Is It A Sin?
Is It A Sin?

Is It A Sin? (Episode 14)

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She thought for a while on how she will be able to execute her main mission, she thought for a while and it seems she can’t use her invisibility power to execute her main mission, she thought that if she disappear from the spot she stay and she landed inside the senate president main building that may be another problem because she doesn’t know the numbers of securities that may be with the senate president. Many thoughts ran into her mind, she later set free all the thoughts and she select the best thought for her mission; she use her invisible power to go into the weapons store of the Senate Building without been notice by anyone, light hasn’t been restored and everyone were quite surprise, the Elect/Elect Engineers themselves were panic and confused because they fear they may lose their job.

She stole two silent pistols from the weapon store, she loaded the guns with bullets, and she walked out from the weapon store, she disappear from the weapons store and she landed inside the sitting where Senate President Jeff and his family were sitting; discussing and chatting, the numbers of securities were not much, she gun down every securities with the help of the silent pistols, she doesn’t allow any room for mistake, she doesn’t allow any of the security to shot, she knew if any of the security shots the sound from the gunshot will alert other securities and they will try to find their way to the Senate President Resident. Successfully, she killed all the securities without leaving any trace of suspicion; she directed the senate president and his family {his wife and two children} to the master bedroom, she shots all the securities she meets on her way to the master bedroom.

“Welcome Mr. Senate Leader, you have really tried, I knew you are surprised that just a person was able to enter into the senate president building without been notice by any securities, well they can’t see me because no one can see the cool breeze and I can’t be apprehended me because no one dare to apprehend thunder, I know you are confused about the CCTV cameras; {laugh} no need to look at the cameras, I have disconnected all the light of the whole senate building and I have also disconnected the whole CCTVs cameras, I have been waiting for a day like this, but today was too long for me to wait for, but I just have to wait; today seems like hundreds of years to me; today is the longest day I have ever waited for; today was one of the day I have dreamed of; because today I see no reason why you must live to see the end of today.”Clara expressed as she pointed the silent pistols to the Senate President and His Wife.

“What can I do for you? If you need money; money that is countable has been put to shame; just name you price I will definitely pay.” The Senate President boasted beseechingly.

“Well I know that must be your next statement, I know you will definitely try to convince me with money, am not surprise! That is how you negotiate with the bad politicians like you, you now named politics a game; either you win or lose; you’re bankrupting this country wealth without fear and any human feeling, you have ruined the noble and the loyal politicians who have pledge to serve this country with all their strength and veins, you ruined most lovely and happy home because of just material wealth, well am not here to negotiate you life with you, I am here to take you life and that is my price.” Clara stated courageously.

“Please young girl, who are you? You are too young for this kind of job; you still have a long and lengthy way to go. Who are you and who sent you here?” Senate Leader Jeff asked.

“I am your doom!” she paused “I am the catastrophe you caused on yourself! I am the curse you bestow on yourself! And I was sent by Mr. Death himself. You’ve had enough time to re-construct your fate but you never did! Your myopic mind was already consumed with vanities. Now it’s unfortunate but inevitable you will die as a bereaved, with nobody to hold your hand. Well am Governor John Adewole daughter that you thought I was killed but thank God I was able to survive to revenge my parent death.” Clara concluded.

The Senate President wife and her two beautiful children {a boy and a girl} were shivering; they were sweating profusely and panting, the Senate President on the other hand was still confidence that he still had a chance of survival; he thought for some time to figure out the best way to defend himself from this shameful and uninvited death. Luckily for him, he saw a pistol gun under the bed, he picked up the gun as he shot Clara.

Gboom! The sound from the gun rented the air. He was surprise that the bullet doesn’t penetrate into Clara’s body. He released another bullet and the bullet doesn’t penetrate. Clara on the other hand wasn’t surprised by the bullet; she knew the bullet can’t penetrate into her body, but she was baffled; she knew the securities must be alerting and if they are able to make their way into the Senate President Resident that means she would be able to accomplish her mission. She stretch her silent pistols forward, she was about to pull the trigger when and intelligent thought ran into her mind.

“You disgrace my father publicly, I have no reason to dash you the public disgrace you cause on my father and my family at large, if I kill you will this gun it seems like I shield you from the shame of been a corrupt politicians, well we will embark on a journey now.” Clara concluded.

“No workers must be charged, sacked or sentenced by any law enforcement agency, I plan and execute this mission myself without the help of anyone, if any worker is charge guilty for this misfortune; be ready to lost your remaining family.” Clara directed the statement to the Senate President Wife.

“Ye…s…ss…ss m..a.” Senate president wife replied stammering.

Clara grip Senate Leader Jeff left hand as they vanished into the thin air just then the Senate President Building light was restored and the securities of different forces and the reporters were able to make their way into the Senate Leader master bedroom…


Within a glimmer of an eye they landed in the middle of Karunga Market {A crowded market which is located in a Southern Nigeria State this market is close to the neighboring of Mali, Niger, Cameron and Ghana; here in the market people from the above countries stated do come and buy and sell; this market can be regarded as the biggest, broadest, busiest and widest market in the vast Nigeria}. It was the market day, all the people were into buying and selling, every people in the market were busy in one activities or the other, they were all engrossed in what they are selling and negotiating. Clara and Senator Jeff landed in the middle of the market, Clara dipped her hand inside her backpack, she brought out a rare cowry; she placed the cowry on the Senate President head and that make him to confessed all the bad doers he has done and how he teamed up with some late politicians, the late COP, the late Warder Captain, the late two criminals and the late Chief Justice to fake some lies on Governor John Adewole. Senator Jeff revealed all the bad doers he and some others corrupt politicians has done, people who doesn’t heard his beseeching Yoruba language, a young man volunteer to translate the language to them in English; most of the people who witness the incident all capture and recorded all what he said. Later on those angry marketers opt to stone him, when they were about to started stoning him, they just sense that he has vanished from the market. Behold Clara has transported him out of the market. Clara and the Senate Leader landed in a crowded and busy area of Lagos, Clara changed to be invisible, the Senate President started confessing all the evil doers he has done, how they killed day old babies when every they are looking for one post or the other, how they sent kidnappers out to kidnap living souls, how they crushes living babies inside mortal just for them to be fortified. Those angry and irritated listeners irately brought out different weapons, some people stoned him, some beat him with woods and logs of tree, and lastly they set him ablaze, he groaned in pained as he was fighting the fire, he was later burned to ach.

Clara vanished from the scene when it seem she has accomplished her mission, she appear infront of the hut inside V™ forest, she was warmly welcome and praised for her job well done, she feel on top of the world and she was equally happy that she was able to avenge her parent death. Senate President Jeff doom, misfortune, surprised revelation has been the talk of the town, reporters were unable to gather any reasonable information on how the incident, they were mixed-up since the incident occur in three different location (Abuja; Senate President Resident, East; Kagunga Market and Lagos). Though people who witness the incidents uploaded their evidence {video and recorded audio}, the Senate President misfortune has been the talk of town up till now and it is always on every front page of every daily newspaper and magazine.





Clara was busy unhooking her boot in front of the hut, Collins was also busy fixing the fish net, Nnena sat down admiring the beautiful nature just then Clara started the conversation.

“When are we going for Nnena revenge?” Clara asked unsettled

“I don’t know o, when you are ready.” Nnena replied.

“Let go and avenge your misfortune tomorrow.” Clara yelled.

“I don’t think she needs revenge, we will only be going there to clear things up and to reveal the truth.” Collins replied laughing as he entered the hut.

“What does he mean? What is he up to? He laughed! Collins!” Clara asked rhetorically as she follows Collins into the hut…



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