The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 32

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© Alabede Jude Oluwabamise (Prince Jude) | All rights reserved.


Time: 9pm

Location: DSS Tower


Agent Matt walked majestically through the long hallway clad in his uniform with a younger agent trudging along and holding a file. They headed towards the elevator and stepped in after pressing the button leading to the topmost floor. The elevator dinged open and they stepped out and continued the walk down the hallway to the DG’s office. The DG was locking his office with some combination codes when they got to him. He was shocked when he subconsciously looked up to see them.


“Oh My! You two scared me”, he exclaimed.


Agent Matt let out a brief smile and then maintained a straight look.


“The Deputy Governor demands for an urgent transfer of the suspects Cole arrested”, Agent Matt said skipping the pleasantries aspect.


“What?”, he looked surprised. “When?… How?”, he asked bemused.


“It is classified. I’m sorry, i can’t talk about it”.




“Yes, it is highly classified and I’m restricted from disclosing it to anyone”, Agent Matt calmly replied.


“Where is the evidence of authorization?”, the DG asked.


“Here sir!”, the younger agent handed him the file and the DG collected it and quickly skimmed through it. He shook his head as soon as he was done scrutinizing it.


“This will have to wait till tomorrow morning to make arrangements for the transfer”


“I’m sorry, it can’t wait and I can’t leave here without having the suspects follow me”, Agent Matt retorted.


The DG let out a deep breath. “Okay, follow me”


  • ••••••••••••••

Time: 9:30pm

Location: Ahoada east

(Cole’s Residence)


“Seriously, we can’t do this alone”, Dave complained bitterly as he descended the stairs leading to the sitting room where Cole was seated in a couch, arranging the tools and gadgets he will need for the mission.


Cole stopped what he was doing and abruptly looked up at Dave who was already standing in front of him, adjusting his uniform.


“Dave, listen to me”, he began. “I’m very much aware of the detriments of doing this alone but sadly, we don’t have many options right now. It is a risk we have to take”, he paused and took a deep breath.


“This is our best bet. Are you with me”, he asked.


Dave heaved a sigh too. He wasn’t cool with the idea but they had no choice, not at the moment. He nodded after much consideration.

“Yes, I’m with you”.


“Thanks man”, Cole smiled exuberantly. “The plan is simple and not too simple. We are to neutralize the target, recover the evidence and evacuate immediately without a trace”


“And if anything goes wrong?”, Dave asked.


“We call for backup”, Cole replied looking him in the eyes. “This is our only chance”, he added.


Dave nodded. “Let’s do this”, he said picking a gun on the table and tucked it in his waist hostler.


“Sadly, its an hour drive from here to the displayed location”.


“That’s without traffic congestion”, Dave added.


  • ••••••••••••••

Agent Matt was seated in the front passenger’s seat of the DSS prisoner’s transfer van while an agent from the DSS was behind the wheels, driving at a maximum speed as he was being ordered by Agent Matt. A DSS van was following behind which served as an escort with armed officers standing at the back with their gun strapped across their chest. They had embarked on the journey thirty minutes ago, heading to the FBI headquarters which was the legal place for the suspects to be driven to but Agent Matt had other plans and he was only waiting for the right time to devise his plans.


Some few meters away, A Toyota tundra could be seen speeding down the road, following the prisoner’s transfer van but was careful enough not to be noticed. Behind the wheels of the Toyota tundra is the DG. He had changed into a casual wear and was following the prisoner’s van to know what Agent Matt was up to. He had a feeling Agent Matt was up to no good and had probably lied about the whole transfer stuff but anyway, he was about to find out.


Agent Matt glanced at his wristwatch, It was time to take actions. He looked at the agent beside him who only focused on the road as he drove on. He kept his gaze at the agent as he brought out a gun from his waist hostler. He had attached a silencer to it in a bid not to arouse suspicion from the officers following behind.


Slowly and steadily, he raised up the gun and shot the young agent twice squarely in the head. The gun made just a puff sound as it was fired and blood spilled away from the agent’s head. Agent Matt quickly pushed him sideways and took charge of the steering wheel and continued driving, changing gears and added more speed. His plans were really alternating well as he was now in charge of the van. He only needed to takeout the officers following behind and he also got that in control as he brought out a grenade launcher from his pocket. He used his teeth to cut the lid open, activating it in the process. He stepped on the brakes in slow pumps, slowing down the van as the other van carrying the officers began to get closer to him. He peered out of the side window and threw the grenade and immediately sped away.


Boom! The grenade bomb went off scattering the parts of the van to the east and west of the road. Fragments of the van and debris immediately filled the air.

The shockwave sent the Toyota tundra skidding off the road as it somersaulted into the nearby bush. The DG crawled out through the broken windscreen, coughing hard as the smoke filled his nostrils. He was severely injured as he had different cuts with shards of glass embedded in his body. He groaned in pains as he crawled out of the tundra which was already in flames and could explode anytime. He staggered away from the tundra with his head spinning and his ears ringing to the effect of the shockwave. After he had walked a reasonable distance away from the tundra, he stood and watch the other agents sprawled on the floor lifelessly. Anger surge through his veins as he gritted his teeth in agitation. Now, he knows what Agent Matt was up to.


  • •••••••••••••

Agent Matt was driving at top speed as the road was hitch free from other vehicles as it was very late in the night. He looked back at Alexandra guards who huddled inside the van with handcuff still on their hands. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this but he had no choice. He was only doing it for his wife’s safety. He had fulfilled his own part of the plan, and now it is her turn to fulfill hers.

He kept driving at top speed, hitting the 200km/hr on the speedometer when he suddenly saw a hilux van and a Mitsubishi lancer parked horizontally across the road.






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