The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 18

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Time: 10:00am

Location: Rainbow Town.


Amidu woke up lazily to the sound of his sonorous appalling alarm. He rolled to the other side of the bed and shoved it off. Though, his eyes were still blurred and not fully dilated from sleep, wanting to go for another round but suddenly jumped out of bed when his eyes caught a glimpse of the time. He blinked his eyes to be sure of what he was seeing, yet it remained static. Oops! He was damn too late!. He took his phone on the bedside table beside the reading lamp. A frown appeared on his face as his phone was buzzed with several missed calls, he checked the calls; 5 missed calls from Cole, 2 missed calls from agent Dave, 2 missed calls from an unknown number and lastly 1 missed call from the DG. His heart started to thump loud, louder than a locomotive train as he dithered over the reason why he had called him. He was unable to think as his head pounded with an headache. He dialed Cole’s number and he pressed the phone against his ear as it rang. The call was answered after it rang a couple of times.


“Hey boy”, Amidu said as soon as the call was picked.


“Where have you been?”, Cole asked over the phone, ignoring the pleasantries aspect.


“Oh! I’m sorry for that boy. Had a long night”



“Oh really?”, Cole chuckled.



“What’s wrong?”, Amidu asked.



“The DG and two top FBI agent came looking for you but you were not on seat. More worse with no record of you being here today. Now, the DG is very furious and the FBI agent is not helping matters either. I guess, you got your ass spooked already.”


Amidu blanched as his mouth flew open and a wrinkle formed on his forehead. His heart skipped several beats and for a moment, he was lost in a maze.


“Hello?”, Cole called as the other end of the call was silent.


Amidu was jerked back to reality as Cole’s voice sounded in his ears.


“What__ what does the FBI agents want?”, he stuttered out of fear.


“I don’t know yet but i heard the DG called and you didn’t pick up just like you did to mine but anyway just get here fast, they are about to start a conference meeting”, Cole said and the call ended.


Amidu stood petrified for a moment before the last two words materialized in his brain. He had called Cole to put him off his misery but only got aggravated. He quickly ran into the bathroom, brushed his teeth hurriedly and had a very short bath which he was done within minutes.


  • ••Twenty minutes later•••


He stepped out of the car, merely locking the doors as he walked in fast strides towards the DSS tall

building. He pressed a button situated beside the elevator door and it slid open which he stepped in, clutching his suitcase and adjusted his tie. The elevator door dinged open and he hurriedly stepped out to meet his worst fears. Two FBI agents, following closely by the DG and Cole who both had a case file in their hands.

Amidu stopped in his tracks as he stood still, transfixed and legs rooted to the ground.


“Why are you just coming now?”, the DG asked, stepping out of the three.


“I__i__I’m sorry sir”, Amidu replied, stuttering.


“You don’t have to be sorry”, one of the FBI agents said. “The case has been handled by someone capable, just be thankful that you are not deprived of your rank or suspended”.


  • •••••••••••••

Amidu paced around in his office, running his hair with his fingers and muttering incoherent words to himself. He was devastated by the ooutcome of the whole thing. The most sensitive case that has the tendency of promoting him has been taken away from him, not just taken away but his career was at stake too. The door suddenly flung open and the DG entered unannounced which Amidu was unaware of.


“Amidu”, the DG called as he tapped him on the shoulder which snapped him out of his reverie.


“Its all your fault”, the DG began, he drew out one of the visitor’s chair and sat facing Amidu.


“I’m sorry sir”, Amidu apologized, bending down his head a little.


“I guess i already told you that the f****** sorry would get you no where because you caused this s*** yourself and all you need to do is take care of it”


“Alright sir”.


“I had to beg him on your behalf because his ulterior motive was to deprive you of your rank”, the DG said.



“Thank you sir”


“The Deputy Governor also wanted you off the case, I guess that was why FBI agents came”, the DG said thoughtfully.


Amidu nodded. “That could be true”.



“But you’ve been drinking”, the DG looked up at Amidu who was surprised. “It makes you a sane man and a very good agent, I guess”.



“I. . .I . . .I”, he quieted down when he couldn’t find any words to defend himself with.


