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The : Meet The New Chris Bawa

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Chris Bawa in …

Meet the new Chris Bawa!


Well, guys, I turned Chris Bawa into a mean cowboy!

He has a gun…and he shoots…oops! Lol!

Here are a few things I want you to know before you read :

For starters, is not a continuation of The Jailbird story you read, no.

It is a completely new story with different settings.

The only similarity is that Chris Bawa also came out of jail in this new instalment.

So, Chris Bawa is set in this Western-style action epic.

He fights, he shoots, he loves…and he kills (sensibly, lol!)

Well, for those of you who have no exposure to the Western genre, it is simply referred to as ‘Cowboys’ when we were growing up.

It refers to stories or movies based on the American Old West setting, generally called the ‘Wild, Wild, West.’

In that period, there was violence and there was death.

Let me introduce you to a few things that pertains in a western genre and which you might meet in .

1. Vocation

In a western genre, you will typically see people working as cattle farmers, sheep farmers, railway workers and gold mine diggers.

2. Dressing

The men mostly wear Stetsons or hats. They wear boots with spurs.

They have gun-belts around their waists, with guns in the holsters.

3. Transportation

Horse-riding was the major means of movement.

Horses were also attached to coaches and were used as vehicles.

Trains were also used as a means of transportation.

4. Housing

People in a western setting mostly lived in ranches.

A ranch was a huge piece of land with a building for the ranch owner and his family.

Usually, there was a separate building for the cowboys who work on the ranch.

These cowboys took care of the huge herd of cattle owned by the ranch owner.

5. Law

They had laws, court and prison in those days.

The towns usually had a Sheriff.

He had a metallic six-star silver badge pinned on the upper left side of his shirt to indicate that he was the Sheriff.

A sheriff and his deputy took care of a town.

They were officially-sworn in and they could arrest and lock up criminals.

6. Punishment

Criminals were killed by hanging if they were found guilty in court.

7. Gunslingers and Shootouts

In the Western genre stories, people settled quarrels and disagreements with guns.

They shot it out. They stood some distance apart, and then they both drew out their guns and shot.

The one who was faster would kill the slower one.

So in the Western genre, a sheriff or gunfighter had to be extremely ‘fast on the draw’.

Those who didn’t want trouble didn’t wear a gun-belt around their waist.

8. Violence

Western genres were violent.

There are fights, shooting, love-making, and harsh conditions!

Nothing was really a taboo!

Action, betrayal, love, kill…stand out hero-types with bravado and charisma!

So, guys, that is what I’ve done, unfortunately! Lol!

I’ve placed Mr, Chris Bawa inside the ‘hot zone’ of a Western genre story in .

But will Chris survive?

He has a gun, and he has his fists.

This Chris Bawa must fight, and kill…otherwise he will die!

We all know Chris as huge, hard, super-handsome and romantic…and he weeps a lot too, lol!

That’s why he is here, in !

In a Western-style genre…

Where a man must know how to draw a gun…

And fight with with ruthlessness…or he will die!

This is a different Chris…

He must live large, stop the tears, and be as ruthless as they are…

Question is, can ‘lover-boy’ Chris survive in this harsh environment?

Let’s try it and see how it goes.

Kindly let me know your views as we go along by giving me feedback via the comments section!

is rolling, and it is restricted to adults 18 years plus!

Monday, April 23…

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© -Agyeman



Hello FAM! For some reasons we won’t start this story on Monday as expected. It’ll take some few weeks for us to start posting and we would announce when it’s time to begin

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  1. Hello FAM! For some reasons we won’t start this story on Monday as expected. It’ll take some few weeks for us to start posting and we would announce when it’s time to begin.

  2. Uhm, am new here. Nt very new cos hav visited dis site countless numba of tyms. Buh hav neva comented. The Jailbirld brought me here… Anytin abt Chris bawa gives me joy. Bring it on gud frnd. U got my ass glued

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