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There is merrymaking at the NYANTAKYI residence.

It is the sixty-first birthday of Mr. KUSI NYANTAKYI, and a party has been organized for him.

He is surrounded by family, friends and colleagues.

His wife, SIKA NYANTAKYI, is looking resplendent in her all-white attire which matches her husband’s.

She is sitting in a wheelchair by her husband’s side.

She cannot walk.

A massive stroke two years earlier has rendered her incapable of walking, and has paralysed half her body.

Her right arm is bent, and she is not capable of coherent speech as part of her mouth is also cruelly twisted to the side.

Their only daughter, twenty-six-year-old KESEWAA, is also fawning around her parents.

Kesewaa is indeed a very beautiful girl.

She is tall, extremely fair and as graceful as gazelle.

She is as incredible-looking as a fairy, and all eyes follow her as she moves from one guest to the other.

Her father has already blown the candles and cut the cake and tired from dancing and all the excitement, he is now sitting down with his wife by his side.

Also on the high table with him are BISHOP OSUANYI AYEH, the General Overseer of GOLGOTHA HEIGHTS INTERNATIONAL CHURCH.

The Bishop’s wife, KORKOR, is also present.

So also is the new pastor of the church, REVEREND EBOW OBUOBI, who has recently returned to Ghana from his studies abroad, and who is already causing a great fire revival in the church with his display of the power of God.

He is the nephew of Bishop Osuanyi.

People are still dancing, eating and making merry.

White tents, white cotton-covered chairs and tables fill the yard.

Food is in abundance.

The Gift Area is laden with wrapped parcels.

Sitting to one side under the tent is a calm-looking man in his early thirties.


He is wearing a designer agbada, and he is very handsome.

By his side is his mother, MAAME AKUA, who looks quite elderly and a little out of place.

On his other side is a dark-complexioned twenty-nine-year-old lady called AMINA MOHAMMED.

She is Kesewaa’s best friend.

Kesewaa extricates herself from a little group she is chatting with, and approaches Akoto with a lovely smile on her face.

She walks with rhythm, and Amina sees the look of love and adoration on Akoto’s face as he looks at Kesewaa.



Ei, Mr. Akoto! Look at the expression on your face! Love is going to kill you one of these days!


(laughing softly)

I love your friend, Amina. I love her so much!

Kesewaa has reached them now.

She kneels down by the chair Maame Akua is sitting on, and smiles sweetly.



My dearest mother-in-law! Are you okay? Was the food sufficient for you?

Maame Akua smiles with real joy and touches Kesewaa’s shoulder.


I’m very full and happy, my dearest daughter. Thank you very much!

Kesewaa now stands up and looks at the adoring face of Akoto.



My darling! You’re devouring me with your eyes! Ei, I’m even scared of what you’ll do to me after our wedding!

They all laugh, and Akoto shakes his head.



I keep telling you, Kesewaa, that I’ve never seen the nakedness of any woman before. My mother brought me up as a Christian, and I’ve grown up a virgin. Yes, I can’t wait to hold you on our wedding night!



Ei, doesn’t the Bible say that if you desire a woman in your mind you’ve fornicated? Be careful, my friends!

They all laugh again.


(holding out her hand)

Come, my love. Father wants to introduce you to our Pastor. He will be officiating our wedding, you know.

Akoto takes her hand and stands up.

They begin to walk towards the high table, and the crowd looks at them.

They look so good together, so suited to each other!

People look at them and whisper, pointing fingers at them, telling those who do not yet know that very soon the beautiful Kesewaa will be married to the handsome and very wealthy Akoto.

The two of them have now reached the high table.

Mr. Kusi Nyantakyi stands up and hugs Akoto, and then he turns and introduces him to Bishop Osuanyi and Reverend Obuobi.


(beaming with smiles)

This is Akoto Nyameboame, the young man who is going to marry Kesewaa within the next few months. He has already come for the list. He brought me a brand new, registered Nissan for my birthday!

Bishop Osuanyi is smiling broadly as he shakes Akoto’s hand vigorously.


Aaaaah! A man after my own heart! So young, and yet so blessed! I hear you own IT-SENZ, young man! The biggest telecommunications company in West Africa!

Akoto smiles modestly and nods.



It is all by the grace of the God I serve, sir.


Beautiful! Nice! Then you’re going to bring that blessing to Golgotha Church, my friend!



Akoto and Kesewaa have known each other for four years, and now God has paved the way for their marriage. Akoto paid the total expense for this party, Bishop! He bought me my car and bought this house for us. He’s been taking care of my wife’s medical bills! He’s a good man, Bishop!



