The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 31

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© 2018 | Alabede Jude Oluwabamise (Prince Jude) | All rights reserved.


Time: 12pm

Location: Amadio – ama

(Riggs Alexandra’s underground facility)


Amidu opened his eyes as he felt water splashed on his face. He looked up but his vision was vague and he abruptly closed his eyes. He inhaled and exhaled deeply before opening them back to see a huge muscular man with rippling biceps standing over him holding a bucket. He had a smirk on his face as he watch Amidu open his eyes looking at him with terror.


“Step away from him”, a feminine voice ordered and the muscular man retreated back to his post. Riggs Alexandra stepped into the room clad in a bright pink romper. She strode towards Amidu who was chained to an iron pole, struggling to break free.


“Save your strength, you’re gonna need it later”, She said pulling a chair and sat on it.


Amidu snarled at her as he wriggled his hands from the chain but instead, it hurts him the more. He stopped when he realized it was of no use trying to break free. There’s no way he could escape with the number of guards walking around. He fixate his gaze on her wondering who she was and what she wanted from him.


“Who are you?”, he asked amidst clenched teeth.


“Wrong question”, she replied him with a smirk which never left her face for once.


“What do you want from me?”, he pushed on.


“I don’t have anything to do with you”, she said reclining into the chair she sat on and crossed her legs. “You’re just a bait to get what I want”


“And what’s that?”, he asked calmly.


“Your girlfriend”


“I don’t have any girlfriend!”, he scoffed at her.



“Really?”, she chuckled. “You mean Alexandra is not your f*****n’ girlfriend?”, she asked.


“Who’s Alexandra?”, Amidu asked in confusion.



“Seriously? You’re now denying her, right?”


“I don’t know who you’re talking about!”, he shouted, already irked thinking she was playing pranks.


Riggs Alexandra seemingly kept mute as she studied his body reaction. She could deduce that he was telling the truth but what baffles her is the vehement denial of being acquainted with her, even when it is an open secret that he took her out for dinner.


“But you took her out for dinner yesternight at Favour Restaurant, remember?”, she asked inquisitively fixating on his eyeballs and body language.


Amidu returned the stare with a forlorn look as he pondered over what she said. He took Cassandra out for dinner and not Alexandra but it is clear enough that she was referring to Cassandra with the name of the place given.


“Is she bearing Alexandra?”, he asked calmly.


Riggs Alexandra smiled. She now know the reason why he was vehemently denying against ever knowing her.


“I get it now. She probably lied about her f*****n’ name, right?”


Amidu nodded slowly. She lied to him and probably everything.

“She told me that she bears Cassandra”, he said feeling ashamed of being played.


She chuckled in a mocking demeanor.

“Her real name is Alexandra which was given by her f****n’ father, Desmond Elliot”


Amidu blanched in shock and utmost surprise. He went still for a moment with his brain multitasking. Several thoughts ran through his mind and he shivered as chills of shudder slid down his spine. He was obviously too stunned to talk as he opened his mouth but no words came forth. The realization had hit him too hard that he felt weak and angry at the same time knowing that he had been going out with a murderer of several innocent souls. He had been a fool, a delusional fool to have believed her and worst of all, to have fell in love with her. In love with a culprit who is giving the agents sleepless and restless nights? His sentiments had caused him this! Tears began to trickle down his face as he regretted easily falling for her tricks. She used him, he was only a tool to get what she wants. She knew he was an agent and had never questioned him about giving her a false name. It now made sense to him. That was why she doesn’t want him to know her place of residence. He could remember the night he met her at the club which she used his car claiming to have an emergency which she never allowed him to follow her. She had been too careful to expose her traits and had covered all tracks in the process. He felt disheartening and his heart wept bitterly for being an accomplice to a perpetrator.


Riggs Alexandra watched in ecstasy as Amidu sobbed silently in regret of being a tool to a murderer.


“I’m sorry”, she simply said after a prolong silence.


Amidu slowly raised his head up and gazed at her.

“I’ve been a fool”, he said and more tears fell freely from his face.


“It’s alright. you’re not, not anymore”, she replied faking a smile. Her plan was really alternating very well.


“But she looked too innocent to hurt a fly”, Amidu said.


She grinned. “The innocent faces are the most dangerous ones. So don’t be deceived by mere looks”


He nodded and more tears trickled down his face like the rain drizzling.