  • •••••••••••

Time: 1:pm
Location: Not detected.

A lady wearing a mask could be seen circling a man who was seated in a chair with hands and legs tied. Two huge men stood at either side of the door holding a gun which looked like a glock but with added telescope for shooting accuracy. The lady stopped midway at the front of her victim; the victim was the head guard. He had an indifferent look on his face and wasn’t intimidated by the lady or the men watching with gun.

“Where is your boss?”, the masked lady asked, putting her right leg on the chair in front of her and rested her elbow on the knee which supported her chin as she gazed at the head guard.

There was no response from the head guard as he kept mute with a confused look on his face. He doesn’t understand English and couldn’t comprehend what the masked lady was saying.

“I ain’t joking man!, you gotta open your godamn mouth and tell me where the hell your boss is!”, the lady yelled in an american accent, bringing out a gun from her waist hostler.


She waited to see his expression but he wasn’t moved by her threat so she pointed the gun to his head and cocked the gun.


“You f***** talk now or ama pull the trigger straight to ya head”, the lady threatened with a furious look. She was getting infuriated by the confidence the guard showcased.


After waiting for about a minute, she pulled the trigger and blood spilled away from his head.


  • •••••••••••

Time: 4pm


Cole stepped out of the car and hurriedly ran over to the other side of the car and opened the door. A fair skinned, skinny lady stepped out of the car. She was wearing a blue jean trouser and a black round necked top, her eye glasses perching on her nose and a glamorous smile emitted from her face.


“This way milady”, Cole said half bending and stretching out his hands which the lady laughed at.


The clumping sounds of her high heels shoe sounded as they walked hand in hand into the eatery with the lady laughing heartily.


They settled down on the chairs, facing each other. Cole wore a button down white shirt that hugged his body like a second skin. He gazed at her for a moment, lost in her beauty.


“You’re beautiful Funmi”, Cole muttered under his breath but audible enough for her to hear.


Funmi grinned, revealing her white sparkling teeth.


“How many times will you tell me that huh?”, She said, still with a wide grin.


“Its the truth Funmi, your beauty slays that i could have apprehended you as a murderer”


She bursted out laughing so hard that people around casted her a glance, checking if she was alright.


“C’mon Funmi, you’re attracting too much stares”, Cole said looking around.


“Oh! Forget about them. They are just ****-heads who wouldn’t mind their business”


Cole gave a short laugh.

“You’re funny”, he said.


“And you’re funnier”. She replied laughing again.


“Let’s get something to eat joor”, Cole said waving a waitress over.


The waitress came by and they placed their orders.


Cole’s phone suddenly began to ring in his trouser pocket. He stood up and brought out his phone, checking the caller; it was agent Dave.


“Sorry, I need to pick this”, He said and excused himself, walking away to a reasonable distance where the noise was subdued.


“Hello”, he said as soon as he dragged the green icon.


“Hey Cole we’ve gotten a lead from the DSS forensic”, Dave shouted over the phone.


“Are you serious?”, Cole asked exhilarated.


“Does it sounds like am joking?”, Dave snapped.


“F*** you, would be there soon”, Cole replied and hung up the call. He proceeded back to Funmi who was already eating.


“Baby I’m sorry, I need to go now”, Cole said with an apologetic look.


Her jaws dropped dejectedly.

“Why now?”


“Work calls baby but I promise am gonna visit you as soon as am done with work”, Cole said and kissed her on the cheek which she reciprocrated by kissing him full on the lips which got people looking at them.


“Lemme drop you off”, Cole said as they walked out of the eatery after she had footed the bills.


She shook her head sideways.

“No, I’ll call my driver to pick me up here”.


“Alright then, see you later”, Cole said and briefly embraced her before he left and drove out of the park.


She brought out her phone and pulled a call across to her driver.


“Hello meet me at the LA Victory’s eatery now”. She immediately hung up without waiting for the receiver to reply.


Few minutes later, a highlander jeep slowly pulled up beside her. She hopped in to the backseat without saying a word to the driver and the driver took off, speeding away. She didn’t notice there was a lady seated in the front seat beside the driver. It was Alexandra; she was rolling a gun with her fingers.







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