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Blemished Love – Episode 25

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Both Gina and Julia had decided to talk to Dane when they heard he was in town. Mr. and Mrs. Medt had called to inform them he was around so they could come over to have a talk but as heartless as Dane is he turned down their pleads.

‘Dane, so you don’t want to let go of this issue.’ Stella’s mom asked after Gina and Julia had left their end.

‘No, Grissel hasn’t paid fully yet.’ Dane replied her aunty checking out Dani’s pictures that Lisa sent to him.

‘When did you turn into this bitter person?’

‘The day she killed my son and you all helped her hide in this city.’

‘You think we knew she was here?’ Mr. Medt interrupted from where he sat reading.

‘And Stella, why are you quiet?’ Her mom asked before Dane could answer.

‘Mom, I have nothing to say.’ She coiled back on the couch.

Stella and Dane were like five and six but since the incident, they hardly see eye to eye.

Dane ignored her and kept checking his phone every seconds until it rang.

He stood up and left the room smiling at them.


‘Hey Princess.’

‘Daddy, your daughter is fine and she’s now mommy’s princess.’ Dani knew that was going to be his first question.

‘Okay, I’m in town do you want to come around?’

‘Dad, we talked about this. No stalking.’

‘I’m not, I came to see your other Grandma.’

‘Hmmm, we both know that’s a lie.’

‘Alright, I was just worried. I will wait for the next few days so we can leave together.’

Dani was quiet at her end.

‘Dani, I can hear you breathing.’

‘I don’t want to go back.’

‘Young lady, do you want me to drive there and pick you up?’

‘Mommy won’t allow you take me away.’

‘Dani, stop being cheeky with me.’

‘I just want to stay a little longer so I could spend more time with the prettiest mom.’

‘Can I talk to Lisa?’ He changed the topic to avoid listening to her daughter make noise about Grissel.

‘Dad? We are not done talking about Mom.’

‘I don’t want to hear it, help me tell Lisa I will call in the evening.’

‘Okay, your choice.’ She said coyly and hanged up before her Dad could do anything.

Dani rushed off to where Melisa and Grissel were seated.

‘Daddy said I could stay for the whole of next week.’

‘Really? But you have school.’ Melisa asked while Grissel looked on.

‘He will talk to the teachers when he goes back.’

‘Your Dad is in town?’ Grissel asked grabbing her phone.

‘Yes, he came to see you Mom.’

‘Dani that’s a lie.’ Melisa admonished.

‘It’s true, he wants mom to bring me over to my other grand mom’s place.’

Grissel just kept her eyes on her. Dani reminds her of her old cheeky self. She quickly sent a message to Stella and dropped her phone.

‘Dani, what did your Dad say exactly.’

She turned to her mom who has been quiet all these while.’ He said to tell that woman to bring me over?’

‘Dani that’s not a nice thing to say.’ Grissel cautioned.

‘But daddy said it, not me.’

‘You are going back tomorrow instead of Sunday.’ Grissel said and picked up her phone.

‘I’m sorry I lied.’ Dani rushed onto her laps while Lisa looked at her face and poked her nose.

‘Daddy wants you to call her Lisa.’ She squirmed.

‘Mommy am I still going back tomorrow?’

‘You might if you keep lying.’

‘I will stop, I cross my heart.’ She smiled with her hands on her chest.

She wriggled her small hands in the air and run off to the kitchen probably going for her next round of ice cream.

‘How are you holding up?’

‘I will live Lisa.’ Grissel feigned a smile. ‘This isn’t a difficult case anymore, it will probably get dismissed.

‘Are you sure about that?’ She stressed.

‘Yeah, I haven’t done anything wrong this time.’

‘I know that but Dane still feels the pain and to him you betrayed him.’

‘Who wouldn’t feel such a pain?’ Her face colored up. ‘He was my son too but I did my time for that crime and I may never get over it but that shouldn’t make me heartless as Dane has become.’

‘I want to understand you two but it’s so difficult.’

‘I was thrown into a box without hearing for seven months. I just don’t understand why he won’t give me the divorce.’ She muttered painfully. ‘Shouldn’t that be enough especially when I have Dani to remind me of my failure as a mom.

‘You were not a failure, you just made a mistake.’

‘Tell that to your boyfriend who wouldn’t grant me the annulment.’

Lisa suddenly forgot what to say as she had her mouth opened for a few seconds and just closed it.

‘Am I asking him for too much?’

‘I don’t think so because I know you don’t need his money.’

‘You are right, I need only his signature and if he refuses this time I can get a default divorce.’

‘That’s a bit of relief but I can see something else is bothering you.’ Lisa stared into her eyes.

‘Stella signing that annulment paper was a wrong move.’