That he is! That he is! May God bless you, Akoto, my man! Next week we’re holding a one-week Holy Spirit Convention. The proceeds would be used to complete another branch of the church for Reverend Obuobi to preside over! You should make the time and be there, my son!



Wouldn’t miss it for all the riches in the world, Bishop.

There is happiness and good feeling all around.

The new pastor, Obuobi, now steps forward.

He reaches out to take Akoto’s hand, but he pauses suddenly and drops his hand without touching Akoto.

The pastor’s face is suddenly filled with a scowl.

Akoto’s hand is still in the air, but when it becomes evident that Pastor Obuobi has no intention of shaking his hand, he puts his hand down with his eyebrows raised.

There is a hint of mounting anger in Akoto’s eyes.


Everybody is looking from Pastor Obuobi to Akoto with a hint of unease on their faces.


(in a serious voice)

Young man, are you firm in the Lord?

Akoto puts his head to one side and regards the pastor with a cynical look on his face.


I’ve never strayed from the side of the Lord, Pastor.


(shaking his head)

Are you sure, my friend? Are you really sure? I see some things around you I don’t like.


(striving to remain calm)

You see things? Around me? What things? What are you trying to insinuate, Pastor?



Don’t be angry, okay? I see things in the spiritual realm, and I can help you. I see evil demons following you, young man, seeking to do you and anybody around you harm, because you owe the devil, and he has come to take his payment.

There is a shocked silence around them.

The smile has vanished from Kesewaa’s face as she links her arm through Akoto’s.



Please, Pastor, you’re scaring me! What’re you talking about?

Pastor Obuobi looks at her and smiles sadly.


This young man has made a deal with the devil, my dear! He got his riches from evil demons in the occult realm, and they’re following him now. I need to pray for him and break the curse otherwise you will die if you marry him!

Akoto Nyameboame begins to laugh.

His laughter isn’t loud; it is soft and deep and filled with real mirth.



You’re a joke, Pastor, with all due respects. Just one of those fake pastors, aren’t you? I wanted to beat the crap out of you a few minutes ago, but you’re not really worth it, you funny little man.

He turns away angrily and begins to walk away.

Kesewaa is scared and greatly troubled.

She turns and walks after Akoto.



Akoto, love, please wait up! Wait for me, my love!

The others look at Pastor Obuobi with real concern on their faces.



Oh, Pastor. Did you see well? Akoto’s father was a pastor too, okay? He died just last year. Akoto is a very good Christian.

Reverend Obuobi puts a gentle hand on Mr. Nyantakyi’s shoulder.


You have ordinary eyes, Daddy, and so you see ordinary things. The good Lord we serve has chosen me as His two-edged sword, and I see things in the spiritual realm! Death is following that man, and his end is going to be very nasty! But, for Kesewaa’s sake, I’ll try to help that boy. I’ll clear all the demons from that man’s path! But, until I declare him clean and no more dangerous, you better warn your daughter to keep her distance from that dangerous boy!

Kesewaa hears what the pastor has said, and she stops suddenly and turns, her face flushed with anger.

She walks towards the pastor with her hands balled into fists at her sides.

Her father, seeing how angry she is, moves forward to meet her.



My sweet pumpkin, take it easy, take it easy! He’s a man of God, you know! Let’s tread cautiously!



Man of God? Is that how a man of God speaks, Pastor? Just like that? Without a little decorum? I love that man, Pastor, and I’ll appreciate it if you don’t speak so ill about him! He’s a man of God too, you know! He has always been! He’s very wealthy, but he’s still a virgin! Can you believe that?



A virgin? Is that what he told you? And you believe him? I saw a lot of women souls following him, wanting to do you harm! He has slept with many women and used them for his money rituals! All the women he has slept with are either mad or paralyzed!


(hissing furiously)

You lie!






Watch your mouth, girl!



My good grief, Kesewaa! What has come over you? He’s a man of God!



A man of God who claims to see all these evil things? With what power are you telling me all these things, Pastor?



The same power that enables me to speak with God, that enables me to do healing, that makes God walk with me and gives me the anointing to do this!

And then Pastor Obuobi walks to Kesewaa’s mother and reaches out and takes her hand.



What are you doing, Pastor?


(face tight)

You people doubt what I said? Well, witness the power immersed in me and believe everything I tell you! Woman, stand up and walk!!

And Pastor Ebow Obuobi pulls Sika Nyantakyi’s hand, and the woman who has been crippled for two years comes out of the wheelchair with a scream, and then she begins to jump around!

Her crooked limbs are gone!

Her paralysed limbs are whole!

She is healed, instantly!

And she is jumping around and screaming with joy!

Mr. Nyantakyi screams and runs to his wife!

It is incredible, and it is absolutely stunning and amazing!


Story continues…

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