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Blemished Love – Episode 11

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‘Love, Grissel.’ Tom called out dragging the crib along with him.
He checked the kitchen and there was no sign of her so he left the crib by the stairs and rushed upstairs.
Grissel was swamped up with work since morning that Tom had to leave her home. It seems that’s all she seems to be doing for the whole month he’s been home.
He appeared behind her and tickled her. She didn’t notice he had come in as she was so focused on reading her files.
She jumped up immediately closing the files abruptly in front of her.
‘Tom, you are back already.’
‘Yes, it’s afternoon Grissel.’
‘Oh really, I didn’t realize that,’ she glanced at her wrist watch and hit her head slightly.
‘Of course, you didn’t notice because you’ve been up all day flipping through those boring files.’
‘They are not boring papers.’ She gave him a cold stare.
‘Okay you win, but come on you need a break and I got a surprise for you.’
‘Surprise? I love the sound of that.’
‘Ahaaa.’ He muttered pulling her off the floor.
‘This better be food and a delicious one as such.’ She said putting her legs in her flip flops.
‘I have something better. You will love it.’ He said on their way down the stairs.
Within some few seconds they were facing the new baby crib.
Grissel stopped midway and stared.
Tom quickly rushed off the stairs and dragged it closer to the couch while beckoning on her to follow him.
Grissel wiped a tear when he was not looking and froze at the same spot.
Tom turned around and found her still at the spot he left her.
‘Oo ooh, you don’t like the surprise?’ He asked moving towards her.
When he got no response he taped her.
‘Are you okay?’
‘Yeah, this is beautiful Tom?’
‘You sure about that, because you seemed lost a while ago.’
‘I’m sorry. I was just overwhelmed.’ Grissel clarified.
‘Why don’t I believe you?’
‘You should because I love the color you bought.’
‘I have good eyes then.’ He smiled coyly pulling her to the couch.
Suddenly, there was a short moment of silence. ‘But Tom, I’m not pregnant yet.’ She said carefully in order not to make him feel disappointed.
‘You are not?’ He asked confused and disappointed.
‘Tom, you would have been the first to know if I were pregnant.’
‘Ermm but you look fat.’ He replied scratching his head.
‘Ohh I get you now. So that was the reason you kept calling me fat lately.’ She laughed hilariously and poked his nose playfully.
‘Don’t blame me when you’ve been quite and cranky all month.’
‘Wow, for the record I’ve always been quiet and about cranky, probably work stress.’ She clarified with her hands supporting her jaw.
‘And you’ve suddenly put on weight.’
‘So you figured we are having a baby.’ She asked.
‘Sure, every woman put on weight when they are pregnant.’ He replied with an embarrassed grin.
‘And you know that how?’
‘Trust me, I know these stuffs.’ He glorified himself.
‘Ahaaa, Amy?’
‘Oh come on, Grissel.’
‘What? So far as I’m concerned, she’s the only one you got pregnant while I was busy planning our wedding.’ She said before realizing what came out of her mouth.
‘Wow, now she got it all out of her system.’
‘I didn’t mean it that way.’ She tapped him.
‘I know that sooner or later it will come up again but believe me it was a mistake.’
‘I knew it was a mistake even before you told me the last time your sister was the Master mind.’
‘Thank you but I’m still disappointed we are not having a baby yet but we still have enough time to make some babies this evening.’ He teased.
‘Ermm, Tom we are just five months old in this marriage and I’m not sure I want to start making babies yet.’
‘Alright but I’m very hungry now.’ He said just to avoid having any further arguments though he wasn’t so sure about the waiting part.
‘Mashed potatoes and Cabbage stew coming right up.’ She whispered while standing up.
‘Could you not mash the potatoes? I would prefer it boiled this time. Thanks.’
‘Sure, just hold on. Let me get the crib to the next room.’ She dragged the crib along with her.
‘Grissel, is everything alright.’ He called out after a few seconds away from him.