‘But it was verified the signature belonged to him when you sent to the judge right?’

‘Yeah it was but it could ruin everything for me if Dane decides to pursue it and I would lose the favor of the only judge who fast tracked all these for me before the wedding.’

‘So had it not been that Stella signed, this case would have been a foolish one considering the fact that you had no idea he wasn’t the one who signed it.’

‘Yes or probably argue I had no idea he was alive. If the court found out i had no contact with him I’m sure I could get my annulment.’

‘I’m really sorry.’

‘That’s fine, Dane has always been this controlling I didn’t think it would get to this but I hold no grudge.’

‘You don’t?’

‘Why should i? I’m human and I may not like it but he’s still a part of me.’

‘You still have feelings for him?’

Grissel scoffed. ‘Feelings? They died the moment he denied I wasn’t his wife and threw me in jail.’

‘But he still wants you Grissel.’

She laughed. ‘I pity him, he’s part of my life because of Shirley.’

‘Are you sure about that?’

‘You think I don’t love your brother enough? A smile appeared on her cheeks. ‘Even if I don’t, hasn’t he done too much for me already to deserve complete love from me?’

‘I know you do but it’s two different things.’ Melisa squirmed. ‘A man you have a baby with will always be part of your life and the one you love will be caught in the middle of it all.’

‘It will all blow over soon and Dane will lose what’s dear to him.’

‘Are you saying what I’m thinking?’

‘Of course, I’ve been working on custody for all these years but I never got anywhere.’

‘Won’t that affect you and Tom’s relationship?’

‘Your brother will be fine.’

‘Though the Tom I knew back then is different now but think through your decision.’

‘I will but what’s up with you and Dane.’

‘He will be dumped soon.’ She laughed painfully and Grissel joined.

‘Don’t dump him on my account Lisa. If you love him that much, it’s okay to be with him.’

‘You think I don’t already know that.’ Her face became dull suddenly. ‘How do you expect me to be with my sister-in-laws ex-husband?’

Grissel kept watching her and finally grinned. ‘You are blushing.’

‘What?’ Melisa asked and quickly reached out for her cheeks.

‘You need to look into the mirror to find out.’ Grissel teased.

‘Be serious Grissel.’

‘I am being serious but it sounds to me like you are asking me for permission.’

She kept mute for about two seconds. ‘Am I?’ Melisa asked faintly.

‘You don’t need me to make your love decisions, forget I ever existed Lisa.’

‘I can’t do that, you would always be in every conversation we have.’

‘It’s totally okay with me and besides my daughter likes you.’ She winked.

‘I see your plan now. Shirley would always be yours and that won’t change.’

‘I understand but I would be much okay with you around her than another woman I don’t know.’

‘Don’t trust me that much Grissel.’

‘I don’t but then I think I have your brother to deal with you if my daughter turns out wrong.’

She laughed and Melisa squirmed.

‘Gosh, of all the men I’ve been with why Dane.’ She covered her face with her palms like a kid.

‘Ahaaa, you just confirmed you are helplessly in love.’

Melisa rolled her eyes teasingly. ‘Dane’s kind of love is different. I just feel comfortable and relaxed in this relationship.’ She grinned. ‘Usually I do all the hard work but this time around I feel free.’

‘Then what is stopping you from being with him.’

‘I can’t stand what he is doing to you.’

‘So you love me too?’ Grissel teased.

She smacked her. ‘He does everything I ask him to but when it comes to you and his past he doesn’t want to let go.’

‘He loves you Lisa but he’s also a broken man. I did that to him and the thought of you being related to me won’t let him oblige to your opinion on this case.’

‘What do I do Grissel?’ She asked confused.

‘You keep saying he would be dumped soon but I would say just be there for him. He would need you after everything is over.’

‘Okay,’ she sighed. ‘Tom and his father won’t accept him.’

She scoffed. ‘You are scared of your brother’s reaction.’

‘I have to Grissel. I don’t want us going back to holding grudges and I can’t have him hating Dane either.’

‘I would handle Tom for you.’

‘How? He’s stubborn Grissel.

‘Your brother would do anything for me. Just trust that he would come to accept him eventually.’

‘Thank you so much.’ She reached out for her hands. ‘You know Shirley takes after you. She knows what she wants and makes sure she gets it.’

Grissel gasped. ‘Where’s she?’

Just then they heard a deafening burst in the kitchen followed by a shout and rushed there as Dani was out of sight.


‘Come here sweetheart.’

Dani was hiding behind the kitchen door probably petrified.

‘Mommy I was just warming my food and it went boom.’

‘I’m sorry, you could have called me.’

‘You were talking non-stop so I wanted to be a big girl.’

‘That’s alright, let me help you but next time wait for me. I can’t lose you too.’

