The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 21

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Agent Matt, a black skinned man wearing a black Taiwan leather jacket over a black sweat pants could be seen holding his ears as it rang with an extremely loud noise. The shock wave had sent him into the nearby bush while he managed to run some more meters away from the explosion but he fell halfway while running and he momentarily lost his hearing. He began to cough when the smoke of the burnt vehicle filled his nostrils. Once, twice then a voice sounded in his ears but he couldn’t comprehend what he heard.


The voice came on again and he could deduce that it was from his boss.


“We need help! She is blowing us out”, he managed to say as he watched more cars bursting into flames. The debris and car fragments spiraling in the air and the exchange of gun shots also filled the air.


“Just hang on, I’ll come get you when am done here”, a feminine voice sounded in his ears, it was Riggs Alexandra.




“Keep a close surveillance on the target or you get her busted by the DSS, am I clear?”



“Crystal clear boss”, he said.


  • •••••••••••


Elliot Alexandra pulled the trigger again, aiming at one of the cars shooting from behind. The car went up in flames with the parts scattering into pieces. She hopped out of the hilux and opened the door to the back seat, dragging Mr Williams out of the car; he was shivering and palpitating but not from cold, it was fear.

Alexandra began walking him down to an empty taxi car. The driver had ran away when he first started to hear gunshots, leaving the door open.

She hopped into the front seat while she made Mr William sit right next to her in the other front seat, then she ignited the engine and stepped on the accelerator. She looked back, no car was on her tail not anymore. They had burnt down into ashes. The remaining two guards were at the back seat of the hilux she left behind, each had a bullet in the arm. She had left them there on purpose so she could be able to trace her attackers.


Not long after, Alexandra began to hear sirens of police cars blaring from a distance not too far. She let out a sigh and shook her head. This was totally not good.


  • •••••••••••••••😴

Location: Obo Town.


(Elliot Alexandra’s hostage house)


Riggs Alexandra trotted into the main facility. She turned on the light and shot at the cameras and began walking through a hallway which had several rooms on each side. She walked down to the extreme end of the hallway and opened the door of the room on her left but it didn’t give way so she picked a wrench and began working.

Phew! The door gave way and she proceeded inside with her gun pointed forward in a bid to avoid surprises. The room was dark and it looked empty so she turned on the light situated at the forehead of the mask she wore. The room was not totally empty as she had thought. There were two young men tied together to a chair backing each other while a lady was tied to another chair alone. There were bombs strapped to their chest and was also blindfolded. She walked closer to have a clearer view but there was no detonator. She at once knew that the detonator would be with Alexandra and could blow them up if she was watching. She smiled when she realized the bomb wasn’t activated. The bomb only acts as an element to instill fear on the victims. She removed the bomb and injected them with serum that would make them lose consciousness for twelve hours.


  • ••••••••••••


Cole hopped into his car hurriedly, igniting the car engine and stepped on the accelerator. He had just received a call from the FBI agent reporting that there was a suspect on Malatama road with Mr Williams as the suspect’s hostage. It was a clue to the message sent to him hours ago. He had searched everywhere for Funmi but she was no where to be found. The security officers at her house all said they haven’t seen her except in the morning when she went out. Now, her father was kidnapped too which further proved that they were going to end just like Governor Martin’s family but that’s not happening. He would rescue his girlfriend and bring her family to safety and would ensure the assailant doesn’t go scot free, he/she would be brought to justice. He promised himself.


Soon, he was on Malatama road. The road was hitch free as it was late in the night. The atmosphere was calm and cool but it couldn’t help cool his nerves. He turned on the siren of the car he was driving as he approached a round about, then took the left turn.


“Suspect is still on the run, now on Queen’s road”, a voice sounded from the earpiece in his ear. It was from a DSS agent.


“Copy. I’m on my way there”, he spoke into the mouthpiece attached to the collar of the shirt he wore.


Cole increased his speed, with the siren blaring loudly. He could hear faint echoes of sirens from a far distance which made him to further increase his speed.


Cole hurtled down the road with the tires screeching as he swerved left and right. He suddenly stepped on the brakes and the car grounded to a halt. There were two police cars at his front and a taxi car at a reasonable distance away from the police cars which had DSS agents as its occupant.

A gunshot suddenly sounded from the taxi car at the front and Cole immediately kicked the door open, bringing out a gun from the waist hostler.

So did the other agents as they jumped out of the car, brandishing their guns and began walking towards the taxi car the gunshot sounded from.


Slowly and stealthily, they surrounded the car with their gun pointed forward in readiness to take out whoever that was in the car. Cole gave the agents a signal and they nodded in response as they cocked their gun.

Cole opened the door to the driver seat of the car fiercely in one move. But… Alas! There was no one in the car.


“s***!”, Cole cursed under his breath. They had been fooled again.






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  1. The hostage house is not advancedly secured..
    Seems like Alexandra just got them off her trail..
    She’s good at what she does..
    Bravo Alabede..

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