The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 30

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© Alabede Jude Oluwabamise (Prince Jude) | All rights reserved.


Time: 11am

Location: Rainbow Town.
(Alexandra’s main residence)

Alexandra descended the stairs which spiraled down the exquisite sitting room. Then, she walked to the end of the sitting room, facing the wall. She placed her palm on the wall; there was an inbuilt palm prints scanner in the wall which green lights emitted from and the wall splits open, revealing a shinning crystal door which the door also split open gaining her entrance into the large but dark room. It was a secret room which she reserved for hostages who had the source of breaking out. She pressed a button on the wall and light flooded the whole room. Two people could be seen strapped to a chair adjacent to each other with their back turned against each other. One was Agent Matt while the other was Mr Bamidele William. The duo were blindfolded with their mouth gagged. Alexandra strode towards Agent Matt and stopped right in front of him. She bent down a little to remove the duck tape which she used to gag his mouth.

Agent Matt exhaled immediately the duck tape was taken off and heaved a long sigh. He breathed in and out heavily for sometime before he heard her speak.

“You lied to me”, Alexandra said, folding her arms.

“About what specifically?”, he asked indifferently.

“Your name”, she said.

“Oh!”, he chuckled. “Is that it? You’ve finally found out who i am?”

“Oh yeah! You thought I believed you in the first place?”

“No, I don’t expect you to believe either. I know you’re smart and I guess, you already know am a cop”, he said smiling in his concealed face.

“I should have met you earlier but well, its a good thing I got to meet you now”.

Agent Matt laughed. “Is this your definition of having an encounter? Holding me as hostage?”, he laughed again.

“Enough!'”, Alexandra shouted in anger. “Do not mess with me if you don’t want to see my wrath, understood?”

Agent Matt nodded. He knew game time was over and he couldn’t risk joking around. Probably, he should try his luck a last time but he doesn’t know if it would pay off.

“I have questions and I want answers”, she said and began circling him in a slow pace. “It’s up to you if you want it the easy way or the hard way. Anyway, the choice is yours”.

“Who do you work for?”, She asked, stopping right in front of him.

Agent Matt smiled. There’s no way he would give out his boss to a f***in’ girl who he was much more older than. Never would he snitch on his boss, never.

“Myself”, he finally said after some minutes of silence.

“I work for myself”, he smirked.

Alexandra grinned mischievously. “Well, I guess you’ll stop messing around with me if you see this”, she said and brought out an android device from her jean pocket. She unlocked the phone and a streaming live video popped up on the screen. She removed the blindfold from his eyes and showed him.

Agent Matt gasped in shock as his look turned to horror. His wife was strapped to a chair like he was but not blindfolded nor mouth gagged as her groans and muffled breaths could be heard from the speaker of the phone.

“My wife?”, he breathed out with tears gathering in his eyes. “She’s pregnant”, he blurted out.

“I know”, Alexandra said nonchalantly.

“Please, don’t hurt her”, Agent Matt pleaded with teary eyes.

“I won’t, if only you’ll comply”, Alexandra said coyly.

“I will, I will. I promise”, he said breathing heavily. Its a hard choice to make, if not the hardest but all he cares for and all what matters to him that moment was his wife. She’s carrying his child for Pete’s sake! His first child for crying out loud!

“So, I will ask again and I won’t ask twice, got it?”

Agent Matt only nodded.

“So, who do you work for?”

“I work for Riggs Alexandra”, Agent Matt sharply replied.

“You’re quite aware that we bare the same name, right?”

“Yes, I am”

“Good, so tell me all you know about her”, Alexandra said and sat on her haunches, looking straight into his eyes.

“She’s quite tall like you and fair in complexion, she looked like an American and …”

“Enough!”, Alexandra shouted cutting him short. “I do not ask for her description, you know that. If you continue to mess with me, your wife will end up dead, am I clear?”


“Good, so tell me what I need to know, including how she hacked into my database, how she got intels to know my plans and where my guards are!”, she squealed angrily.

“She’s quite a good hacker, no doubt which made hacking into your database a piece of cake for her. Her location is highly encrypted and can’t be decrypted by anyone, not even me and ..”

“Wait, you said her location is highly encrypted?”, Alexandra asked, interrupting him.

“Yes, highly encrypted. That’s if you track her directly”

Alexandra kept mute for a moment. She could remember having a tracker on Adam and she could check out his current location automatically, finding out Riggs Alexandra location too. A smile appeared on her face; it was just easy peasy.

Alexandra walked up to Agent Matt and untied his hands and legs which got Matt wondering what she was up to.

“Follow me”, Alexandra ordered and began walking towards the wall which enclosed a hidden door. She stopped and repeated the process. The wall splits open and it turned into a door which the door opened and she went through it.

Agent Matt stood obviously stunned to the marrow that he didn’t move an inch. His mouth was wide open agape in surprise to what he just watch her do.

“The door will close back in five seconds”, Alexandra said without looking back. She knew he wasn’t following her as she couldn’t feel his presence behind her.

Agent Matt immediately jolted back to reality as he quickly ran and slid out of the door as it closes and turned into a wall. He kept looking back as he followed Alexandra. He just couldn’t believe it.

“Here’s the plan”, Alexandra began, as she climbed up the stairs that spiraled up into the hallway. “You’ll go rescue my guards in your custody while I’ll go after my ****in’ namesake and everything will happen tonight”.

“Oh my God! That’s crazy. How am I supposed to do that alone?”, Agent Matt exclaimed in fear.

“You must sort yourself out and if you make any ****in’ mistake, your wife dies, got it?”

“I get it”.

“Do not try to play games because I already bugged you with a listening device and a tiny video camera which you can never see even if you try finding it”.

Agent Matt cringed in shock and he quickly checked his body but found nothing, nothing out of the ordinary.

“Understood?”, Alexandra asked.

He nodded his head before saying “yes”.

Alexandra smiled mischievously.

“It turns out we make quite a team”, Alexandra said tauntingly.





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  1. The best way to torture a man is by getting to his family, obviously…
    Agent Matt is in a tight corner, I just hope Riggs Alexandra doesn’t have a tracker on him too…
    Bravo Alabede…

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