The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 25

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“I need to go question them now”, Cole said firmly in a coarse tone without looking at Agent Dave who was seated in one of the visitor’s chair punching the keyboard of a laptop in front of him.

“You know, Agent Matt is in charge now and am sure he won’t appreciate the idea of you questioning them”, Agent Dave said in a concerned tone. He abruptly stopped what he was doing and looked up at the distraughted Cole who was pacing the room.

“But I ghat to do what I have to do”, Cole said and walked out, heading towards the interrogating rooms.

Agent Dave suddenly sprang up and ran after him but he was long gone and had dashed into the elevator. He could see the elevator going up rapidly at its ascent. He placed his hands on his waist and let out a sigh.

Cole strode along the hallway with a mean face and a determined mind, walking past junior agents in uniform who never cease to salute him whenever they come in contact. He stopped at a room by his right and impatiently pressed his right thumb against the screen then, it began scanning which afterwards flickered success on the screen. The door slid open and he walked in hurriedly while the door closed behind him.

“You killed ’em, right?”, Cole said with venom in his voice. He stood waiting for a response as he watched the heavily built man staring at him with an indifferent look.

“You heard me right?”. He was loosing his patience and his anger was fast striking high at its peak. Then it hit him. The man’s face looked familiar to him. He was pretty sure he had seen the face before. Then, he thought of it. He could remember that he had seen the face on the face defragmentation system which was the result of the finger prints the forensics found on the dead bodies.

“You guys killed her, didn’t you?”, he asked again.

Still, there was no response and that aggravated his anger as he balled his hand into fist. He took tentative steps closer to the man and launched a blow at the man’s face.

“You took her away from me!”, he yelled, giving him another blow.

“Stop!”, a voice shouted but Cole didn’t adhere to the word, he continued throwing his fist as he had allowed the anger take a better part of him.

“I said stop! Stop it now!”, Agent Matt suddenly held Cole’s hand from behind as he was about to deliver another blow.

“Leave me alone!”, Cole tried to wriggle his hand away but the grip was damn too tight. Realization dawned on him as he turned to look at who held his hands.

“I’m sorry sir”, he apologized feeling remorseful.

“What has come over you?”

“I’m sorry sir, I over-reacted”.

“Look at what you’ve caused now”, Agent Matt said, pointing at the man. His face was covered by blood as his nose had been bursted open by the unceasing blows delivered to him.

“I’m sorry”, Cole apologized again.

“Get your sorry ass out of here now!”, Agent Matt yelled at him while Cole walked out reluctantly.


Time: 7pm.

Location: Rainbow Town.

Amidu fell face flat on the soft bed making him to bounce. He grunted as he lay still thinking of his suspension at work. It was barely two weeks that the case was taken from him and handled by Agent Matt. Now, he was suspended for a trivial thing which should have been overlooked but Agent Matt got his ass spooked.

“That b******!”, he cursed under his breath. He had been a pain in the neck ever since he joined the DSS to work with them. Amidu could remember his expression when he began dropping his badge and weapons belonging to the DSS. He had a wry, mockery smile plastered on his face which never got to leave his face for once.

Amidu hissed and sat up on the bed. He realized thinking of it would only put his mind into a state of jeopardy and would make him resent to drinking which he needed to abstain from. Then, his mind drifted to her, Cassandra. A smile slowly curled up his lips as he mentioned the name. Slowly, the image of her beautiful face began to form in his head and he swore, he could see her smile. He picked up his phone on the bedside table and began scrolling through his contact list. He stopped by the name ‘Cassandra’ and dialed it. His heart began to thump as the phone began to ring at the other end.

“Hello”, an angelic voice answered from the other end.

Amidu was lost for a moment as he was mesmerized by the voice.

“Hello, are you there?”.

“Yes, yes. I’m here”, Amidu stuttered still basking in the euphoria of the sweet voice.

“Is everything okay?”, she asked.

“Everything is sure okay”. Amidu said. “So how have you been doing?”, he asked.

“I’ve been doing fine”.

“Are you busy?”.

“No, why do you ask?”.

“I just thought maybe we could go to dinner tonight”.

“Where?”, she asked.

“God’s favour restaurant”.




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