Grissel moved away from her after a few cuddles and proceeded in getting the food ready for her.

‘Lisa did I ruin it?’ She asked Lisa who was checking out the microwave.

‘You damaged it dear.’

She became sad and walked closer.

‘Don’t worry, you can buy me a new one with your first paycheck.’ Grissel smiled at her.

They were still smiling when Tom came to the kitchen, opened the fridge and closed it.

‘Tom do you need anything?’ Grissel asked and he ignored and kept pacing around scratching his head.

‘Uncle Tom, Mommy just asked you are question.’ He probably didn’t notice Dani in the kitchen earlier.

‘I think I left what I needed upstairs.’ He feigned a smile and went out without another word.

As if on cue, they all glanced at each other and raised their shoulders.

‘He doesn’t like me here and Daddy also he would not like me.’ Shirley said quietly and sadly.

Melisa drew her closer. ‘That’s not true, Tom loves your mom and you very much.’

‘Mommy is that true?’

Grissel shook her head and focused back on the food.

‘You need to talk to him.’ Melisa mouthed faintly to Grissel who nodded slowly with pain.


‘Are you sure want to do this?’ Stella who picked Grissel up few blocks from her house to her place asked.

‘I have to sooner or later.’ She replied her.

Stella led her into the house where she greeted her parents who were excited to have met the famous Grissel.

‘We are happy to finally meet our daughter’s best friend.’ Mr. Medt said.

‘Yes, I remember Stella wouldn’t come home to visit when you got pregnant because she doesn’t want to leave your side.’ Her mom chipped in.

‘I’m happy to meet the family who has been so supportive.’

Grissel said uncomfortably because her mind was hot as she doesn’t know what to expect from Dane when she comes face to face with him. The other thing too is she didn’t tell anyone where she was going that evening.

‘Grissel it’s okay, let’s go and clear this up so you can go home before Tom starts a search party.’ Stella dragged her out of there towards Dane’s room.

When they got there, Stella gestured her to knock as she would prefer staying out of their way.

Grissel knocked and heard come in. She looked back at Stella and got a nod.

‘Leave the door open.’ Stella told her. She held on to the door knobs, turned it open and sighed heavily.

When she got in Dane was sitting on the couch reading Seattle news.

‘What are you doing here?’ He sprung up from where he sat earlier and sat down again.

Grissel who hasn’t seen Dane in eight years was uncomfortable and her head was down for some few minutes.

‘I want us to talk.’ She muttered with courage.

Dane who was seeing her for the first time after he left her at the hospital that night when Shane died for the cops to take her into their custody signaled her to come closer.

Grissel walked closer and sat down without being asked to.

‘What do you possibly want to talk about?’ He stood up from where he sat and moved to his bed.

‘I’m so…rry abo….ut but I want to move on and I need you to sign the papers.’ Grissel stammered at a point but she braced herself up at the end.

‘You think I want you to move on and be happy while I haven’t healed yet?’ He said with anger.

Grissel raised her head finally and found him staring at her.

‘What do you want then because I did my time and nothing I say right now is going to bring Shane back and I missed out on raising Shirley.’

‘You missed out or you run off after you got out.’

‘I missed out because I know you wouldn’t want to see me back in your house.’

‘And you think you are the right parent for my daughter.’

‘A mother should raise her daughter so yes I’m the right parent for Shirley.’

‘Right parent you say. What would you probably teach her?’

‘I know you don’t trust me right now but can we come to an agreement because Shirley wants to come live with me.’

‘Stop calling her Shirley.’ He snarled and stood up. ‘She’s Dani and for your information, I don’t need you to raise my daughter to become someone that fake’s signatures.’ Dane scowled once more.

Grissel was embarrassed and she knew he had no idea Stella signed the papers.

‘You know I could always get a default annulment right?’ She suddenly became alive when earlier she could barely talk.

Dane laughed suddenly. ‘If you could, what’s stopping you now? Fraud.’ He muttered and sat back on his bed.

Grissel swallowed so hard and tried to remain calm. The Dane she knew was strict but caring.

‘You should know your sister did the signing and I’m trying so hard not to bring that out in court.’ She finally let the truth out.

Dane glanced at her. ‘You still haven’t stopped lying Grissel.’ He called her by her name for the first time since she came in.

‘I’ve never lied to you Reed besides Stella is right outside there you can ask her.’

They both suddenly became silence. Grissel knew she wasn’t making any heads way with him so she stood up to leave. When she got to the door, he stood up also.

‘Wait, I may have an offer for you.’ He mentioned with a frown.

Grissel turned around quickly. She knew whatever Dane had in mind was only going to be in his favor.

‘Okay, let’s hear it.’ She asked holding her tears back from earlier.