‘Why not?’ She asked.
‘Because that’s not the way to the next room.’
Grissel was dragging the crib to the kitchen.
‘Oops, I just had a lot on my mind.’ She made to smile but Tom was smarter.
‘Whatever it is, I know you won’t talk about it but I’m always here if you decide to.’
‘It’s nothing. Just work.’ She replied.
‘As usual.’ He said while Grissel retracted her steps upstairs.
Tom brought out his phone and sent a text with directions of a meet up.
He got a reply of change of time and venue. Tom scoffed and laid on the couch while waiting for his food.
He was however thankful another week will start tomorrow.
‘Lisa?’ Her aunt yelled out from her room.
She hissed on her bed and dragged her morning gown on.
She knocked on the door quietly.
‘Are you alone?’ She asked peeping through the slightly opened door.
‘Annoying. Who else would I be with?’ Julia told her when she entered with a mischievous grin on her face.
‘Who knows? Maybe Joe.’ She walked closer to her.
‘Huh, who told you he was here.’ She asked abruptly.
Melisa was confused and sat beside her immediately.
‘So he was here.’
‘Who was here?’ Julia asked hoping to cover up what she said earlier.
‘Aunty, I heard you loud and clear. It’s not a crime to love Joe.’
‘Did I mention I love Joe?’ She blushed.
She laughed so loud that Julia was confused. ‘It’s alright to be shy, but tell me how it went.’
‘How what went Lisa?’
‘Don’t be shy Aunty?’
‘I have no idea what you are driving at but some D guy called.’ Julia changed their topic.
‘D? I don’t know anyone by that name.’
‘He said to tell you to send your account details for the payment of her daughter’s successful party as he’s not able to reach you on phone.’
‘Ooh Dane.’ She said anxiously and softly.
‘What’s that?’ Julia asked as she didn’t hear what she said earlier.
‘I would give him a call later. But is that what you called me for.’
‘Yes, he sounded worried. Was it the Dallas event?’
‘Yes, that one.’
‘It’s been a month and you haven’t asked for payment yet?’
‘I left in a hurry but I will give him a call later in the day.’ She said scratching her head.
‘That’s alright and you look unwell.’
‘I’m fine, just a flu.’ She said quickly raising herself off the bed and walking away.
‘Not so fast. Who is D?’
Julia asked a Melisa seemed to find it difficult turning around.
‘I told you he’s the party guy.’.’
‘Come and sit with me.’ Julia taped her bedside and Melisa reluctantly walked closer.
‘Aunty, I will get the payment sorted out.’ She tried to maneuver her way out of there but Julia kept staring at her.
‘You haven’t gone out since you came back.’
‘I told you about my flu, Aunty.’
‘I stay in this house with you and I’ve not seen a sign of flu on your face since you got back.’
‘Maybe you haven’t noticed.’
‘Lisa, you can talk to me. I know something is bothering you.’
‘I’m very fine.’ She replied.
‘I guess this D guy wasn’t just a client.’
‘He was.’
‘No, thinking about it now. I think I heard him refer to you as beauty.’
‘He did?’ A broad smile crossed her face.
‘Yes, it didn’t make any sense until the look on your face earlier when I mentioned him.’
‘He’s no one actually.’
‘He is someone Lisa. Do you like him?’
‘Why would you even ask me that?’ She blushed.
‘Because you are shy and can’t stop that smile from appearing on your face even if you want to.’
She looked up at Julia and smiled yet again. ‘What if I did? I believe I’m not a baby anymore.’
She announced and changed to a lying down position while Julia also did same.
‘It’s alright if you like him but what I don’t understand is why you are avoiding his calls.’
‘I just have a feeling he’s not right for me.’
‘And how would you know that.’
‘Aunty, you’ve not met him. The kind of life he’s used to I don’t think I can keep up with it.’
‘Is he some kind of a drug dealer?’
‘No, I mean he’s rich and these rich white guys are bad news.’
