The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst FOr Revenge – Episode 22

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Elliot Alexandra was driving speedily with the sirens of the police blaring loudly, a little bit distanced away from her. She was exacerbated by the police giving her a hot pursuit after she was being enraged by her f***** namesake. She had narrowly escaped the men chasing her, after which she had blown them up and now, the police are on her tail adding to the hot chase which was a bad omen for her as they kept increasing with more police vehicles on her tail. She could hear faint echoes of sirens far away which indicated that more were coming on their way and she needed to throw them off track. Thus, she needed to come up with a plan. She had been wondering how the police got their Intel to know that she was on Malatama road since they were never close to getting her, not even for once but presently, this was taking a drastic change.


Alexandra glanced back to look at the number of police vehicles giving her a hot pursuit; they were just four but one suddenly veered off the road and took another road as it went out of sight. Alexandra wasn’t perturbed by the car who just averted the road. She knew the car was aiming to cause a blockade at the other end of the road but she had other plans. She turned back, stretching her hand as she picked her knapsack from the back seat whilst driving with one hand. She then placed the bag on her laps, keeping an eye on the road as she drove on speedily. She opened the zip of the first compartment where she kept some fireworks. They were taught to always keep useless things in their knapsack as it would always be useful whenever they ran out of tactics and now, she was sure this would help.

She brought them out, and placed them on the dashboard with Mr Williams looking at her keenly from the position which he was seated at the front seat.

Alexandra afterward returned her gaze fully back to the road, changing gears as she increased her speed. It was getting to the point of executing her plan and she needed to keep a reasonable distance which she did as they were suddenly thrown off track with a very long gap to cover.

Alexandra immediately took the fireworks and lightened it up. It would take about a minute before it produces the striking loud sound like a gun. Alexandra halted the car and pushed Mr Williams out of the car as she also dashed out, and disappeared into the night.

  • •••••••••••



Riggs Alexandra was speeding down the road, heading to their base. Agent Matt was seated right beside her and at the backseat was Funmi and her older brothers. They lay on each other lifelessly in a heap.


“Boss”, Agent Matt called, looking up at her.


She casted him a glance, then focused back to the road.


“Why don’t we go after her?”, Agent Matt asked.


“We don’t need to go after her. The . . .”, she was saying when a voice sounded in their ears through the wireless earpiece fixed in.


“Agent Matt, we were fooled. Suspect escaped”, Cole’s voice rang in their ears.


Agent Matt sighed deeply, it didn’t turn out the way he planned it.


“What do we do now? Boss”, he asked.


“We still won’t go after her, not now. We gonna use another alternative”, she replied in her american accent.


“Alternative like?”.


She glanced back at them sprawled on the backseat. Then, turned to Agent Matt.


“We gonna take them out to further implicate her.”


“But”, Agent Matt protested. “The Famous doesn’t want you to kill them, they wanted them alive.”


Riggs Alexandra nodded, reclining, head back into the seat.


“I f***** know! But I don’t  f***** dance to any one damn tune. I take actions I deemed necessary to be taken and this damn sh** is one”, she replied hoarsely.


Agent Matt sighed again. He knew from the very start that he wasn’t on the good side. He had been working for the Famous for years even before he joined the FBI and they made him a top agent in the bureau. The Famous owned his allegiance and actions as they saw him as a great asset. Thus, they made him work hand in hand with the Faceless leader and now, the leader is altering the plans giving him a choice of who to work for. The Famous or the Faceless?. He let out a frustrated sigh. He was tired of being a pawn in someone’s game, its high time to stand his ground and be on his own.


“What will happen to Mr Williams?”, he asked after a long silence.


“He’s gonna die too blockhead.”


“But. . .”


“No f***** buts!”, she slammed hard on the steering wheel making it creak.


“I’m sorry boss”, he apologized.


“If you f***** make mistakes, am gonna blow off ya damn head”, she threatened.


“Now sit yourself tight and watch as the drama unfolds.”


She slowed down her speed and finally, she halted the car when she began hearing the sirens of police vehicles not too far away from where she was. She further approached them to have a clear view of what was happening. Not too far away, there were police vans with their headlights illuminating the whole area, and some police officers hovering around a car parked in the middle of the road. She knew something must have kept them hovering over the road without planning to leave anytime soon.


“You need to distract them while I take it from here. I guess something got their attention”, she said without looking at Agent Matt.


Agent Matt let out another sigh, he was tired already and there are more tasks coming his way. He only hoped he doesn’t get busted by the unrelenting DSS agents.


“Agent Cole, do you copy”, Matt spoke into the intercom.


“Yeah copy”, Cole replied from the other end.


“Reports from the Area k police division. Suspect has just been spotted in a black hilux van along Green Life road. Please head there now with backup, we can’t afford to lose her this time, am I clear?”.


“Clear”, Cole replied and the intercom went off.


Matt heaved a sigh after giving out the order. He had seen Alexandra guards in the hilux van, either waiting for an order or keeping the area under close surveillance but either way, he was sure going to get their ass spooked.


“Let’s move now, they are gone”, Riggs Alexandra said after she had seen the police vans driving away, one after the other till there was no one left except a car which still remained static.


“What about that car boss?”, Matt asked, pointing at the car in a distance away.


“You gotta be smart **** head!”, she looked at him disdainfully. “You should know that she f***** dumped the damn car there”.


Matt swallowed hard, he was already irked by the insults hauled at him.


She reignited the car engine and drove towards the parked car, keeping a reasonable distance away from it. She hopped out of the car and began walking towards the parked car; it was a taxi car and there was a yellow tape around it which depicts a crime scene. She bent over the tape, scrutinized the car carefully before opening the door. There were fireworks on the driver’s seat. A smile slowly wafted across her face. She knew it was a trick to get the police off her tail.

  • ••••••••••••


Amidu woke up at the tone of his phone. He yawned loudly as he picked it on the table where he had earlier left it. He had dozed off on the sofa and has been sleeping for three hours now, it was the echoing tone of his phone that woke him up. He turned the screen lights on and checked the message. It was a message from Cole and it read;  ‘Suspect is on Malatama road and it was reported that she has Mr William as hostage.’


Amidu was alarmed as his eyes popped open. He rushed to change his clothes, picked a gun from the safe in his bedroom and ran out of the house. He quickly hopped into the car parked in the garage, ignited the engine and sped out onto the road. He knew what it meant if they lost the suspect, the victim would be long dead before daybreak. It doesn’t matter if he was off the case or not, what matters to him was the victim’s life and justice must be served.


He drove speedily towards Malatama road, taking short-cuts as the car bounced up and down due to  the potholes on the road. Then he veered into the main road. Just as he did, a car sped past him but he was oblivious of who was in the car, so he drove on until he spotted a taxi car parked in the middle of the road with yellow tapes around it. He slowly grounded the car to a halt few meters away from the taxi car. He alighted and started towards the car with tapes. He knew Cole must have taped the car as a crime scene evidence which got him wondering why they were not there to further comb the entire perimeter for more evidence. He bent down as he entered the tape area and stood for a minute before attempting to check in. He turned on the flash light of his phone, pointing to the floor. There were fresh trails of shoe prints on the floor and he assumed it to be the shoe prints of the agents. He opened the back seat door, pointing his flash light as he peered in. The scene he met was horrific as he contorted his face in utmost disgust. Three bodies stared back at him in the face with bullet holes on their forehead.









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  1. Faceless Alexandra, this will backfire soon…
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    Bravo Alabede..

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