The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 23

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Time: 12am.

Location: Green Life Road.


Cole was on the wheel, speeding towards the location given to him by Agent Matt. There were four Police vans tailing behind him, maintaining a high speed such as his, with their sirens blaring away loudly.


Cole’s phone suddenly rang in the side pocket of the trouser he wore. He hissed, bringing out his iPhone 8s. He didn’t want any distraction, not now that he was on the run to catch the perpetrator. He checked the caller, using his right hand while his left hand was on the wheel. It was SA Amidu.


He let out a sigh, dragging the green icon.


“Hello”, he spoke into the phone.


“Hey Cole. Where you at?”, he heard Amidu ask at the other end of the dial.


“I’m at Green Life Road, any problem?”.



“Yeah. I found three dead bodies”.


“What? Where?”, Cole asked alarmed.



“In a taxi car parked in the middle of Malatama road.”



“Holy s***!”, Cole wheezed painfully. “We just left there not too long and nothing was in the car except fireworks”.


“Maybe the attacker came back to dump the bodies”, Amidu suggested.


“Wait, did you identify them?”, Cole asked thoughtfully.


He heard Amidu’s muffled breath over the phone before he spoke up.


“Sadly no, but the medics are on their way here already”.


“Wo! Wo!! Wo!!!”, Cole exclaimed when he saw the hilux van parked in a distance away with two men clad in black, hurriedly getting out of the van and in a flash, they were out of sight.


“Holy hell!”, Cole weezed again. Immediately stepping on the brake pedal, bringing the car to a halt.


“What’s that?”, Amidu asked alarmed.


“The suspects just got away”, Cole said, hurriedly alighting from the car.



“What? Ahn! Am coming over”.



“No, no. Stand down and keep overwatch, I got this”, Cole said, looking back at the other Police vehicles. They had leveled up with him and had also pulled to a stop. They came out, brandishing their guns as they approached Cole for orders.


“Alright, if you insist. Just keep me updated”, Amidu said and the call ended.



“We are gonna split up”, Cole said, turning to face the agents who had assembled, waiting to take orders.


“Everyone must be in formation and in good strategy. Now, be on the move. Lets go catch the bad guys”, he ordered and they ran into formation, splitting up.


Cole ran as fast as his legs could carry him when he spotted one of the men hiding behind a fence which enclosed a storey building. He stopped, wheezing hard like an old machine spewing smoke. He saw the man right on time, pulling the trigger. He quickly ducked and hid behind one of the houses, pulling out his gun and filled it with cartridges. Then, he peered out and shot twice at his target which his target also ducked then, returned his shots. This continued for a while with the exchange of gunshots of both men and the agents.


Alexandra guards could have disappeared into the night but they were not well equipped with weapons. It was just only a matter of time before they did realized that they were out of ammo and the shooting seemed to seize from their end.



“Put your hands up in the air”, Cole ordered, stepping forward when he realized they were out of ammunition. The men exchanged glances thinking of what to do next.


Cole sensed foul play and he shot them both on the leg, making the men go down clutching their knees. He handcuffed them and they were bundled into one the vehicles they brought.




Riggs Alexandra cocked the gun and pulled the trigger of the revolver in her hands. She shot thrice at the trio who she laid at the backseat in the head. She watched as blood spilled away from their heads before she proceeded to join Agent Matt who was watching from the car.


“Let’s get da hell outta here”, She said immediately she hopped in and reignited the car engine. The car responded to life and she took off with great speed, driving away from the taxi car. They sped past a car which was also on high speed.


“Whose f****** car is that?”, She asked, looking at the car as it sped away.


“It should be one of the agents. No commercial car could be working late at this hour”, Agent Matt replied.


“Oh!”, she shrugged and a smile curled up over her lips.


The intercom suddenly came on and a ruffled voice sounded before it became clear.


“We got the bad guys, Agent Matt”, Cole voice sounded in the speaker.


Riggs Alexandra and Agent Matt casted each other a surprised glance.


  • ••••••••••••

Time: 3am

Location: Rainbow Town.

(Alexandra’s main residence)


Alexandra sat on a couch meditatively. She gulped a breath and opened her eyes. The past hours was hell for her, she had narrowly escaped the police giving her a hot pursuit. Her mind suddenly drifted to her guards who she had left in the hilux waiting for an order to go after their attackers. She dipped her hand into ear to activate the earwig but unfortunately, it was disconnected. She stood up alarmed and hurriedly climbed the stairs which spiraled up into another set of rooms. She opened the door which enclosed a computer room. There were several desktop computers lined in a row with the master computer embedded on the wall. Each computer had a swivel at the front for sitting purpose.

Alexandra drew a swivel at the front of a computer and sat on it. She had left the system running, which gives out any alarm if the need be. She refreshed the homepage twice before she started operating. She opened the GPS tracker app specially made for the guards. She had designed a tracker for the guards which worked in cohesion with the heartbeat and it would only stop working if their hearts stop beating. This way she was able to monitor the movements of the guards.

She stared blankly at the screen for some moment before what she saw materialized in her brain. There were two green arrows pointing vertically at a location which was beneath it. The main location shown was Port Harcourt but that wasn’t what caught her attention. It was the name of the place they were. ‘Headquarters of the Department of State Services’.

Just as she read it out aloud, a message popped up on the monitor of the computer she was operating. It read; ‘Oh sorry namesake. We got your guys.’






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8 Replies to “The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 23

  1. It’s better Alexandra Elliot work alone than to work with guards who will slow her down.
    Good work bro

  2. I believe this won’t deter Alexandra Elliot’s work… she’ll be more fiercer but she must first of all upgrade her computer securities..
    Bravo Alabede..

    1. i think she has good security at her main base but she should do away with all the ill equipped make shift bases…..and also stop underrating the faceless and always be on full kit all the time

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