Is It A Sin?
Is It A Sin?

Is It A Sin? (Episode 20)

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“Ma, someone is looking for you outside.” I explained.

“Who is that? But I’m not expecting any visitor” Mrs. Chioma asked baffled.

“Ma, he is a man, somehow old, he has a bushy teddy, he is somehow tall and he has round face with pinks lips.” I narrated

“What did he call himself?” Mrs. Chioma asked boastfully.

“He said he is one Chief Nnamdi Richard.” I {Jeff} voiced out brusquely.

“Eh!” Mrs. Chioma and Chief Mattew screamed in chorus.


“What happened ma?” I (Jeff) asked strikingly.

“Nothing” Mrs. Chioma expressed.

“Yes, should I send him in?” I (Jeff) asked motionlessly.

“No… Noo o. no o…” Chief Mattew and Mrs. Chioma screamed in chorus, they were shaking, shivering, panting and sweating at a time despite the cool air that rent the house from the Air Conditional.

“Send him out, I don’t want to see him please” Chief Mattew screamed not audible at all, but I managed to read what he said from his moving and shaking lips.

“Okay ma.” I (Jeff) responded as I walked out coherently. I head for my cubicle and I sat down watching the drama played by Mrs. Chioma and her husband on my laptop.


“But you told me that you poisoned and he is dead.” Chief Mattew said with some kind of husky voice.

“Yes, I poisoned him and I confirmed that he is dead, we did his funeral and if I could remember you witness his funeral.” Mrs. Chioma defended herself from being guilty of her husband charges.

“Does that mean the ghost wanted to fight back?” Chief Mattew vocalized.

“Never, he is a ghost and he must remained a ghost, he has nothing to do with the living anymore, I just think we have to safeguard our self from been humiliated.” Mrs. Chioma explained.

“Hmmm.” Chief Mattew paused.

“Call Jeff for me.” Chief Mattew commanded Mrs. Chioma and she reluctantly head to my cubicle to meet me.


“This is enough as an evidence.” I said to myself and I ejected the Flashdrive which I had used to copy the recorded video and I shut down my system. I quickly walk out from my cubicle, I went to the gate and I was closing the gate falsely.

“Where are you coming from?” Mrs. Chioma asked looking elegant as usual in her dress but looking woeful in façade.

“Ma, I didn’t meet the man (Chief Nnamdi Richard) you send me to deliver your message to, I search everywhere in this compound but I don’t even find his traces, so I went outside to see maybe he was waiting for me outside but he was nowhere to be found, I think the man is a ghost.” I finalized.

On hearing the word “ghost”, Mrs. Chioma nearly collapsed, she looked dizzy and weak, fear griped her from head to toe, she was just shaking and shivering at the spot she was standing, I was just wondering that she feared Chief Nnamdi so much like this; I could see she was fighting the tears from dropping from her face.

“Madam, should I come and collect the food?” I asked non-concerned, but she only turned back and opted for the sitting room. I stool still at the point I was standing, I was motionless, I knew I had did a well done job but I knew I am risking my life in doing this, I also fear I may became her prey but I was courageous that I won’t fall her prey since she doesn’t even suspect that I’m an imposter. “Well life its self is a risk, I just have to do this.” I thought. Lately that night, I send the video to my boss via Whatsapp because who knows if she will suspect of trapped me, shortly after the message was sent he replied thus: “A job well-done, be ready to leave that place and this video must be confidential, it must not leak also avoid been suspicious because you are their doom and you are there.” I smiled after reading the reply; I don’t even know when I later fall into slumber.




“Ah!” All the listeners exclaimed surprisingly in chorus.

“Ah! Mama so you are the one in darkness that had been shooting arrows into the lightness all this while.” Chiamaka yelled brusquely.

“I said it!” Obinna screamed.

“I knew my foster mother was a big and mighty witch. Weldon ma {he laughed}. Father please who is my original mother and where is she? And where did you meet this big and old fool (pointing to Chief Mattew who was looking down).” Obinna asked abruptly.

“Obinna, I will answer all you question.” Chief Nnamdi cautioned.






