The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 27

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Amidu and Alexandra walked out of the restaurant holding hands with a bright smile on their faces. They trudged towards the restaurant’s car park where variety of cars were being parked.


Amidu stopped and looked at her for a millisecond before she would say he was staring at her.


“Hope you enjoyed yourself?”, Amidu asked with a light smile.


“Yeah, I did. Thanks anyway”.



“Let me give you a ride home. Its pretty late already”.



Alexandra squeezed her face and shook her head.

“No, don’t bother yourself. I’ll sort myself out”, Alexandra replied sharply. It was a hell-No for her. She doesn’t want him to know her place of residence, certainly not now. It would only make him to be suspicious of her and she doesn’t want that. She had only a house at Rainbow Town which is too huge and exquisite for a young girl like her plus the fabricated occupation which she had told him that she was a small scale resident Doctor. Certainly, she couldn’t afford such a house with great technology intelligence. It would likely mean she was into something else, something not pure which could complicate things.


“I shouldn’t bother myself?”, he asked.



“Yes, you’ve done more than enough already”.



“But, I’m not complaining”, Amidu said, slightly raising his voice. He was getting annoyed already.



Alexandra noticed the change in his countenance and his voice getting edgier deviating from the cool voice he’d been using earlier. She gave him a sexy smile then, clutched his hand in hers affectionately.


“I know dear, I just don’t want you to be stressed more than the way you are right now. Besides, I’m going to see a friend nearby”, she said, stroking his hand lightly.


The trick worked on him as he let out a sigh of relief mixed with pleasure. He was really enjoying the moment.


“Its okay, I understand”, he said breathlessly.



“Thank you, Adam”, she hugged him tightly which took Amidu by surprise.


“You’re always welcome, Cassandra”, he said, hugging her more tightly, placing his chin on her shoulder and caressing her back. The bliss of the moment was perfect and its suit him. He wished it would never end but sooner than expected, Alexandra disengaged from the tight embrace when she realized he wasn’t going to let go off her anytime soon.


Amidu reluctantly removed his hand from her back, disengaging from each other totally. They began to walk towards the main road hand in hand and then, stopped by the roadside looking for a taxi which would convey Alexandra to her destination.


  • ••••••••••••••


Agent Matt heaved a sigh of huge relief when he saw them walk out of the restaurant. He saw them standing by the roadside obviously on the lookout for a taxi. He was surprised as he had seen Amidu driving a Lexus when he came to the restaurant and now, they are on the lookout for a taxi which meant his target wasn’t going to be driven by Amidu as he had presumed. He only had one option which was to go honk before them and hopefully, she would get in and … A smile slowly wafted across his face. It was such a great plan even though, he didn’t plan for this but like he was taught by his boss; ‘Never be taken off guard by surprises instead, be prepared for the unexpected’. He had made use of the key words and was fully prepared. Hence, the reason why he was disguised as a cab driver. He took his phone and quickly typed in a coded message and sent it to Riggs Alexandra which read; ‘Got eyes on target. Done with my part, your turn to move in’. He dropped the phone back on the dashboard then, he adjusted his cap making it cover his face properly. The least thing he wanted was to be busted by Amidu who would recognize him without the face cap on.


Afterwards, he opened the safe and brought out a gun and tucked it in his hostler just in case she tries to play smart. ‘Never be taken by surprise’. The words rang in his head again. He smiled, and turned on the ignition. The car came to life, resounding to the throttle pedal which he stepped on and drove towards Amidu and Alexandra who were still waiting for a cab.

Cole parked his car some distance away from Agent Matt. He had been following Agent Matt closely without being detected. He was having a strange feeling that he was up to something not good and with his recent involvement on the case which made everything more complicated had made him to follow him up in a bid to check him out if he was compromised or was working on a good cause. Either way, he was about to find out. He sank back into the seat, placing his head on the headrest of the seat as he heaved a sigh not of relief but of frustration. He kept his eyes on the taxi car which Agent Matt was in. He had been in the car since hours ago which kept him wondering who he was actually waiting for or what he was planning to do.


Cole yawned. He was feeling dizzy from the long wait and he tried as much as possible to keep his eyes steady. He couldn’t afford to lose Agent Matt. Not when he was on his trail. He subconsciously looked at the paper beside him on the passenger’s seat. It was a paper which he had used to write down the plate number of the vehicle Agent Matt drove. That was just for preliminary investigation.


Cole’s eyes darted around the radius of Agent Matt then, his eyes darted to a restaurant which was enclosed with small sized iron gates. He squinted his eyes to read the name of the restaurant with the help of inbuilt coloured bulbs. It was God’s Favour Restaurant. Cole at once knew that was why he parked some few meters away from it but it doesn’t appear to him that he was waiting for someone. Obviously not. Because if he was, he would have gone inside the restaurant to meet whoever he was waiting for. Just as if on cue, he saw a man clothed in a cream shirt and a lady beside him, walking hand in hand as they walked out of the restaurant but something caught his attention as he looked more closer on them, zooming in and out with his retina. He recognized the man, it was SA Amidu.


‘What?, he gasped. What was he doing with the girl?. Has he gotten himself a new girl?. These and more of the questions throbbed his mind. He knew Amidu too well not as a boss but more like a friend. He knew Amidu hasn’t gotten himself out of the traumatic experience. Thus, he had never seen him with a girl, not just random girls but girls in terms of being in a relationship, but with what he was seeing, he knew there’s more to it than what meets the eye.  It was now making sense to him. Agent Matt had been spying on the duo all these while? What was he going to do? There’s only one way to find out.


Cole turned and stretched forth his hand to the back seat where he had kept his backpack. He drew the backpack to himself and opened the second zip compartment, bringing out a digital camera.  He arranged the camera and set it off for work, squinting his eyes as he peered into the camera, rotating it to take a clear shot of Amidu and Alexandra holding hands like a newly wedded couple. He took three clear shots with the aid of the street lights which illuminated the whole place and had made the picture clear with its brilliance. He smiled but his smile quickly turned to a frown when he saw Agent Matt driving towards them. He saw him stop the car beside them and the lady embraced Amidu before entering into the car and the car took off.


“s***!”, Cole cursed disappointedly as he watched the car drove out of sight. He quickly ignited the car engine and followed suit.









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