‘’Come live with me, that way you can have Shirley to yourself every time.’

She glared at him. ‘You are not serious Reed. Why on earth would I want to stay with you when you are still with Melisa?’

‘Melisa would understand and that’s the only way I can let my daughter ever near you again.’ He smiled mischievously. ‘I allowed her all these time to be with you because Lisa asked me to.’

‘So what do I gain from staying with you. It’s not like I would be getting my freedom.’

‘I can sign those papers when you decide to stay with us.’ He said to her surprise.

‘Why don’t you just sign them without any conditions?

‘So you take my princess away from me? No way Grissel.’ He was beginning to flare up again.

‘How would that even work Reed? I can’t stay in the same space with you.’

‘You can with no obligations.’ He said rather calmly.

Grissel wasn’t sure what has suddenly come over him to make such an offer to her.

‘No thanks, I will find a way.’ She quickly said and prayed silently not to regret her decision.

‘Suit yourself then. You know telling the court Stella signed those papers are not going to hold especially when she’s related to the both of us.’

‘You are very heartless Dane.’ She said with anger and held on to the door.

‘Thank you and by the way you look nice.’ Dane flattered.

‘And stop telling my daughter Tom doesn’t like her.’ She cautioned with anger.

Grissel slammed the door and walked out meeting Stella sitting on the floor crying.

‘Get me out of here.’ She said angrily and Stella stood up.

‘Are you okay?’ Stella asked when they left her house.

‘Don’t ask me that question and stop shedding tears in my presence.

Stella kept quiet the whole time Grissel was in her car. She dropped her off in front of her house and watched her standing at the gate obviously scared of entering the house.

‘Do you need help getting inside?’

‘No, thanks.’ She replied back and opened the gate. She entered the house and paused again.


‘Has anyone seen my wife?’ Tom came down worried.

Melisa who was playing with Dani’s hair paused and looked up at him.

‘Uncle Tom, do you mean Grissel?’ Shirley asked cheekily while Melisa kept quiet.

She thought allowing Shirley talk to Tom would ease the tension between them.

‘Yes, your mom. Did she go out?’ Tom asked again.

‘She didn’t tell me.’ Shirley replied looking at Melisa for confirmation. Melisa smiled at her.

‘Okay,’ he replied and turned towards the kitchen.

Melisa realized he was probably hungry.

‘Do you want me to cook something for you?’ She asked.

‘No, thanks. I would grab some juice.’

Shirley glanced at Melisa and back to Tom who was moving away.

‘Uncle Tom, maybe Grissel went to see my daddy at……’ She said suddenly and Melisa jumped up to cover her mouth with her palms.

Tom turned around watching their reaction just then Grissel came in obviously crying. She had no idea anyone was going to be in the hall.

‘Mommy, I told Uncle Tom you went to see my dad.’ She rushed off from Melisa’s arms towards her mom at the door.

Grissel opened her mouth to talk when she noticed Tom staring at her. He got the message clear as she was quiet so he walked away to the kitchen.

‘Sweetheart, go and play with Melisa. I want to talk with Uncle Tom.’

‘Okay.’ Shirley responded and rushed off.

When Grissel got to the kitchen Tom was obviously waiting for her.

‘Can you make something quick for me? I’ve been hungry since afternoon and I thought you got my message clear when I came to the kitchen earlier.’ He said innocently.

‘Alright, but can we talk first.’ She pleaded with her eyes.

‘Grissel, whatever you do with Dane is your business not mine.’

‘Tom, that’s your anger talking. I only went there to see if I could talk him out of this whole case.’

Tom looked at her and knew she was telling the truth. ‘Just tell me next time you want to do anything like that.’

‘So you could follow me?’ I just didn’t want a fight between you two besides you were mean to me earlier when you came to the kitchen.’ Grissel muttered slowly.

‘Really, I was hungry and when I saw everyone in the kitchen I knew I would be ruining mother daughter moment if I should ask you to make something for me when I had eaten an hour earlier.’

‘Sorry, I thought you were being mean to us.’ Grissel confessed.

‘No, I was jealous though.’ He smiled cheekily like Shirley who had some drama up her sleeves.

‘I knew it.’ She tried to smack him when he moved a step back.

‘Okay, how did it go then?’ He finally asked.

She sighed and walked towards him when she realized he was calm. ‘Disastrous, he humiliated me Tom.’

‘I’m sorry, come here.’ He opened his arms wide for her. ‘You said you don’t want me talking to him so I obviously can’t do anything about this humiliation.’

‘Yes, I know and thank you for not judging me.’

‘Great, I’m starving please.’ He complained.

‘Yes, yes, let me get dinner sorted out quickly.

‘Thank you.’ He planted a kiss on her lips and rushed out.


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