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The Second Sight – Episode 53

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And then, just ahead of me, I saw the woman.

She was dressed in white; it was a ghostly sort of white, the material filmy and soft, fluttering slowly in the still air.

She looked like a headless devil because from that distant I couldn’t make out the features of her face or the movements of her legs and arms. She just seemed to be suspended in the air.

Her gown looked like a wedding gown as I drew nearer.

The trees seemed to lean away as I approached, as if they were paving way for me. Maybe they sensed the destructiveness in my heart, and it scared them.

My walk was slow, almost leisurely, but the fury was a raw fire burning in me, wishing to be unleashed.

And then as I got near that evil thing the whole place began to glow amber.

I could not see the source of the light, but it was there. They were in a clearing, a clear area devoid of tree and weed, a large round circular patch that showed brown earth.

The thing wasn’t hanging in the air after all. I saw that its head was a mask of horrible wriggling scaly things.

They looked like eels or giant smooth snakes, fat and rounded, thrashing about restlessly and emitting a creepy squishy sound as they rubbed against each other.

The same things were in the arms and the legs – hissing, thrashing, gyrating. They had flattened ends and huge protruding pinkish eyes. As I stepped into the circle of clear earth I looked up and saw Nicole.

She was suspended in the air, spread-eagled vertically, but nothing seemed to be holding her. Her face was turned downward, staring at me with a terror so great that my intestines knotted.

Oh Lord, why should this happen to her? Why didn’t she glow?

Where was her force-field?

I was breathing hard as I turned my attention to that thing below her.

I saw now that the thrashing snake-like things seemed to be merging to form a whole. Already the ones forming her right arm had merged into one huge ugly thing, and at their tip was the perfectly formed hand of a woman.

I watched, mesmerized, as she metamorphosed rapidly.

I had thought I was dealing with the Legion-possessed Andrew Okai, but this was another entity altogether.

Her lower arm had appeared now, and already half her face had appeared, perfectly formed, but the other part still maintained that horrible reptilian feature.

One of her legs had completely become human, and the other one had a foot complete, but the calf and thigh still thrashed and struggled to merge.

She had two smooth arms now, and her head was almost complete save for her lower right jaw which still squirmed, bulged and emitted that sound as it struggled to merge.

And then, finally, she emerged out of that horror.

It was Elaine.

My Elly.

The most beautiful girl on earth!

Lord, what the **** had I slept with?

I was so horrified that for a moment I felt like vomiting.

She regarded me, and her eyes were sad, if not remorseful.



I’m glad you made it, Yaw, and didn’t die. It is you I want, and not Andy. I didn’t want things to turn out this way, but you forced my hand.

I looked at her with all the revulsion I felt, and the wrath that burned within me.


(hissing furiously)

Let her down now. You’re going to die, Elaine or Jo or whatever the **** you are! Believe me, you’re going to die, here, right now!

Her eyes flashed then.

She was instantly angry, and as her eyes glowed a terrible crimson, the mark of the beast appeared suddenly on her forehead.



She will die if you fight this, Yaw! Just don’t tempt me!

I stepped forward, and her as furious as she was, I was ten times as pissed off.


Death Cloud, to me!

I whispered fiercely.

It rose up behind her immediately – a great, twisting Death Cloud, crackling with evil, emitting lightning and thunder as the evil hosts within fought each other, each trying to be the first to tear into the body of the evil woman.

Elaine looked over her shoulder and sudden fright filled her face.

She looked at me, her face terrified.


I’ll kill her, Yaw, if you don’t send them away!

She said in a rush, but her broken voice lacked conviction.



You can’t harm her!

But I heard my own doubt.

She shouldn’t have had any control over Nicole in the first place.

Nicole was a good Christian, and I had seen her glowing on more than one occasion.

What then had happened now?

Why had Elaine been able to maltreat and abuse her so badly?

What had she done?



Of course I can hurt her!

And immediately I saw Nicole’s neck constricting inward, the veins standing out as if an invisible giant hand was squeezing her neck. Her tongue lolled out, and her eyes began to bulge.



Leave her alone!

I screamed, impotent with fury, and the Death Cloud hissed ominously and seemed to move a mite toward Elaine.

Elaine took a step away from me, but not too far toward the Death Cloud.