“He is good in appearance but bad in behaviors and attitudes friend of mine, he is one of my childhood friend, I know him to be greedy, callous and selfish but I always try my best to changed and cautioned him, he travelled out of the country after his graduation from the university as a business administrator. On his arrival, he lodged into my house, my newly wedded wife (Mrs. Chioma) greeted and offered him a glass of well chilled water but on seeing each other, they were shocked and happy at a time, I don’t care about this because of my non-challant attitude, I later heard from Mattew; he narrated to me that Chioma and him are once lover during their university school days, I was shocked at first but I was later calmed down by my callous friend.

“That has gone friend, my friend’s wife is also my wife, I have no reason to react negatively because she had married one of my family.” That was the statement Chief Mattew uttered to consoled me.

I was relieved but I never know that they still love each other, they were keeping a secret marital affairs; on that fateful day, I left home for office early that usual, I evoked that I have forgotten the file I was working on lately yesterday night, I turned back and headed home, but on getting home, the story changed I met my wife and my friend having s-x on our matrimonial bed; inside our matrimonial home, they were shocked seeing me standing motionlessly at the entrance of the master bedroom, I don’t even know what to do, I was confused, I couldn’t believe my eyes but this isn’t imagination it a true reality. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I turned back and leave for office without even intrigued what I came home to take, as at that time; Chinendu and Chiamaka were 3 and 5 years respectively. On getting to my office, I heard the beep of my phone; I checked the caller and “My heart” was visibly displayed on the phone screen. I wanted to end the call but I mustered some courage to pick the call.

“He..l…lo!” Chioma voice was shaking tremendously.

“What again, should I come and watch the part two?” I asked heatedly.

“Please am very sorry darling, it’s something I can explain.” She defended emotionally.

To cut the long story short, I forgive my wife and Mattew after many pleading from Chioma’s family members. Some months later, I secretly went to the hospital with Chinendu and Chiamaka for a DNA test, the result was out and I confirmed that I’m not the biological father of neither Chiamaka nor Chinendu, I was shocked and dazed, I was traumatized, many confusing thoughts were running into my mind, I know my friend (Mattew) was their biological father.



“Ehn? Daddy this can’t be true, this is far from the true, you are the only father I know, and how can disown us because of our wicked mother, father just uttered the words “You are our father and we will let go of everything.” Chiamaka riposted sharply.

“Yes, I am your father for good twenty two (22) years, but I’m not your biological father but I am just a foster father to both of you (smile), your biological father is sitting here (pointing to Chief Mattew).” Chief Nnamdi concluded.

“Eh!” Chinendu and Chiamaka screamed in chorus. They look at Mrs. Chioma and Chief Mattew who are looking down in shame.

“Father, please continue.” Obinna stated impatiently.




“Am I impotent?” No I wasn’t born impotent. “Does that mean I am nursing and funding children that are not mine?” That is extremely the truth.

On getting home, I confronted my wife, I screamed, yelled and shouted at her, I charged her guilty for the crime, after much threatened, persuasion and menaced, she confessed that I wasn’t the biological father of the two children I have been funding and nurturing, I wasn’t shocked because I knew that DNA doesn’t lie.

I wish I could send my wife packing but I was blinded by the love and affections I have for her, I keep on loving her every seconds, I keep on falling in love with her despite all the wrongdoing she is doing to me. A month later I was able to console myself, I stopped the over-thinking and drinking abused. “Life goes on.” I thought.

I was driving home from office on that very sunny afternoon, I was singing along the melody song played from my car media desk, I was driving at 35km/h (not speedy at all), just then I saw the beautiful and neatly dressed chick (I mean fine and pretty lady) standing at the roadside, she looked disturbed and disorganized, I guess she has been waiting for a cab for a long time, I decided to gave her a ride, I packed close to her and whined the glass down.

“Hello!” I greeted.

“Hi Sir.” She replied smiling.

“Why are you standing here in this shorn and skinny sun?” I asked falsely.

“I was coming back from an interview but I had stayed here for the past one hour, I was unable to get a cab.” She replied soberly.

“Oh! Sorry dear, where are you going?” I asked.

“I wanted to see a friend at Mighty Estate.” She replied.

“Wow! I live there.” I expressed.

“Come in let me give you a ride.” I concluded.

“Thank you sir.” She expressed.

She entered the car, I offered her some tissue papers to wipe her sweat, she complied and I also increase the coolness of the car AC and I speed off.





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