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Blemished Love – Episode 14

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‘This was all your fault Adam.’

‘How is it my fault?’

‘You should have told me this months ago.’

‘I didn’t because I knew how you will react but I sure didn’t ask you to tell Julia anything so Grissel’s accident is on you.’

‘When it comes to Grissel, you seem to be over protective. You don’t do that when I’m in trouble Adam.’

‘You should be ashamed of yourself right now. I thought she was both of us our responsibility the moment you brought her home.’

‘I know I did but I’m just angry you two kept this away from me.’

‘Put yourself in her shoes. Would you have told me if you knew I’m the type of man who can’t forgive betrayal?’

‘I guess not and besides I’m just angry she felt comfortable talking to you about it than me.’

‘Trust me, she didn’t, Andre contacted me on her behalf.’

‘Andre? Her boss?’

‘Yes, that was why I chose that hotel so I could meet them both there before the wedding.’

‘What has he got to do with this?’

‘Why don’t you ask Grissel when she wakes up? Now can I drive in peace?’

Jessy gave her husband a squeeze on his shoulders and gave him the go ahead to drive towards the hospital.


‘Is she going to be alright?’ He asked the doctor after introducing himself when he entered his office.

‘Yeah, she’s a strong woman. She had two major surgeries under four hours but didn’t give up.’

‘She has always been tough.’ Tom grinned for the first time since he arrived at the hospital.

‘But we are sorry she lost the pregnancy and we hope you can wait for some time before breaking the news to her. If possible I can recommend a psychologist before you tell her she miscarried.’

‘Pregnancy?’ Tom repeated with a surprised face on after a few seconds of letting the doctor’s words settle in.

The doctor read in between the lines and knew he was not aware.

‘I understand, Mr. Addison. This must have been a shock to you but your wife was pregnant when she was brought in here.’

He slumped on the chair and seemed as if he was trying to remember something.

‘Do you need a few minutes to settle in?’

‘No, how many weeks pregnancy.’ He managed to ask.

‘My guess is a few weeks.’ The doctor replied.

‘So it’s possible she was pregnant before last week.’

‘Of course, if I’m not wrong close to a month. We didn’t have time to check all that since she was in critical condition when they brought her in and needed immediate surgery.’

‘Thank you but when can we see her.’ He managed to ask.

‘You can all go home now and return tomorrow.’

‘Thank you.’ He said weakly.

‘And you can have full report from the police tomorrow and the man who knocked her down.’

‘That won’t be necessary.’ Tom said as if he was giving up.

He stood up and exchanged a handshake with the doctor.

Mike and Julia were talking when they saw Tom walking pass them.

‘Where are you off to?’ Mike turned to him.

‘Home?’ He replied and kept walking.

‘Home? Why? Have you seen your wife already?’

‘No.’ He turned around.

‘Then we should wait around Tom.’

‘What for Mike? I want to go home.’

‘I thought you came here to see Grissel.’

‘Why should I see her?’ Tom asked with rage on her face.

Julia and her niece exchanged glances.

‘Man, what is wrong with you.’

‘Can you drive me home or give me the car keys?’

‘What did the doctor tell you?’ He didn’t realize Julia was standing beside him.

‘What do you care when this was all your fault in the first place?’

‘I’m sorry but can we just make sure your love is okay then you can fight me all you want.’ Julia tapped him on the shoulder.

The name love must have brought him back to his senses because a smile appeared on his face and vanished immediately.

‘Aunty, I asked my wife last week if she was pregnant. She told me no.’

‘Okay what has that got to do with anything?’ Mike interrupted and he turned giving him a weird look.

Melisa led him to the chair Julia vacated earlier. He didn’t bother to push her off as he was confused.

‘She killed my baby Lisa and I can’t be here when she wakes up.’

Julia and Melisa looked at each other again.

‘I’m not sure Grissel will intentionally do that to you Tom.’ Her sister tried to calm him down.

‘Then why did she lie when I asked her if she was pregnant just to find out from the doctor she was several weeks pregnant before I even asked her.’

‘Maybe she wasn’t even aware she was pregnant.’

‘Trust me, she knew and probably didn’t want to have my baby.’ Tom wiped his face like a small kid crying over his missing ball.

‘Don’t think like that. It was an accident and there must be an explanation to why she denied being pregnant. That’s unlike Grissel.’ Melisa said looking up at Julia once more.

‘But you don’t even like her, how would you know if she didn’t lie just to escape having my children.’

‘Trust me, I’m sure even if she knew, she must have a good explanation for not telling you.’ Melisa smiled at him.

‘She was probably in denial. It happens sometimes.’ Julia finally spoke up.

‘That was why I asked her when I suspected last week.’

‘It’s okay, you would have other opportunities. Imagine what your weakness would do to her if she wakes up seeing you this way. Wipe your face.’

‘Thank you aunty and sorry I yelled at you.’

‘That’s alright son.’

‘But the doctor said we can go home and come back tomorrow.’

‘I think he’s right.’ Mike chipped in.