‘Okay, he has money and you have what?’
‘I can’t compare what I have to what he has.’
‘So?’ Julia asked staring at her.
‘So we are bad for each other.’
‘Says the lady who has dated all the rich guys in her class.’
Melisa’s face was plastered with embarrassment. ‘But this guy is just out of my league.’
‘You mean handsome.’ Julia asked her.
‘I’ve heard that too before. Say something I haven’t heard yet.’
‘He’s got an eight year old sweet daughter.’ Melisa finally mentioned her fear.
‘Okay that’s new.’ Julia admitted.
‘Finally, you got my point.’ Melisa muttered.
‘From what you just said, he’s rich, handsome and you like him.’
‘Don’t forget the part that says he has a child.’ She stressed.
‘How much like are we talking about here.’
‘I’m not too sure yet but at first I didn’t exactly like him but spending a few days with him and his daughter I figured he’s likeable.’
‘Do you want to give him a chance?’
‘Should I?’ She asked Julia.
‘I know you too well, this guy has grabbed your attention unlike the rest that came and left.’
‘So you think I should give him a chance?’
‘Yeah, but this time don’t stress yourself going an extra mile.’
‘Thank you. But what about his daughter.’
‘What about her?’ Julia responded.
‘What if I can’t handle her?’
‘I handled you two.’
‘But aunty, Tom and I are family.’
‘Have an open mind. Besides you mentioned she’s a sweet girl. I’m sure she won’t give you much problems.’
‘I hope so.’
‘You know what, I will ask around about his family so you don’t worry too much.’
‘Ooh, I have. According to his house helps, he lost his wife during childbirth and has been single since.’
‘OMG, my daughter is in love.’
‘No, I’m not. Just trying to be careful this time around.’
‘Why don’t you return his calls now?’
‘You are right. When I get to my room I will do that.’
‘Just use my phone. I’m eager to know how you work this out.’ Julia picked up her phone and dialed the number that called her earlier that morning.
It rang twice and she handed it to Melisa when it seemed Dane had picked up.
Melisa was quiet at her end while Dane kept saying hello. Julia kept gesturing her to speak out.
‘Hello, I know it’s you Lisa. If you don’t want to talk to me you must as well see me. I’m in front of your gate.’
‘Huh!’ She exclaimed finally.
‘Yes, red painting, black gate. I’m here just come out.’
Melisa dropped the call and stared at Julia.
‘What happened?’
‘He said he’s at the gate.’
‘Here? How?’ Julia asked.
‘You see what I was telling you about? What kind of guy keeps checking me out on my website? I’m sure that’s where he got my address from.’
‘He’s weird aunty.’
‘I guess you didn’t give him options so he had to do whatever it takes to find you.’
‘I would even take off our personal details from the website and leave our email. That should be enough for our clients to reach out to us.’
‘Good idea, but he’s still waiting for you.’
‘What if I don’t want to see him?’
‘You will. Let’s get going. ‘Julia dragged her off the bed. They both forgot they were still in their morning gown.
‘Why do I feel like you are eager to marry me off because I give you too much trouble?’
‘Whatever,’ Julia replied signaling the security to open the gate.
They both froze as Dane was standing by the car be brought, probably a rented one. His sea blue Jeans and white polo shirt looks nearly ironed as if he didn’t drive himself.
By the time they realized he was in front of them.
‘I guess someone just woke up.’
He spoke up and reached out to Julia for a handshake that was when they both realized their morning gown was still on them.
‘You are welcome. Sorry we came out this way but let’s go in so we could properly get dressed.
‘That’s fine.’ He smirked while Melisa looked on.
Julia shoulder tap her and she smiled.
‘I don’t like men who stalk me.’ She finally broke her silence.
‘Lisa.’ Julia called out with a stern look.
‘Sorry,’ she whispered and walked away from them.
‘Sorry about that. Can we go in now?’ Julia told Dane and led the way.
‘Thank you.’ He said and followed her.



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