Now I could see the things in the cloud, staring hungrily at me, begging to be set loose on that evil woman.



She’s dirty, Yaw! She’s a sinner. She slept with her uncle, got pregnant by him, and then she had the poor baby aborted! She’s a f****** sinner, and through her sin I have total control over her!

My startled eyes went up to where Nicole was hanging.

I hadn’t known that about her.

She was coughing now, her throat obviously injured by that near-strangling.

As bad as it seemed, and as bad as the information hurt me I knew it was the truth. It made perfect sense, in a way.

It explained why she had had no protection against Elaine.

She had committed incest and murder, and try as hard as she could I was sure the guilt had never left her, and where there was guilt these ugly things would feed on it, twist it until a person felt total insecurity, and then finally it would make one feel alienated from God, overburdened by the intensity of the sin, and then the evil one would move in.

I looked up at Nicole.

Her tears drenched her face as she looked down at me – remorseful, imploring, scared.



Pray, Nicole. Pray. God has already forgiven you for your sins, so just accept that! Find it in your heart to forgive yourself, and everything will be okay. I love you, and I’ll always love you, my darling…no matter what! Pray!

I saw the conflicting emotions on her dear face, and then she shut her eyes tightly.

Elaine said in a rush and held out her right hand and I saw a beautiful golden band glistening in her palm.



You’re wasting your time, Yaw. Did you think I was going to let you marry another woman? No, you’re mine, and together we shall rule the world. Take the ring and put it on, Yaw, or I promise you she will die in the next ten seconds!

I noticed that she was wearing a smaller version of the ring on her wedding finger.


(filled with revulsion)

You and I will never be partners of any kind, woman! You’ve gone too far, Elaine. By touching the woman I love, you’ve brought judgment unto yourself. I’m not going to spare you.


Elaine’s lips trembled, and the hand holding the ring shook, and then she snarled with a terrible anger.

Briefly, just briefly, all her good looks disappeared, and her face changed into that of a terrible hag.

I saw grey breaking hair, a skull-like head, bony cheekbones, huge serrated teeth, long wolfish tongue and a big bulbous nose.

But then it was gone, and as her eyes and forehead blazed crimson Nicole began to choke again.

Nicole’s pain made me sick to my stomach, and I screamed sharply at her.


Pray, Nicole, pray, goddamn it!

Help me out here!

For a brief moment I considered setting the Death Cloud on Elaine, but I was scared.

What if they took her soul and I was unable to reverse whatever perverse evil she had placed on Nicole?

I just couldn’t live with the guilt.

Elaine screamed at me, her fury overriding her fear of the breathing cloud behind her.


Take the damn ring and put it on or she dies, Yaw! Take it now! You are mine!

Nicole’s legs began to jerk, her fingers curling into claws, her feet straightening out as her body began to convulse for air. Her face was already turning blue, and her tongue was sticking further out.

She was dying!

With a little sob I dashed forward and snatched up the ring from Elaine’s hand. Tears blinded me and for a moment I couldn’t put it on.

Finally I extended my wedding finger and began to slip it on as my heart beat with a mixture of fury and sickened horror.

I didn’t know what putting on the ring would signify, and what would happen to me afterwards where God and my gift as an Unblind were concerned.

But I knew I couldn’t let death steal Nicole.

My Nic!

No matter what happened, her life was a priority.

Elaine bellowed with triumph, but suddenly the ring turned a fiery red, as if there was fire within, and I dropped it.

My side-vision was suddenly filled with a brilliant light, and when I looked up Nicole – the dear, dear sweet girl – was glowing brightly at last.

Elaine screeched and fell backward, thrashing and covering her eyes, desperately moving away from the circle of Nicole’s glow.

Nicole fell from the air, and I caught and held her tightly.

She was trembling, and as my tears of relief fell there was that hot sizzling energy in me again, passing from me into her, and although it shook us hard and threatened to pull us apart we held on desperately, and I knew that she was repaired – whatever was broken, whatever was lost, was being replaced.

And then I was aware of a slithering movement in my periphery vision, and I immediately pulled Nicole to one side.

Elaine was trying to creep away.

Her face was a terrified mass as she stared at the Death Cloud now sizzling around her.

Gently I released Nicole.

She tottered, but stayed on her feet.

