The Thirst For Revenge

The Thirst For Revenge – Episode 10

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Time: 8:00am.

Location: Port Harcourt


It was a Monday morning in the city. Commercial vehicles had begun their daily activities as they could be seen shouting at the top of their voices to get passengers going to their various destinations. Some people could be seen flagging down cabs which would convey them to their place of work while some ran after commercial buses which gets filled up in no time. People could also be seen on foot walking briskly to their destination alongside students going to their various schools, half running in a bid to avoid getting late. The whole city was rowdy with people and the incessant noise soared high across the city which was clamorous.


A SUV jeep could be seen speeding down the road with two police vans as escorts, one at the front and the other at the back. The police vans were convertibles which made some police officers stand in them with their ak-47 strapped across their chest. The convoy slowly grounded to a halt in front of a massive building which was built with marbles. One of the security guards standing at the huge black gate went over to the first police van for a gate pass but realized that the occupant of the SUV is a person of high status and he saluted the police officers but the officers didn’t reciprocate his salutation as they maintained their stern looks. The security guard who had saluted the police officers quickly gave his colleagues a signal to open the gate. The gate was opened and the three vehicles immediately sped in, parking at the space provided in the carport which varieties of cars were being parked.

The officers jumped down from their vehicle, ran over to the SUV and opened the doors.

A fat but short rotund man stepped out of the SUV in a flowing white agbada. Then, he began walking towards the building with his big belle leading the way.




The Deputy Governor; Oludare Jacob could be seen seated on a swivel chair in his spacioius office. He was busy typing on the keyboard of his phone when the door suddenly flung open. He was startled and he flinched, unknowingly dropping the phone on the table while he stared at the short rotund man walking in without being invited, with an officer trotting behind him.


“Would you keep staring at me forever?”  The man said in his baritone voice, settling down on one of the visitor’s chairs in front of the table.


Mr Jacob quickly regained his composure as he faked a smile. He wasn’t expecting the man and seeing him that morning would be no good. Its assure as a fact that he’s going to have a bad day.


“Good morning sir”, he greeted bowing down his head a little.


“No, you can keep your greetings”, the man said not smiling. “Besides, its a bad morning”, the obese man looked back at the officer who stood at the entrance behind him and snapped one of his fingers at him. The officer understood as he reluctantly walked out of the room. The man returned his gaze back at Mr Jacob immediately the officer was out.


“Jacob, what is this am hearing?”, the man asked with a slam on the table.


“Excuse me sir?”, Mr Jacob interjected, obviously not knowing what he was talking about.


“Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about”


The man contorted his face in utmost disgust, getting pissed off.

“You don’t know what am talking about?”, the man asked surprised.


“Martin was murdered right here in your state and you don’t know?”, the man said, slamming the table but this time harder. The officer heard the slam and he stepped into the room, looking around but was immediately sent back by the man.


Mr Jacob was speechless as he couldn’t believe his ears, Governor Martin murdered?. He didn’t watch the news neither did he read the news papers as he usually does every morning.


“Oh! You didn’t know?”


Mr Jacob shook his head, “I didn’t watch the news this morning sir, i was preoccupied with some arduous tasks”.


The man smiled wryly and nodded his head. “Oh! I see, arduous tasks indeed”, the man mocked.


The room became dead silent for a moment before the man eventually spoke again.


“You must fill me in of any developments but that should be after you have the perpetrator behind bars”, the man said, stood up and started walking towards the door but stopped when he placed his hands on the door knob. He turned and looked back at Mr Jacob.


“You have just only 48 hours, good day”, he said and bolted out of the door.


Mr Jacob sank back into the chair immediately he left and heaved a sigh not of relief but for the strenuous task that lay before him.

Truly, he hasn’t read the news papers for the day but could it be true?

Was governor Martin actually murdered?.

He quickly took the vanguard newspaper that was on the table which was brought in by his secretary and started leafing through the pages. He stopped when he came across an image of Governor Martin with an headline which says; Tragic loss for Rivers state: Governor Martin barbarously mutilated with the head chopped off.


What? He quickly took his phone which he previously dropped on the table and dialed a number, putting the phone close to his ears as it rang but it wasn’t answered.


He frowned his face and dialed the number again. And this time, it was picked at the first ring.


“What the hell is happening?”, He shouted immediately it was picked.


“I’m sorry sir”, Haruna replied over the phone.


“Sorry?, sorry for governor Martin’s gruesome murder?”, Oludare yelled.


“But we’re doing our best sir”.


“Your best is not to be called best, your best is still poor!”, he ranted while Haruna kept quiet at the other end of the call as he was being insulted.


“If you really did your best as you said, I guess you’ll have the killer behind bars within 24 hours time”.




Time: 6:30am

Location: Onne Town.


Cole had just gotten to the wild, frenzied crime scene after getting a call from the state emergency unit. The scene was flooded with the paramedics, the press and some police officials from the state police department, wearing an all black uniform with few top agents from the DSS department all huddled around looking for evidence. The press were talking to the medics while the camera men were taking pictures of the scene to foster the ruckus and make stories out of it. Sirens of different police vehicles were blaring loud with their headlights on, illuminating the crime scene as the place was still dark.


Cole moved closer to the crime scene, there was a black Camry car parked in the middle of the road which had an inscription on the windscreen; FOR DESMOND ELLIOTT, written in blood. On the car was the governor’s chopped head, dripping of blood while the body was in front of the car covered in a white silk clothes. Cole was bemused by the scene, with the inscription inscribed on the windscreen made him more befuddled.

A car suddenly hurtled down the road with its tires screeching as it came to a halt drawing everyone’s attention to the vehicle.

SA Amidu stepped out of the car in a hurry, leaving the car door open as he jogged down to the crime scene. Cole met him half way before he could get to the scene while the press also rushed to him, stretching out mics and voice recorders but Cole had them in control as he dismissed them before they could begin their interrogations.


“Good morning sir”, Cole greeted, bowing his head slightly. He was surprised to see him there. Just hours ago, he was a patient admitted in an hospital and here he was as the valiant special agent he knew.


“It’s a bad morning Cole”, Amidu replied, walking in fast strides towards the scene where the assailant vehicle was.


“The DG called, yelling over the phone”, Amidu continued saying without taking a look at Cole who was still behind, trying hard to level up with his fast stride.


“He gave me..”


“Is that why you came rushing here?”, Cole asked, interrupting Amidu.


Amidu looked at him this time, he hated to be interrupted and Cole knew of this and he had avoided interrupting him all along but today came as a shocker  which he couldn’t avoid. He looked at Amidu with an apologetic look, urging him to give an answer to his question.


“Yes and No”, Amidu simply replied.


Cole looked confused, “Yes and no?”,


“I was on my way heading to the office before his call came in and he gave me 12 hours to get the killer of this gruesome murder locked behind bars”, Amidu replied, bending down as he passed the yellow tape area over to the scene where the body lay with the vehicle. The medics hovered around the body for a close scrutiny while every other agent or police official stood distanced away in a bid to avoid overcrowding.


“12 hours?”, Cole asked surprised.


“Yes, so what do we have?, any clue or lead?”, Amidu asked.


“None at all, and we have another problem”


“What do you mean?”, Amidu asked.


“A lady was found dead in front of the state general hospital”, Cole replied, looking up at his face as Amidu was quite taller than him.


Amidu was astounded, “The hospital I was admitted in?”.


“Yes”, Cole nodded in affirmation.


Amidu frowned, he could remember it was a lady driving the vehicle he ran into but how come she was found dead outside the hospital premises and not admitted like he was?









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