“She used me”, he said with snots dripping off his nose.


“Don’t worry, I’m here to help”, she stood up and snapped her fingers. The muscular man who had splashed water on his face quickly walked to her front and bowed.


“Untie him”, She said without looking at him.


The man obeyed as he walked up to Amidu who was tied with chains to a pole and began untying him. Soon, he was done untying him and he pushed him forward aggressively.


“You stop it!”, she shouted angrily. “Don’t push him too hard or am gonna break your f****n’ nose”.


“I’m sorry, boss”, the man said and bowed.


“Go back to your post”


The man hurriedly walked away and stood by the door.


“Why are you helping me? And who exactly are you?”, Amidu asked inquisitively gazing at her in the eyes.


She smiled. A cunning smile.

“I’m on the good side”, she began and started walking to the extreme end of the brightly lit up room. “And I wanna stop this ruthless girl. The innocent souls she has taken is too outrageous to be overlooked. She must be brought to justice”, she halted and turned to face him.


“She must be stopped”, she said in a hoarse voice.


“She must be stopped”, Amidu echoed the words with so much venom in his voice. He wished he could see Alexandra that moment,  he would squeeze life out of her to justify the atrocities she committed.


  • •••••••••••••••

Time: 5pm

Location: Elekohia Teaching Hospital.


“Cole, you need to see this”, Agent Dave said immediately he entered Cole’s room. He was holding a laptop with his right and a file with his left.


“What’s it?”, Cole asked alarmed.


“Relax bro, its just the video footage of the incident”, Dave said, handing over the laptop. “Now, I strongly believe he’s the one behind the deaths.


Cole sat up on the bed as he collected it and flipped it open. There were several ongoing videos showing on the monitor. He suddenly looked up just as he was about clicking a video.


“Have you gotten his location?”, Cole asked, anticipating that he would say yes.



“Yes, I have but it was very strenuous tracking him down”, Dave replied.


Cole heaved a sigh of relief.


“We need a plan”, Dave said.



Cole sighed. “What plan again? We’re to go there and get him busted out”



“What if it is a false alert?”


Cole sighed again. “That’s the reason why we have to go alone”


“Alone?”, Dave looked surprised. “We might end up dead, Cole”



Cole kept mute probably thinking it over. It’s a precarious situation which he doesn’t want casualties. He doesn’t know if Amidu is just hiding in a hotel or in a heavily guarded fortress.


“Dave”, Cole called. “If anything goes wrong, we call for backup immediately”, he said heaving a deep sigh.



  • ••••••••••••••••

Time: 6pm

Location: Rainbow Town

(Alexandra’s Main Residence)


“Hope you’re ready for tonight?”, Alexandra asked Agent Matt immediately she walked into the sitting room. Agent Matt was seated in a sofa, staring into space with different thoughts running through his mind.


Agent Matt turned to look at her as he heard her spoke.

“I’m not”, he said holding a breath.


“Why?”, Alexandra asked with a furrowed eyebrows.


“I’m confused on how to go about it”, he said bitterly.


Alexandra walked to his front and sat on a low stool beside the sofa Agent Matt was seated in.


“You’re a FBI agent right?”


He nodded.


“You’re a top ranking agent. Just an order and you would get them out”



“But how am I supposed to make the order without authorization from my superiority”


“You know who you can call in times like this or don’t you?”


Agent Matt kept mute thinking of who to call.


“Think and act immediately. Your wife’s life is at stake”, Alexandra warned.


Agent Matt quickly looked up at her with a sober look.

“Please, don’t hurt her. I think I know who I can call to authorize the transfer”




“The deputy Governor, Mr Oludare Jacob. He’s a member of the Famous”


  • •••••••••••••••••

Time: 7pm

Location: Somewhere in Port Harcourt.


The Senate President; Muhammed Salisu was walking around the exquisite sitting room restlessly. He was wearing a simple casual wear. He had a deep frown on his face as he kept pacing the room. He abruptly stopped by the center table and took his private phone. He speed dialed a number and placed the phone close to his ear.


“Hello Jacob”, he said in his gruffy voice immediately the call was answered.


“Hello sir!”, Mr Jacob replied at the other end of the dial.


“Call other members and tell them to meet me at the Faceless base by 12am unfailingly”







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