The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 29

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Time: 9am

Location: Elekohia Teaching Hospital.


Agent Dave was seated in a white plastic armless chair. He was seated perpendicular to Cole who laid on the small sized hospital bed with a drip connected to his wrist and his whole head was stitched up due to the numerous cuts in his head. Cole was now conscious after he was being operated on immediately he was rushed in by passers by who witnessed the horrific scene. Dave had gathered enough information from the witnesses to what transpired between Cole and the assailant which he also took note of the wreckages for further investigation. He knew it wasn’t an accident nor a coincidence but seemed like someone is trying to kill him.


Cole slowly opened his eyelids and immediately shut it back due to the reflection of the sun which peered in through the open louver, illuminating the whole room. He opened it afterwards which his pupil had adjusted to its surrounding and his head began to pound with an headache.


“Oh my God! You’re awake”, Dave said gleefully as he saw him open his eyes.


Cole looked up at him and a smile appeared on his face. He was happy seeing Dave being there for him.


“How do you feel?”, Dave asked in a concerned tone.


“I’m quite fine. At least, for now”, Cole replied trying to sit up on the bed but pains from different part of his body shot through him and he groaned.


“Easy, easy”, Dave said, rushing to his aid as he helped him rest back on the bed. He shook his head as he watched Cole grit his teeth in pains.


“You’re far from being fine”, Dave said as he settled back into his seat.


“I’m fine”, Cole managed to say amidst clenched teeth.


“No, you’re not. I need to call the doctor”


“Please, don’t”, Cole quickly said with a pleading eyes.


“Why?”, Dave furrowed his eyebrows.


“I need to tell you something first”


“Whatever that thing is, it has to wait. Let me go get the doctor”, Dave said, standing up.


“No, please”, Cole begged and he let out a groan from a pain that seeped into his arm as he held Dave hands.


“Cole let me go get the doctor”, Dave insisted.


“I know who the killer is”


“What?”, Dave squeaked. “Seriously?”



“Seriously. But first, you have to be seated”, Cole said.


Dave sat hurriedly as curiosity got the better part of him.


“So who is the killer?”, Dave asked impatiently, eagerly awaiting the revelation.


“I never knew you could be this curious. You know, curiousity kills the cat”, Cole said chuckling.


“True but less you forget, I’m not a cat”


“Oh I get it. You’re human”, Cole joked.


“Please, stop beating around the bush and skip to the main points, would you?”


“Well”, Cole began. “Amidu is the killer but ….”


“What?”, Dave said, interrupting him and stood up with a changed countenance. “Are you out of your mind? Why would you say such frivolous thing?”


Cole let out a sigh. He knew Dave wouldn’t believe. Actually, no one would, not even him if he was told but he knew what it is. He had seen him, he even ran him over to the point of death but thanks to God, he wasn’t dead.


“I know what am saying Dave”


“Seriously? You know what you are saying? By accusing him falsely?”


“I’m not accusing him falsely, Dave!” He shouted as loud as his voice could carry him.


Dave shrugged and heaved a sigh.

“If you’re not, then I guess you must have an evidence to back your accusation”


Cole let out a sigh of frustration.

“That’s the problem, Dave”, he said. “I do not have any paper work evidence whatsoever, even if I have it’s not substantial enough to build a case against him”


“Oh! You don’t have any evidence and you’re falsely accusing him of murder? You must be insane. After all, he is your boss”


“Our boss”, Cole corrected.


“I admit but he’s directly your boss because you’re his assistant”


“I know but you have to believe me Dave.”


“Believe that fabricated lie?”, Dave ranted with his voice getting edgier. “Cole, have you been compromised? Huh?”


“No I’m not”, Cole said in a calm voice trying his best not to also flare up.  “Just listen to me. Amidu ran me over with his Jeep which almost got me dead. He attempted to kill me, Dave”.


Dave chuckled. “And you expect me to believe that crap? See, Cole you better come out clean or I find out the truth and I’ll use it strongly against you”, Dave threatened.


“You still don’t get it, do you?”


“No, I don’t. Maybe you explain better”


“Please, just try to think out of the radius and focus more on the possibilities.”


“Okay, go ahead.”


“Last night, I followed Agent Matt without being detected and ..”


“Oh! You’re now spying on your colleagues?”


“No, I’m not. I thought he was dirty and needed to check him out if he was but it turned out he was working on a good cause.”


“Oh you…”



“Dave please!”, Cole shouted and winced in pain. “Are we friends? or foes?”


“Of course, we’re friends”


“What are friends for?”, Cole asked.


“To help each other, of course”


“Good, I need you now more than ever. Will you help me?”


“Not until I get evidence to ascertain your assumption”


“You can check the footages covering the area if it’s not intercepted yet and if it is, you spy on them”


“I can’t believe this”


“You have to, because right now, we don’t know what he’s planning. Probably, he’s coming back for me”.


“But we can report this to the DG. At least, to ensure your safety”, Dave said.



“I know but I do not have substantial evidence yet, don’t you get it?”


“Just think, think Dave!”, Cole shouted. “Do you recall when we went after the suspects on Malatama road?”


“Yes, I do and what does that have to do with this?”, Dave asked with a furrowed eyebrows.

“Do you recall Amidu wasn’t with us that night?”

“Yes and that’s because he was off the case, remember?”


“Oh!”, Cole looked surprised. “He was off the case and yet, he reported seeing dead bodies in a taxi car we just finished investigating?”


David seemingly kept quiet. Probably, thinking it over.


“Dave tell me, how could he be there at that moment even when it’s clear that he was off the case”


“So you think he killed those people?”, Dave asked inquisitively.


“Yes, as much as i don’t want to say this but I think he killed those people, he killed the love of my life and dumped them in the backseat of the taxi car”, Cole said with a teary eyes.


“No, it could be a coincidence”, Dave said pitifully.


“Coincidence my foot!”, Cole retorted. He was visibly angry now.


“Coincidence you say?”


Dave nodded.


“You know what it is when coincidence becomes two or three?”


“Yes, it becomes evidence”, Dave said.


“Good, its an evidence Dave”.


“Wait, he hasn’t reported to office this morning”, Dave suddenly said thoughtfully.


“Good, you see what am talking about?”


“You can’t be so sure, Cole. He might have gone MIA”


“MIA you say? A special agent missing in action? You got to be smart Dave”


“So what do you suggest we do?”


“You’ll track him down and if possible, bug him too”



“You’re crazy”


“You can say that again”, Cole said with a smile.







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  1. @Adegbile Julius Samuel it is not his fault after all, he saw him running over his car, what do you expect him to think

  2. It is only human for Cole to suspect Amidu after all he saw him on the wheel but Alabede will make things clearer for him..
    Bravo Alabede..

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