The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 26

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Time: 8pm.

Location: Elekohia

(God’s Favour Restaurant)

Amidu sat opposite to Alexandra with a round table demarcating them. The atmosphere was great at that hour of the day. The environment was serene, and the only sound that could be heard were voices of costumers who came to use the restaurant’s services. God’s Favour restaurant was one of the most popular restaurants in Port-Harcourt. It was widely known for its provision of high quality foods and drinks both foreign and local. It was also known for rich curries cooked by established Indian chefs, with generous portions that leave patrons returning for more. The daily set menu and buffet service offer a good variety, and good value for money.

“What would you like to take?”, Amidu asked, handling her the menu on the table. He was clad in a fitted cream button down shirt and a well suited black pants.

Alexandra collected it and skimmed through the list.

“I just need something light”, she said.

“Sandwiches and chicken wings would do”. She handed back the list.

“Uhm… I will go for same thing too”, Amidu said and waved a waitress over.

The waitress came by and took their order and within minutes, she was back, placing down their orders.

“Uhm! Delicious”, Alexandra exclaimed as she took a bite of the sandwich.

Amidu smiled broadly, watching her eat slowly and for a moment, he was lost in her beauty. She was clad in a flowing fitted pink gown that showed the curves of her average breast. He noticed her face had a touch of light make up on it which added to the beauty. Her eyelashes were long and her eyes sparkles as she ate peacefully.

Alexandra subconsciously looked up to meet his gaze strictly fixed on her.

“Hey Adam. Why are you staring at me?”, she asked, dropping the sandwich back into the plate.

Amidu smiled exuberantly and readjusted himself on the chair he sat on.

“Because you’re breathtaking”, Amidu simply said.

Alexandra let out a toothy grin.

“Well, you are not bad yourself.”

“If you say so, but I know am far from being handsome, right?”.

“That’s a lie”.

“Says who?”, Amidu said posing a funny face which made her laugh.

“Of course, me. You look good”.

“Thanks for flattering me, though”.

Alexandra gave a short laugh.

“You think am flattering you?”.

“No, I don’t think so, but I know so”.

Alexandra shook her head. “Your ideology is wrong, Adam. You have to admit the fact that you’re handsome and admirable with a body of an athletic. You love sports, I guess”.

At that, Amidu smiled and nodded his head.

“Yeah, i do. Especially football but my dad loves golf best”.

“So, you do play together?”.

Amidu nodded. “Yeah but that’s in the past now”.

“He has grown too old for that, I guess”.

Amidu shook his head and his face suddenly went pale. It seems like she just re-opened the already healed wound.

“Are you alright?”, Alexandra asked when she saw the change in his countenance.

Amidu nodded and forced out a smile. “Yeah”, he simply said.

“Then what’s that all about?”, Alexandra asked inquisitively.

Amidu sighed. “He’s dead”.

Alexandra gasped, covering her mouth in surprise.

“Dead?”, she muttered but loud enough for Amidu to hear.

“Yeah”, he nodded.

“He was murdered by some unknown gunmen”, he said in a cracking voice, trying as much as possible not to break down in tears. Not in front of her nor the public.

“Aww! I’m sorry for your loss”.

“Thank you”, he said. “I’ve gotten over it already”.

“Do you know who might have done this?”.

“No, I don’t”, he shook his head. “I have no idea”.

Alexandra heaved a sigh and shrugged. She could feel his pain and for a moment, the image of her dying father appeared before her. She could see him groaning, whimpering, yelling as the excruciating pain seeped through him. She couldn’t control herself anymore as the pain also coursed through her veins and she immediately shut the image out of her head but, it was replaced by her mother. It began playing in her head like a film strip only that there was no projector. Five men took their turns in making out with her mother after which they shot her in the head and the screams and groans seized as she slowly fell back lifelessly on the table on which she laid.

“No!”, Alexandra screamed, clutching her head tightly as if, it would prevent it from exploding.

Amidu sprung up and ran to her aid. He held her in his arms asking if she was okay.

Heads had turned to them as they became the center of attraction. People began murmuring, pointing at them wondering why the lady had screamed.

“Are you okay?”, Amidu asked for the umpteenth time but all he got in response was silence and muffled breaths.

Alexandra wheezed, trying hard to breath normally under the arms of Amidu. Amidu’s pain of his late father had triggered hers which rekindled the terrible memories. Her eyes were red and bloodshot from the memory and her eyebrows furrowed in despair. She was visibly agitated and her mindset of where she was changed but, the sweet fragrance of Amidu began to waft across her nostrils, inhaling it. Slowly and gradually, it began to calm her down and for a moment, she felt a tickling sensation in her body as her body quavers under the touch of Amidu but Amidu never let go of her, he held her in his arms also feeling the tickling sensation as his heart began to flutter and he closed his eyes, savoring the feeling.

“Is everything alright sir?”, someone asked from behind and Amidu was jolted back to reality as he quickly disengaged himself from her and turned to face the waitress who had served them their orders.

“Yeah, we are good”, he said, smiling at the waitress while the waitress shrugged and left reluctantly.

Amidu walked back to his seat, he could feel people’s gaze on them and it made him more uncomfortable.

There was an awkward silence as both stared at each other with a thought running through their minds.

However, the silence was soon interrupted by Amidu.

“I’m sorry”, he apologized, still looking at the dazed Alexandra.

Alexandra let out a sigh and shook her head.

“For what?”, she asked.

“For holding you so close”.

“It’s nothing”.

“Thank you”, he said and silence prevails again.

“I’m also sorry”, Alexandra said after a long silence.

“For what?”, he asked.

“For screaming so loudly”.

“It’s okay”.

Alexandra nodded and closed her eyes briefly. She felt weird with the feeling surging through her.

“Would you like to talk about it?”, Amidu asked.

Alexandra shook her head.

“No, some other time”.


Agent Matt was seated in the driver’s seat of a rented taxi car which was parked beside the road. He had a face cap on and he dressed casually disguised as a taxi driver. He fixate his gaze at the entrance of God’s Favour Restaurant and kept glancing at his wristwatch.

Soon, his phone rang out loud and he reached for it on the dashboard, checking the caller. It was named ‘Boss’. He didn’t hesitate before he answered the call.

“Hello boss”, he spoke into the phone.

“What’s the status?”, Riggs Alexandra asked over the phone.

“He’s still inside the restaurant with our target”, he replied.

“Good, keep watching and fill me in if they make any movements”, she said and the call ended.




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