‘Then you can come home with us tonight so Mike can drive home as well.’ Julia supported him to stand up.

He nodded and walked from them to the nurse he spoke to earlier.

‘I need a favor Pamela.’

‘I guess I should call you once she wakes up.’

‘Exactly, thank you.’ He gave her his card and walked away while the others followed.

Their drive home was very long and quiet. Nobody said a word until Melisa pulled in front of their gate.


Tom however found out within the course of that week Henry was the one who found Grissel and sent her to the hospital. He didn’t make much of it, though he lashed out on him for signing the consent form without his permission he also knew had it not been that Grissel would have died before they even got there.

Julia had asked him not to come around the hospital anymore and Henry seemed to be okay with that.

Melisa has been avoiding his calls even before the accident especially since Dane is now in the picture. But he was her only friend so she has been giving him update on Grissel’s health.

‘Do you think she’ll wake up?’

Tom asked Jessy who has been blaming herself for the past week.

‘She will and I can’t wait to tell her how sorry I was.’ She retorted and realized Tom was looking at her weirdly.

‘You know, I never asked what you guys fought about.’ He queried Jessy who thought she saw Grissel move her fingers.

She kept watching through the window and stylishly avoiding his questions.

‘Jessy, why did you leave my house that day without a notice?’

‘Tom?’ She called out pointing to where Grissel laid.

‘I asked you over politely to find out what her problem was, so the least you could do for me was to tell me what she said I wasn’t doing right but you left.’

He still hadn’t realized what Jessy was pointing to.

‘Tom, look.’

‘You know what, it’s alright. I would live with it if you don’t want to help.’ He further said and saw the doctor rushing in there which caught his attention.

‘Tom? She’s waking up.’ Melisa came to where she stood backing the window talking to Jessy.

He turned around immediately with mixed feelings and watched while the doctor attended to her.

Dr. Steven came out briefly and signaled him.

‘Doc is she okay.’

‘Yes for now, we will just monitor her for a few days but the worse is over.’

‘When can we see her?’

‘Just give us some few minutes, she had to be moved to a more comfortable room and set up. The nurse will come pick you up after that.’

‘Thank you Doctor.’

‘Remember what we talked about, this is not the time to tell her she lost the pregnancy as it may have effect on her psychologically.’

‘Yeah I will get her the help she needs when it comes to that.’

They shook hands and the Doctor left.


They all rushed in after Tom entered.

Grissel still had bandages over her head, legs and arms.

She blinked twice when Tom sat beside her on the bed.

‘I’m so…’

‘Shhhh, don’t talk. The doctor said you are still fragile.’ He kissed her on the forehead.

She tried to talk but it was faint and quiet.

The doctor came in and signaled Tom to walk out with him.

‘I will be back.’

She blinked again when Tom spoke up.

‘I love you’ He whispered into her ears and smiled.

Jessy left the spot she was standing when Tom left the room.

Grissel allowed the tears she was holding to fall off.

‘Hey, I’m sorry. You don’t need to cry. We’ve all decided it’s your secret to tell.’ She placed her hands gently on hers. ‘If you don’t want Tom to know, it’s your cross to carry. But then don’t ever keep something like that away from me.’ Jessy held her hands while Grissel focused on Julia who walked over earlier but kept staring at her.

‘Than…k you.’ She managed to say, then Julia nodded and Melisa smiled to her.

They were still talking when Tom came back.


Julia was out of sight when Tom came in that evening.

‘Maybe, everyone’s asleep.’ He thought and smiled to himself.

Then he remembered the argument with Grissel earlier in the morning. The smile on his face vanished. He then remembered the ice cream in his other hand so he left with it to the kitchen.

The past week that Grissel spent in the hospital and was discharged got everyone around her sympathizing her. Except Melisa whom Tom didn’t want to have around after he found out from Grissel she knew Henry was stalking his wife and as his sister she supported him.


‘Your Dad seemed like he didn’t like me.’ Dane complained after they left the restaurant where they met with Morris.

Melisa insisted on Dane meeting her Dad as she felt it was the right thing to do. Unlike her previous relationship she wasn’t so sure about anyone before but Dane is different.

Morris who sounded reserved and uncomfortable throughout their meet up kept to himself.

‘I noticed too but you are still my choice not his.’ She blushed and got into his car fixing her seat belt.

‘How’s your sister in law?’ He suddenly asked after a long silence.

‘She gave us quite a scare but she’s better now.’ Melisa announced picking up her phone which was ringing. ‘Hello.’ She said softly.

‘What happened? Your Dad called, something about bad feelings.’

‘He can’t stop me, neither would you?’

‘I have no intentions of doing that Lisa.’

‘Good, I’m on my way back. Let’s talk when I get to Tom’s.’ She said uncomfortably and hanged up.

‘Trouble in Paradise?’ Dane asked when she seemed lost after the call.

‘Do you know my dad prior to meeting him?’

Dane looked at her confused and pulled over at a gas station. ‘Where’s that coming from?’

‘Forget I asked. Drive on.’ She said feigning a smile.


To be continued



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