wrong than being supportive and I’m sorry.’

‘You are sorry?’

‘Of course.’

He grabbed the sanitizer and rubbed his hands.

‘Why are you rushing?’

‘I’m taking you home right away.’

‘I didn’t mention I was coming home tonight Tom.’

‘Please, don’t do this we can go pick up your things and drive back.’

Grissel didn’t want to burst his bubble. She smiled after she saw how happy he sounded and the frustration on his face earlier on when he approached her table vanished.

‘You smiled.’

‘Yes, and can we go already.’ She brought out his phone and sent a text message. ‘We can pick up my stuff tomorrow morning.’

‘You are not kidding right.’

‘No, I’m serious.’ She whispered and signaled the waiter.

Grissel searched her bag thoroughly for minutes without success.

‘Tom, I ne……’

‘I should pay, I guess.’

She nodded smiling. ‘I don’t have money these days.’

He brought out his wallet and checked the bill card for her receipt. Tom popped up his eyes in surprise.

‘Did you buy the whole restaurant?’ He scratched his head.

Grissel shoved the wallet out of his hands and took out the money while he looked on smiling.

Just then the waiter came over with a face that showed her order wasn’t ready.

‘I have to leave and by the look on your face I know the food isn’t ready so my friend will come pick it up. Just package it nicely.’

She handed him the menu card with her bill.

‘Stella paid.’ The waiter muttered.

They both looked across their table to check if she was there as they totally forgot about her. ‘You know Stella.’ Grissel asked to be sure.

‘The lady that was on table ten.’ he pointed to that direction which appears vacant now. ‘She said to tell you not to forget lunch tomorrow.’

‘Lunch?’ Grissel queried.

‘Yes,’ the waiter responded and handed her a note.

Tom looked at her reading the note.

‘She’s coming to your place tomorrow for lunch. Was this your idea?’

‘No, I wasn’t even sure you were going home with me tonight.’

She scrutinized his face to be sure.

Grissel, took out the money from the menu card and gave him a tip which left him smiling.

‘Thank you. He’s Austin.’ She smiled.’ I mean the one who will pick up the food.’

‘Alright Miss.’

‘Its Mrs. Young man.’ Tom muttered.

‘My apologies. I have to go now.’ He said quickly glancing at Grissel’s hands and finally walked away.

‘You took off your ring.’ He asked after a few seconds.

‘You don’t expect me to have my ring on when I was asked to appear in court.’

‘You were in court? When?’

‘The day I packed out and before you ask I didn’t inform you because you would just complicate things for me.’

‘I’ve heard you but don’t forget we are in this together Grissel.’

‘Thank you, let’s get going already.’ She announced.

‘Though I would love to get the gist about court and what Austin is meeting you here for I would rather not ask.’

She stood up with her bag and shook her head smiling.

‘After all these years you are still jealous of Austin.’

‘I’m not but the guy is too over protective.’

‘You should be glad someone is looking out for me.’

He smiled widely while walking out of the door with her.

‘I will drive after your car leaves.’

‘Wait. Were you bluffing last night about sleeping with those girls?’

He laughed. It’s so clear now why you came here this evening.’

‘Did you?’

‘No, I respect our union Grissel.’

‘I love you Tom.’ She gave him a hug and got into her car driving off while Tom followed. His eyes on the road sternly to make sure she wasn’t playing pranks on him.


Grissel woke up that morning fulfilled and tiptoed out of the room with picking up her wears alongside.

She had earlier on left a note for him because he’s so much aware Tom wouldn’t wake up now.

She picked up her bag from the couch and got to the kitchen for a bottle of water.

As she was leaving the house in her car Lisa’s call came in.

Grissel after speaking to Lisa for a few minutes got out of her car and went back in. Dropped her bag and left the house smiling while humming holding her steer tightly.

Tom woke up a while after she left.

He sighted the empty glass on his side drawer and noticed there was a note attached.

It then occurred to him Grissel wasn’t on the bed with him.

‘Next time don’t trust every drink offered to you with a mischievous smile after sex but don’t worry it was just a little amount of sleeping tablets which will enable me sneak out in peace.’ He read out loud and the events of last night flashed his mind.

Tom strolled to the bathroom and for some reason the note didn’t bother him at all.

He washed down and went into the kitchen.

‘She didn’t leave any food too.’ But he noticed Grissel’s bag from last night was on the kitchen counter.

‘She must have forgotten it in a hurry.’ His stomach grumbled. ‘There’s egg and bread.’ He thought out loud.

After some few hours she came back with Stella as they dragged a shopping back in.

Tom who was descending from upstairs when he heard the car coming into the compound stood there watching them helpless.

He exchanged greetings with Stella.

‘Tom come and help us.’

‘I thought you left.’

‘Didn’t you see my bag?’

‘Yeah, what is that you two are dragging in?’

‘There’s no food in this house and you are paying for it.’

‘I thought food is your responsibility when it’s not yet a new month.’

‘Last I checked I don’t live with you anymore.’

‘Then why are you buying food for my house.’

‘Uhmmm.’ Stella cleared her throat. ‘You two do realize this is petty rivalry right.’ Stella who was watching them argue it out found her voice. ‘Just help us with the bag.’

He looked at both women and carried the bag to the kitchen while Stella stayed out of their way.

Grissel joined him in the kitchen smiling.

‘You are smiling because you know what you did right?’

‘Can you please pick up my car for me?’ She feigned a smile.

‘In your dreams.’ he said and walked out on her while she hissed and started her clean up.

Tom found Stella still standing at her spot.

‘Sorry, have a seat.’

‘Thank you.’ She walked to the couch.

‘Where did you meet your friend?’

‘She called me to pick her up. Her car broke down on the way.’

‘She must have called me several times.’

‘Yeah she mentioned it.’

‘I’m not sure where I dropped my phone last night.’

‘I can imagine. You will find it.’ She smiled coyly.

‘I know what y…’

‘Tom did you use all my salt.’ Grissel called out from the kitchen.

Both Stella and Tom looked at each other.

‘I’m not in the mood for this drama.’

He excused himself and rushed upstairs.

Stella shook her head and went towards the kitchen.

She knew Tom wasn’t going to come down anytime soon and whoever Grissel is expecting must be very important because she couldn’t stop making noise about it on their way home.

To be continued



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