I walked slowly toward the vile woman on the ground. She turned her panicked eyes to me, and I could smell the stinking stench of the fear emanating from her.

She was sitting on the ground, dragging herself backward as I bore down on her. Her eyes and forehead still blazed, and her face kept changing horribly – fresh and young one moment, old and wrinkled the next.

My revulsion was complete and real. How had I ever thought she was beautiful, and what had I made love to?

Of one thing I was sure: this thing wasn’t human.


Let me go, Yaw!

Her voice was a hiss, and I saw that her tongue was beginning to turn yellowish, and that there was a fork in it. She confirmed this by licking his lips, and for a moment my breath caught as I witnessed her forked tongue.

Her lips had changed too, pointed like the striking mouth of an anaconda, and her long forked tongue flicked and flicked as she hissed at me with her snake eyes.

Somehow, between the time Elaine had left that room of horrors beneath Samson Basoah’s room, she had accepted something, and had totally changed and become an evil incarnate.



No, Elly! I can’t let you go now. You went too far, and you touched my eye. This is it, Elaine. You must die, all of you and whatever the hell is now occupying you! You will die!

I couldn’t believe I had uttered those words, but indeed I had.

I realized dimly that somehow within the last few minutes when panic and terror had laid hold of my heart, I had matured considerably in my talent.

I now knew what to do, and how to do it.

I was not only an Unblind now; I was death, a murderer of the worst kind…cold, merciless, sure.

The Death Cloud huffed and puffed.

Dark squirmy tendrils reached out impatiently for Elaine’s legs.

She screeched with panic and pulled her legs under her, her huge eyes seeking me out, begging and reaching out.


(with a scream of horror)

You can’t do this to me!



Yes, love, I can.

I turned to the huge Death Cloud.


Go get her.

With a screech of pure hatred and demented glee the cloud moved in like a typhoon, enveloping Elaine completely.

Gnarled and claw-like hands reached out for her, shooting into her screaming body, getting hold of her soul and then dragging it out of her.

She thrashed wildly – whether in pain or dread I never knew – but she just wouldn’t stay still.

The vicious things in the cloud dragged out her head, and proceeded to haul out the rest of that transparent ghostly thing.


Stop it, Yaw!

She screamed, and it seemed to come to me from a very long way off indeed.

For some particular reason I felt uncomfortable all of a sudden.

I could hear something else calling to me. It wasn’t so much the voice as it was a feeling, a sudden sharp feeling that deeply depressed me.

As I looked at the struggling woman in the cloud I suddenly seemed to hear two voices and two heartbeats. I saw the tendrils of the cloud entering her body, groping around for something … for someone!

It hit me with the impact of a double-legged kick of a mad mule!

There was another soul inside Elaine!

Two hearts, two souls, two

human beings.

Elaine’s voice reached me, and glimpses of her terrified eyes searched for me.


Yaaaaaaw!!!! Please don’t hurt our baaaaabyyyy!

Oh no!

She was pregnant!

I felt the hollowness begin somewhere deep in my guts, making me faint for a moment.


Yaaaaaw!!! It is your baaaaaaaaby! Your son!

Her voice came, weak and pained.

And I could feel that innocent baby screaming deep within her.

I could feel its sudden terror as the little safe bag it was lying inside threatened to burst. I could feel its little heart stretched to the last breaking point.

And it was calling out, blindly screaming for a release.

Our baby…your son!

The realization was shocking and so numbing that I fell to one knee.

There was a baby in there.

Still not more than a clot of blood, yes, but it was there, and it was mine and it was calling out to me, its unwilling father.

I reached out a hand toward that swirling grunting Death Cloud.



Stop it this moment! Leave her! Let her go!

For a moment the black thing still fed, drawing her out inch by inch, unwilling to let her go.


(screaming, tortured)

Stop it! Just stop it!

This time they listened.

But their anger was great.

With a howl and great moans the Death Cloud retreated. It swirled around the trees, regarding me with millions of hate-filled eyes. It hesitated for a moment, and for one wild second I was afraid that it might turn on me.

And then, thankfully, it blew deep into the forest and out of sight with the power and fury of a storm. I heard it lashing the branches and the leaves together, and then there was total blissful silence.


To be continued…

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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  1. And when I thought this story is coming to an end,seems like there is still Much to read.Yaw has a son inside Elly.This is gobe

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