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30 Days And 30 Nights – Episode 7

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30 Days And 30 Nights Episode 7



Efe got restless after the twins left and decided to watch a movie. Their individual scents still filled the air in his living room and he wondered what would have happened if Taiwo had come over alone. It was forty-eight hours to the end of the thirty day abstinence task, and his sexual urge was at its peak. He emptied the remainder of the juice they had been drinking in his cup, and poured a little liquor in it. A little portion of his drink spilled as he shook the glass cup gently on his way over to his laptop. It was opened on the dining table, and he sat down to go through his movie folder. After scrolling through about sixty movies and not getting the urge to watch any one of them again, he clicked on opera browser on his laptop screen and went straight to his favorite movie website, Toxicwap.


After a few minutes of browsing through the site, he found a movie he would love to download, and just then, something on the screen caught his attention. He had been on the website multiple times, but today, his eyes zeroed in on an ad at the top of the website page titled toxic unrated. There was a picture of a Unclad white lady in the advertisement banner. He looked at it for a few seconds and shut his laptop.




A phone call woke him the next morning. It was from Abdul, one of his workers at the farm. Efe stared at his phone screen for a while, wondering why it wasn’t the farm manager calling him instead, and then swiped right on the phone screen. “Hello.” Efe said and coughed a few times.


“Hello sir. Police is here o!” Abdul said in a muffled voice.


“What?” Efe shot back as he sat up in bed.


“Police sir; they came to the farm.”


“For what? Where is the farm manager?”


“He is still talking to them sir.”


“What…what are they talking about?”


“I don’t know sir. I just said I should call you because I don’t know if they will arrest farm manager.”


“Okay. I’m coming right now.” He said and jumped off the bed, almost tripping on his bed sheet as he ran to the bathroom.




All through the thirty minutes drive to the farm, he thought of what he would do if it happened that his farm was going to be closed down. There had been cases of poultry farms being shut down by the government if there were suspected cases of avian influenza at the farms.


As he drove into the farm, he picked up his phone from his car’s central console and saw he had five missed calls; all from his farm manager. He turned off the car engine and reached into the glove compartment for the file that contained all his farm documents; all this while, he had his eyes on the police patrol van a few meters in front of him.


He could see a cluster of men in front of main farm building. Efe took a deep breath, wiped sweat off his brow and slowly stepped out of his SUV. As he approached the farm building, he noticed two white men seated just outside, having a friendly Chat. Two police men stood behind them. When he got a bit closer, he saw it was actually a Chinese man, and a Caucasian man. His farm manager was lingering around, with his phone to his ear. Immediately he saw Efe, he called the visitors attention and pointed at him. The Chinese man got off his seat and approached Efe; the white man did the same. The small stature Chinese man had a genuine smile on his face as he bowed his head in greeting with an outstretched hand Efe’s hand. The two men shook hands, and then the Chinese man turned to the man beside him and said something in mandarin. Efe looked at his farm manager, searching his eyes for answers, but it appeared the farm manager didn’t want to interrupt the interaction that was going on.


The white man turned to Efe and said, “Mr. Koyosaki said good day. He also sympathizes with you for your recent losses on the farm.”


Efe bowed his head at the Chinese man with his smile on his face, turned to the white man and said, “Tell him I really appreciate that.” The man turned to the Chinese man and they communicated in mandarin for a few seconds before he turned to Efe again and said, “Mr. Koyosaki wants to talk business; is there anywhere we can seat and talk?”


“Yes. Yes of course.” Efe said as he led them into the building.




It had happened that Mr. Koyosaki had been looking for a location to test his organic vaccines for the particular fowl disease that Efe’s birds had been attacked with. He was curious to study the birds that had survived the disease outbreak. He was a Chinese billionaire who did a lot of charity work in Nigeria, and his area of focus had always been feeding the underprivileged, but with large emphasis on healthy organic foods. He proposed to lease three plots of land on Efe’s farm as a location for one of his charity centers in Nigeria. Apart from paying Efe in tens of millions for a long lease on the land, he was also going to assure that Efe got grants from his charity organization every quarter of the year.


They had ended with a handshake and plans to conclude all the paper work the next day. As he drove out of the farm that evening, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was too good to be true. Everything had looked so bleak just a few days ago, and now his bank account was about to be smiling. He smiled and shook his head as he reached for his phone. He scrolled through his phone down to ‘T,’ found her number and dialed. She picked up even before the phone rang on his side of the line. “Hey! I was just about to call you.”


“Really? What’s up?”


“I think I forgot my small phone at your place yesterday.”


“Oh! Okay.”


“I really need it, like right now. When will you be home?”


“Umm! You can go to my house; I will call Moshood to let you in.”


“Okay…Moshood has your house key?”


“No. He will just let into the compound. The house key is underneath a rock by the main door.”




“Can you wait for me? I just have to make two stops before coming home.”


“Hmm! Are you sure that would be a good idea? You know what I mean.


He smiled and switched gears before saying, “I have a surprise for you. As a matter of fact, I have two surprises for you.”


© Kayode Odusanya


Thanks to Kayode for sharing this story with us. Please leave your comments and encourage the writer.



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